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  1. Did my VP go too?

    Stock pickup is too restrictive.
  2. Back to spark plugs...

    Comes with the screaming beaver. LOL.
  3. Head

    The little steel flap/valve. Not the rubber. Typically head gaskets go because of lack of coolant flushing.
  4. Back to spark plugs...

    After a coffee adventure in the 1996 Dodge I had to get creative. MoparMom's coffee cup is too big for the cup holder in the early 2nd Gen trucks. Yesterday I got creative and made custom cup holder. It was was and cost me some scrap lumber. Made out of 14" x 19" x1/4" plywood.
  5. Head

    Still cut that vacuum breaker flap. This will ensure you don't leak more when engine temps comes up. Radiator caps are cheap, engines are expensive.
  6. Head

    Personally I wouldn't. Ive got to ask is it coolant that is leaking? If so cut the vacuum breaker off the radiator cap so the cooling system cant build pressure. This is kind of a red neck way but it should buy you that time.
  7. Both radio and mirrors have the ground in the cab at the drivers side kick panel. I know both have fuses in the cab but also the is a master fuse in the PDC under the hood. Ive seen fuses crack and not blow out.
  8. Headlight Relay Wiring

    No. You need a single relay for each bulb. There is no way around that. I've tried when I had sport headlights.
  9. Headlight Relay Wiring

    Personally, Don't Do It... LED headlights will blind everyone. Beam pattern is typically really poor with LED's. If you want brighter lights you'll have to look towards the HID's. LED's have got a bad reputation for poor beam pattern and blinding people. I've seen a huge increase of people buying cheap LED headlight I end up high beam most of them because of the crappy beam pattern. Typical 55/60W halogens are safe and won't blind anyone. You'll need a relay kit. Now this is a quality headlight. Crisp cut off line and steps down on the on coming side of the highway. You not going to get this quality with a LED headlight period.
  10. Actually APPS voltage starts out about 0.5xx typically and goes up.
  11. @W-T You've got a following... You might edit your article with the steps on how to do this...
  12. Yeah, there is something wrong with the ECM. Could be software internal issue (solder joint) etc.
  13. I still think its the ECM. You can do that same test with the Key ON and engine OFF. Then you can walk the entire scale and look for issues but the fact the engine RPM is jumping to WOT right away off of IVS switch toggle tells me the ECM is still goofy.
  14. Headlight Relay Wiring

    I'll tell you my personal experience that it's not worth the effort. You'll need 4 relays and 2 fuse. Each low beam will need a relay hooked up to a 85 and 86 terminal. Then each hi beam will need a relay hooked up to a 85 and 86 terminal. Mind you that common in the headlight is +12V not GROUND. The low and high beam legs are GROUND! Then the pin 30 all get a fuse. Then the 87 pin all get the proper bulb position (hi or lo) the bulb common will be to GROUND. This relay setup converts from common +12V to common ground. After I ran this setup for a year I ended up removing the headlights and selling on the classified ads then buying a set of Morimoto HIDs and never looked back. The problem with the sport heradlights is the reflectors have a very narrow path and don't light up much. The secondary bulb is even worse its a very tall but narrow band of light. Main bulbs are OK (meh) but scatter light over a wide area but dim. Then gave up after a year... Then added PIAA Led driving lights... I hate to say it my current setup puts stock sport headlights to shame. (Even with the relay mod)