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New Transmssion Lock Up Issues

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Ok, I my original transmission finally went out. So I replaced it with a Certified Transmission, the Road Ripper 2000. The uninstall and install of the new transmission went great. It shifts great and everything.

The problem I am having is, I believe it is going into lock up too soon. When I am empty, and take off from a stop gentle, and gradually ease up to speed, sometimes it will lock up at 40 mph, which is no problem, but it dosent act like it wants to unlock when I give it a lot of gas. I have to put the pedal all the way to the floor and hold it there for about two seconds before it will finally unlock and I will have power.

It unlocks fine when coming to a stop or slowing way down. Also, I can manually make it unlock when in 4th gear by taping the brakes, but I soon as I let up off the brake it immediately locks right back up. If I am at a stop, and take off really hard, it will lock up when I hit about 50mph while I am still in the throttle real hard.
Another example: Getting on the hwy with an on ramp. As soon as I get to the top of the on ramp, at about 50 mph hard in the throttle, when I need the power to merge into traffic, it locks up and kinda lugs the power down.

Is this normal for these trucks to lock up while still in the throttle hard? I would think it wouldn't lock up till the throttle is back down and steady.

Could this be an issue with an APPS out of adjustment, or a TV cable out of adjustment? I have done the reset with no change. I have no codes with the code reader. The new transmission came with all new electronics.

Sorry for the long post, Thanks guys,

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check your TV cable. make sure it's snapped in on the trans and also check the other end where the APPS sensor is. If the cable came loose this would cause some funny shifting and locking problems. When i rebuilt my trans I didn't get the little screw tight on the TV linkage and it wasn't opening the valve all the way and it was shifting hard.

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