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  1. You'll find out that the oil will most likely be higher with the cooler on the passenger side unless you can wrap the exhaust pipe or install a heat shield. That would be more productive than the coolers.
  2. Just to make you think... That's all I really don't think there is anything that special.
  3. I still got serious doubt of how different it is being now Dodge dealer is now loading either NV5600 or NV4500 with ATF+4. Even the G56 in the 3rd Gens are now ATF+4. Must not be too special eh?
  4. Better off without it. Personally your just placing the heat closer to the oil. Then it would help to do some measuring of the oil first before buying coolers. I just spent 4 months where my oil temp never got over 100*F. Then in the summer time I rarely make it over 170*F even towing. Don't even need the coolers.
  5. Might want to catch the diff cover thread. Someone can point you to the videos. I'm on the road.
  6. 4 inch chunk of exhaust pipe fits perfect. I've got a piece in mine.
  7. Same station... Not sure on the blend. Even the same pump.
  8. Mobil 50 SAE GL-4 Synthetic Transmission fluid. Same stuff used in Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmissions. I'm at 110k miles and still going... No shift issues even with winter temperatures down to near -30*F and shift like butter. Be aware 50 weight oil is actually 90 weight Gear Lube much thicker. Like 75w-85 for the NV4500 is like 10w-30 engine oil.
  9. The circuit breaker is only just in case the alternator diodes short to ground if so to prevent the wire from glowing and igniting a fire under the hood. So the breaker should be big enough for maximum charge amperage and cut the battery loose if it happens to short to ground.
  10. Yeah, but there isn't much truth there either. Being I'm one of the rogue owners that bailed out and went out on a limb to prove that there are much more options.
  11. Check back, Michael Nelson replied Tuesday at 07:44 PM is the reply...
  12. Some interesting info on the tune. My previous tank was 18.4 MPG but morning temperatures right near zero. Then the next tank weather warmed up and netted me 19.4 MPG. Nearly the same distance exactly, and same road speed at 65 MPH. This shows cold air will degrade MPG numbers. Now with Spring nearly in full swing, these numbers should improve.
  13. Yep... Alternator is moved to the passenger side and the ECM and VP44 ground moves to the driver side plus the gear case.
  14. Time to contact Quadzilla sounds like warranty issue.
  15. TST has no timing. That's why most stack with a smarty to make up the short comings.
  16. Too wide of gap...(possibly) Lay a quarter (coin) on the bottom that what you measure too on an empty tank. No real notches needed I very lightly notch mine, not for volume but to prevent it from sucking flat to the bottom. The design is to let the deflection of the tank bottom rise up to the tip of the straw close to allow it to suck up as much fuel as possible. The bottom deflects another 3/16 or so with the full tank. So cutting the straw short causes the 1/4 tank issue.
  17. High marked at 27.2 MPG, averaged about 22 MPG. Very difficult to do. Timing was wrong, too advanced in the winter time which I created the high idle mod and MPG fooler to fix that. (-1 point to Edge Comp). Then you have to drive 55 MPH (and under) all the time, if the engine load exceeds about 20% all the cruise timing is cancelled (-1 another point for Edge Comp). Drive like normal highway speeds the MPG dropped to about 18 MPG. At 80 MPH on the I84, it would drop deeper like 14 MPG.
  18. That what we are for, everyone here is here to help others learn all the tricks. Oh blow by... I'm sure you not to this point right?
  19. Best thing to do is ask a high mileage guy what he's running of oil and filters. Because if he made 500k, 750k or 1 million miles its a good choice of oil and filters. I'm coming up on 400k miles pretty quick. I know @dripley is nearly to 500k miles. Oh speaking of which make sure when the head comes off to snap a photo of the cylinders. I'm curious.
  20. Most likely not clogged. 5 cylinders will run with a miss. Even 3 cylinders will run, like 3 cylinder high idle. Possible if your cranking pressure is above 12 PSI on the fuel pressure. These engines will start and run without ZERO fuel pressure. Not possible. Diesels are wide range of fuel to air ratios. Bad compression will have a ton of blowby vapor from the crankcase vent and typically losing oil out the vent.
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