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  1. First project my single to dual disc clutch. 2012 Ram 6.7L.
  2. Get a set of 7 x 0.010 @ 320 bar injectors you can have natural lope. Mine is mild, only shows as you coast to a stop. Pretty impressive in traffic. Still it idle smooth at at full stop.
  3. Just had one yesterday that wanted a A/C leak fixed in less than 2 hours and have no freon supply being Riggins was closed already. I've gotta travel today. Sorry you thought about your A/C the evening before his trip to Utah. Oh well... I'm not going to kill myself because of your poor planning.
  4. Your going to need the upgraded mainshaft and then have the rebuilder torque it to the proper torque. Like the stock shaft and nut is like 520 foot pounds then the upgraded shaft is 660 foot pounds. Don't quote me on the torque values but I know they are quite a bit. You most likely got the splines beat up now from the gear being loose.
  5. Big difference already. The head unit flip over to just fan early in the evening last night. Find out when I get home. I wanted to drag this 2012 Ram to the shop and put it on the rack. Installing a dual disc would be easy then. My problem is I've got my Tuesday dialysis run today. The house is a wreck pantry all over the floor. So Wednesday... Get started early. Another tidbit to this adventure I've create a fresh batch of business cards as well. I've now got 4G signal at home on my network extender. Then down at the shop Russ has a older 3G network extender. I'll have cell coverage at both places. My home number has been made a second number and my cell is primary now. I've already got the Doing Business As (DBA) filed with the State of Idaho. Then I've got my Idaho State Sale Tax Permit as well. Any "Admin" can pull these from the site and display them as needed. Got a few vendors already as well set up.
  6. Yup. We realize this already. Suppose to be down there this evening but my house is a trainwreck after emptying the pantry and my bedroom closet for access to the attic.
  7. Neither do I. Typically there is something wore out in the front causing the tires to cup or wear the shoulders off.
  8. I'm just getting started and hung up today with OuR Factor insulation company is here today taking care of the house. Later today I'll go back down to the shop and help on clearing out the 2 post bay and drag the 2012 Ram down for new dual disc clutch.
  9. I just hitch up a trailer and that is my leveling kit.
  10. Salmon River Rural Fire Dept got a upgraded fire truck. This is a Oshkosh from a military base. Powered by a Cummins Big Cam 400. Strange enough right around the 40 to 45 MPH speed this beast get a death wobble pretty good. The fire chief and I took it into town to load it with water and see if water weight helps. Kind of but still there. The driver side tie rod end is rather sloppy (possibly) and the tire is cupping on the inside from possibly being toed out. I suggested on just replacing both and if any slack is found and have it aligned up again. Beyond the fact is a military fire truck this thing is set up rather weird where the cab is a wide one row of seating and the driver is the second seat in on the driver side. We are currently working to get this put together for our local fire dept. Awesome truck and has plenty of power to haul 1,000 gallons of water and climb our steep canyon grades.
  11. Here in the very near future the owner will upgrade from 8,000 to 12,000 pound two post. We both agree 8,000 is borderline for most of the newer trucks like Ford diesels.
  12. As of last night I've started my own shop in Pollock Idaho. I've been taking to people about the lack mechanic shops in the area. Then a guy I've know that has a 3 bay shop already he's will to make a business agreement where I get to use his shop for a percentage of the profits. So far this is a work in progress and nothing is set in gold yet but working towards how we both would like to see things happen. I will have one bay with a 8,000 pound two post lift and then two other flat ground bays to work from. Floors are heated in the winter time, and A/C (swap cooler) during the summer. I've got to give the owner a hand moving some stuff to storage but he's agreed to clean up his junk and get me working space.
  13. About 15* at 1,500 and then about +3 degree step up for the rest of the spans and the max just +1 off the 3,000 RPM.. The oil temp might naturally run hot being your towing. I'll admit that is one variable I've not had the chance to study yet. My travels have all be empty so far.
  14. Not even one month old and failed on my previous post. I'm 90% sure this is a Robertshaw 330 high flow thermostat and produced by Mr. Gasket of all weird companies. Just to show this failure is common to split the body from the disc. Just to show this design is used by Chevy 6.5L Diesels. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/MRD385190 So here we are Cummins does not produce the thermostat. Mr. Gasket does using Robertshaw 330 high flow design. Common to split apart in different applications. Just as @mr.obvious thermostat failed in his 2002 Dodge Cummins. So is it worth the $40 to $60 price tag to find out you have a part not even a Cummins part just reboxed Mr. Gasket. I've call Robertshaw and they do not acknowledge that they sell thermostats. This is when I found the tie to Mr. Gasket who is currently producing. As I said I'm 90% sure of this.
  15. Need all the settings... Max Timing is the maximum timing the Quad will give normally the rest of the timing setting are how much retard of timing will occur in different conditions. We need to see it all. Truck is heavy. I'm typically 7,300 to 7,500 pound empty.
  16. Idle chatter forums like this do not count. ZERO gain. Now all your post in the tech forums will gain count +1.
  17. Some of us park in unheated shops that might be a bit warmer (+20*F to +30*F). This give you cheating start with warmer fuel and not have to struggle with -15*F out of the starting gate. To this date I've NEVER gelled up yet.
  18. Cummins failure found. The thermostat body separated. Weld between the body and disc broke.
  19. Check error codes and list the numbers out... There might be more at hand here.
  20. Actually @Electrojake he was referring to the fact that you might be creating the article or someone would be. This is what make this site so popular is the the fact you can write your own articles and crate a notebook of information that you can refer to later and share the link with another forum or member here. All other forums out there are just forums. M73M is way different being the membership can produce articles, have your truck garage, and many other functions. Last time I checked there is over 15 GB of website data here.
  21. The solution could of been as easy as replacing the APPS sensor with a Timbo's APPS for about $170.
  22. You suppose to be on the same polarity. If your working positive both probes are on the the positive side. Never touching the negative side. Then visa versa doing negative side you never touch positive.
  23. I wonder if the video signal isn't making it back to the deck that is what turns the screen over to back camera mode. If the video line is dead then the stereo will not flip over.
  24. Tidbit more. @mr.obvious did a bit more testing. He put both Cummins old thermostat and the new thermostat in a pan of water and heated. Watching they both open exactly at the specified 190°F as stamped on the thermostat. The problem is when left to cool the new Cummins thermostat is EXTREME slow to close back up taking up to 3 minutes. The old thermostat only took a mere 30 seconds or so. This explains why the the new one is running cold sided.
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