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  1. and a Colt 1911 I have the same fuse set up in my 5th wheel between the batteries and a power invertor; 15 years now and no problems. You carry spare fuses for the two fuse boxes so carry one more fuse for the alternator, not hard to do. @Threadzy I like the fuse block and where you put it
  2. @JAG1 had told me about resettable circuit breakers tripping falsely so I put something like this in with a 150A fuse mounted to the right battery tray.
  3. I get them from Parts Authority. I think they sell retail also. http://partsauthority.com/ locations https://www.bing.com/maps?q=parts+authority+auto+parts&form=EDGSPH&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&plvar=0&refig=4d87e10a971047169c4c3e0993c89ffc&PC=HCTS&sp=1&qs=HS&pq=parts&sc=8-5&cvid=4d87e10a971047169c4c3e0993c89ffc&cc=US&setlang=en-US Rock Auto has them but the your paying shipping from and sending the cores back. This is for a 03. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,2003,ram+2500+pickup,5.9l+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1413470,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper,1704
  4. Diesel Auto Power was the go to for me when I needed to replace my VP44 and upgrade the injectors to RV275. Good customer service and fast shipping. The prices are about the same for quality parts no matter who sells them.
  5. If you go with rebuilds DO NOT use Oreille's. Did a brake job 2 weeks ago where the customer supplied the parts. I went through 3 left calipers to find a good one. I normally use the Centrex brand; never had a problem with them and yes they come with brackets.
  6. That's why when I'm in the bone yard I try to snag all those little parts and put them in the shed for "just in case". Pay a couple of dollars now or "no longer available" later.
  7. I have to agree with @KATOOM about this. I deal with this weekly where a lot of the parts out there are junk; then sometime I find who makes the OEM part and it's just as good as the original.
  8. Let's see what Volkswagen has to say about that... "Yes, taken to the wood shed trouble. They must be from that the last group that fled from California. Here in California the police are considered a revenue generator for the city/county/state so there are a lot of them around.
  9. Haven't there been other tuners that tweak the emission systems on vehicles that the government took criminal and/or civil action against?
  10. It's acting like mind did when the VP44 failed, Do the "Hot Wire "test to verify pump.
  11. It sounds like my truck with 112k on it or bad hearing striking here also.
  12. @wil440 is right about locking out overdrive and going up hills in 3ed locked. I do it all the time; slow to 55, lock out O/D, lockup torque convertor, set cruise control, kick back and get up the hill. Going up the hill in 3ed also keeps the exhaust temps down.
  13. We need to sell those in the web site store an have @dripley in charge. I think he personally knows the model on the pillow.
  14. Just woke up at 3:45 an the mind kicked on full speed, It'll shut down when it's time to get up,
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