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Just a rant, your not required to read.


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I HATE!!!! with a passion Windows. now the version i'm using is my favorite version of windows. 7. but i still hate it.

i told a coworker that i'm kinda good with computers. so he bring me his wife two year old laptop HP. says it junk, asked if i could look into it and maybe fix it.

so i get my windows thumb drive out. boot it up. 7 minutes later, i havea desktop. it finds my thumb drive. i install malwearbytes. first scan nets 476 infected files. cleaned rebooted.

run micorsoft malicious software removal tool. it finds 2 more. removed and rebooted. At this point it's getting almost faster at booting.

now i run Msconfig. go through the startup tab uncheck the junk you don't need. reboot yet again.,., now it faster. down to 2 minutes. sweet. this little 5400 rpm drive that should be decent times.

install AVG Free. reboot. oops my mistake. why would i be so dumb to install a anti viri software and expect the computer to work afterwards. i run a full scan of the C drive and the recovery drive.

reboot into safe mode and scan again. 13 more infections found.

now all is clean. but it's SLOW!!!!! like OMG slow. the specs of the pc are decent. why so slow. off to taskman for some answers. cpu at 100%.

i have 5 .net runtime optimization service running. using 40-60% cpu. and one of the 7 or 8 AVG process fighting for cpu time. at around 40-60% as well.

so i reboot computer and it installing updates right now on 4 of 10. and askes me please don't shut off computer.

and then it reboots. now it's installing more updates. on 5 of 10... i hate windows.

and now it's frozen.... ctrl alt del. was able to get task manager to load.... then it froze.. can't change the tab... can't do anything...

i sure love my pc's linux or mac osX

i only use windows for a few games i havent been able to get working under wine. ....


thanks all..

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and now it's frozen.... ctrl alt del. was able to get task manager to load.... then it froze.. can't change the tab... can't do anything...


I always love that old feeling of frozen apps. Well at least when a app freezes in Linux CRTL+ALT+T and grab terminal them type...

sudo killall {app name}

The bad app is removed from memory without rebooting. Typically at that point I look to see if there is a better app to replace the troubled on or look to see if there is bug report for such. Usually within weeks there is a patch or update for the troubled app.




I always get a giggle out of MS users while they attempt to trim off number of process running typically around 40-80 process. Linux (Ubuntu) as it stands right now I've got 194-197 process loaded and only 1-5 running with a CPU load of 9-12% barely 1 GB of RAM used with 0 swap file usage. I just got done retuning this machine and trimming the fat off the boot process. 




I'll pass along a secret for the Windows users. Back in the day when I was full bore computer tech to clean a hard drive without damaging data or the system, I would remove there hard drive and slip into my computer and a secondary data drive and boot my machine. Then run Norton's Antivirus. This way there is no running services hiding a malware or virus all files are visible to the scanner. I normally had a 99% success rate of getting all infected files the first pass. 


Another trick was to run dual hard drives and use a program called Norton's Ghost and make a mirror image of the entire drive. That way if there was a infection (bad one) I could just blow the restored image back on the drive and wipe out the infection out right. No need to scan for infections or fight Windows because the infection was classified as a system service hiding itself.


Another trick I learned since Linux. Now if you want to keep your Windows machine virus free for the most part. Just create a normal user account and use that instead of the administrator account. This way the system is not wide open to install or attack system files from the Internet. This is a major failure point. Most people rather use the Admin account because they can install, remove, etc. of any program when they want. Well the same thing applies for the browser as long as your using Admin account the browser can automatically install anything it wants. But as a user it can't be done. So this now hangs the user up because like for instance you need shockwave flash for a page if you logged in a a user it can't be installed so now you got to log out log back in as a Admin to install that plugin. Then log back out to the user account to secure the system. Now with Linux your always a normal user till you call out "sudo" or Super User DO. Now you have to login as a ROOT user to gain access to installing a app. But at least not as bad as Windows.


If you haven't noticed I'm running a full domain name here locally for all my machines so I can call them by name. So I don't need to bother MoparMom I can do all her updates and such without her even knowing it. I can wake up the computer in the shop and have it fired up and do other tasks for me without being at the computer then shut it completely down again (Powered OFF not sleep mode).


i only use windows for a few games i havent been able to get working under wine. ....


