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  1. @Dieselfuture have you tried Overhaul In A Can?
  2. Why, do you think the head gasket is leaking? If not leave it alone. The best way to test if the head gasket is leaking blow by in to the coolant is with a BT-500 combustion leak test kit. You could have the entire system pressure tested to make sure it is holding pressure with no leaks at clamps, pump, radiator, or heater core, then I'd probably test the coolant pH with a test strip and change it if below 7.5. Coolant test strip
  3. I did install the back up fuel pump and have use it to purge air from the system when changing filters, VP44, and injectors: it is turned off for starting and normal operation.
  4. My trailer came with Maxxis D rated tires and ran them for 9 years replacing them due to age and I know the tire industry say to replace them every 5 years. The replacements are Maxxis D rated and they have been on for 7 years and will be replaced after this trip because of age and they are worn to 4/32" tread left. I've put about 20k miles on them in the last 3 years. I always drive 65 or less and have never had a problem with this brand of tire.
  5. Pre 1989 no OBD systems. 1989-1995 OBD1 with check engine light era where each car manufacture had their own codes and code retravel system. 1996-present OBDII codes P0100-P0999 and retrieval standardized throughout industry. OBDII codesP1000 and up are more likely to be manufacture specific.
  6. Glad to hear it was that easy to fix, happy motoring. That sensor is used to monitor the flow of exhaust gas by the increase in heat when the gas is flowing to the intake manifold. When the EGR valve is commanded open and there is no increase in temp then the check engine light is turned on and P code is set, This is an automatic fail in Cali.
  7. Unless you think you can beat the system like this greedy knuckle head tried to do and end up with federal charges. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/courts/story/2019-04-11/san-marcos-based-portable-toilet-executives-face-new-federal-charges
  8. After 9 1/2 years he couldn't recall. One other problem that has been going on for about 6 months is the torque convertor draining over night and takes about 2 seconds for reverse to engage then up to 5 seconds for 1st to engage after backing up; it's ok the rest of the day.
  9. I fabricated an L bracket out of sheet metal and used it to mount a pump to the frame just before the tank. You can see the screws with fender washers holding the bracket to the frame rail. This is a set up for the Fuel Boss system priming pump.
  10. If you can get the idle fixed then drive it till it drops. It would cost you more than $1,000 in the first year on a new car. A quart of oil every 600-800 miles is cheap compared to paying for a new car. Walmart's brand is $12.78 for a 5 qtr. jug.
  11. Keep driving it like that and it soon will be a no speed.
  12. Check it again after a week of driving. Get that EGR problem taken care of first so it's drivable..
  13. I don't know. It was replaced 11/09 with 63,500 mi (46,000 miles ago) when the trans was rebuilt. I'll try to find out.
  14. A leak down test is the tell all. If you have a broken ring or bad valve it will show up here. That looks like oil deposit fouling on that plug. A stuck open EGR will cause a rough idle and stalling as well as a cracked EGR pipe between the valve and intake manifold. Check for fault code like P0401. If you had a leaking injector then there would be a code for a bad injector, to rich, or to lean. A vacuum leak will trigger a to rich code.
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