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  1. Make sure to clean all rust and black oxidation off the terminals. If you want to never clean them again just keep them moist with engine oil. That's all.
  2. I vote for dirty terminals. Most likely would say it was during starting the engine and being it takes about 500 to 700 CCAto turn over. Being the connection was dirty and high resistance yup it will melt lead.
  3. Yeah even myself I'm also fighting the hard start in the mornings because of loss of prime in the fuel system. I'll admit when I did the head gasket last time I notices the crossover tubes and the injectors went in rather easy without much force. What I've done so far is change the crossover tube o-rings. I've just ordered a set of o-rings for the injector bodies. I ordered a second set for extras to have on hand for customer rigs. I just rolled Beast back into the shop and started doing an inspection of the head area for weeping and appears to be dry. I really need to roll the power washer out and give the engine a good washing down with degreaser from all the scattered oil and fluids. Get a bbetter picture of what is actually leaking or not. My morning starts have been long winded and rough starting. Lots of white smoke but once the lines are cleared it starts good all day long with no smoke or anything. Yeah I need to just put the wrench time on my own truck now.
  4. Might of needed just to loosen the line holders a bit and allow them to move into place better. Last set I got that was technically new but laying in the cab of a truck I had to assemble one at a time them place the holders back onto the lines. They lined up perfectly. Just because the lines are assembled doesn't mean they were placed right in the line holders.
  5. 0 to 3 is where you run the Quad. You can run higher but the wire tap is not present so no extra fuel is provided. 0 - Stock 1 - Valet mode 2 - Stock Fuel with timing 3 - CanBus Fuel with timing
  6. I'll jump in with you. I'm in the same problem right now with my own truck as well. After I did my head gasket the last time I notices that crossover tubes and the injectors went back in rather easy without much force. I'm betting my issues is just the o-rings. I just finished the o-rings on the crossover tubes. I just got off the phone with @dieselautopowerand ordered 2 sets of injector body o-rings. Now beyond that for things to look for is... Return banjo at the rear of the head. The sealing washers might be bad and leaking. Return tee at the rear of the engine with bad o-rings. Bad quick connect seals in supply or return at the rear of the engine. AirDog pump with quick connect leaking air in. You might try a bit of grease around the stem to see if it temporarily seals.
  7. No. Only as a band-aid fix for cracks or leaks. Even blown head gasket (coolant leaking out) as long as there is no pressure you could possibly get away with that band-aid for quite some time.
  8. Cut the vacuum valve off the radiator cap. No pressure means less of a leak. Now maybe epoxy would hold up as a patch.
  9. Ok that sounds good... I better go hungry for about 2 days first...
  10. Any line could break from vibrations. Only point I would make here is there any reason to invest double the amount of money on lines? Are you planning on dyno queen or 1/4 mile track truck? Then I would consider the expensive lines. For most daily drivers I would opt for the least expensive lines.
  11. Must be nice... Across the pond here in Idaho USA it can reach over 110*F (43*C) then fall as deep as -40*F (-40*C). Which I've seen both extremes here in the last 30 years of living in Idaho. I will admit I would love to just visit over there to understand and sample the lifestyle once. Hope it works out better this time.
  12. Wish it was an option for you. HID lighting was a huge improvement for me. I'm serious that it such a difference. No Hotspot. It's just smooth equal light cast over a wider area and vertically I can see tops of trees at 1/4 mile and cast light vertical over 50 feet up. Putting my old 1996 Dodge 1500 LED headlights beside the 2002 Dodge 2500 with HIDs. Hands down the HID won for lighting quality. I've tried... Stock headlights with quality halogens. (Bad quality) Sport Headlights with quality halogens and relay mod. (Bad quality) Clear lens headlights with LEDs. (Ok but poor pattern) Morimoto D2S lens retrofitted in Dodge clear lens (the best quality). As for driving lights I've done aircraft landing lights. (Good) Store brand driving lights (ok) PIAA LEDs Driving lights (best)
  13. Hang in there I'm sure there is a few people around that have installed this kit. Me personally, I've never had a need for it since I kept the geometry of the front axle in check from the start. The only thing I can suggest is Monday morning contact DOR and see if they can send the PDF file of the install to you.
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