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  1. Sycostang67

    Muffler or resonator delete

    If it's too loud, you're not old enough.....to have lost enough of your hearing so that it doesn't bother you.
  2. Sycostang67

    47RE fluid temp?

    The pan was meant to work on several different variations of this transmission. I guess one version had a bracket that mounted there so they gave you 2 different bolts for that, but didn't give you 2 extra of the other ones if you didn't need the bracket.
  3. Sycostang67

    47RE fluid temp?

    I installed a B&M aluminum pan when I got my truck. I don't think it holds any extra fluid, but it has cooling fins, a drain plug and a temperature port and was a heck of a lot cheaper than any other pans I looked at. I was wondering where the factory temp sensor was today. I had to do a lot of towing and noticed the Edge monitor was showing about 30* higher than my GS gauge which is in the pan.
  4. Sycostang67

    For the LED/HID haters.

    I saw this and thought of some people on this forum. I'm not condoning the use of such devices, just thought this was funny.
  5. Sycostang67

    Covercraft Carhartt seat covers

    Those look pretty good, nice to see they come in gray as I'm not a huge fan of the tan color.
  6. Sycostang67

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Really needs a bath right now.
  7. Sycostang67

    Android tablet in dash

    That looks clean, nice work.
  8. We compared the harnesses side by side and the same color wires went to the same items on each one. The headlights and marker lights used the same wires on each harness.
  9. Tow strap, ratchet straps, basic hand tools, socket set, extra fluids, funnels, rags, assorted hardware/electrical odd and ends. I went and bought a new yank strap for the winter and it ended up being pretty mild this year, I didn't get to pull anyone out of a ditch.
  10. My friend had a 1974 Firebird, he bought a 1979 Trans Am shell and transferred everything over from the 1974. A big difference is the 74 only had 2 headlights and the 79 has 4. He had been using the 74 harness to run 2 of the 4 lights. He bought a new 79 harness to try and run all 4 lights. The plug at the firewall was different, but the wires were all colored the same so we spliced the old plug on the new harness. We verified the same color wires went to the same lights on both harnesses as well. Setup this way, only the marker lights and turn signals work, none of the headlights will come on. There was power to all the lights(checked with test light, probably should have used voltmeter) and the grounds were good. We put the 74 harness back on and everything still works that way, so we know the lights and switches all still work. Open to thoughts/ideas, other things to check.
  11. Sycostang67

    Diesel smell

    This is what I have been using.
  12. I sold my old nerf bars to a guy who had a setup used on OTR trucks, so he had 18 sensors to play with. He had them on his truck and all his trailers. He said he had used this site before, I should have gotten his username.
  13. Oh, I see now, I only have the single over loads.
  14. Sycostang67

    How many KMS/MILES you got

    I'm about to hit 220k miles, getting about 18mpg round trip to work, 16mpg around town and 14 towing. I got my truck with 178k and only things I had to replace were the starter, batteries, rear brakes and one TRE. I replaced everything else because I wanted to.
  15. Sycostang67

    Order Tires Online

    I got my trailer tires online, about $60 each from Amazon. Tire store wanted $180 each and since I needed 6 tires, my choice was obvious. They are chinese tires, but DOT approved. My trailer tires wear out rather quickly being a triple axle, lots of scrubbing on turns, so I didn't see the point in spending big money on something that won't live long anyhow.