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Hey guys and gals, a forum newbie here.  However, I have been lurking for about a year now. This is great site with some solid no-nonsense information! 

I am fairly new to the Dodge Cummins diesel but not so new to diesels.  I've tinkered and built a GM 6.5 that pulls like a BBC and have nosed around a Duramax or two. 

I picked up an uber-clean '01 Quad-Cab Dually a year ago from a guy who needed a few bucks.  My plan was to flip it for a profit; needless to say I'm still driving it occasionally and actually kinda like it!  J

I have a little hole-in-the-wall body shop that obliterates my freetime as I work a full time job too.  I enjoy restorations, customizations and pretty much anything out-side-of-the-box that is certain there won’t be any money in it...

My truck needs some attention to a few things that I hope to tackle in the next few months and hope to glean as much information from this site and forum as possible; and if I can add something here and there all the better.



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