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  1. No. If you take a 1 ounce sample and leave it expose to the air the oil should be left after everything evaporates. Power Service will turn into a thick tarry mess. This is no a lubricant if the oil is not there after evaporation. Mostly what you see is cetane booster that reduced the BTU's. 2 Cycle oil stay 2 cycle oil forever. 2 Cycle is a natural cetane reducer, it is a true burnable a lubricate.
  2. Timing needs to be based off of cetane, injector pop pressure, and for other conditions. You could have a Hotrod pump and then have low popped injectors like 305 bar and that would negate most of that. Injectors fire larte but the pump fires early. Then cetane could swing it early or late again depending if the cetane is low or high.
  3. Double check for the P0381 code. Bad WTS light. If no P0381 code the ECM is brain dead.
  4. Regardless it being pulled gear lube isn't going to fix it. Gear oil would make all gears grind. Clutch is not it. 1st, 2nd, and 5th work fine. 3rd grinds 100% of the time, 4th only at highway speeds it grinds. Still under warranty still. Hence why I'm pulling it. Also trans was warranty with the Mobil 50. Even then it's covered.
  5. ECM does not ground through the body. ECM is grounded to the passenger side battery directly. Hence the WT ground wire mod,
  6. I know there are several people here with deep pockets and can do anything. My clutch is new already (Dual disc Valair) which I hate nasty launch chatter. It's worse than my old single ConOFE South Bend. But I own it for now. These are the syncros from way back on the first rebuild when I broke the mainshaft back at 250k miles or so. Lots of both highway and city driving. (Broken the mainshaft right at 3rd and 4th gear with Edge Comp and stock injectors) Then the other thing most don't know is @Wet Vette is have heart issues so that kept me from working this last month with running back and forth to ER and the hospital in Boise. Then @MoparMom has skin cancer and dementia starting. Which now is taking more of my working time for her appointments here soon. Which all these affect what I've got for income and what I can repair. But hey I did have a thread stated talking about my crazy life but I got complaints about it so it was deleted. But then there people thinking I'm living the high life and no worries in the world... Far from true...
  7. No, I was cheap and lacking funds and told him just repair whats broken. Abe @ Weller Truck only opened the rear cover and just repaired 5th gear. If I would of order a full kit like this time I would of got it. So I paid for being cheap and not having a fat income like most others here on the forum. Trust me its not the oil. Knowing that my clutch was also worn out I had to balance between repair of the transmission and the clutch hence why no full rebuild. Most of you have to remember I live off of less than $10,000 a year. I'm sure most you make 3 times or 5 times this much. If I'm driving for my Mom 3 days a week for dialysis. Then trying to work the other 3 days and taking 1 day off on Sunday. People tend to forget I'm not working a normal 5 day a week paying job. Any way I'm out of Mobil 50 nothing left.
  8. Better look at other Cummins engines most all of them are on the block. All the Cummins engines used in Dodge and Ram truck are on the side of the engine block. Heat, vibration never been an issue. Biggest issue is the AC noise from the alternator and the ground wiring which there is a W-T ground wire mod. I'm at 407k miles and still rolling. @dripley is nearly 500k miles and still rolling.
  9. @cajflynn is our record holder at 1.3 million miles on a 53 block 2nd Gen. Oil changes every 20k miles.
  10. Tie rods ends for me last 350k miles with the factory OEM stuff. Ball joints are still going after 200k miles something I bought on RockAuto for super cheap.
  11. Price of gasoline drop hard in Idaho. $2.479 to $2.559 a gallon vs $3.259 or $3.459 a gallon for diesel. Not to mention I've gotta pull the transmission again. Weller truck only rebuilt 5th gear. All the other gear have worn syncros. I use a lot of 3rd and 4th in the city. Now between all that is going on here with medical issues and weather I'm delayed on pull the transmission. I can't be zero'ed out. The odometer goes to 999,999 miles and then stops right there. You would have to send the cluster in to be zero by a rebuilder. @cajflynn is the one that found that out.
  12. My mother (MoparMom) has to have dialysis treatment every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That trip is 125 miles one way, 250 miles to return home. Then any extra miles doing grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc. So last time I checked I've been running about 1,000 to 1,200 miles a week. What I've got to deal with... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 for now...
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