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  1. No... 2.51 and 2.49 volts in reference to ground. So the pin 11 is short to ground or open circuit.
  2. Double check it might be tight, just set up and check with a feeler gauge again.
  3. I'll pick mine up in person. Might be week till I get there. @dieselautopower
  4. I know I shouldn't say this... I made it from New Meadows ID to Bullhead Ciy AZ. 900 mile trip. I look at it this way I used to drive mom 1,000 miles a week. 250k miles in 4 years. I've only been towed two times. Most all problem I could drive home to fix. This trip with AZ heat im going to build a trans heat shield to keep trans Temps down while I tow my RV home. My only problem is trans running hot side. I've got tools but every failure I've had no tools could fix. Mainshaft failed in my NV4500 losing 3rd and 4th. Limited to 1st, 2nd, and 5th. 5th gear disappeared at 80 MPH. Limited to 4th. VP44 failed at 247k miles then was stuck in full advance. Limited to 20 MPH. Air Dog 150 dies and locked up after 250k miles and 13 years. Towed. No part stores carry Air Dog pumps.
  5. Normal. Mine does it all the time. Lopes about 100 to 200 RPM till stopped then it idles nearly exact at 800 RPM. (+/- 2 to 3 RPM) Only suggestion to lighten is check valve lash. I'm running stock SO VP44, and 7 x 0.010 @ 320 Bar. Since I'm in Arizona and its 105 to 108F it lopes pretty good here. Get back to cooler country it stops.
  6. I will never suggest a p-pump a truck. The only reason is to race the truck. Of all the people here that p-pumped end up parking that truck and buying another vehicle because it broke down all the time. One member I asked to meet me and he was to scared to drive it because of failure rate was high. Like on my truck ill lose cruise control which I use a lot.
  7. Even my Quad shows I can reach 69 PSI of boost but actually I only reach 47 PSI. I don't use the display or mobile device reading. I used my ISSPro EV2 gauges which are dead on.
  8. There is a member that had the tone wheel fall off the crank.
  9. P0237 or P0238 codes mist likely bad map sensor. If you have a Quadzilla you could watch boost signal compared to actual boost.
  10. Double check the AC noise too. This can do this on all 98.5 to 2002. Mine did before doing the W-T ground mod.
  11. Ok thats my 5 cents I know. Might be diode issues? Consider anything that might increase current draw through the breaker. Bad batteries, bad diodes, etc.
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