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  1. Need to get your final ratio to the ground between 3.55 and 3.73. So for example my truck came with 265's and 3.55 gears. Now switching to 245/75 R16 that drop 1 inch on tires and final ratio to the ground is 3.69:1. This makes for optimal high speed travel. I've done plenty of 2,500 RPM runs at 80 to 85 MPH and netted 20 to 21 MPG. On the scales I'm barely 7,300 to 7,500 pounds on average. Need to shed lots of weight. That like towing my empty trailer behind your truck. My BigTex 70TV is exactly 1,800 pounds empty. I learn long ago not to carry any tools in the bed or truck. Does absolutely nothing. 5th gear disappeared. Nothing a toolbox could do, no way to fix. Lift pump failed, nothing a toolbox can fix without parts. Broke the mainshaft in the transmission nothing a toolbox will fix. I stopped carrying tools. 409k miles later and toolbox could fix ZERO of any failures I've had! Edge Comp, RV275 injectors, road speed limited to 55 MPH and MPG fooler was being used to retard timing. (Not advance). Now knowing these tricks from the past I've been able to keep 500 HP and still keep 19 to 21 MPG most of the time. Matter of fact Edge Comp broke the mainshaft in my transmission. My angle is remove as much drag and rotational mas and the power natural comes out. Currently 3rd, 4th and 5th gear are known to spin the tires.
  2. Right now Priorities is getting some rest this weekend some how. Then heading to Lewiston, ID for shopping. I don't need to run to Ontario to get hit with all the memories. Eileen has a busy week taking care of her medical appointments. Once they are done we are free to travel south. Beyond that I want to have what most have a 9 to 5 job and a paycheck. Get a few months of normal life and then get rolling in to the fun stuff possibly. Summer is coming. I know there is 2 members talking camping trip. Gives me a goal of getting my transmission fixed and Cummins / Jayco RV ready to haul towards a camping trip.There is a few other people I want to travel and see too.
  3. I gave my Mother an extra 4 years of life. Making sure she made it to dialysis for four years. 125 mile one way trip 3 times a week. (tues, thurs, Sat) I've created so many new friends and jobs down there its just sad that I close the book on many people for the time while I heal a bit. Actually I've been tending to Mom since 2004 when Dad passed away from cancer (16 years). I've now got to reprogram myself to tend to my wonderful girl friend Eileen Nickeson and myself. I spent many years being guided or directed by the medical field on what I was going to do next. Now it our time and our choices. I still have problems with sleeping in all those mornings of getting up at 4:30 to 5am getting Mom ready to haul south. Is all gone. I fight to sleep in but it will come in time. I will heal. Be nice to have a normal work week where I'm here in the valley all week. These are to come soon. Always seem like the last 3 months was something dragging me side ways and heading to doctors office. As for me soon I'm going to bolt and head south to visit Eileen Nickesons mother and her grandmother in law. This will be part of my healing process. Starting my new family. It was very awesome to here Mandi Thoreson tell me she loved me and I'm part of her family now. Thank you my dear that was super awesome. At this time I'm just trying to get my own home in order sorting furniture, books and messes. Trying to box up Mom's stuff and move on. That is tough to be all the memories come flowing back. Mostly good ones and make me miss her once again. Both of my parent raise a good son and I'm got a wealth of knowledge given to me by two wonderful parents which I took care of both my parents to there dying day. I've done my job the best I could for both of them its time to move on to "my life".
  4. I can say I've had my cry quite a few times yesterday. Still sad about it. In the other hand I'm free from tending to mom. I've got my own plans of making a new family. I've got 4 wonderful daughter that enjoy talking with me. Then a son that needs a bit guidance. I've got now a mother to go visit in Susanville and another grandmother to meet too. I might of lost my mom but gained another family. I won't be alone. Hardest thing for me is to reprogram myself to my own life.
  5. As of 10:45am @MoparMom passed away. Please prayer for her.
  6. Oh geez... Just a bit of chicken ch!t falling. Just wear a slicker and a hat you'll be fine...
  7. Getting 60k for sure out of set of tires. Running Hankook ATm 245/75 R16 tires. So far had 3 sets of them and love the traction in the snow. Good quiet highway tire.
  8. You can use normal truck tires too just as long as the load range or capacity is better than the GVWR of the trailer. Heck if I'm capable of getting Load G's (3,750# @ 110 PSI) in 235/85 R16 years ago I'm sure its out there just that you'll need to find a tire shop with a guys that know how to custom order tires.
  9. Vacuum leaks or blow by issues with the rings (rings worn out) are the only two causes.
  10. Low in the RPM at 80 MPH. I can see why drone is a issue. Even stock is not that low.
  11. Quadzilla you can do a bunch with. Turn the level all the way up. Then do a few test runs. @Rather Be Wheeling you should take a peek at the tuning guides. I've got one and Nick has one. You are safe to running 40 PSI without studs. I've done that for years. With my old Edge Comp I could tap the 37 to 39 PSI. (10 years! running 5x5) Above 40 PSI I start to get worried between the stock turbo is running out side it design map and the head bolt will now start to see stress above 40 or 45 PSI possibly.
  12. Yes sir... The wiring on the headlights are WAY different... Black is showing ground leads. Red is showing positive leads. 2001 is... Constantly hot with +12V switch the ground to turn on. +12V -> Fuse -> Bulb <- dimmer switch <- Headlight switch <- ground in driver side kick panel. 1998.5 is... Is switched +12V +12V -> Fuse -> headlight switch -> dimmer switch -> bulb <-grounds to radiator support.
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