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  1. I just got a pair of used 245/75 R16 tires from a friend. So I mounted them up on my old aluminum mags and mount the 245's on rear axle of the truck. They are a bit shorter in height. The gains are great! Engine load is reduced by 5% to 10% roughly. EGT's are about 50*F lower. Acceleration is way better and faster. Cruising RPM's are right about 1,960 RPM at 65 MPH. I've got to reset my cruise timing limit on the Quadzilla I need to drop from my current 25% to 20% it was holding cruise timing climbing about 2-3% grade. I'm going to document MPG usage as well in the coming days.
  2. This is less than one mile away.. I'm exhausted it's 1am I got home.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    Quadzilla or lift pump first?

    12 years mean time between failures isn't bad either. Most likely longer period of time for the AirDog between failures than on Fuel Boss. I don't think a belt will last that long for 250k miles and 12 years. My downtime was about 4 days. No worse than the down for other failures and ordering part like injectors or injection pump. So when I lost my VP44 after 243k miles it still was down 7 days waiting for parts and get it back on the road. Like injectors still got to wait for new injectors to get here still 3-4 day wait time. So down time to me is meaningless. It will happen.
  4. Now seeing all the pins on the Members Map I would like to offer another great idea to everyone. It would be awesome to vote for a president of a region or state and then start making group meeting or get together's or wrench parties. Where states get together possibly in the summer where everyone meets up and get to know each other. Come on guys I know you'd love to get together share your knowledge with other members. Just in the small handful of people I met in person and the few hundred I talk to on the phone are all great people why not all work together and aid each other? https://mopar1973man.com/membermap/ The map is growing daily and the more member that get there locations posted the more we can figure out groups.
  5. Ah... PCM is not seeing any communication from the ECM. Double check the two connectors to the cowl. The CCD bus is in one of them. Remember PCM is the primary computer and the ECM is the companion module. This will aid you in testing the APPS wiring.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Just talked to my buddy @Taz in McCall as of 10pm last night they didn't really see any rainfall at all. He said a few drops hit the windshield of his truck but mostly dry. He informed me 2 new fires started down in the Cambridge, ID area last night. I'm not sure of the state of those fires or did the local FD catch them before going wild. Then there is @Evan with 10 new fires in Mountain Home, ID area. Don't look like we gare going to get much slack till the rains really come on and snow flies.
  7. Key fob? (Security system locking out), ASD relay issues? (Check for error codes)
  8. https://www.dieselautopower.com/airdog-150gph-air-fuel-separation-system-a4spbd004 Full kit you can call and verify. The only thing I don't like on these is the quick connect fitting that may leak air. Some of us have called Vulcan performance and converted back to old school push lock fittings.
  9. No. It will help with longevity. The whole idea is to keep pushing high volume of cooled fuel through the VP44 pump to keeping the pump cooled and lubricated. If you figure the average VP44 temperature on a 100*F day is about 130-140*F you need to keep it fed with lots of fresh cool fuel. The fuel tank naturally heats up too because of the amount of returned fuel from the head. As long as flow is high the VP44 lives for a very long time. My last VP44 went 243k miles when the timing piston got stuck in full advancement. (P0216) 4 ways to kill a VP44... 1. Low fuel pressure. 14-20 PSI is optimal. 2. Poor filtration. This is why I suggest the double stacking of the filters. 3. AC noise. Excessive AC noise will fry the ECM and PSG on the VP44. 4. Poor lubrication. Today fuel in the US is 520 HFRR, Bosch requires 460 HFRR or less.
  10. ECM is booted if the light comes on instantly with the key. So I'm wondering if you have an air leak in the fuel system and losing prime. It common to have suction side leaks that never drip or leak fuel. Bad crossover o-rings will make it hard starting. Banjo bolt at the bad of the head if the sealing washers fail it could cause starting issues. What's your fuel pressure during cranking? Does it rise to cranking pressure and pulse up and down normally or does it sit at zero for long period before jumping up? Security feature might play a role and prevent starting that would be the PCM more so. Do you have a key fob?
  11. Mopar1973Man

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    We were downgraded from 3 to 2 by about 2pm yesterday. I was never even paged out to get a truck or do anything the fire is still 3 miles back in the backcountry and long ways from homes yet. Here is what the whole evac was about is Hillman basin road they figure the winds were going to be 40-50 MPH out of the west and the storm would push it down on the homes in this area. But its still along ways away as of this morning. Funny part I measured only gusts of 10 MPH and average wind of 4 MPH. I also chewed out one of the managers of the fire for this needless callout of evac. They admitted it was handled wrong and the wrong area called out for evac. Last night with @JAG1 on the phone about 9pm we started our lightning storm (dry). Very wicked looking cloud to cloud lighting running back and forth across the canyon. Then out of nowhere, it started to pour rain dumping at a rate of 2 inches an hour. Managed to measure out 0.5 inches after the storm stopped. Sad to say the valley filled back up with smoke this morning but I know the fire been knocked down by this rain storm hopefully US Forest Circus don't pass up this change of catching this fire and putting it to bed.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    Power lost intermetant

