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24v to 12v conversion help needed

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I have a 98.5 24v cummins 5speed, It has a cracked block and a bad lift pump, probably bad IP, so I would like to do a 12v swap. To have a fully functioning truck, cruise, check engine light, stock gauges, etc what are my options?

1. I have read that I need a 98 pcm, but wouldn't there be more then one part number for 98 pcms? I could see there being different ones for: (auto/manual), (cruise/no cruise), (California, non cali emissions) (air conditioning/ or no a/c). Is there a part number list? Am I wrong is it much simpler?
2. What about a 97 pcm, would it not communicate with the other computers and instrument cluster?

3. Which harnesses do I need? I read I need firewall forward which is 2 separate harnesses? One is an engine harness, and the other is what the fuse box? Can I use 97 harnesses or does it have to be 98?

4. I shouldn't have to change the instrument cluster or any in cab harnesses correct?

Any help would be great because getting a complete donor vehicle is very unlikely and I will have to piece it together probably sight unseen via ebay. I would hate to by parts that aren't compatible.

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