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  1. My straw is close enough to the bottom of the tank that I can slide 2 stacked quarters under it. It's been about 3 years now and I can run my tank low enough to trigger the low fuel light. I don't like to do that, but I can. The only thing I notice is that when I do have less than 1/4 and my truck sits overnight on an inclined surface, I sometimes need to bump the starter to run the pump for a few seconds to get it to fire up. I don't like any of my vehicles getting below 1/4 so it really hasn't been an issue.
  2. The clip that attaches it to your vent is a little to long to start with, it has an extension piece on it. Remove that little extension and it should fit nice and snug to the vent. Mine doesn't rattle or wobble at all. I do keep trying to see if I can hear it whistle though.
  3. I got it from the car throttle shop, the rotor even spins, lol. I also ordered some extra refills for later. https://store.carthrottle.com/collections/air-fresheners/Boostnatics+Air-Fresheners
  4. I special ordered a new turbo for my truck. I'm not sure how mush boost it's making, I don't have a gauge capable of measuring the output yet.
  5. Awesome, I can do that. Thanks for the help. Good idea on the connector too, I doubt I will be moving the tool box around, but you never know.
  6. The top half of the box has a power cord coming off, the bottom half has a plug for an extension cord, both are 3 prong. I won't be moving it at all, I made a space against the wall that has an outlet nearby.
  7. To celebrate not owing thousands of dollars in taxes this year, the wife let me use some of the money I had saved to get a new tool box. It has electrical outlets and a drawer for charging power tools. Apparently I have to ground both halves of this thing. I have already purchased the required wire and the instructions tell me where to attach to the tool box. I need to know where to attach the other ends of the wires. I have seen people run ground wires to the screws holding the outlet trim plates on before. Is that safe to do or should I run the wires into the outlet and to the ground wire in the wall?
  8. I have pair of 30'" light bars on my truck, treat them like high beams though. If there is another vehicle in front of me then I leave them off. I go to work at 3:30 in the morning and travel a stretch of road that's likely to have livestock wandering around so the light bars are very helpful.
  9. That's good to know. If I had done that, my wife would have been leaning towards me more with my old cushion.
  10. I don't know if you can just swap passenger for driver side as they aren't square. There tends to be more material towards one side and there is a notch for the hinges on the outsides.
  11. If you use a paint, use some BullDog adhesion promoter. I painted a bunch of stuff in my wifes jeep about a year ago and it still looks great. It was stuff that gets touched too, vents, steering wheel trim, door panels and no peeling or flaking.
  12. I caught a sweet deal on a new driver side seat cushion a couple weeks ago. The seat shop was having a sale, $25 off and free shipping. I tried to get one but code didn't work for me so I canceled the transaction and left a comment on their FB page. Somebody replies to apologize and explain the sale didn't apply to 05 and older ram cushions but to give them a call. I call the guy and he explained the situation further and ended up letting me have the cushion for the sale terms anyhow. While replacing the cushion I noticed that while my cover wasn't visibly torn, one of the rods had pushed through on the right side into the middle seat. I reset the rod and springs and put some adhesive to hopefully hold it in place. The cushion feels great, I'm sitting level instead of leaning to the left. I had to readjust my steering wheel and mirrors because I'm so much higher now. I also ordered some cover craft seat savers, I got to preview them from a set a customer at work ordered. They fit pretty good, have all the right openings and are easy to install. The material feels pretty durable too, I believe it's from carrhart. I climbed in and out a few times and they didn't slip around. It was a 4 piece set but I didn't use the top middle section as I was afraid the console lid wouldn't close but it's always folded down anyhow. The covers also provide map pockets on the backs of the seats and a pocket on the front of the middle seat. I figure this cost as much as replacing the one bottom seat skin so I'm happy with that.
  13. Why would you move to california, did someone hold a gun to your head the whole way there?
  14. Glad it's going again, I assume that's why my computer refused to let me view the site.
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