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  1. Sycostang67

    Blue-Top vs Redhead steering gear

    The first box had an insane amount of play, about half a turn of the wheel. The box I have now causes the truck to pull to the right. I've had it aligned twice by a guy I trust who has been aligning all my vehicles for years. I replaced all the steering linkage, track bar etc. before hand so everything is tight and aside from the play, the truck was driving straight before the 2nd box went in. Someone suggested a partial blockage some where in the box may be causing the pulling. Either way, redhead or warranty replacement, I'm getting a new box this year.
  2. Sycostang67

    Blue-Top vs Redhead steering gear

    It sounds like we are working to get Redhead boxes available at work. If that comes to fruition, I plan on trying one. I'm on my 2nd reman box and it's just as bad as the first one, only in a different way.
  3. Sycostang67

    My first diesel

    I ran an AFE intake with a dry washable filter for 6 months. At the 6 month mark I pulled the tube to check and had a very noticeable layer of dust inside it. That was when I noticed my turbo was shot, Mike even made the comment on my pic that it looked as though the filter had failed and was letting dust in and I don't think he knew I was running that intake as I hadn't told anyone. As soon as I got my new turbo, I put the BHAF back on.
  4. I used the 3cyl idle at work one day, a coworker came in and said your truck is rattling an awful lot. I told him it was only running on 3 cylinders and left it at that. The next day he comes to me and asks, "is it safe to be driving it like that?" It was then I explained why it was running that way.
  5. Sycostang67

    Seatbelt headache

    That part can be replaced without disassembling the seat. My driver seat was missing that trim piece when I got it. I snagged one from the salvage yard and managed to squeeze it on with only unbolting the bottom section of the belt. The hard part was pushing the shoulder latch through the trim piece.
  6. Sycostang67

    2500 payload

    My first truck was a 1983 F-100, and my father made me haul half that load in the back, wood pellets for our stove. The air shocks barely brought it up an inch. He later filled the bed with compost, it was spilling over the roof and bedsides the whole mile home. Needless to say, the little axle in the truck, 8.8 I believe was not built to handle such abuse. Shortly after the compost, my truck refused to move one day and had to be towed to a shop. They told me the bearings were crushed and had destroyed almost everything else. I'm still not sure why I had to pay to have it fixed.
  7. Sycostang67

    Big change in my life...

    Good luck to you Mike, I'm sure you'll be back on the road in no time.
  8. Sycostang67

    How does my turbo look?

    Is the brown color of the housing from the turbo getting too hot? My OEM turbo was kind of brown, been that way since I got it so I assumed it was normal. New turbo is nice and silver, still looks new. I always let mine cool down now, saw what happens when you don't in my last turbo. I only put 45k miles on it, don't know how the PO did things.
  9. Sycostang67

    How does my turbo look?

    That's about what mine looked like when I replaced it. I had about 225k miles and plenty of shaft play. My seal was starting to leak as well. I got a new replacement due to a cracked exhaust housing and a miscommunication between the rebuilder and his supplier.
  10. I did something like this to my old IDI. That was much simpler though, just added and on/off switch to the solenoid wire. No point using glow plugs in the summer.
  11. That would be the guy. It's same color as my original so I wouldn't have to swap anything else.
  12. I may have found a good core, fellow forum member is parting out a truck and it appears to have a good core in it. He's going to pull it and let me know for sure and then I'll drive on up to his place in the spring to get it. I did at least get a new bezel which really helped make things look better.
  13. I am running 2 gauges, I have one on the pump itself and the other about a 12" before the VP44. Like you, I already had one gauge but my Edge tuner came with one as well. I figure this way if one fails, I still know if I have pressure or not. I'm not sure about wiring 2 gauges to one sensor, I'm sure the cool kids will let you know if that works or not.
  14. Sycostang67

    3rd gen wheels

    I'd still look for some 3rd gen wheels, the 17's will allow you to run the 3rd gen brakes as well. My truck stops like it did when I had the stock tires on it.
  15. Sycostang67

    Buying a rolled over truck.

    I swapped the cluster in my first truck, a 1983 F-100. I sat on the floor with a drill for an hour running the odometer backwards so it would match the original mileage.