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  1. Bored at work, here goes. A young man I watch on youtube is having a giveaway, winner has there choice between 2 trucks. I entered because it's fun to play and the merch he sells is of good quality so I have no regrets regardless of the outcome. #1. 1991 W250, standard cab long box. Just replaced the motor and added an OEM intercooler setup, 5spd, other wise stock mechanically. Body is in great shape, paint as well, no rust. He updated the springs and added a leveling kit and the usual 20" wheels and MT tires. The OEM wheels will be supplied if the winner so chooses. Interior is pretty good, no tears or cracks but does need a few misc. bits, has PW, PL. #2. 2018 3500 Laramie longhorn megacab. It has 6k miles, 6.7 cummins, auto, looks like it's leveled with some Hostile wheels. It appears to have dang near every option available. This would be a tough choice for me. I would love to have a new truck as I have never had a new vehicle of any kind before, but having to pay taxes on it worries me and I'm not sure what I would do with my 01. The 1st gen would be nice as a toy and I love having a manual transmission. What would you guys choose if you had the choice?
  2. I'm still on the hunt for a complete dash core. There are several on ebay for $600-$800, all located out east. I hate not being able to inspect something like that in person though. I also hate the thought of spending that kind of money on something that could easily suffer the same fate. I'm currently watching a 1999 1500 on Copart that appears to have a good dash in it. If I can score that for cheap, get what I need and scrap the rest, I could probably break even.
  3. Sycostang67

    DIY Pinion Seal Replacement - Dana 80

    Ouch, that was painful to look at. I too just marked the position of everything and tightened the nut back down to where it was before. My torque wrench only goes to 150lbs. I also used an old idler pulley as a seal driver to install the new seal, it was the perfect size and knocking the bearing out of the center allowed it to clear the pinion shaft. Sometimes I'm glad I never throw old parts away.
  4. Sycostang67

    How often do you wax?

    I watched a couple videos and several people recommended this clear coat. It's supposed to be the best quality in an aerosol can. It's a 2 part mixed deal, has to be used in 48 hours of mixing.
  5. View Advert Tablet holder I have a pretty much brand new tablet holder. I used it for a month when I had my Quadzilla. It has several mounting options and will hold a 7"-12" tablet. I still have all the bits and pieces that came with it. I no longer have my Quad so I don't need this anymore. Asking price is $20 if you're local, will ship for $25. Advertiser Sycostang67 Date 11/03/2018 Price $25.00 Category Personal Stuff  
  6. Sycostang67

    Tablet holder

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    I have a pretty much brand new tablet holder. I used it for a month when I had my Quadzilla. It has several mounting options and will hold a 7"-12" tablet. I still have all the bits and pieces that came with it. I no longer have my Quad so I don't need this anymore. Asking price is $20 if you're local, will ship for $25.


    Kuna, Idaho

  7. Sycostang67

    How often do you wax?

    I try to wax at least once a year now. Thankfully my clear coat is good except for one spot on top of my door. I bought some stuff to fix it but it got cold to quickly for me to do it. I'll have to get it next year.
  8. Sycostang67

    Started another inframe today

    That's pretty cool, never seen a block with the liners pulled before.
  9. Sycostang67

    Where would you put this?

    Due to my dual doors on the tool box I wouldn't be able to center it which would drive me crazy. That did make me think maybe I could put it on the lower bar of my headache rack looking back though. I have no problem putting holes in that thing.
  10. So earlier this year I helped my friend order one of these things. About a month later, he got drunk, forgot and ordered another one so he gave it to me. I guess these are cast from the same mold used to make the ones in the movie "Convoy" and "Death Proof" which is pretty cool and made to order so it takes about 6-8 weeks. I'm on the fence about putting it on my truck. I thought maybe through the top of the grill as that's easily replaced but then I worry about thieves ripping it from the plastic. I really don't want to put holes in my hood though. Maybe I should just bolt it to a bench or shelf in the garage. I still need to decide what color to powder coat it as well.
  11. You could use an external fluid pump. Still, whats the point of any of it? Do the 5/6 speeds get hot enough to need an external pump/cooling system?
  12. Sycostang67

    Best batteries for our trucks

    I have gotten the most use out of Les Schwab batteries. I was replacing the terminals on my mother in laws excursion when I noticed her battery was 10 years old. The one I had in my Mustang lasted for 8 before it refused to take a charge. It currently has a super start(O'reillys) in it right now going on 5 years, with 2 of those years spent on my trailer running a winch while the car was apart getting resealed and building the transmission. I tossed a maintainer on it for a few weeks and it's been working great since I put it back in spring of last year. Many years ago I had a 1980 Ramcharger with a generic gell cell type battery, optima knock off I guess. I was climbing a hill when the battery retaining bungee cord let go and the battery fell on the exhaust manifold. It melted through until the terminal touched and the truck died. After my buddy put rocks behind my tires, I put the battery back in the tray and tied the bungee back together and the truck fired right up. I was pretty impressed, I figure I would have had an acid bath in there with a regular battery and possibly a no-start situation. That battery lasted another year, the exposed area eventually corroded and would still start the truck if it started right away. It had no reserve capacity and would only give me 2-3 tries to start it. I miss that Ramcharger, it was the second truck I owned that shot fire from the tail pipe.
  13. Sycostang67

    My daughter....

    Smart kid. I do love those 99-04 mustangs, I had a 2000 for a couple years and really miss it. I would love to have a blue Mach1 though.
  14. My bad, it wasn't 2 grid heater spacers, it was one and then another spacer about half the size. No mention of anything rubbing.
  15. I saw one guy solve that problem by stacking 2 grid heater delete spacers and getting studs cut to length to bolt it all down.