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  1. Like Eileen told me today she wants to go back to the spot again. It was nice and quiet there.
  2. Yup has myself working on other truck. Yeah for some of us running much higher boost like myself 47 to 49 PSI. Then consider the bigger guys with twins.
  3. Not good... It produces max boost signal and screws the fuel map up.
  4. I use both methods quite a bit. Google Maps is much easier, Garmin on the other hand is more of a pain being you must type the destination. When Google Maps you can control by voice commands.
  5. Be careful those hollow bolts break off easy. I do not suggest boost bolts because of how easy is to break off either the tubing and the bolt itsself.
  6. Green wire if it shorts it just charging at maximum rate. Field load prevents failure. Blue wire shorts to ground is instant PCM death.
  7. Simple... 3/4 pipe plug is where it goes. Just behind the fuel filter you can see my tubing.
  8. I'm still running the 5A fuse I started with one year ago. Fuse is installed on the blue wire NEAR the PCM. Not long ago a another member just had his 5A fuse blow from a failed alternator and after replacing the alternator and fuse its back to working.
  9. I've got a Garmin 42LM GPS. It shows those boundaries. Just start the truck and drive. The Garmin is hard wired so it goes off with the key. Same here legal and hands free. Second method fire up Google Maps and let Google maps talk through the stereo. This legal hands free.
  10. Edge tuner have been known for boost fooler issues. Might be good time to upgrade.
  11. No problem, just put the cash in the jar ill slam pumps in.
  12. I run 2,000 at 66 MPH, 2,500 RPM at 80 MPH. Still pulling good 21 MPG empty. 245/75 R16 tires which are 30.5 inch tires and produce final ratio of 3.69:1 to the ground with 3.55 gears. Still even on my camping trip I laid into the power a bit too much and the rear tires came to life with more blue smoke (tire spun loose). Then I'm heading for Lake Fork Idaho tomorrow and moving my best friend from Lake Fork to Donnelly Idaho. This combo has be a towing dream and quick for power, I can get to highway speeds really easy with out a huge amount of EGT's. Yeah I could stomp it to the floor and run the pyrometer up as high as I want but I don't need WOT to get a 8,000 pound RV rolling and 8,000 pound truck moving too.
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