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ATF considers 5.56 ‘green tip’ ammo ban, calls for comments


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Well.......our "friends" at the BATFE have posted a "White Paper" on their consideration of banning so called armor piercing ammunition.  In this case M855 & SS109 5.56 NATO using the irrational rationale that this ammunition can be used in pistols which may be over reachingly technically correct but a HUGE stretch as very few AR type pistols are sold as well claiming that it meets the technical definition of the law that describes armor piercing ammunition........which it ABSOLUTELY does NOT.  Below are a few links that go into more details.








Mind you, the progressive Marxists in Washington and the BATFE want to confuse and side track you with the "sporting purpose" nonsense........NONE of which is mentioned ANYWHERE in the United States Constitution or it's Bill of Rights.......more specifically the 2nd amendment. 


It may seem like and probably is a waste of time but if we do nothing, you pretty much understand what the end result will be so call, email, and write your congress critters to pass legislation to stop this and cut the BATFE budget by 50% or whatever amount you see fit.  I personally think they should be abolished along with several other departments of government. 


If you think this is not already affecting you know.........I challenge ANYONE to post a link to a ammunition seller who has M855 or SS109 in stock or under 90 cents per round.  I did manage to find some Carl Gustaf steel core penetrator for sale and supposed "on sale" but the price was not what I would call a great buy although in this current market it is a major score. 


Once ammunition like M855 or SS109 can be banned, it is just a minor expansion to ban a LOT more ammunition on the market.  Of course you can rest assured, all banned ammunition will STILL be available to ALL government agencies to use on the public. 

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