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Truck Stolen In Ohio


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I didn't know where to post this. My truck was stolen last night. Black extended cab long bed SLT. 5.9 Cummins Banks High Ram, exhaust gauges. Stolen from Columbus Ohio. Banks sticker on rt rear window. B&W flip hitch in bed, clear coat peeling, rust on bottom of doors, chrome steps, Ohio license plate: BNAPYR8

It was there at 1am this morning and gone at 6am. Im so pissed I cant see straight.

Please share or if seen contact the Police or me , Thanks

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Man I hate thieves so much. There isnt a feeling in the world that you can have other than something being stolen from you like that. I've had cars and trucks broke into in Yakima, WA and everything cleaned out. Really sucks. Police wont do anything about it either.


I shutter when you say Yakima!

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I will do my part get it back if I see it in my AO in Tennessee.  I hate thieves.  A thief has NO redeeming values and should be put down in my opinion.  After they have had their due process of course. 

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