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Clutch hydraulics Master and Slave Cylinder Replacement

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  • 10 months later...

Thank you sir, I almost ran in to a wall at work today holding clutch in too long and it started to engage. How is your napa stuff holding up, do you think it would work with aftermarket clutch? Mine is not too stiff but defiantly stiffer then stock. I bough truck with it so I don't know what it is, but drove other factory trucks and know mine is stiffer. Our local orily has Power Torqe $100 for both with life time. I'm thinking that rout.
P.S this month was bad for me, too many things are wearing out. :(
Well I went and got it, made in China all over the box $100 out the door for both, lifetime warranty. Napa has to order one of them and one year warranty about $120 out the door. Southbend is $300+ Not sure about warranty.

I ended up taking orily china stuff back and got them from carqwest, box says made in 7 county's. took it out of box and it says made in USA.  and part numbers match with what I took out. Not sure if factory is plastic or metal, If plastic then I guess I got lucky and parts are original with life time warranty. Or someone changed them once before me and got them from carqwest too. Attached are new carqwest boxes and old parts.  





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As for mine I've replaced it twice now over 240k miles. But as for after market clutches it works just fine with my Southbend Clutch and no issues as of yet. First one wore out like you said it would self engage. The second one started leaking fluid in the cab and sucking air back in making it a requirement to pump the pedal to get the clutch to disengage properly.

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