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  1. My switch started working again 2 days before I had to install my mirrors but I already had the new switch. Unfortunately the new switch didn't work so I cleaned the old one and put it back in for now. I am going to need new door panels so hopefully the switch lasts a little while until I find some and then I'll try and replace it again.
  2. I just got these mirrors since my boss is buying my old set from me. Can you tell me how you got the mirror lights to function as marker and turn indicators?
  3. Sweet, I"ll be pulling my door panels off next weekend to install my new mirrors so I can toss in a new switch while everything is apart.
  4. The auto down function for my driver side window quit working today. It still rolls down if I hold the switch though. Is there a relay I can check or is it the switch that goes bad? I know it's trivial, but I like hitting the auto function so the window can roll down while I put my seat belt on. It's the little things.
  5. That's crazy, do you still even need it? My father in law tried for years to have his work truck stolen, he left the keys in it every night but no luck. He had to wait until it died before he could get his boss to buy him a new one.
  6. I have that first one you linked to, got it from Geno's. I've had it on about 3 years with no issues and I have gone off road and through some fields with it as well. It's nice being able to change my oil without needing any tools.
  7. Got the motors swapped this weekend, new used motor seems to be working fine. I did get a better look at the fragged motor and noticed the rod also snapped the camshaft. If you unplug the injector and pull the rod you'd have a good running 5 cylinder motor.
  8. No idea, kid was just about to accelerate onto the freeway when it knocked and stalled. He started it back up and it obviously sounded like crap. It was his Dads jeep for years and he flogged it pretty hard, guess the boy just got be the unlucky one when it let go. I'll pull the pan and look inside when the motor comes out this weekend. It's almost ready to pull but ran out of time.
  9. Brother in laws 94 wrangler tossed a rod with 106k on the clock. Currently swapping in a new used motor from another 94 with the same mileage.
  10. Come on, who doesn't love the adrenaline rush you get when you weld your wrench to the fender.
  11. I went with a 1.5" RC level, doesn't remove all the rake but made it more appealing for me to look at as well as fixing the slight rub I had on the passenger fender liner.
  12. Not sure which transmission he got, he doesn't know enough about trucks to be able to tell me. It's already lifted though looks to be in the 4-6" range with at least 35's on it. It has steel bumpers and a custom hood as well. He says it's not deleted or tuned but he want's to get it done eventually. He wanted to know the ball park cost of that but I have no idea.
  13. He had no problem throwing money at the last truck, he just couldn't keep up with the repairs caused by repairs from other shops. He tried to get after market headlights and the shop used a soldering iron to enlarge the bulb opening and hot glue to hold it in. I'll pass along the info as soon as I talk to him, thanks.
  14. I just installed the same bulbs in my truck last weekend with some aftermarket housings. I agree they aren't as good as the Mishimoto setup but they are far better than the stock setup. I have a 30 minute drive to work in the dark every morning so I'll find out how long they last. At least the bulbs are cheap, about $15 for the pair shipped from Rock Auto. I may order another set as backup if longevity is a concern.
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