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  1. Most likely one hour labor. Best to call the dealer's service department and ask them.
  2. I've been a mechanic for 50 years and running my mobile repair business since 1994 and learned: Your time is yours to sell. Give the customer the full measure but don't short change yourself. Work on it as if it was your own. If you're unfortunate to have a Keren or Keven as a customer don't be afraid to tell them to pi$$ off. They aren't worth the head ack and there is always someone better to take their place. Do like @JAG1recommends; set time aside for a holiday to decompress and enjoy life. 44
  3. Good luck with this new endeavor. You'll like being your own boss with the challenges and rewards that it brings.
  4. The part number is on the box HD46649222 https://www.fridayparts.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=hd46649222 O'Reilly's has the Standard AS370 map sensor with a life time warranty for $102.99
  5. Where did you get it? I'll buy one and throw it under the seat for a spare.
  6. This may help. Go to 11:50 of this video.
  7. After working countless hours and throwing thousands of dollars at your baby you'll want to see if all the backyard engineering was worth it.
  8. Adjust TV cable so shift point is at 2800 RPM at full throttle.
  9. About 20 years ago I was diagnosed (MRI) with a torn meniscus in my right knee. Doc said "I can clean that up by taking the damaged part out." Told him "I'll get back to you." After 6 months to a year, I don't quite remember, no pain and has never come back.. Now, my wife had a torn meniscus 'cleaned out' in one of her knees and later had to have the knee replaced. I had sciatica problems in my left leg along with a degenerating arthritic hip joint and needed a walking cain to get around. I had the hip replaced and no more problems.
  10. The new term manufactures are using for the instrument panel is "Data Information Module" Go figure.
  11. No not the injection pump, Check Pin 3 (vio/brn wire) and pin 11 (wht/blk wire) in the data link connector at the left bottom of dash.
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