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  1. So I decided to buy my mothers camper from her instead of hauling it to NY where it would most likely sit and get destroyed by rodents. It's a 25' 2020 Coleman, been camped in once and my mother lived in it for about 6 months before she flew to NY. I have a little 1200/1000 watt generator I was using with my pop up that I know is not up to the task. I'm still trying to find the paperwork for this thing to get official numbers but I think they may have gotten packed in my mothers things. It has A/C, Fridge, microwave and the other typical accoutrements. I would like to get a generator capa
  2. Didn't think about a fire extinguisher, I'll have to grab one of those. My buddy did give me a GPS yesterday for the trip, I'll have R. Lee Ermey yelling directions at me the whole time. I got a new spare for the GMC and serviced the small trailer. I'm probably gonna get a shell for the GMC as pulling that trailer is like pulling a parachute. Even empty it's a huge drag, no pun intended. Hopefully a shell will help direct some more air over it instead of into it. Otherwise I entertain the idea of getting a hitch on the camper and pulling doubles with my truck.
  3. I'm trying to prep her truck so she wont have to get anything done while she has it. She'll be living alone in the woods and my brother in law can sometimes be slow to get to fixing things. The GMC has 152k miles on it and I replaced the original water pump and hoses. I actually replaced the water pump twice, the first one only survived going around the block a couple times before the bearing let go, wobbled around and tossed the belt. I did a warranty return and upgraded to the HD version of the pump just in case. I had to do a warranty exchange on the radiator cap two times as they both
  4. Coming in late June my brother and I will be driving from my home in Kuna ID to Lincoln Nebraska to get my mothers things to her. I will be using the Ram and pulling a 25' coleman camper. I will be followed by her 1994 GMC K1500 pulling a pickup bed trailer. I will be meeting my sister and her husband in there truck where they will take the camper and GMC to Watertown NY where my mother lives. The GMC is just about done, been prepping it so my mother shouldn't have to do anything but change the oil as long as she owns it. I've changed every fluid, filter, fixed all the leaks, replaced the
  5. I'm so paranoid when ordering things online, I usually go back and forth checking all the info 7-8 times before I have to grapes to hit the "Place Order" button. So far I have only messed up once when ordering headlights for my mother in laws jeep, I assumed she had HID's and ended up returning them on my dime. I'm now having similar issues with a friend as we try to convert a 1982 Trans am from auto to manual using a 350 from a 1980 vette and a 5spd from a 1989 Trans am GTA. Getting the right combo of clutch and flywheel is proving tricky.
  6. O'reilly isn't much better, about $102 for the wix there, only $59 on Amazon.
  7. Save your money, I run a BHAF as well. I tried a new AFE cold air kit with a dry synthetic filter for 6 months. When I removed it to change my oil filter it was full of dust on the turbo side and the filter still looked new. I promptly put the BHAF back on. I know the wix number for the filter is 42790, you should be able to cross reference that if you wanted a different brand.
  8. I got my Red head installed over the weekend along with the upgraded 3rd gen style steering linkage. What a difference, my truck has never handled this good. No pulling and no play and my friend took the sacrificial steering fluid bath.
  9. When the dealer did mine I had to go back because it wasn't working. Apparently the first time I went in they did everything except turn it on. I didn't have the switch when I went in the first time, when I went back I did so I was able to verify it worked before I left.
  10. A remote start has other uses, like scaring coworkers who are smoking behind your truck. I think I'm the only spoiled one in here.
  11. I assume it's the standard ratio box, what ever the computer at work called for. I didn't even know there were two ratios until I went looking for the redhead which arrived today.
  12. I have compustar keyless/remote start on my truck and my 06 mustang with a stick, no alarms though. They both cost me about $400 installed. The unit in the truck has worked perfectly for the last three years. The one in the car works, but for some reason when I use it my tail lights don't work. If I shut the car off and start it normally they work again so it hasn't bothered me too much. It may also be related to my aftermarket tail lights, that car doesn't seem to care for LED's anyhow.
  13. No kidding, I'm on my 3rd reman box in the 80k miles I've had my truck. The first one leaked, the second one was waaaaaay out of adjustment and the 3rd and current one causes the truck to pull to the right. I'm hoping this will be the last box I have to swap for quite some time.
  14. I just put in a order for a red head an hour ago. I don't want to fight the crappy reman box I have on the 2400 mile trip I take this year. I will return my current box back to the store for a refund and I scored another core for $50 on facebook marketplace. When all is said and done, I should only be out about $230.
  15. At my work we have a brand new mopar under hood fuse box for a 3rd gen cummins. We ordered it for a customer who ended up not needing it and we are unable to return it. It's the big L shaped box with a knob in the middle. My boss would rather not write it off and let me pirate fuses and relays from it. He's not terribly picky about the price but would rather get something for it as opposed to nothing. I told him I would ask here if anyone was interested. If anyone is interested and would like more info I can get some pics of it on tuesday.
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