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  1. Mopar1973Man

    Neat Quadzilla trick

    Kind of want the new screen but kind of love the wireless. Neat to grab you mobile device and stand at the engine monitoring sensors and engine stats. Just wish the Bluetooth hooked up consistent every time. Lot of shut down and start up of the app.
  2. Mopar1973Man

    Neat Quadzilla trick

    Being the Quadzilla is wireless on Bluetooth you can pack off with the mobile device. Like myself, I can fire up the truck which is in the garage below and fire up my cellphone and leave at my desk and monitor the Cummins in Garage. No other tuner can do this.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    My first diesel

    Yeah I know. I tend to err on the side of safety. Being out here most all road are dirt beyond the highway so in all the years of working on diesel trucks I've found several where the dust has deform the filter, filters been washed so much the media had holes I mean holes in it, then the face of the compressor is dirty. I rather give the warning and catch a potential problem before it happens than "assume" its OK because every using it.
  4. @dripley For all the service you given to WH Bass they should build you an awesome garage with all the tools and two post lift.
  5. Mopar1973Man

    My first diesel

    Because of being overwashed. Washed wrong. Not taken care of. So far I've seen a dusted engine on every version of the washable filter. Afe S&B K&N etc... They all sacrifice filtration for performance. They ALL pass more dust than the BHAF but flow better than BHAF. Seen way more engine dusted out with washable filters than BHAF. Still not found one yet.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    My first diesel

    Some jack like me is continuing to dig the bottom of the pit deeper. Like myself, I've never owned a diesel before 2002. I've never been to any school or even ASE certified. Totally self-taught diesel tech. Now I continue to learn from everyone around me and then learn from my own adventures and failures.
  7. Awesome to hear members helping members. Remember there is the Member Map feature you can update your location using your cell phone to give an exact pinpoint location for rescue work. https://mopar1973man.com/membermap/
  8. Mopar1973Man

    P0336 No Tach, Lack Of Power

    Crank sensor signal is frequency of AC voltage not DC. Its not the AC voltage you worry about but the frequency.
  9. Mopar1973Man

    My first diesel

    I would check the turbo. If that S&B filter is passing dust the turbo will be dirty. I would suggest changing to BHAF.
  10. Yeah. You want to check the blue wire for 12V while the engine is running. Blue wire is the +12V lead.
  11. Time to bring in @Dynamic . I'm sure Jon would know what to do.
  12. There is a jumper inside Quadzilla for setting the MAP sensor type. @Me78569 would know the configuration of the jumper.
  13. Mopar1973Man

    ABS kicking in

    I would most likely spend money on a Timken sorry... Just like I would most likely not spend money on Cummins parts either. Like everything I use has either been NAPA or RockAuto supplied parts.
  14. Mopar1973Man

    Fuel Pressure Question

    I feeling better just being away from the hospital. I trying to get my doctor to leave me alone for a span of time I was just in on Friday last week and got home late Saturday. Then by Tue already try to schedule another visit. WTH? I can't heal up if I'm being constantly drug around with appointments and never home. Like I just off the phone with the scheduler I told her to back down give me some time. Geez...
  15. Mopar1973Man

    Fuel Pressure Question

    1/8 inch air brake line at least 5 feet. PTC (Push To Connect) to 1/8 inch NPT. I'm not using compression fittings. PTC fittings are super nice you can just push the tubing into the fitting your done. To remove push the collar back and the tubing is released from the fitting. Examples... https://www.amazon.com/Numatics-PTC-NPT-FEMALE/dp/B00IOR27TI https://www.amazon.com/Vixen-Air-Connect-Straight-Pneumatic/dp/B0757X9YDJ
  16. Mopar1973Man

    Only 16 PSI?

    That is a problem of the Edge Product canned tunes. There is no way to anything to get the fueling below stock levels. This is something that Quadzilla can do you can cut 50% below stock fuel to control smoke and allow for smokeless boost building.
  17. It's OK I need to adjust it down a bit more just haven't done it.
  18. Mopar1973Man

    New to quadzilla

    What you need to do is get into high gear and get up to 2k on the tach. Then read your timing. A good starting point is 19 to 20 degrees at 2k RPM on flat ground on cruise timing. You might read over my article on this.
  19. Mopar1973Man

    Losing power or sanity

    Keep us posted... I'm curious. You might find out the Edge EZ burned up and quit.
  20. Mopar1973Man

    New to quadzilla

    Doubtful seriously. ISB engines will take quite a bit of timing. The thing is by the time you get to the point of bucking you should have already noticed the engine load is higher because of negative torque. This is why I limit my MAX timing slider to 27 degrees because beyond that point bucking starts. VP44 is capable of 32 degrees of timing. As injectors get larger more timing is needed. I'm going to step up to 7 x 0.010 injectors since my current 7 x 0.0085 have nearly 100k miles already. I'm after efficiency but try to match Nick and get the same number he did.
  21. Mopar1973Man

    New to quadzilla

    I would watch the live data. ECT, IAT and Engine Load. When the IAT falls below +80F then the ECM kicks in extra +4 degrees of timing roughly. Which might be too much timing for cold weather and high cetane fuels. Then when the IAT warm up above the +80F then the timing retards and the performance typically improves. This all can be seen with engine load and cruise control.
  22. Mopar1973Man

    New to quadzilla

    It's possible the MAP sensor failed within spec. In other would just stuck at the 12 PSI value. It won't throw a P0237 or P0238 code because it not out of range. Then it won't trip a P0234 code because it not over boosting. The only one it "Might" trip is the P0236 code because it not changing value and stay high long than it should. The P0236 code will not set a CEL.
  23. Mopar1973Man

    Foglight wiring issues

    @IBMobile Kind of missing a ground signal for some reason if there is +12V on both sides of the light bulb socket.