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  1. Still thicker fluid is being used. Still heading back towards GL-4 fluid. Just pointing out that you can experiment some with lubricant and specs are not written in stone. Proved two different cases here where people change lubricant away from factory to improve the characteristics of the transmission. (Chose my words a bit better this time) I just thought about that... My Mobil 50 SAE fluid does not have the gear rollover noise like the old 75w-80 that factory provided. Again thicker fluid...
  2. This is my point. There is room to play with fluids. Dodge/Chrysler using one thing and Mercedes stating another. Basically comes down to viscosity and the rating of the lube. Now look back at the Getrag's G360 transmissions again produced by Mercedes. You'll see people didn't hold to the spec set by Dodge they experimented a bit and switch from 5w-30 engine oil to some using GL-4 fluids and some using synthetic 15w-40 engine oil. Notice some people when up in viscosity to keep the oil in contact with the bearings and gear teeth longer when the oil is hotter like during towing? This story continues today like @trreed points out where people are changing lubricants to solve spec problems. In the case of what he points out that Dodge went with ATF+4 because they already use it for the automatics and thin enough to make for smoother shift quality. As trreed points out most are going up in viscosity for better protection. Kind of like myself... After the study work and finding the 50 weight (90 weight gear lube) is actually thicker than the 75w-80. Or in trreed case ATF+4 to syncromech which is thicker. Hmmm... See a trend here?
  3. Mopar1973Man

    What’s the weak link?

    Lot of guys even on the 12V's gave up on the factory lift pump and switch to electric pumps like AirDog / FASS because of the limitations of the mechanical lift pump. The Factory lift pump doesn't pump when the cam pushes the rod. It pumps when the cam lobe rolls away and when the rod is returning under spring tension. So this makes the lift pump volume lower at high RPM's. There is a article on Tork Teknologies site about the flow limitations. For daily driving, the factory lift pump will work...
  4. No. My transmission rebuild told me he would allow me to use this fluid and warranty my transmission against failures if I did use the fluid. Being I was on the hunt for either 75w-90 synthetic GL-4 (must not be GL-5) this was way too hard to find. Where 50 weight synthetic GL-4 is very common and used in all the bigger Eaton Fuller Transmission on larger over the road trucks. Since my rebuilder had the 50 Weight on hand in Mobil that where I started at. I paid a premium price for that one bucket but still half the price for Mopar Fluid from the dealer. Next will be even cheaper... (12 dollars a quart) https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/VAN706035M Basically what I was buying from the dealer was in the range of 25 to 29 dollars a quart. Typically cost me 120 dollars for 1 gallon of Mopar fluid. This was one factor that got me out of the dealer only fluids. The second factor was Castrol quit production of the factory transmission fluid. So this meant that what was left was going up in price as well. But what I'm learning from all this when you strip it all down the NV4500 and NV5600 are both transmissions with steel gears and bearings. We both have carbon fiber syncros. That was the huge scare at first was all the talk about the wrong fluid could wipe out the syncros. (Myth) This isn't true. Actually the problem that I found was the Cummins engine laid out so much torque the gear teeth where popping. So the fluid was designed around thermal protection of the gear teeth. The only thing the syncros require is GL-4 fluids (Protection from yellow metal to prevent syncro damage). The only thing the gear teeth require is a GL-4 Synthetic. This is another reason I'm not sold on the transmission coolers. Because in my study of probe placement you need it as close to the gears as possible and at the top of the fluid where heat rises. Not at the bottom and the farther from the transmission gears like the Fast coolers. I've used a few different probes and IR guns and measured the fluid in different places. The hottest is the passenger side top. Still, to this day the only time I've every broke over 220*F trans temp was doing a study of gear and grade climb on 110*F day on 7% grade. 4th gear (1:1 direct) is the COOLEST gear to climb grades with I climbed a 7% grade with my 31 foot RV and used 3rd instead of 4th. The just prolonged the heating the fluid which drove it up in temp. Next trip I climbed the very same grade in 4th and barely broke 180-190*F. No coolers. Like my last trip home from Ontario, OR ranging from 120 to 140*F in 85*F degree weather no issue with temps at all. No fancy coolers, no heater shields, no exhaust wrap. Now since I'm mastering the Quadzilla and getting the EGT's reduced the amount of heat coming down the exhaust pipe in greatly reduced. I struggle to even get 1,000-1,100*F in level 3 climbing a grade with the RV now. On a flip side now going to ther freezer the coldest temp I remember seeing on my outside temp gauge was -35*F going across New Meadows and heading toward Council. Shift quality was still excellent even in the bitter cold even though the fluid is much thicker than factory 75w-80 which 50 weight is actually 90 weight gear lube. No problems with shift quality. I'll bring up something there is a lot of people that complain about using the wrong fluid typically because they have shift problem already or clutch problems and the fluid aggravates the shifting issue. I've started out with fresh rebuild so I can say without a doubt 50 weight fluid are OK to use for NV4500 so far. Almost to 100k miles and still handshaking. Ramblings of a Mopar Nut...
  5. Strange just looking for specs on the PennzOil lube there is little to no information about ratings. Just quotes vehicle specifications. As for oil specifications the two documents I did find are limited as well. http://www.stealth316.com/misc/synchromeshfluid.pdf https://prodepc.blob.core.windows.net/epcblobstorage/GPCDOC_GTDS_Pzl_Synchromesh_Fluid_(en)_TDS.pdf There is something about the fluid that it contains or doesn't contain that doesn't allow it to be rated as a GL-4 lube. So close... because the GL-4 rating is for yellow metals. Again like I said either its missing something or has something added that doesn't allow GL-4 rating. Not enough info. This document sheds some light on the syncromech lube. Basically too thin to make the GL-4 ratng... http://www.widman.biz/uploads/Transaxle_oil.pdf So like in my case the 50 weight Mobil is equal to 90 weight Gear lube. NV4500 came with 75w-80 Mopar Lube. So the NV5600 is more like 5w-30 diesel oil or ATF. Hmmm... Funny how the 3rd Gens are using ATF in the manual transmissions. Hmmm... Then funny how the old GetRag's of the past ran 5w-30 engine oil as well.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    Windsheild sun shade

