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  1. If you want another VW, my sister has a convertible Cabrio for sale, $500 needs a transmission(5spd).
  2. There is a small shop here in Nampa called 208Tire.com They sell name brand and off brand tires without the overhead of the large stores. They don't do installs though, just sell the tires. They have a small local shop they send customers to for installation. I guess the customers get a discount for all the business sent there way from the 208 guys.
  3. It can be misleading just giving it a wiggle. I replaced my turbo last summer after I noticed some seepage and a generous amount of play. I went back to the place I got it a couple months ago because I thought it had play in it again. The fella gave it a tug, told me it was normal and then let me try it on several other new turbos they had in the shop and they were all the same. Being this was the first time I have had a new turbo, I guess I expected everything to be nice and tight. My original turbo lasted about 225k miles before it gave out.
  4. Just finished the other side this evening, a little more hammering required than the other side. The lower joint did have a touch of play as well so I'm glad I did them all. The only bad part was when I was hammering on the knuckle to break it free and the hub fell off the upper control arm and landed on my knee. I'll be walking with a limp tomorrow. I should have put it on the ground but for some reason forgot the ABS wire was long enough.
  5. That's a clean looking new rig man. As much as I want a stick in my truck, it is nice to sit back and let the auto do the work sometimes. I can always go rip through the gears in my mustang if I get an itchy left foot.
  6. The width of the wheels, plus the back spacing and offset is going to determine whether or not you have any rubbing issues. I am running a 295/70R17, I was using an original style 3rd gen dodge wheel with no issues. I put the same tires on a set of 17x9 wheels with more offset and back spacing and suddenly the tires were rubbing my side steps and inner fender liner on one side. I ended up getting different steps that I like better anyhow and doing a 1.5" leveling kit to clear all the rubbing. Find the wheels you like and get the BS and offset specs then do some googling. I recently got a set of wheels and tires for my 67 mustang and spent about a month searching forums and websites to verify the dimensions would work on the car. The fact that it was an internet order so no trial fitments, made it even more pertinent that I had all my ducks in a row.
  7. I got the driver side finished up this morning. Thanks for the heads up on the hammering, it stopped me from wasting too much time trying to figure out another way to get that lower joint out. I can totally see what you mean about the weird angles now. I cleaned everything up and put a little anti-seize on the hub edges as I'm sure that will go next still felt really tight for now. I'll get the other side done next weekend, it's still tight but I wanted the worn side tight before my road trip tomorrow. Now I gotta go check fluids and tools.
  8. I actually noticed something was wrong when I would back out of my driveway. When the driver side wheel came down off the curb I would hear/feel a tick. After about a week of this and realizing it wasn't my imagination I jacked up the front end and used a pry bar to wiggle the wheels. It's a very small amount of play, just enough that once again I checked several times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. It's just the one upper joint on the driver side, everything else is still tight. I got four new ball joints last week and will rent the press this weekend. Hopefully I can get them all or at the very least the driver side done on Saturday as I may have a 12+ hour road trip on Sunday to pick up a 1979 Firebird for a friend.
  9. I'm pretty good at keeping the tires rotated, every oil change for the most part. It's about due again but miles have been accumulating much slower since the rain stopped and I drive the mustang as often as possible. I remember my F-250 had alignment sleeves in the axles where the ball joints were inserted. That also made alignments more expensive and time consuming.
  10. I noticed last week I had a tiny bit of play in one of my ball joints. I plan to replace all four in the next week or two. I wasn't sure if I would need an alignment afterwards or not.
  11. They will probably be good for little cars like that, driven by people who hate cars and will never know how to change a tire....or drive properly. Check out these crazy tires I'm running now.
  12. There was a plug that goes in that data link, just a cap really to keep dirt out of it. Maybe zip tie a small plastic bag over the end to keep the connection clean should you need to use it in the future.
  13. It's probably hit or miss no matter where you go. Oreilly's was carrying Borg Warner, now it's Standard or Blue Streak...or at least that's what the boxes say now. Many years ago I had to buy a multi-function switch for my 93 F-250. My wiper delay was inconsistent. The first switch I installed only had one speed for the wipers, no high and no delay, only low speed. I got another switch from another store, that one caused my squirters to run constantly when the ignition was on. I drove to a 3rd store and finally got a switch that worked. Thankfully the switch was easy to replace as I tested them in the parking lot before I left. I don't think the manger at the last store believed I had gotten 2 bad switches in a row and put the second one I returned back on the shelf instead of in the warranty pile.
  14. I have a brand new metal detector, had it 2-3 years now and I think I turned it on once to see if it worked. I really want to take it camping but I always forget.
  15. My first vehicle was a 1983 F-100 with a 4.9 and a 4spd. I used that to haul my second vehicle home, my 1967 Mustang which I still have 23 years later. It took me two years to get the title and even though my father told me not to put money into it until I had it, I couldn't help myself. I at least had to get it running so I could play with it on back roads. I even used it in a movie a friend and I had to make in high school.
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