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  1. Rare but does happen to get above 20 PSI of fuel pressure and push the front seal out of the VP44 dumping fuel in the crankcase. Remember the return port on the VP44 is much much smaller than the supply hole. Return in on the left and supply is on the right.
  2. Just a steep slope on my truck is enough to lock the seat belt and piss me off. The later truck use a swinging weight system to lock the seat belt.
  3. From the videos I found they all show CCW from the front to advance.
  4. First the ECM has to boot up and sense that the starter was bumped. If the ECM is not booting the prime cycle will not happen. Because aftermarket direct connect pumps like FASS and AirDog DDRP draw more amps than what the ECM is design to withstand. Full FASS and Full AirDog pump are fine with a protection relay. The other ones like AirTex pump etc. They again draw more amps to create the volume. You need the light in the cab. Being you have no way to read error codes being there is no PCM to start the CCD network nor the cluster to bias the voltage for the bus. Cummins Insite tool might help too if you have one. The WTS light should come on every key on cycle for at least a bulb test. No light, No boot.
  5. I just got majorly ripped off. I needed a 17mm crowfoot to get 2 injection lines loose on a 92 Dodge. They always say shop local. $50 for a set of metric crows feet. If I would have waited and just gone down today I can get the entire set for mere $9 in Ontario OR. Yeah it might be Harbor Freight but $50 for crows feet is just sick and wrong. At the time I needed them so I ate the bill but now kicking my own tail for it. I gave up on expensive tools long ago. I use to make sure to buy quality Craftsman tools (Sears). Just no sense in it. Most of the time they argue about if it failed or was it abused or used improperly and failed.
  6. Lift pump should pulse during cranking. 50% duty cycle. The reason for this is to keep the VP44 from over advancing during startup. This why you don't want direct power to the FASS. Then you'll get hard starts hot later on. WTS light is the next thing I need to know if it's coming on. If not then the ECM is NOT booting up at all. The first instruction is to light the WTS light and fire the grid heaters if needed.
  7. Actually low on the bottom fine up top. About 26° to 27° is all stock engine will give. Even with the injectors, I'm running I get bucking above 27°. The bottom end can come up another degree but you have to look at how much low boost retards and load base retard will cut back.
  8. Might be to send the ECM in for repair. ECM should cycle on and off pulsing during cranking.
  9. Glad you figured it out. Now you might want to order the ISSPro USB programming cable. Then you can program your warning light and the gauge lighting, also how fast the needle reacts. I would post up more about this but the search function is now broke and I can't find the article or my forum post. EDIT: Finally found it using Google.
  10. Return the FASS back to the lift pump circuit excess fuel pressure cranking is not good. Then I've got to ask is the WAIT TO START light working does it come on? I know this is a Fummins swap but I want to know if the ECM is even booting up. If there is no WAIT TO START then the VP44 will not fire up nor will the ECM command to start.
  11. The other thing that plays a huge roll in death wobble is oversize tires and wheels. Shocks that are worn out. Tires that are out of balanced which is typical of oversized tires. Typically something is loose or worn out that allows the bouncing of the axle to continue I've seen this one time as I rode past a truck that hit a bridge seam and the axle was jumping off the ground in an orbital motion.
  12. Really good company. They took care of me for my burned up PCM. Costly for the full replacement when the core is worthless being my printed circuit board was burned through where the short happened. It was un-repairable. They stay in contact with you till the job is done.
  13. Wish I knew more about the difference between the early and late. The late system like my truck only have the seat belt switch in the latch. As for the early with the under the middle seat module, I've never even seen one yet. If there was a way to convert over to the latch light as the later series does that would be the best choice.
  14. What size tires are you running? What gear ratio do you have? What injectors do you have? How many miles on these injectors? My last trip down the interstate I84 at 82 MPH twisting 2,500 RPM I rolled 19.58 MPG. My runs back and forth to Ontario, OR I net typically 21 MPG.
  15. Hmmm.. Food for thought. With these +30 HP injectors, it's just a tad smokey. Idle seems a bit low as well. Just want to add a few degrees at most. I'll have to dig the internet and see what I can find. Actually, the timing to advance turns the pump upwards towards the block. Denny T fuel pin is a for sure of extra power they have some steep profiles. This pump still got all the smog caps on the adjustment screws. Untouched for 260k miles. Governor spring for 1st Gen. https://www.dieselautopower.com/bosch-3700rpm-governor-spring-for-ve-pump Fuel Pin Denny T... https://www.dieselautopower.com/denny-t-stage-1-fuel-pin-1989-1993-dodge-5-9l-12-valve-cummins
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