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Borrowed old Explorer...


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I can't get the Dodge into the shop until I retrieve the wife from camp next Wednesday...  I have borrowed the inlaw's 'spare' Explorer.  I am thankful for the loan but man, I don't like this rig.  Besides it being a gas hog...  they claim 14 mpg...  It's a ***** for me to get my into with my bad legs.  It drives like a boat...  trying not to get seasick!  Probably all the shocks are gone.  But I need to get to camp & back a few days so I'll be keeping the Saudi's in business... 

I will be towing my bigger landscape trailer with my big scooter...  to haul my swivel cannon around camp. 

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OK, thinking about the in-laws Explorer with the heater that won't shut off...  it has a small V8 (not sure) 

Lots of older vehicles had a heater control under the hood...  a simple twist valve.  Could the heater hose be cut & a ball valve installed to stop coolant flow to the heater in summer...  a cheap fix on a spare vehicle that they don't want to spend money on.  Does the engine/water pump require flow...  so 2 valves could be used to make a by pass or would one work to just block the flow?   


I have a ball valve in my parts bit that I would donate if it would work...

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