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1999 FSM


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I just verified it was working for me. I'm going to get other staff to verify it as well.

Thanks for checking.  I'ver never messed with a .rar file.  I dowloaded a program (can't remember the name) to decompress it.  Tonight I'll try another and see if that works.

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Weird... :think:


Just so people know I can't use ZIP for a compression format on the server. For some reason the files become corrupt in a short amount of time. I can't leave them as PDF files either because the are corrupt in mere seconds. So I need a format everyone can be happy with that can be password locked to protect the files from damage or corruption.


Comparing Archives formats.



Now if you notice there is a MD5 checksum included on the page to verify the file you downloaded isn't corrupt. I've added that as a measure to allow the user to verify what he's getting.






1999 Dodge Ram Factory Service Manual

This file is compressed using RAR compression tool.

Password: mopar1973man.com

MD5 Checksum: 7a4dc8f660258fe9ec9fbc4ac5958bfc
Yes... In the software area is a MD5checksum program for Windows machines too.
Yes... The file on the server is correct and not corrupt as you can see in the file I downloaded and ran the checksum.
Yes... The mirror link is the same one going to the link ISX provided above.


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Think I've changed this post 3 times now.  Dropbox has a 20GB/day bandwidth limit and a 2GB space limit.  I am already at 1.8GB so it won't be long till it's full.  I started to try google drive but apparently that has a bandwidth limit as well.  OneDrive (microsoft) has 15GB free and no bandwidth limit.  So I went ahead and moved everything over.  


M1973M Files


Dropbox still works but I'm not going to play with it being I can't add anything to it without it filling up. 

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I reorganized and relabeled everything to make it even easier yet.  Also got rid of some identical FSM's.  Technically the one you downloaded was the 2001 version.  But it's not like it isn't the same.  You can find the VIN # page and you'll see it only lists 2001.  The 2002 FSM only lists 2002, but it is different from the 2001 version.  I think 1998.5-2001 were all the same, and 2002 got some different things like disc brakes on the back.  


I am talking about this one M1973M Files using OneDrive rather than the old dropbox one.  

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