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first long tow...

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With my new to me truck and used a few time on short trips 5er toy hauler.

the truck 04 qclb is as stock as it gets aside form a BHAF, and a cat 2um fuel filter. no gauges aside from my scangauge 2.

the fiver is a 33' weekend warrior, it can handle 125Gal of water but i'm only headed up with about 25 or so. i plan on getting more when i get closer to my destination. it will have a Yamaha Rhino, a medium stihl 360 chainsaw, 40 gal gas in it's fuel station. cloths and sleeping atire for a family of 4+ 1 dog.

awe yes the destination...

i live in Flagstaff AZ, i'm headed to Colorado maybe into Rico or La Plata canyon somewheres wife wants to go to Ouray.

as some of you might well know the hills will be LONG!! i'm thinking about just trying to keep a speed of 55-60 when the road permits such speeds safely. accrose the Reservation on flat ground i think i should be able to cruze at 65-70 in OD. but again, i'm not sure. i've only towed it like 15 miles a few times.


back on point. anything i should be awair of on the newer truck form my older 02? oil has 2400 or so miles on it. still looks great.  tires are at 65LB. superglide has been pinned forward. no capture plate used.

i have extra fuel filters for both locations. the baldwin for the stock canister and a LF1000 fot the under truck one. have extra engine oil but its never used a drop. gal of 2 cycle.



thank you.


p.s. if this is the wrong place for this post please move it and tell me where it was moved to.


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  • Staff

For safety the rear tires should be up to 80 p.s.I. with load range E tires.


Have a great trip don't forget to bring Bible... good for mind, heart and soul.


Have a safe trip, Mike

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I'm a strong believer in knowing what my rig weighs and how it is balanced. I think that is especially true of a srw truck pulling a 5er. It's all about safety. Load your rv as you will use it then find your nearest scale. It is my opinion that the majority of srw trucks pulling 5ers overload their rear axle, sometimes by a lot. Just my 2c

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  • Staff

You are on track, just make sure to air up the tires.

I would also ditch the BHAF, I highly doubt it's anywhere near as good as the OEM filter. BHAF's are a 2nd gen thing, mainly because the OEM boxes didn't like to seal. Based on what I have seen with underhood temps on my 3rd gen a BHAF will hurt performance, especially while towing.

Is your truck an 04 or 04.5? SO or HO if 04?

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An update to the trip.

Truck and trailer did great.!!  i was unable to get it weighed in before leaving. however headed up from flag to Cortez CO. i ran about 68, but never over 70. i averaged 9 mpg. i kept in in OD on the flats then pushed TowHaul for the hills. i never seemed to be grunting to pull the load.

i filled the water tank 125 gal and fuel tank 40 gal in the trailer and also filled the truck 30 Gal.

we left Maverick in cortez and headed to Dalores then up to Rico. the truck never missed a beat.

after settin up camp in the torrential down pour. witha kinda almost level trailer, we all crashed out.


The next day was all fishing and driving around.

Monday we took the loop from Rico, we camped 4-5 miles south of Rico, up to Telluride then over to Placerville, then Ridgway, down to Ouray, then Silverton, durango , Mancos then Dalores then back to camp.

and i gotta say what a awesome awesome drive.

the goast town of Alta lakes was neat as heck. good fishin too.


Tuesday we headed to La Plata canyon. up to the notch.

it's in the range of 13K truck never missed a lick. although. i will tell you.. trying to turn around a 4 door long bed truck up there took about 60 back and forth movements. it was TIGHT!!!!!


Wednesday we took the loop just north of rico to Dunton. once you cross the bridge, stop n fish.

past the now privet town of dunton we made it back down the mountain and back to camp.


Thursday was fishing and hot springs.


and we drove home today.



The BHAF in my truck is because the stock air box was broken and i fear was not creating a good seal.


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Nice when everything goes good, not like my last trip. I am waiting on a transmission shop to see how bad it is going to cost to get mine going again.........

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