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what a week 'online'.. or trying to get online!


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i am  a  satelitte  internet  user.   hughes net.


it's the only  'higher speed'  connection  here at the end of the trail!       (is  dial up  even  available anymore?)


anyhoo,    with  all the  college kids  and   kids in general  'at home' for the holidays,    'getting  connected'  has  been   a real   throw of the dice!   After midnight  was  about the only time  I could  get    connected.   Otherwise  I would get   'FAILURE TO CONNECT TO WEB SERVER'   Uggggg.

I have  a mid  grade  service plan,  which allows me 250k mbytes  of  download allowance per day..  and if I don't  use it that day,  it'll roll over to a max of  500k  for the next.      It seemed  when I WAS  connected,   I'd  burn through the  allotment  a lot faster than normal.     I  swear there was a background  app  running  burning up bandwidth.


OUT came the retired laptop.   :doh:    has'nt  been  hooked up for  about 2 years,   NOW  i had to  'wait' for   89  'updates'  to install!!! :mad:    That segment alone  buzzed up  half  my daily allowance!..


Plus the fact  this  keyboard  has   keys  in different spots.    I hate change!      anyhow,  seems  like my bandwidth is getting better mpgs.. LOL


Getting a  bandwidth useage meter  a way to  monitor??     i only have a little  gauge that  says  how much left on my  allowance.    Is there a  meter that would  show  how much 'on the fly'  i'm using?

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You don't want to know what I buzz through to bandwidth in one day... :duh:


I'm in the neighborhood of 10-25 GB (Yes Gigabytes) of bandwidth per day for just my machine.




Heck MoparMom is already up to 2.3 GB already this morning.


Then remember there is my laptop I burn another 1-2 GB per day on it.


Then my shop computer if its on it might burn another 0.5 GB.


I couldn't even begin to live on the Internet with that small bit of bandwidth. But this is a reason I'm so tight on the site about bandwidth usage. People like you can't afford to waste a bunch of bandwidth on pretty graphics, ton load of ad banners, and little background scripts to make dynamic actions on the site. I work hard in fitting as much functions into the site with the least amount of bandwidth used.


Just compare for yourself. :wink:


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Just throwing this out there, if you have any computers with windows 8 on them you'll want to set them up for a metered network connection(link below on that). There are 2 windows 8 PC's on my network and for a while I couldn't figure out why the internet got so slow all the time (5Mbps connection but the best I could get to my PC was 1.5Mbps) well I upgraded the firmware on my router to DD-WRT so I could see each individual clients usage, just sitting idle with no programs running(updates disabled as well) the brand new windows 8 PC I got for my mom was using 2.5Mbsp  :stuned: I set the network connection on it to metered and that took care of that problem.


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My router has a network traffic monitor.  I can look at it for the past 24 hours, refresh and it shows you current stuff.  It has a real time thing so you can watch it.  I never use it since we aren't limited but with all the "devices" in the house you can't exactly just monitor one computer.  I have a repeater router but it still feeds back to that so by looking at the internet port, I can see totals at the base of the internet.



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We've got satellite internet, too. But I don't know how much bandwidth we are using. Must be alot since we use it to stream movies, etc. on our roku.


Oh  Lord!   I  watch   maybe    10-12  youtube vids,    I'm    almost  toast for the day!     I could   go unlimited ..  but   my plan is   expensive enough as it is!

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