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  1. I paid about $400 for mine, but I sold my old ones for $200 which helped.
  2. I wasn't in a hurry to get tow mirrors until someone referred to the little ones as hippo ears. After that is was all I could think about when I saw them. I have a set of the fancy lighted power fold 4th gens from 1AAuto. My only complaint is that the fold controller in the passenger side quit working the first week I had them. The mirrors come with one spare controller which was nice but I tried contacting customer service to get another spare and they don't sell them individually. Now I only use the fold option when absolutely necessary.
  3. Had to go and check mine, bought a pair of 6 tons last year, not the part number they are looking for though.
  4. Got an update, my wife hated the color of my car so much she fronted 3/4 of the cost to have it wrapped. No complaints from me. It's a color shifting vinyl, it changes as you walk around it.
  5. Years ago I bought a brand new flat bed trailer, 5k axles, 18' long for $2500. I can't even find one used for that price now. The same trailer new will cost me $3500-$4k now and even used is still commanding that price if you can even find one. I am in need of a new flat bed as the one I share with my BIL is going to NY with him. I have about $3k but it looks as though I will be getting a 7k trailer instead of 10k. I rarely haul anything that heavy anymore but I still like the thought of having more capacity than needed. Any recommendations for trailer sales in my area, I should be out shopping in a week or two.
  6. I'm not sure that's a good idea, I think some gauges are calibrated to work with specific sensors. I am in the same boat you are, had the gauges and then got the juice box. I just run both EGT's and both fuel PSI just in different locations. I haven't installed the other fluid temp sensor yet, had a bad incident last time I tried and am a bit apprehensive now.
  7. Definitely some things I didn't consider. Thanks for the input guys, I'll find another way.
  8. My mother is currently living with my sister and my father is in hospice with final stages of alzheimers. My sister is now moving to upstate New York(after this BS dies off) because of her Air Force husband. My mother will live with me until my father passes and then she will go to NY as well. She bought a brand new 25" Coleman camper to live in on my property and she has a 2007 Dodge Nitro for her transportation. Originally the Nitro was deemed fit to pull this camper to NY, supposedly right at the limit for towing capacity. I disagreed and my BIL has finally agreed with me. I am wondering if it would be safe to put a hitch on the back of the camper and flat tow the Nitro behind it with my truck. This would be a one time deal, I would tow the camper/nitro halfway and meet my sister who would use her F-350 to finish the trip. Would this be ok to do or should we look at other options? I have included pics of said vehicles for reference.
  9. That's better than the masks they just gave us at work. It's a piece of fabric that seems to have been cut from the worlds cheapest t-shirt. You can clearly see right through it and you end up eating it if you try and talk while wearing it.
  10. I'm still working, considered essential, wife has been forced home which is driving her bonkers. We lose $1000 a week with her staying at home, my paycheck is a pittance compared to hers. Thankfully she has enough in her account to ride this out for a short while but this is going to eat up the buffer she has spent so long building. It's probably for the best my work is slow as my retarded boss told some people his wife had tested positive and then he comes to work with a fever. That instantly sent two of our good drivers running home for the next two weeks. He then comes back and says "Oh, I was told to treat my wife as positive until the results came back". Thankfully his wife did test negative though she was pretty sick with something. The drivers still have no intention of returning to work and I don't blame them. Still seeing plenty of hoarding going on. Stopped to get a few light groceries and my wife grabbed 6 small pouches of ramen noodles, the guy behind us grabbed all the remaining cases. No TP in sight but we still have plenty, haven't touched the pack we bought before this all started. Did get our one alotted roll of paper towels from the only case on the shelf and a pack of napkins. We just had to spend $350 for some meds for my wife. She's had a lingering cough for the last year and it's getting bad enough it makes her vomit on occasion. I'm afraid if she gets the virus, having this cough won't make things any easier. Crossing my fingers that one of them works, it kills me to see her suffer and not be able to do anything.
  11. That's good to know, we may hit a store or two on Monday just to keep things topped off in case they lock us in like other places.
  12. I leave for work at 2:30 every morning, seeing more traffic than usual, I assume it's people heading to Costco/Walmart to wait in lines. Afternoon traffic is better though, almost like it was before all these town wreckers moved in from out of state. My wife got a jump on the TP situation. She watches a few youtubers from china and they mentioned all the TP was disappearing so she grabbed us an extra pack before all the stupidity took over locally. I have a few rolls of shop towels I can cut in half if things get desperate as well. We just have to keep food supplies up now. Went shopping last week, got a few more things than normal but nothing crazy as most everything was already gone. My mother spends most of her time canning and freeze drying food so I can always hit her up if things get too low. Schools are closed until after spring break, all dining is restricted to take out/delivery only. Wife and I are both still working though my job is slowing down.
  13. My Edge came with a fuel pressure sensor, didn't cost any extra, it also came with an extra temp sensor that I haven't installed. I was thinking of using it for engine oil temp. I already had an FP gauge but installed the Edge sensor as well so I get readings from the pump and just before the VP. I've also been running a set of Glow shift gauges for 5 years now with no issues
  14. We just swapped a 550hp 383 into my friends 1980 corvette. He has a FAST EFI system on it that he's no longer happy with and is going back to a carburetor. He just ordered a 750 Demon carb and I am giving him my spare Holley red fuel pump. I run the same parts on my 67 mustang with no return line, been that way for years with no issues. His car has a return line already on it, do we need to use it or can we just cap it off? I have seen there are fuel filters with return ports on them so using it wouldn't be a big deal, I have just read some posts stating a possible pressure drop from doing this. Here's some eye candy to go with this post.
  15. I had something I was going to try last year but never got to it as I always needed to the truck or didn't have time to let it sit. Now that I have another car I am gonna try it again as soon as it warms up. My clear coat is just starting to flake at the bottom edge of the passenger side window.
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