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  1. No. I went with the 150 amp fuse while others went with a good quality 150 amp breaker. A cheap breaker trips all the time. Either way it's protection if the alternator shorts to ground.
  2. Sorry to hear about the break up. Do you have an extra exhaust brake?
  3. I use butyl tape (windshield sealing tape) in the socket to hold the bolt or nut when taking them off or on. What was the temp?
  4. If you don't have tweeters in the A-post cover then you have a standard sound system with out amps in the doors and new speakers will plug in without doing rewiring in the doors. Making the T harness for the radio to amp to factory harness wasn't to hard but took some time and thought to get all the wire connections sorted out, soldered, and covered in heat shrink. Rear view of amp under driver's seat. the nine wire speed cable (on the right) is connected to the amp speaker out put and the switched power terminal. This is the input signal from the facto
  5. I have the HI LINE factory sound system and that's where they put the amps; it's a poor design. If an amp or front speaker goes bad you have to replace them both as a unit.
  6. I just did a little up grade to my audio system keeping the stock radio head. The front door speakers are kicker CS series 6X9 and the rear door speakers are Kicker CSC5 5.25". Because the system amps were built into the bad OME front door speakers I added an Infinity Primus 6004a four channel amp. The amp is wired to the radio head with a T harness I made with a 9 wire speed cable and Metra 70-1817 and 71-1871 connectors so the factory wiring was not cut.
  7. Our store has them but they are temporally out of stock. @Mopar1972Man will know when there is more to be had.
  8. Good to have you here and wanting to join in the fun. One thing about this forum, you can add your and nobody bites. That's really beautiful country. I've flown into Hartford a few times and played at the Mohegan and Foxwood.
  9. When the brake peddle is depressed pin #C1/9 of the antilock brake controller, pin #24 of the ECM, and pin #C3/24 of the PCM all ground through the brake light switch to grounds G200 at the left cowl, G201 at instrument panel right center support, and G100 left fender. This grounding signal or lack of may have an effect on the lock unlock problem.
  10. You can delete some of the old ones that aren't relevant or you don't need any more. When posting a picture I check the file size and edit it to a smaller size: like a picture file of 1.2Mb down to 300kb.
  11. Get a large size tube of dielectric grease and coat all the connections before plugging them back together. This will help keep the high ohm resistance gremlins at bay. I did my ground connections like this then slid the prepositioned heat shrink cover over it for insulation.
  12. First remove the brake calipers, get a caliper repair/seal kit, take the caliper pistons out, clean the pistons and bores and reseal. While the caliper are off the truck check all the sliding parts for wear rust and binding; clean or replace pins bolts and pin boots *** needed. All these parts are inexpensive and can be obtained through Rock Auto. Are you bedding in your new brake pads? Swap the front tires left to right, fight to left and see if the steering wheel goes to the right.
  13. Is the truck a 4x4 or not; this will help to know this. First, jack up the front of the truck and check for play in the wheel bearings and the ball joints. Lose ball joints or wheel bearings can cause choppy tire wear along with the shacking and noises you are hearing in the front. While you're there check the rest of the suspension: A-arm bushings, tie rods, ect. The leveling kit can cause problems and premature failure of front suspension components. This video will help with what to look for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H805kD6MF58 .As for the noi
  14. Here is how to fix the PCM grounds https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/pcm-ground-splice-repair-r675/
  15. You're welcome to join JAG1, me and the rest of the gang in May. PM me and I can fill you in on the details.
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