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Linux: Backing up or synchronizing computers


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Another tool in my box of goodies I've fell in love with is "Unison". This little application is really kind of sweet. It the only one that I've found that will synchronize two folders be it from you main drive to a backup drive or from a main computer to a second computer (say a laptop). This program does more that a blind copy it actually makes a index on both computers and can tell which folder or computer delete a file so it will make a proper match of data. So like if I was busy working on the site and wanted to match my data to my laptop it would do exactly that. Give you an example like lets say we use my web example again and I was working on my main computer. Then I decided to move to my laptop it would move all my new files from the main machine to the laptop. But let's say the laptop had other new data it would detect this and ship it back to the main machine too.



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