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  1. buffed my old headligts

    Make sure to spray a clear coat of lacquer. This will prevent the lens from yellowing again.
  2. Talk to Eric at Vulcan Performance. he would know. http://www.vulcanperformance.com/
  3. On a previous job, I used the same weather stripping tape just wrapped around the tubes to fill the void. Something that is wide but not overly thick.
  4. Try Home Depot... Weather stripping foam. Go to NAPA and get 1/8" air brake line. It meets the requirements for that. Just use a small piece of rubber vacuum hose to piece together.
  5. I just push the release tool in twist the two lines and give a light pull. The o ring might be dry and sticky.
  6. Today every thing is slick in Ontario but Tuesday and back was good. Frosty in the late evening and early morning for my travels.
  7. ABS light on. no interior functions

    Works good in locks assemblies and doesn't dry out. Then exterior locks it keeps them from freezing in the cold winters. Even my gate lock get a shot of this because last week the ice froze in it and wouldn't open at all. Now no problems. Like I said...
  8. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Arrrghhh! I've been running VirtualBox of Windows 7 for a long time but as of this morning, Microsoft detected a hardware change and locked my copy of Windows 7. SOB! Crappy MicroJunk software. I hate this about Microsoft product stupid activation locks that lock you out when you need to use your machine. At least Linux doesn't do this. Then Windows Crashed... Just flipping great... At least the Linux machine is still going. Now I've got to tear down the entire Virtual Machine start over and reinstall Windows, all the drivers, reactivate, reinstall all the software again. Big PITA for me. This one of the huge reason I walked away from Microsoft World back in 2012. Still, I would have to buy a copy of Microsoft Office Excel for one tiny tuning table... Rather expensive. Why not convert to Open Office or Libre Office which are free versions.
  9. I think so... I've not read the page yet. It would be helpful to have the tool for diagnostics.
  10. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Maybe I should get in on the re-popping too? Seriously if it was summer time I would I could down the Cummins and then driver the 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 for a week or so why the injectors are re-popped.
  11. Not everyone has a dedicated device for this purpose.
  12. ABS light on. no interior functions

    Take some spray slicone lube with a straw and shot a good amount in the lock assembly. This should help a bunch.
  13. Do you want to make some money? I'll sell them if you make them... Make an assembly plug for doing the Blue Chip testing of the VP44.
  14. Back up gas fuel pump

    The whole thing depends on pressure stability. Larger fuel lines will have better pressure stability compared to smaller lines that will have drastic pressure changes from idle to WOT operation. Personally, I would use a slightly larger line than stock sized fuel line then pressure stability will be optimal.