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  1. 2002 I finally had a driver side door lock fail me. I pull all the locks (passenger and driver) then the ignition lock and took them to George's Lock and Key in Lewiston ID and had them gone through. I've got the locks back in the truck and the linkage in the door was getting stiff from all the years. I power washed the inside of the doors and the latch assemble and lubed it up really well with silicone spray. Now I'm just waiting for a bit of extra funds I'm going to buy a new set of speakers for the front doors and a bag of door panel fasteners. Reassemble for the last time. I've pulled the
  2. Well since I made the move to process to purchase the 2006 Dodge from the bank... New injectors +50 HP New Valair dual disc quiet towing clutch New Front unit bearings New crank sensor New Intake air sensor (crush it don't ask) New valve cover gasket (o-ring) It getting more and more reliable for driving back on forth to work. I'm looking to getting tires soon since the passenger side front is slow leaking and the rubber is getting weather checked after sitting for at least 3 years. I've got 275/70 R18 on it right now. I've got 3.73 gea
  3. Absolutely correct about fender flares. It does promote rotting of the fender metals.
  4. Right on I didn't know this was available. Cool! thanks for the info I'll keep that in mind!
  5. I will admit... 2006 seats are way more comfortable than the older 2nd gen seats. Even with the driver seat with a hole on my left hip and sitting partially on the steel frame of the seat. Still more comfortable than the 2nd gen.
  6. If its got A/C and you want to run every thing... Typically most smaller RVs are 30A service at 120VAC. 120 VAC x 30A = 3,600 Watts (4kw with room for start up of the A/C) So I would look for 4kw generator this would cover everything including A/C. Like myself I've got a cheap 2kw generator it will power everything but A/C, water heater or the microwave. As for doing solar I went even smaller and used a 1,200 watt inverter and 45w worth of solar panels and now presto... No noise of a running generator. Again not enough to do much but TV , cell phones, etc.
  7. Try a 5A fuse first it might work fine. Better protection.
  8. Big mistake some do is grab the quickie R134a freon with the little gauge and hose. Do be aware those have oil in the can. Being I've done this too... after awhile the oil builds up using those can and it was nearly locking up and screeching the fan belt. I end up taking the entire system apart and did new o-rings. Blew all the oil out. Pulled the compressor and drained it. Our system only needs 5 ozs of PAG 100 oil. Sad to say I drain out more than 5 ozs. Oh make sure to drain the accumulator it most likely has a few more ozs than normal. It should be empty as like brand new.
  9. Especially with a exhaust brake. The 2006 has a turbo mounted BD brake and it air driven so that one clamps down really well and unwinds the truck super quick. I get honked at, pass by with the middle finger scream your tails don't work, etc.
  10. AC noise. What did you measure before at the alternator BATT post and after the W-T mod?
  11. Low quality tablet are that way. I bought one for $40 bucks. I've still got it. Too old of OS and the iQuad app will run but it will not draw the needles on the gauges. Mine the battery only last like 30 minutes to 1 hour and its dead.
  12. Too much oil in the system. Really common for guys that use the Walmart big can.
  13. Not really a fools errand... Just consider I started my first business of "Cloud !0 Computer" after graduating from ITT Tech (Van Nuys, CA). I ran that business till 2008. When the market crashed it had a huge impact. By that time the website and the amount of diesel work I was doing was better option. So I put the extra effort and crated the business name of "Mopar1973Man.Com" for shop work. As for the "Cloud 10 Computers" I left it behind but hold the name still. I could bring it back with all my Linux Knowledge and Server Setups. In the meantime the Mopar1973Man shop side has be
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