    I've got exactly what you posted in the picture for my Dodge Ram and got 2 of them from WalMart years ago.
  7. Technical not designed for the NV4500 either but working great. Ill have get home post up what I know in regards to this.
  8. I wanted to break the bonds of only this or that fluids so I'm stepping out and running 50 weight fluid. Basically it 90 weight gear lube rated GL-4. It a synthetic as well but fraction the price of the factory guild I used to buy for the NV4500 from the dealer.
  9. No harm will happen. Like I wrapped my orifice tube to increase A/C performance since its the source of the cold for the cab. The accumulator is after the evaporator and any heat is sent to the condenser out front like @IBMobile said.
  10. When the fluid color starts to darken. Like I'm at about 80k miles on my Mobil 50 SAE GL-4 fluid and the amber color is still visible and there is just light tint of black starting. By the time I reach 100k it should be a bit darker and pronounced. This interval changes with the amount of heat in the fluid. Like my average transmission oil temp is about 120-140*F so the lifespan of the fluid is much longer. All winter the gauge never rises off of 100*F at all. So the fluid gets little abuse. Even towing I only see 140-160*F like my last load of firewood from the high country.
  11. Still you have to have a condition that is creating massive heat. My average highway EGT is 450 to 600*F tops flat ground depending on road speed. Then with 55 to 65 MPH air blowing through the grill I don't think the heat gets a lot of time to soak into the accumulator can. Creately my A/C is so damn cold you typically can stand the coldest setting the cab temperature can drop well below 70*F and colder while moving at highway speed. Now someone towing day in and out I can see this mod. Now traffic and stop light different story this condition I don't think even heat wrap will do much good being the fan most likely won't lock up enough to move air fast enough to keep the condenser and the under hood temperatures down. It's a battle no matter how you slice it.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    Airdog filters only?

    Double the mileage. Those are still new. Being you just double the size of the filter I'm betting that you'll go well past 60k miles. Now remember these are the tiny AirDog filter nothing like your huge FASS filter and clearing 60k miles. Double stacked. Here is stock rate... As you can see stock filter change interval a waste. The filter is still white and clean. 60k miles later... Now they look dirty. No pressure loss.
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    Dirt Bike For Sale, runs a little ruff, couple of nuts missing, good condition for age.


