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Been listening to the news with this HeartBleed bug out there and from what I seem to understand with limited knowledge, companies are racing to block the bug in it's track. It might be in over 60% of companies software, like the banks and credit cards system ?


I have received many email from friends telling me about a free program called LastPass ( https://lastpass.com ) that states this will be the last password you'll ever need to remember and the program will prevent HeartBleed, and others like it.


Has anyone tried this yet ?

If so what did you run into for pros or cons ?

Like or not ?


I have downloaded and installed and for the couple of days of testing it, seem to have problems with it. Like I always had to reinstall or re-login into it again. More of a pain in the a$$ than worth using. OR it just could be me. Like the so call cure is worst than the infection itself ?



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I have heard about this Heartbleed problem for a while now. From what I understand unless the server has had a security fix changing your password won't do much. I have not heard of anyone having their information compromised because of it, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Also, my understanding is that most of the vulnerable servers have already installed the patch to plug the security holes. You can learn more here: http://heartbleed.com/

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I'm not too worried about it I checked the hosting of our site and it was corrected within days of being reported. Then as for Ubuntu Linux it was repaired in a few days too (7th April, 2014). Since I don't use Encryption on my personal computer nor the web site there is no need to worry. It's only encrypted sites like Facebook, Banking sites, etc. Anything that uses "https" prefix.



All web sites that use "http" are excluded as far as I know because of not using the encryption.


I use KeepassX for password database and sample passwords I use are...









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