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  1. Consensus on tapped pump

    The Edge boxes do boost fool, even the EZ. The boost elbow is why you need the boost fooling though. The elbow lets you get more boost than stock(18-20psi) usually to around 30psi. The truck will throw a code though if it goes over 20psi, hence the boost fooling from the Edge box to make the truck think everything is normal. Without the pump tapped though, I doubt you are gaining any extra power above level 3. Tap the pump and get an elbow, they run about $20 I think, you won't regret it.
  2. Just in case you think we were the only ones to get hosed with crappy plastic, here is a pic of a door handle I replaced on my friend's 2005 Jeep grand cherokee. This was the 2nd handle I replaced, the plastic breaks like a graham cracker.
  3. The wiring on my seat belt had pulled out of the buckle. I went and got another one from the scrap yard for a few bucks. It took awhile to find it as most of the trucks in there didn't have the sensor.
  4. I know mine is cracked by the head light switch, thankfully there are still 2 screws holding it in. Every now and then when I pull for the fog lights it rocks around. I have a hard cover on the dash which looks ok, but I really need a new bezel as mine has one remaining clip on the left side and a metal bracket I made and some gorilla tape on the right.
  5. Mine is Patriot blue, or as I call it, anti-terrorist blue. Color isn't a huge issue for me when shopping for vehicles but I am sick of brown, had 4 brown trucks, rather not have anymore.
  6. Those look pretty cool, added to my list for my next order.
  7. Cruise Control Light

    The funny thing about ECM's, when someone orders one through our store, at least in the commercial department. The commercial managers have learned to order 2-3 at a time because the 1st one rarely works.
  8. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    I'm on my first set of coopers, the STT Pro's and I'm amazed at how quiet they are considering how aggressive the tread is.
  9. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    The Toyo's, I have about 7k miles on my Coopers and they still look new.
  10. Purpose of lockup switch

    Someone mentioned it could be handy for winter driving too, if say you are climbing a hill and would prefer to lug the engine to keep power down as opposed to the transmission dropping a gear and possibly loosing traction.
  11. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    A set of the first gen Toyo A/T's was the first set of tires I ever wore out before replacing them early for a new setup. I think I got about 45k out of them on an F-250. I've had 2 sets of the A/T 2's and only put 10k on each set before I sold the truck with the first set and then went to different wheels/tires on this truck. They are "supposed" to go 30% longer than the first gen tires. After 10k miles though, they still looked pretty good.
  12. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    I never even saw any of the 18's, pretty much just 20's. A few sets of those right now for $4-500 with worn tires and scratches. Don't forget to up size your spare as well. I almost forgot and decided to hold off on the brake upgrade until I had a 17" spare as well. I had new tires at the time, but life likes to kick me when I'm not looking.
  13. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    It took me 3 months to find a set of the 3rd gen wheels for $200 or less, most people wanted $400+. The cheapest set of 4th gen wheels I saw was $900. I didn't really care for the way they looked though, too shallow and seemed to stuff all the tire under the truck. I'm in no way a fan of this "stancing" everyone seems to love, but the wheels got to stick out just a bit.
  14. Sound dampening

    Sorry, I had too. That was how most of my friends fixed car problems when they were young. If it makes a noise, turn the radio up.
  15. Sound dampening

    You could just get a louder radio.