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  1. There or on eBay from a little store in Quebec for our Canadian friends, eh.
  2. Yes, for a trouble free 4 wheel drive winter experience change out the original vacuum hoses. Be sure to install only Mopar factory winter hoses.
  3. IBMobile

    Air Impact Wrench Recommendation

    Both my 1/2" and 3/8" pneumatic impact guns are Ingersoll Rand.
  4. Back from 10 days of fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains and this is what was in the campgrounds, the twins. This is at 7100' and night time lows of 26°-33°F.
  5. IBMobile

    brake bleeders

    I use a vacuum bleeder and stopped the air sucking by taking the bleed nipple out and wrap the threads with Teflon® tape.
  6. I used one from a Volvo thermostat the other day when I was flushing my cooling system. I bought a bag of them from one of my suppliers for about $1 each. If you want to try one I'll mail it to you.
  7. My trans doesn't have this problem. It could be that your transmission vent is plugged up. When the transmission heats up the air expands and pushes the dip stick out.
  8. I did a trans service last month. I let it sit over night then sucked the trans fluid up through the dip stick tube then dropped the stock pan, more fluid came out. I then did the band adjustments, replaced the filter and refiled it with 7.5 qt.
  9. IBMobile

    Good buy or no?

  10. IBMobile

    The Future of Trucks

    Go outside and look around. They're out there. I was at the Volvo dealer yesterday complaining about the cost of a battery cable: 2/0 about 14" long with a fusible link at one end, $124. If the front turn signal led blubs in a new Volvo go bad the complete headlight assembly has to be replaced at over $800.
  11. IBMobile

    Dash cover

    Is that a competent potty trained 2 year old? I made a glue/filler out of broken pieces from an old trailer AC cover that was melted in a jar of acetone. I used this to fix a small crack in the front cover of the 5th wheel. It worked good.
  12. With the cover off this would be a good time to take care of the KDP, Killer Dowel Pin.
  13. IBMobile

    Turbo moaning with boost

    If my turbo whistles I wouldn't hear it. I turn my hearing aids off when I drive: this makes my truck nice and quiet.
  14. I've reset my monitors by driving on the freeway at 65mph for 5mi one way and then back home, stop and let engine cool. Do this three times and by the end of the third time the monitors are reset.
  15. IBMobile

    I Need Some Advice

    Don't put any money into it. You never get it back out.