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  1. He had no problem throwing money at the last truck, he just couldn't keep up with the repairs caused by repairs from other shops. He tried to get after market headlights and the shop used a soldering iron to enlarge the bulb opening and hot glue to hold it in. I'll pass along the info as soon as I talk to him, thanks.
  2. I just installed the same bulbs in my truck last weekend with some aftermarket housings. I agree they aren't as good as the Mishimoto setup but they are far better than the stock setup. I have a 30 minute drive to work in the dark every morning so I'll find out how long they last. At least the bulbs are cheap, about $15 for the pair shipped from Rock Auto. I may order another set as backup if longevity is a concern.
  3. So my friends son who does pipe lining work out east finally moved on from his 6.0 silverado which had been hacked on by just about every middle of nowhere "mechanic" and bought himself a 2018 Ram 3500 with the 6.7. I don't know much about this truck yet, will probably be a few months before I see it but I know he will be asking me for help with it eventually. I plan on talking to him soon, I was wondering if there was anything I should warn him about to get done or watch out for. This truck is going to get used and abused, his chevy can no longer be properly aligned due to some of his work related off road excursions. Is there anything you would suggest running in the fuel as I have a feeling he may be fueling up at out of the way places and dirty fuel could be a concern. I'd like to help him make this truck last, especially since he got a diesel at my suggestion.
  4. A friend of mine accidentally ordered 2 of these so he let me have one. I'm still not sure if I want to keep it on the truck, I only mounted it to the grill as I need a new one anyhow. If I decide to pull it off I just slap the new grill on and it's back to normal. My wife thinks it's a hoot staring at a duck butt while we drive though.
  5. I installed these yesterday, got them for free from my boss. He ordered a set and a tab was broken so they sent him a whole new set and he gave me the others ones. While I put these in I also added the relay harness and some Hella 9004 100w/80w bulbs. It turned out better than I expected but there's still room for improvement. I still need to adjust them but they are so much better than the TYC replacement housings with silverstar Xenon bulbs I was using.
  6. Is that your oil drain plug? Having never been inside a cummins I can't really even guess where that bolt came from. I do feel your pain though, I have removed the oil pan on my mustang 3 times and always find something inside that shouldn't be there.
  7. Hell yeah, congrats on the business. I hear you on people and their poor planning. My wife has her own dog grooming business and always gets the calls about "We just got back from camping and need our dog washed". My wife books out a month in advance at a minimum and tells people all the time but nobody listens.
  8. It's been my experience as well that a vehicle will work it's best right before some kind of costly failure.
  9. Not yet, but I imagine it should do better than the little vixen pump. I tried to fill a tire on an Excursion with that tiny thing and after 20 minutes I pulled the air hose from the garage off my big compressor. It was great for little tires and was certainly better than nothing if you were in a bind. I did need it to fill a tire on a 55 chevy truck so I could load it on my trailer in the middle of nowhere. I feel much better about this new setup though.
  10. Thats good to know, will be nice to not have to replace if it dies. I believe so, a lot of the reviews I read were from guys running it with a 5 gallon tank for air tool use. I honestly need a better air impact, my 20v dewalt has more torque than my air gun.
  11. I had been running a Vixen air horn setup, consisted of the horn and a little 1.5 gallon tank with a built in compressor. I put a T-fitting on the line so I could use it to air up tires on occasion. That little compressor finally crapped out. The motor still works but the bearing in the connecting rod of the compressor is nothing but dust and ball bearings now. I did a little research and learned about compressor duty cycles and decided to go with a new Viair 450C compressor which has a 100% duty cycle. I also got a new 5 gallon air tank so I woudn't spend as much time waiting for the little one to fill. It's probably a little overkill for my needs but the 450C was only a few dollars more than the lower models. I still need to run a heavier power wire as this unit draws more power than the littler one but I hooked it up temporarily to make sure everything works.
  12. On my way home, I'd rather deal with the gravel trucks than the hordes of cali transplants on the main roads.
  13. If you want another VW, my sister has a convertible Cabrio for sale, $500 needs a transmission(5spd).
  14. There is a small shop here in Nampa called 208Tire.com They sell name brand and off brand tires without the overhead of the large stores. They don't do installs though, just sell the tires. They have a small local shop they send customers to for installation. I guess the customers get a discount for all the business sent there way from the 208 guys.
  15. It can be misleading just giving it a wiggle. I replaced my turbo last summer after I noticed some seepage and a generous amount of play. I went back to the place I got it a couple months ago because I thought it had play in it again. The fella gave it a tug, told me it was normal and then let me try it on several other new turbos they had in the shop and they were all the same. Being this was the first time I have had a new turbo, I guess I expected everything to be nice and tight. My original turbo lasted about 225k miles before it gave out.
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