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  1. I got the two upper boots swapped as the one kept popping off and was able to take the truck on a proper rip. The new injectors definitely make the bigger turbo spool quicker and with almost no smoke once it's lit. If I left off and floor it again, I make a decent cloud before the turbo kicks back in. I will try turning the pre-boost fuel down on the Edge and see if that helps, worst case scenario I give the Quadzilla another try. I'm going camping this weekend so I'll see how the new setup handles the camper.
  2. The other down pipe I ordered looks the same, I will try and see if it fits differently though.
  3. I have a new junkyard dash core and I got a new dash top from Geno's. I know they recommend painting the top but is it really necessary? I currently have a black plastic cover and like the way it contrasts with the grey I already have. I need to repaint the core and glove box door due to some fading but was gonna stick with the grey on those parts. Has anyone left there Geno's dash top as-is?
  4. So out of curiosity I took another look at my down pipe and googled the part number on it. It is the right part number but the pics I found were not the same. All the pics I saw had a pipe with a sharp bend right after the flange, my pipe goes straight out towards the firewall before bending down to the frame. I think I may have gotten an incorrectly labeled pipe, working in the auto parts world I know that can happen quite often. I ordered a new down pipe from another vendor incase DAP has more than one incorrect unit. If the new one I get is different I will call and let DAP know. I paid a little extra for shipping so it hopefully arrives by Saturday so I can get it swapped in for the trip to your place.
  5. I figured it was my injectors being worn out, I believe they are original with 250k miles. The truck has been smoking more than usual the last year along with a decrease in mpg so I figured it was time to change them. I would guess they are just pissing fuel as opposed to atomizing it.
  6. I honestly don't know, the turbo, manifold and down pipe were a package deal so I assumed it would all bolt together and frankly it's been a PITA. I know I got the right turbo, I double checked the part I got with my invoice and the numbers match. I ended up pinging the down pipe until it fit, didn't take a whole lot thankfully. I finally got to take it for a spin and I'm amazed at how different the exhaust note is, much deeper. I assume those injectors will cure the fact that now I don't build boost as quickly as before and the truck smokes even more.
  7. I'm doing my best to try and get my new turbo installed, started last week and only got things disassembled before I ran out of energy. I got back to it today and am almost done but I was unable to get the down pipe installed. I was hoping it would go right in as I am replacing a DEP pipe(HY35) with another DEP pipe(HX40). It looks like I am gonna have to beat the firewall or the pipe to get it to fit. Should I just take turns hammering on both until it fits?
  8. I think I may take you up on that, I do love a nice long drive. Let me check with the wife as I know she has some plans and then I'll message you.
  9. Is it ok to leave my camper plugged in when not it use? I had a 30amp plug installed on the outside of my house to keep it plugged in while my mother was living in it. Now that she has her own place and the camper in only used occasionally I wasn't sure if it was a good idea. My old pop-up only had one battery and I would take it into the garage and put it on a tender over the winter.
  10. I've never seen that before, do you use the needle to grease them. I currently have the moog joints with the angled zerks as well which is much better than the last setup I had. The previous joints had the opening in the middle and I would have to remove the tiny bolt from the hole, thread a 90* fitting into it, grease it and then remove the fitting and put the bolt back in.
  11. Well I have everything, even went and got those Black Horse Racing intercooler boots just because I needed to spend at least $6 more for free shipping. Now I have to get the energy. We been so short handed at work that I'm working 12-15 hours a day and have zero energy when the weekend arrives. I am thinking about having someone else do the injectors and head studs at least. I guess I'll ask around and maybe the price tag will motivate me to do it myself.
  12. Got the ceramic coating, they said it would good up to 1800*, I 'll be picking it up tomorrow if I can get off work on time.
  13. I've got everything but the down pipe and it should arrive tomorrow. Much to my surprise the exhaust manifold that came with the turbo was a 3 piece unit. I'll probably have it powder coated, I'm not building a show truck but I don't care for the rusty look under the hood.
  14. I was looking at the Steed speed manifold, but it sounds like unless I am looking for some crazy power numbers, it's not worth the extra $600. I assume the T3 manifold that comes with the GXE turbo is a standard cast piece. I guess I will probably have to redrill my EGT probe holes. Should I relocate the holes? They are both currently in the center section one towards the front and one towards the back. Should I move them further apart?
  15. The turbo is coming with a new T3 manifold so I also decided to get some stainless studs for that as well. I need to get an estimate for some cement work and then I should be able to pull the money and get everything ordered.
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