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  1. Just need to install a drive pressure gauge in the exhaust manifold. Make sure to add a cooling coil before and plastic tubing.
  2. Lets say with the aggressive tune I managed to blow the head gasket at 50 PSI but I'm pretty sure it was the drive pressure that got it. I would suggest 40 to 45 PSI as a limit.
  3. Hmm... I see there is a picture problem pop up again. My previous post had any issue with PNG photo. Here is M73M compared to CF for performance. Now lets pick it apart. GRADE - you can clearly see CF is way slower and graded poorly. PERFORMANCE SCORE - Again CF is much slower. and graded accordingly. I've got a smaller server for sure but my structure like loading Java Scripts and other information quicker than CF. LARGEST CONTENT PAINT - I've manage to cut it back to mere milliseconds 800-900ms to paint most of the screen. Even with Google ads I'm still faster by another 1.7 seconds. Requirement is 1.2 seconds or less. BLOCKING TIME - Java script are proned to blocking the page from being painted. Now using the Google Pagespeed module this module moves all the Java script till the end then there is nothing to block the page from being rendered. 44ms for M73M vs 614ms for CF. I'm 570ms faster. Requirement is less than 300ms. CUMULATIVE LAYOUT SHIFT - This is counting how much the page layout moves during painting of the screen. You need less than 0.1 to be a good grade. M73M is just 0.7 and then CF is shifting too much at 0.13 which is a 0.6 gain for M73M. Now as I read on Google now the faster your score comparing to other sites the faster site will be given priority in search listing. I'm already ahead of CF with a lot of searches. Just take a peek the PDF I uploaded is the searches people do and the far right number is rank on the page. I'm showing my first 500 queries of 1,000 queries. You'll see after 500 different queries we are barely 4th place on the first page of any search on Google. Go ahead and look at the list and type in any query you see in the list exactly like you see it. Now it will return with the search and it should be right where the rank number put it. Fractional placement like 1.5 could land either 1st place or 2nd place depending on other site scores. Check it out! screencapture-search-google-search-console-performance-search-analytics-2021-07-23-08_26_56.pdf Yup, I built a hotrod server... Now how long can I hold first place...? Just to show the server load. I've got 8 CPUs to work with. So 100% server load would be 8.00... Load Average: 1 Minute 0.16, 5 Minute 0.16 and 15 minutes 0.16... We are hosting up to 2,200 people per day. About 45,000 people per month. Slower summer time traffic... Not bad close to typical.
  4. All round me... INCIweb... McCall ID at the city park. New Meadows Valley looking north towards home at Pollock Mountain. Look close on the left side of the highway it barely an outline... Climate change just get the fires put out and the smoke and CO2 levels would drop here quickly. But we all know these fires will burn till end of season around September. Sure not diesel trucks causing global warming.
  5. I don't think so. When the ASD failed on mine is was NOT charging at all but the was a ASD relay code as well. After swapping it started charging again. Your and mine failed the same way the armature shorted out. The created a ton of heat with the short and then in my case it ate the PCM with a massive hole through the PCM. My alternator was about 400*F when I pulled it out.
  6. What about my 2006 Dodge. Its low mileage (232k) like yours and the previous owner abused it. How do you eat an entire clutch in under 30k miles? Thor gets worked pretty good daily. Hauling my tools to the job site every day and travelling 100 miles per day at least. It tips the scale close to 10,000 pound with the steel flat bed and the two toolbox loaded with tools. Currently the only problem is the wastegate solenoid is throwing a code so my boost is limited to 20 PSI and EGT's sore past 1,450*F easy. I've gotta climb a 7% grade every day. Also sporting 26k towing tags on Thor and Beast. Beast on the other hand has been worked hard for the last five years tending to @MoparMom. Just that time I managed to rack up another 250k miles on the odometer now crossing 432k miles. Currently Beast has had a vacation parked in the yard. I've got a few repairs to do for that truck and then its going to be weekend warrior truck for pulling the RV. Another thing @Wet Vette and I talked about is no longer trying to cram the shopping all in one day. Just too hard when you wait 2 weeks and got many stops. So we are going to haul the RV down and the we can just stay in it shop for a couple of days then haul it all home in the RV. Between my hips and lower back and Eileen's shoulder and hip giving her problems. Now the truck that is really sad is Lil Red the 1996 Dodge its not been started in over 2 months and soon I want to get it ready for sale. I need a friend to look it over and help me out with a bit of paint and touch up the hood and the roof. Sell the truck. Now Lil Red was a good truck for many years has giving me little problems. Nothing major. 188k miles on this on but I'll admit my fuel logs show it getting between 14 to 16 MPG. 5.9L Magnum V8 engine and a Dynamic modified transmission.
  7. For sure it was the ASD relay for the charging issue. I just hauled my RV out to Smokey Boulder and grabbed a camping spot last night near where I'll be cutting wood. The whole trip out with the truck no issues charging. Just weird that PCM controls the ASD and it controls the Alternator.
  8. Mechanics privilege... Your truck was a pleasure to drive. @IBMobile Very true. I use 1,200F as a safety net for long pulls. But passing 1,200F for a short times say a few second to pass another vehicle no problem. Even my 2002 I've gone past 1,400F a few times making passes. No issue. I just watch coolant temp and engine oil temp. Typically the 2002 is a bit lower than most for oil temps. As for the 2006 that truck does pass the 1,400F rather easy if the check engine light is on. Even when everything is working there is more wiggle room for EGT's. Just going to have to pony up for a new wastegate solenoid.
  9. An update... Show off the progress... Mobile Experience as so graded by Google! Look close you can see the old highs and lows of the starting to grab on. Then jumped up to 95.5% now.
  10. Now how about the performance for the lights? Photos needed...
  11. Yup. I cant remember exactly I think DPF and Urea was in 2012? (IIRC). My 06 is without EGR and all the emission stuff. It does have a in cylinder EGR event where the exhuast lobe is a shorten.
  12. Still much more room in the back seat area than any 2nd gen. I grab a photo of Thor when the sun comes up more. Heck this morning there is 10 gallons of 15w-40 in the back seat.
  13. I know down south you guys get lots and lots of bugs with swamps and more humid. There is times when we get big waves of bugs. I've tried the screens but always metal screens. The hold up the best. The second part is don't attach the screen to the coolers but to the grill. Now the bug are easy to hose off the grill and not risk damage to the coolers. Biggest impact that I took in the grill was a Grouse. I think the metal screen prevent the bid from getting through the plastic.
  14. Very odd design on the engine. Would of been better with 4BT Cummins.
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