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need a hand in knowing what i need to got and where from.

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so after my long trip i was doing my inspection and noticed that i lost two bolts. the ones that hold the intercooler onto the top radiator support. then from looking inside,, there are no nuts... for said bolts to thread into... help.... maybe one LONG bold from the radiator side all the way through? with a nert?

anyone have or know of a parts diagram i can look at to retrieve the parts i need....? without headed to the stealership?

thanks again guys!!!



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Somehow you are missing your clips. They are a bit different from the picture above, the clip is flush on the radiator side. Not sure how that would have come out I believe they are pressed into the front clip.

Here is a shot from the front and back side of my truck. The long bolt sticking through in the second pic is the radiator mount bolt.



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thank you for the help guys.

my support is boxed. no way to get behind it for a clip.


however. after 5-6 hours off n on searching i've found it.!!!



it's kinda like a rivet. when you tighten the bolt it expands behind the metal.

so off to the parts store or stealership we go.


again Thank you ALL for the help.


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That is the same thing that's in my picture. My support is boxed in also. I took that second shot from a tiny opening at the end of the support looking down the inside of the boxed support. Hopefully those clips don't have to be installed from the inside, they look like a real PITA.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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Ok my Fellow Dodge enthusiasts. 

after 2 hours and 5 stops later i have the parts.

first the local dodge dealership couldnt find what i was looking for. he searched and searched the computer and could never find them.

second stop was Napa. they knew what it was i was after but had none in stock and could order them of $5.17 each.

third stop was the local body shop, the best in town. he know what i was after but had none. not even some old ones around.

fourth stop. local auto paint supplier. Auto Paint Plus. Bingo!!! found them. he had several. i ended up with 2 1/4x20 cargo nuts.

then fifth stop was the local hardware store for the proper bolts. 2" 1/4x20. zinc coated.

here is a bolt not zinc coated but looks similar.


and old cargo nut and old bolt.

new cargo nuts as well.



the idea is the expand when you tighten them down. kinda the same way a rivet does. holds the whole thing on rather nicely.

they are cargo nuts because they are water tight, and used alot for cargo or roof racks.

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Looking at my truck it lines up perfectly with the radiator support, is it possible they share a single long nut?

that was going to be my last resort option. i was going to get some LONG bolts and tie the two together. seeing's how im kinda OCD. i wanted it like dodge designed it.

good thought though. thanks.

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