Have you tried virtual box for gaming too?

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I seem to have acquired the task of working on everyones computers at work.  All windows 7.  2 guys can take a clean slated laptop and turn it into a nightmare of crapware in a week.  I have no idea what they do to it but I know several other people who pull off the same crap.  I have 0 problems.  My brother is running windows vista on an old laptop, it is still the same speed as the day he got it, if not faster.  I disabled a few services on it longggg ago and he has never had a single gripe, I don't even think that damn thing has any antivirus on it, maybe the background windows defender thing.  


Point is, certain people have certain problems...  The guys who load stuff up in a week can do it ritualistically no matter how many times I clear out the hard drive.  I don't know if they click on every single popup or what.


I bought 2 macs.....I can say I will never own another mac in my life.  Apple people are brainwashed so bad that I can't even have a conversation with them if it includes anything negative about apple.  They point out flaws with windows that apple itself includes and is probably worse.  They are absolutely insane.  Then you have the ones who cant stand their iphones or macbooks, yet continue to buy them like apple will burn down their house if they don't.  I do NOTHING on this mac except look at the same sites that I do on my windows computers and have 0 issues with.  This mac stumbles with a number of websites, has updates that require restarts just as often IF NOT MORE than windows.  My windows machine at work has been on for a month and I haven't seen it gripe about an update.  The browser on the mac constantly tells me the flash plug in crashed, the internet closes and reopens at least once a week on its own.  I don't understand why every icon is always in random places and nothing moves around to fit the window size, say if I look at the finder and resize the window smaller, the icons dont "wrap text (icons)" to fit, they stay where they were so you gotta scroll over to them.


Then there are the programs.  Lets just say I don't even bother installing anything useful.  


I would never buy a macbook pro, ever.  I bought a macbook air maxxed out with specs and the battery life, insanely light weight are so insanely amazing that I would get it for internet browsing.  The track pad on apples is 100x better than windows.  If you don't have the air, the only benefit is the track pad.  I hate that nothing will maximize properly on a mac and covers everything, it is a constant gripe across the web.  Wifi takes forever to connect depending on the computers mood.  Oh I guess on a positive note, there are no hidden files so you can drag and drop hard drives and completely restore it, OS and all, which is nice.  Though I found windows backup does the same thing with an image file it creates.


As for linux, its free...so what do I have to complain about.  I hated it but not as much as the mac.  You can download whatever linux version suits your needs, though I found they all functioned the same in the end so I was always unhappy.  I hate typing in "code" to do anything.  The trackpad seemed to be the same crappiness of windows, not the insanely good workings that mac has done.  


Mac is by farrrrrr the best at making things flow.  The windows scroll perfectly smooth and exactly, they dont do that snap crap that windows does.  Linux actually was slower than windows every time I installed it, even on an SSD.  I installed several versions on different computers and it was always the same, nothing to write home about.  Mac has a million trackpad gestures and yeah.  It flowsss perfect, that is why everything swipes and slides and blah blah.  It is perfect.  That is the only reason the macbook air is perfect for portable needs.  I mean I get 12 hours of life out of the damn thing on a single charge, then the charge only takes 30 min.  But yeah I don't see the mac OS being good for much other than apple developed software.  Obviously the rest of the world is developing windows programs.  


There is a place for everything but I will never have anything but windows.  I have 0 problems, all the software I could ever ask for, no virtualization crap to run it, complete customization with ease.  


Oh and on the iphone standpoint, I have tons of posts on my facebook of people who updated their phone to iOS 8 and now things dont work and this and that.  Android doesn't have those issues.  Whats funny is these people also comment about their recollection of the last time iOS updated and nothing worked then either.  I mean really, its all in black and white to me.  If things suck don't buy them.  


I would almost pay to survey all the people who were scared of windows 8 so they bought a mac and see how many of them actually regretted it in the end.  


So thats my input.  Maybe I'm just lucky and the windows people are constantly repairing my computers without me knowing, but I am not biased to any OS, I use what works.  I would never sell my macbook air, but I would never use it for anything other than internet either.  

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