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Fuel pressure on 3rd gen?

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Welcome to the forum! First off, I think you might want the 24valve forum. The 3rd gen dodge cummins trucks dont have a VP44, but rather a CP3 injection pump. They are common rail (CR) injected engines vs the old mechanical style individual cylinder injection like the VP44 and P-pumped 1st gen cummins motors.

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Wasn't there a cross over year where they had 3rd gen body and still 24 valve engine? Like 2002 or 3? Critical to know common rail or not.

If it's a VP 44, 20 psi at idle.

One good pump should be enough. I'm going to go with a Bean Diesel sump and ditch the in tank suction draw all together. Sounds like someone added a new pump without removing the tank pump. Seems like 2 pumps is too complicated.

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