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  1. Yup... How about the USFS that goes around planning control burns in the forest. Now these control burn creates a HUGE amount of pollution and CO2. Hey what about the carbon taxes? Why isn't the USFS exempt from carbon taxes but can lever more carbon taxes on the citizens? Why not go back to logging instead of burning out the forest? You all know I can post tons of orange sky smoke pics. If carbon is such a problem why is control burns emitting more pollution in one minute that my truck will make in a life time?
  2. As many relationships I've been through. (sigh) Let's say sometimes good thing come from the failed relationship. Did you know this website was created just after I last my step son at the age of 7 he died in 2001. His mother (Valerie) I already got her a engagement ring and everything. She more or less tried to restart her life but drug me into depressions. It was my parents (Mom and Dad) that told me to come home and give up trying to rescue a broke relationship cause by the death of Devin (Valerie Son). Mom asked me one question "What did I want to do if had no restrictions?" I
  3. This truck went home yesterday and the owner was extremely please with the work and going to come back for more future stuff to be worked on.
  4. Lost my OEM PCM to failed alternator that shorted out the blue lead and burn holes in the PCM circuit board. ECM is still OEM and never had one problem. W-T ground mod done and most likely never have any issues.
  5. No, not SUV's more like Limousine and flying in their jets. I've never seen anyone with lots of money and power drive themselves? really?
  6. I've got a client that lost a bolt from the rear caliper what happen is the caliper grabbed the rear wheel pulled the remaining mount hard enough that the broke the lower mounting ear for the caliper frame. And here is the part number list... 52010141AC which has been replaced by 52010141AG. Here is the part... https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/parts/mopar-plate-parking-brake~52010141ac.html Now wish me luck on this repair...
  7. Well I've got a good 25 to 35 years left on me I might have another truck before then.
  8. Amen Brother!!! You all know I've lost my parents... Just like you said you can't take it all with you.
  9. Yes. It just fire protection if the alternator shorts out. Make sure your cable is up to the task too. Upgrade to heavier cable would be a bonus.
  10. Yes hot wiring would remove the ECM from the running. The VP44 will only idle. If you had the black box it would have a high idle switch.
  11. Agreed we just got slammed with snow and now flip to bright sunny day reaching 59*F Riggins.
  12. Make sure to drive the truck a good 10 minutes and test again. Grid heaters running will make the number inflated. You will always gain more noise at high loads IIRC the test stands in part store typically fail somewhere at 1.1 to 1.4 volts AC at full load. Lowest number here is best.
  13. Oh there a lot of us out here that have no belief in the Green New Deal to fix the world's problems. Tell our government to disband these HAARP stations.
  14. Yours held up quite well my friend mine on the other had gave up. I've still got my factor power steering pump I might tear it down and see about fixing my OEM pump which work wonderful all these hundreds of thousands miles.
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