  14. View Advert Dirt Bike For Sale Dirt Bike For Sale, runs a little ruff, couple of nuts missing, good condition for age. Advertiser Mopar1973Man Date 06/18/2018 Price Category Vehicles  
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    Possible Engine Pitting

    Any coolant related pitting is caused from not flushing the system and renewing the coolant often enough. I'm at 345k miles and still have a spotless radiator and block. You have to remember every time you crank these engines over cold in the morning you sending 500-700 Amp through the block and charging the coolant a little every time. So now the pH balance now starts to drift off on the acidic side which now starts pitting any metal parts. Funny part I've been using cheap SuperTech coolant now for the life of the truck and nothing but creek water or well water. Never had a since issue. I've seen several trucks with factory coolant and they bought into to that lifetime coolant idea or extended life coolant idea and now biting them in the rear end. Coolant typically last about 50k to 75k miles and needs to be changed. You going to most likely say it looks fine. Wait till the last gallon comes out typically it darker and sometimes has sediment (dissolved cast block).
  16. Mopar1973Man

    Good tune for 7x.010 63mm turbo truck

    Might ask @Me78569 ... I'm pretty sure he was set up close to you. You'll have to update to V2 tunning to get the most.
  17. Mopar1973Man

    ABS or Divider

    Time to grease those brake pads... (You know I'm just joking right?!) Seriously, I've got to ask what type of brake shoes are you using? If you are using too aggressive of a shoe material it might be creating a grabby condition like some of the clutches can. Might consider changing shoes out for some baseline generics if you are using any kind of premium brake shoes.
  18. That's why I went to electric gauges. I've had liquid line failures in the past with cheap nylon tubing. Air Brake Tubing was a good solution but tired of the constant battle of adjusting the needle valve to prevent gauge buzzing (gauge damage from water hammer pulses). Ummm... Idaho has 110-115*F temperatures too. Riggins Idaho sees these kinds of temperatures in the summertime. The way I'm set up with ISSPro EV2 I've got my sensor in a very easy spot for testing. I can stack on a mechanical gauge and test for accuracy and then return to the electric alone. So then if I want to dampen the needle of the gauge and take an average or do I want to see every bit of pressure change? ISSPro EV2 does have a setting in the programming that allows you to set the hysteresis of the needle swing.
  19. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/PHI1293064 You will need the proper sex and tubing size. I know they have both male and female fittings and both ends at 1/8" NPT and tubing... Need to unhook the tube just push the collar up and release the tubing. Then just push the tube back in the fitting and it self locks.
  20. If you use Push to Connect fittings and 1/8" Air Brake line you won't have any issues. Air Brake line is good for like 600 PSI burst strength rated for both oil and fuel contact. Push to Connect fittings work really well and so far mine have lasted over 4 or 5 years.
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    Guest User Changes

    I've got the Elasticsearch necked down to 125 results or 5 pages worth of results. Really did reduce the amount of load on the server. Orignally, it was creating 10,000 to 12,000 results or 40 pages. The max limit of the Elasticsearch is 10,000 results so when it exceeded 10k limit it would create an error in the logs and then hang the server in heavy load condition. I've got a bit of memory configuration to still deal with but all software is back up and running. I'm still below 50% server load (45% or 0.90 1-minute) with everything running but getting a memory warning. (Blue text). I've got 182 connections on the website and still holding good.
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    Guest User Changes

    I've had to make a few changes to the site regarding the guest users. I've pulled the Search Box and the Activity Stream functions. Most of you might ask why? The thing is that both functions are server heavy. The problem is that the bots and spiders are also using these functions as well, increasing the server load needlessly. Both Activity Stream and Search box are heavy CPU and hard drive hitters. This meant I had to pull the two functions from the guest users since there is no way for me to stop the spider and bots from using the functions. Average traffic on the site can range anywhere from 150-300 connections at any one time. These functions are given to registered members and above now. This has reduced the amount of server overhead for the moment. This all stems from the June 12th when the site went down for short time. This was caused by excessive server load and the server basically gave up. Now systematically rebuilding and tuning from the ground up again I found that there is an issue with the new search engine (ElasticSearch) and ended up reverting back to the old school MySQL server search. I've not given up yet but researching the problem with the software to resolve it and bring it back online quickly.
  23. Mopar1973Man

    Guest User Changes

    UPDATE As I've been doing my research of the issue of the server going down I found that Elasticsearch was overstepping the results. This was creating huge server loads. I'm going to neck the results down to about 5 pages worth. There is 25 results per page and 5 pages will give 125 result links. Elasticsearch is back up again and functional.
  24. Raptor DDRP - No... Raptor Yes... (Frame mount) ISSPro EV2 series matches the stock dash in design. Even USB programable.
  25. Personally, I wouldn't suggest any DDRP pumps. The problem is none of them upgrade the stock plumbing then all them end up hooking directly to ECM and have no protection relay added. As I replied that @IBMobile could talk him through it.