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  1. IBMobile

    What the heck!

    Thank you. It's nice to know there is a helping hand out there if needed. We will be heading north on I-35 then west on I-90 in Minnesota when we leave here.
  2. IBMobile

    Blown 40a Trailer Fuse

    Drive around as much as you can with no trailer on and check the fuse regularly to see if it popped. I know it's a PIA but intermittent electrical problems are just that, a major PIA. You'll need to check the fuse before and after hooking up the trailer.
  3. IBMobile

    What the heck!

    We'll be go right by your house some time around the end of the first or beginning of the second week in May. Right now we're in a beautiful state camp ground in Iowa and should be here for four nights. What a difference towing. With the RV 275 injectors and the manual boost controller there is more than enough power. No more need to floor board the skinny pedal to get on the freeway.
  4. IBMobile

    Blown 40a Trailer Fuse

    You probably have an intermittent dead short to ground on that circuit for a fuse, especially 40 amp, to blow. Was the trailer connected to the truck when you replaced the battery on the trailer, If it was and the positive cable touched the frame of the trailer that would have done it.
  5. IBMobile

    Air Conditioning

    Yes , "tool". Another typo.
  6. IBMobile

    What the heck!

    Last Saturday night my wife and I started a five week camping trip in our fifth wheel trailer. Tuesday morning we pulled in to Capital Reef National Park, dropped the trailer and did some sight seeing. The road in the park is only about 10 miles and took us 8 hours to see the sights. The next morning we set of for Moab, Utah to see both Arches and Canyonland National Parks. We get to the camp grounds and as I'm unhooking the trailer the check engine light comes on. What the heck! With code reader in hand I find P0336 crankshaft position sensor signal. OK, I had replaced it about 50,000 miles ago and the truck just turned 102,000 miles so my be the life expectancy of that part is 50,000mi so call around and find on at O'Reilly's. Great, I have an account with them. I get it, drop the starter, install it. put everything back together and road test all while the wind is blowing and the temp is 44°F. Everything is great and the next two days are spent touring the National Parks. Friday morning and it's time to leave for Des Moines, IA. I find a water leak in the "basement" of the trailer. What the heck! Lucky for me it's just a drip and it has been collecting in an old dishpan. It's the cold water hose fitting for the out side shower which we never use. I empty the pan then Google RV parts and supply. A few come up in Grand Junction, CO. Great, we're going that way. A few hours later and we pull into Centennial RV. They had the part that I needed and in a few minutes the leak was stopped and we're on the road again. Friday night we pull into Wiggins, CO. and the left propane tank is empty so switch over to the right and every thing is nice. Wake up Saturday morn and it's 42°F in the trailer, 32°F and snowing outside, so turn on the heater. What the heck! NO HEAT. The light on the fridge saying it's not working either. I go out side and check the right gas bottle and it's full so it must be a bad gas regulator. Google RV parts and supply and one come up in Sterling, CO. Great we're going that way. We call Sterling RV Center and yes they have just what we need. One hour later we pull in and there is a new duel tank with auto switch over propane gas regulator waiting for us. I buy it and go down the road to the local Home Depot parking lot and install it. Yes we have heat, hot water, and the fridge is working again. Life is good once more and we're on the road again. Now we're in a truck stop for the night just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. I wonder if we'll have another what the heck day. With four more weeks to go on this trip I'm sure there will be. IBMobile Capital Reef National Park, Utah
  7. IBMobile

    Air Conditioning

    @dripleyis right about the evaporator having a tendency to leak, that's why it's a good idea to replace it when doing a heater core replacement. The front compressor seal is another place to look at for sure but I think you need a special to replace it. When replacing any component on a vehicle this old it's a good idea to replace all the O-rings in the system too. As for using a rebuilt or new compressor for a few dollars more I've all ways have gone with a new one. This may help https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/54_cab-interior/basic-air-condition-repair-r485/
  8. IBMobile

    Borgeson steering box

    I'm going to keep it as a spare. My tire size is LT 245/75R16 so I'll be fine.
  9. IBMobile

    Reputation Points?

    When I post the air filter article and had a type o in the size of a filter opening people were on it in no time pointing out the boo-boo. There are enough people here with experience in so many different facets that not quite right information would be corrected in short order.
  10. Congratulations! It's a grate place to visit for any occasion. I was there the end of last August through Labor day in September at Tunnel Mountain in Banff and Whistlers in Jasper. When I made my reservations in January the pickings were very slim. You have to keep trying, There may be a cancellation.
  11. IBMobile

    Reputation Points?

    here are a few
  12. IBMobile

    Reputation Points?

  13. I carry a lot of parts and tools with me but two things I know will get the job done, a AAA card with 200 mi. RV towing and a credit card. I'll be going through Banff Canada on my way to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  14. IBMobile


    My truck with 4:10's gets 14-16 around town, 16-18 freeway and I am an old man. I just put in new RV275 injectors so we'll see if there is any improvement.
  15. IBMobile

    Borgeson steering box

    Well yes and no. I helped talk him through a complete engine overhaul he was doing on a turbo Volvo. He had the steering gear still in its' shipping box. He said the people that owned the house before him left it when they moved out.