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  1. Like one our members @flagmanruss is a MS patient as well. I'm not sure if he's still with us but last I knew he wasn't going to hot.
  2. I made a few tweaks to this tune. Since the pop pressure on my truck is higher my running cruise timing needs to be 21° at 2K RPM. I'm upped the cruise timing to 4° and so far I'm right at 19 MPG but the zero boost part came up just a weebit I run about 2 to 3 PSI at 65 MPH flat ground. This last two tanks I only got 17.84 and 17.06 MPG now after the change I used only half the amount of fuel to get back home from Lewiston this trip. I'm barely even a 1/8 tank down for 130 mile trip since the update to timing. I'll update the down load soon. Also I've had a quite a bit of idle time
  3. No, DAP no longer is selling Industrial Injection Pump. DAP is using Midwest Fuel Injection and one other rebuilder. I don't remember the name. Sorry. Just installed one of those yesterday in about 2 hours.
  4. @JAG1 Be careful you have no idea what I'm capable of...
  5. Yup exactly. Hence why my landlords truck blew the 150 Amp alternator fuse I installed while running his winch. Even though the alternator is only 136 Amp. As the batteries dropped in voltage being totally wore out it increase the current from a already tapped out alternator and blew the fuse out. Again batteries have more of the role of "storage of energy" to be redelivered to the electrical loads. Alternator is only to recharge the batteries NOT to sustain high loads. Being like myself got two WalMart batteries at 810 CCA that is 1,620 CCA if that can't sustain a winch for a time of pulling
  6. If anyone is interested in following my tech stuff here is my forum post over at cPanel. https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/fastcgi-setup-for-php-7-4.684429/ Here is the software I'm attempting to update. Switch from CGI to FastCGI which will help with getting data from the database and render the page faster. The CGI part is what binds the PHP script to the server as well as the MySQL database. Again about shaving off time to process the pages. Gotta cut the drag off the server. CGI - Common Gateway Interface a software that bind the PHP engine to the Serv
  7. If you trailer socket has the door on it and the spring is work it should hold the plug locked in. Like mine I' lost the door when Russ push it in the shop. So now I've got to use a bungee cord and hook the hitch frame to keep it plugged in.
  8. One to look for is a cracked pickup tube. I've seen 2 different truck now that fail after about 1/4 to 1/2 tank. The corrugated tube for the pick up could crack all one corrugated tube and its hard to spot.
  9. That's the thing most think that you can just throw a website up and you don't have to do anything. Far from the truth. As new technology comes out and the software changes come you have to keep upgrading and fixing minor issues. My problem is after doing all the dialysis running for MoparMom the site fell apart some what and now I'm playing catch up now that I'm not on the road 1,1100 miles a week. I get up early every day somewhere around 4am to 5am and plug at the website for at least 3 to 4 hours every morning. Bench testing and diagnosing issues in the software fixing things as I can. Hen
  10. @Doubletrouble in a nutshell... Just like our trucks, the light the truck and less drag the better the performance. I've got over 18 years of photos on this server from over 8,000 members if I can save at least 20% of the space on the server hard drive and making the photos lighter this mean faster response from the server to you no matter where you are. Like currently I'm getting most pages loaded and done with in 1 to 2 seconds (just about 1.2 to 1.8 MB per page). Still not enough I need to break under the 1 second load time to really be meeting Google's requirements. Back to lo
  11. Continuing... So I mention optimizing the photo pile on the server. I've been bench testing the gains and performance of this. So I took the Dec 2020 folder of attachments and then downloaded it. I've already got JPEGOptim app on my Ubuntu. Now I went and copied the folder so I had before and after. Side by compare... 173.3 MB for original copy compared to 159.8 MB after optimizing. That is a 13.5 MB saving for just all the attachments for December 2020. Being the photos are smaller that mean less processing power and less bandwidth to get
  12. @MoparMom had signs of Parkinson's before she passed on. Her right hand used to shake randomly at times. That is highly impressive. Mom's was very mild comparing but Wow that is a huge improvement for others!
  13. The biggest thing was I been reducing loads (mechanical and electrical) on the vehicle completely. Electrically, I switched over to HID headlight which are half the load (35 watts - 2.9 Amps) but 4 times brighter lighting (4,000 lumens vs 860 lumen halogen) and my driving lights are 4,000 lumen LED which draw a mere (18 watts - 1.5 Amps). The rest of the exterior lights are swapped over to LED. I've got the interior light for cab done but not for the cluster yet. Hence I don't need a monster alternator now being most of the electrical loads have been reduced. Heck just the red LEDs in the tail
  14. Never had any suspension or steering issues. Now steering boxes can be mis-adjusted. I got mine from Blue Top and had just bit too much slop for my taste. Like Ryan told me there is no way to adjust a box on the bench and set sector adjustment perfect. He tends to be on the loose side. I added about 3/4 of a turn tighter and problem is gone. Tight box. After 350k miles my box was still tight and in excellent condition. Only needed at new input shaft because rust pitted the shaft caused the leak. Life continues on the repaired BLue Top... 426k.
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