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  1. Little lunch break. My last bolt and the battery pack on the impact gun died. Man even with experience of the donor removal its still a major PITA. Going to be fun installing the donor.
  2. Hateful little Jeep... Already got the donor from another jeep... Taking some time to get that lil transfer case out. Little to no room for big paws..
  3. I'm still rust free for the most part. A bit creeping in around the door seems. But the rear fenders I've been washing out since day one. It might be easier to order the entire bed side. Like back in the day I use to work in a body shop and did all the tear down. I would drill out all the spot welds. Then seperate the bed skin and the fix the wheel well. Then prep it for the new skin and get it close then hand it off to my boss and let him finalize the body and paint.
  4. Bring this back around. I need to do the power point down below now. I'm finding now that I've got @Wet Vettein my life we are constantly looking for one more port for charging phone. Then any passengers are without too. So I'm going to be ordering a standard 2 plug port WITHOUT volt meter. So far the first one has held up to some serious abuse and dead device but always charges fast and cool.
  5. Being that I waited the price came down another $300 for intro savings to getting in. Then on top I don't have to do anything... The hosting company will do all the move for me. It should be completed just past Nov. 01... I don't have to migrate anything being they hosting company handles that all for you professionally and with minimal down time. Like the 2 days the update downed the site we lost money on the down time.
  6. Opps... Gotta pay attention. Need coffee yet... Still in all then swap the Quad for Smarty Touch. But the only problem its too complex for most people to even tune.
  7. With my High idle kit switch... Yes the only two ways of enabling the ECM high idle is Smarty tuner or the Dealer. The only way to turn it off is the dealer. No I don't... I've got my Quadzilla display up typically and see the IAT before even starting. If the IAT is even close to 32*F I will disable the Quadzilla. Then come spring again then I will turn on the Quadzilla being the temps are nowhere near 32*F on the IAT. ECM is always ENABLED and ARMED it the Quadzilla that I selectively turn off and on. Still in all the 3 CYL function is WAY FASTER than the Quadzi
  8. BD fueling box needs to go. Replace that... That turbo would be for about 150 to 200 HP injectors. Plus a Quadzilla then you might really light that turbo.
  9. Well the last two days I've been lazy and taking 2 days off. The last 5 weeks I've more or less worked everyday. If I wasn't turning wrenches I was doing home stuff. Wore out... Ive got a Jeep transmission to swap tomorrow. Fun...
  10. Geez.. Happy times right? I've got to say at least I've got my health.
  11. I know about the tow truck comment. Your good... As for fuel temp 160*F is high... Even my trip to Mohave Valley AZ this summer I towed the RV down there and had outside temperatures of 117*F and fuel temp only made it to a mere 145*F...
  12. Coasting with the clutch in that is normal. ECM can see road speed and holds the idle up for that 1,100 to 1,200 RPM till the road speed drops near zero. TPS signal should not wonder when at idle. Nope that is correct the TPS value should drop to ZERO and stay there when idling. Shouldn't bounce or anything as long as your foot is off the pedal.
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