    Umm... That ground is here... This is the important one! All the other grounds are rather meaningless subsystems. (lights, horn, etc) You might do the ground wire mod and never look back to this problem again.
  13. Does the wait to start light come on instantly? Does the light come on after a small delay? If the wait to start light doesn't come on the ECM is not booted up and the VP44 and lift will not power up.
  14. No. Problem is they spend lot of time dead heading and this is hard on the pumps. This why the Raptor series fail quickly typically. Now the AirDog 150 like I've got has a 3 hose return line that allows the pump to continue pumping freely without dead heading. Typically you burn rate is about 2 to 3 GPH and you've got 150 GPH pump pushing where is the 147 GPH going? Raptor is dead heading and AirDog 150 is returning to the fuel tank.
  15. Maybe they are upgraded bolt that is longer. You might call your supplier and ask them there was changes to bolt lengths.
  16. High volume pumps have better pressure stability. So 95 GPH pump will have larger pressure swings. Like I'm around 400 HP realm and only have a 2 PSI swing from idle to WOT to 100 MPH. If you opt for a 95 GPH pump you might see 5 to 7 PSI swings. Simply. If your supply volume is greater than your demand volume the pressures do not fall much. Then if the demand volume out weighs the supply volume the the pressure falls. So if your looking for VP44 longevity then you need to keep above 14 PSI all the time. My AirDog 150 hold 17 at idle and 15 PSI at WOT. 95 GPH is good for true stock and no towing. No tuner. Stock injectors. Just stock daily driver.
  17. Mopar1973Man

    Power lost intermetant

    Yes but the voltmeter has to have a 2V or 20mV AC option. If you volt meter only has like 200V option then it's not going to work. If the volt meter responds with a 29 to 31 volts its too cheap of a meter. Typically a good DVM around $100 buck will do it. Like I've got a old Fluke 75 which can measure multi-frequency down in the mV range AC.
  18. AirDog 150 or FASS 150 is most likely the cheapest option. Any kind of direct replacement pump is not going to work. The problem is all the banjo bolts and stock 6mm (0.23622 in) fuel line needs to go away. All fuel system kits change over to full 1/2" from the fuel tank to the injection pump. Then with the Airdog or FASS and a Big Lin Kit from Vulcan you can keep the stock filter which now allows for double filtering of the fuel. This extends my filter life so far to 60k miles per filter change.
  19. Mopar1973Man

    Be safe out there in Elmore county.

    Just checking on https://inciweb.nwcg.gov not listed as of yet. Hang in there...
  20. Mopar1973Man

    Power lost intermetant

    More than like a cause is excessive AC noise. Test the alternator for AC voltage and report back. If the alternator is failing or marginal then you'll want to replace the alternator. After the alternator is replaced, I would suggest you do the W-T ground mod. Then if this is too confusing I've got my simple version of the article.
  21. Yeah, the economy is doing so good then why did my bank close up all the local branches? Now I've got to drive 125 miles one way just to deal with a check. (Ugh!) You do call 50 million times. But you enjoy it...
  22. Mopar1973Man

    P pump conversion

    There are a few members here that did the p-pump conversion but all I can say is the truck is no longer really daily drivable. Most of them after conversion end up buying another truck because of issues. Some of them sold the truck shortly after words. Some have parked them because of too much trouble for excessive smoke. I would highly suggest keeping the VP44 for daily driver being the Quadzilla tuner give a full range of timing control and fuel control. With the p-pump conversion, you lose all dynamic timing for static timing. Then there are other things like my truck is a fly by wire cruise control you would lose that function. There is nothing to gain with a p-pump. Now if you planning on dyno queen or quarter-mile track star. I'd say go for it. P-pump it. They do fuel more than a VP44 but you only need to make a quarter mile at a time.
  23. Mopar1973Man

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    I consider myself in a good spot. Just north of me, the fire burned all the way down the mountain. The only thing is the 100-foot embankment behind the housing that is a possible concern. Now I was smart last night I fired up the sprinklers and water the yard really well. Now I just moved my sprinklers up on the mountain. There is one sprinkler behind the guest house / shop that is covering nearly 75-foot circle that reaches the front edge of the roof. I've got another sprinkler behind the main house and it's covering the full width of the house and slightly hitting the roof. Then one more down by my generator shed which has 100 gallons of diesel and gasoline (Ekk). 4th sprinkler down at my waste pond to give the firefighter a shot of using the pond for backup water if needed. I'm in good shape.
  24. Mopar1973Man

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Battening down the hatches.... Stag 3 Evacuation orders given as of yesterday. In other words, LEAVE NOW! I'm staying!!! I'm going to hold the fort with MoparMom and Myself. Dry Lightning storm rolling in right now and going to have high winds 40-50 MPH winds out of the west. Basically, it could push the fire right back on us pretty quickly. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5999/