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Advice needed on purchase...

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So, apparantly the cummins bug has bit my In-laws, as they just brought one home! I was actually very disappointed in seeing this new truck. Last time they went out and got a truck, they came home with a 3/4 chevy 6.0l gasser.


Before they brought that one home, I told them to take me along for consulting before buying. So when I saw this one in the driveway I was very frustrated. But, lo and behold, they told the lot they wanted to take it home for a little and have me look it over.


They wanted a new truck because theirs is only getting 3k in trade in-value and the transmission is supposedly going out. Fuel mileage took a big dive. Started a thread on this issue a while back and was going to try and figure it out but just have not got the time. So they took it to a repair shop and diagnosed it to be the intake manifold gaskets leaking.


They are notorious for getting themselved into bad deals, and if I can help it, I'll try and help keep that from happening again. MY FIL fits into the stereotypical statistic that a person buys a new vehicle every 4 years. Well, its been about that long...


Now, I'm concerned about them getting this truck as I just don't see them using it. The most he would do with it, now, because he is all broke up is, take it for a road trip. They are talking about getting a TT to take to AZ for the winters, but I dunno. But to me, the majority of its life, unless I use it, will be driving it no more than 10 miles a day. We all know what that does to these trucks.


I do plan on getting pictures up soon too as I want some input on this with visuals. But for the moment, here is some verbage on it:


Its a 2002 3/4. Its an automatic with 4wd and has 170k miles. I have not checked the gears on it, but I suspect they are 3.55's. Its got a lift kit in it, has a fass 150 and I think its an EDGE JWA. Except the screen is not like the new LCD touchscreen. Its a small LCD screen with some buttons on the side. I don't think the readouts are correct on some either...


The previous owner has put some mods in it. Its got a DELPHI steering box, gooseneck hitch, and a built transmission. Also has a 4" exhaust.


Those are just the mods that I can figure out by checking it over in the dark. There are some more things I want to look into when I get a chance. My in-laws are going to get the number to the previous owner so I can talk to him as I guess he has all the paperwork on everything thats been done to it and maintenance records as well.


I checked to see if it was a 53 block and it was not. I checked to see if the water jacket was cracked anyways as I wanted to be sure and saw no crack. Its got the OEM filter housing but NO k&N! The batteries need new connections and sprayed with protector. Its got a CEL on, and tried the 3 key trick but no codes came up. I'm going to o'reilly's and use their code reader...


The front crank seal is leaking and I also suspect the vacuum pump needs a new seal kit as well. Did not think to check the tappet cover... Yep, and I got to see an actual HX35. Now I know I have an HX40! Thing is so small compared to the 40!


Someone rebadged the truck with 3500 instead and I'm wondering if they put in the 1ton springs and did the font and rear diffs, etc?


I don't remember, does this model year have the KDP? I thought they could, right? I checked the fluids and they all look like they are new. EXCEPT, and heaven help me if this is so, but there is a castrol oil sticker on the windshield! IIRC, castrol does not make diesel oil, right?


Interior is practically flawless. Even the driver seat is firm! It was a night and day difference between this truck and mine. Kind of makes me wonder how... Driving, it definitely is a diff. trans build than mine. Mine is supposed to be for tow/haul. Winds up much higher and is noisier. Truck starts without a hiccup as well.


It will GET UP AND GOOOO! I will say it definitely can put you back in your seat. Hit 90 on a straight away without even realizing it! Wonder how much smoke I made? lol... A couple other things I noticed, too, was the fuel pressure readout says 33psi no matter what. So I dunno if its sender or if it really is 33psi. AS well, the trans temp said 230 degrees! That one must be working as the temp would fluctuate a little up and down. Is'nt that BAD?!


The asking price for it almost $15k. They're going to do 3k trade in and 2k down. So they will be paying on the remaining 10k at probably around 250/mo.


So, guys, school me! The in-laws are hoping to have it over the weekend so I can drive it and look it over more, too. Might even go get my bees in it! So I'm going to have a few days with it atleast and that will give me time to go over things as you guys see fit. Then I can get pictures, too!

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Honestly they can find a better deal if they are patient. I'd be surprised if the truck even blue books at that price. The fact it has a "built" tranny wouldn't mean anything to me without receipts, but even then a truck is expected to have a properly functioning transmission so I don't see where they could ask more money for add ons like that.

I realize these trucks are selling for around that money, but like I said there are also deals out there for much more reasonable money. I searched for over a year before I found my 98.5, I bought it from the original owner with 67k miles and paid 10k for it.

Bone stock, completely unmolested (until I got a hold of it!)

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  • Staff

There's a real nice one for sale in Canby, Oregon.


Looks 'unmolested'


Sitting on the sellers driveway not far from here........ I'll look into it for you if you want.

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Depending on the lift kit plus tires, thats only adding to the stress on the already stressed front end. Any word on what was setting the CEL off? I would probably also get a hold of a mechanical fuel pressure test gauge and see exactly what fuel pressure its running.

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  • Staff


.Anthony do you want me to go look at deal in Canby?

Like I said it looks perfect, not an 18 grand who done what type a deal.

I got day off.... like to help out. I wouldn't pay 18 k for a truck been messed with let alone that many miles.

Canby is just off I-5 in north oregon

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When I got my truck, I had not a single soul to consult about diesel or these trucks. I paid way more than I should have and got a good shaft for repairing it too. But, I had one big learning curve to experience. I guess you could say I paid for me learning!


I want to talk them out of the truck and tell them they need to keep looking. The problem is, theirs truck that they own that they want to trade is going out. Like I said, the repairs are more than the truck is worth.


I dunno if they understand the concept of patience... we all know ultimately it will be their decision and whether or not they heed my words.


I have not had a chance to get a better look over on it and probably wont until sometime tomorrow if they get to keep it over the weekend. So, JAG, I appreciate the offer, but hold off on that.


I should also have pics up tomorrow as well...

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