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OBDLink LX Diagnostics

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Well I got a neighbor that stopped in last night to tell me here sister in New Meadows, ID is have vehicle problems. The vehicle in question is a 2004 Dodge Dakota 4.7L V8. She was explaining a surging issue she has been having issues with. Before I left the house I grabbed my Android Tablet and the OBDLink LX Dongle. So Looking over the vehicle its just a good old used Dodge Dakota and nothing seemed out of place. So I hooked up the OBDLink LX and turned on the ignition and read the error codes. It came up right away with error code number and the generic definition of the code. (Oxygen Sensor) Then I figure I would verify the code is real so making note of the code number I reset the codes. So now I started the engine and let the OBDLink LX read all available PID's and show me live data. This is way nicer than the old ScanGauge II. You can see like 15-20 live data PID's at once. So it was fairly obvious of what was wrong you can see the oxygen sensor in question was stuck at 1.23 Volts and the rest where cycling as normal. Also the code came back instantly. This impressed the owner big time being I was able to pin point the problem without really getting my hands dirty. So she'll be bringing this truck to work on in the near future.


So I will have to admit the new OBDLink LX I picked up is a well worth it tool for anyone's toolbox. Works extremely well. The only mistake I should of done was smacked the screen capture function and I would of had all the vehicle data. During the diagnostic period it all ready tapped the Mode $09 area of the ECM and pull the VIN number and year of the truck for me. To me that's awesome to practically have everything in a single diagnostic run.


Comparing to the old school Innova scan tool and the ScanGauge II I'm highly impressed with the data this little OBDLink LX Dongle can pull for you!

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