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  1. I've searched the internet for a 96, 97, or 98 12v wire diagram with no luck. I was going off the 94 12v diagram for that gray/black wire.
  2. The ECM is what controls the lift pump from pins #15 and #35. Most of the mechanics who work at the dealers don't have the experience on these older trucks to properly diagnose them. Below are a few articles to help with what needs to be done.
  3. Save your money. The turbocharger heats the air when it compresses it and the intercooler cools it about 100°F. The heat shield between the air filter and the engine doesn't stop hot air from under the hood being used considering the amount of air being used. A 5.9 liter engine running at 1800 RPMs is using over 187 cubic feet of air a minute.
  4. Use the gray/black wire, pin #24 at the PCM. The orange wire has the voltage and the black/lite blue is the signal reference
  5. The PCM controls the transmission overdrive and and torque converter lockup and the ECM is different for an auto also. Others that have changed from an auto to a 5 speed will know more about it.
  6. There is also campground recreation with the campground host which includes log splitting and diesel truck repair.
  7. @dripley If you come to the San Diego area I've got water, 20 amp 120V , a sewer dump, and a loaner car.
  8. Can you post the line pressures when decelerating with and with out the TV vacuum solenoid activated and the TC locked up?
  9. I have the fuse for the electric pump pulled and use only the Full Boss when starting/running. I have only used the electric pump to prime the fuel system when replacing the VP44 and again when the injectors were replaced.
  10. Here's a photo of my injection pump. It is a replacement remanufactured pump purchased from @dieselautopower and installed 8/25/17 by me and @Mopar1973Man in Riggins, ID. The truck had about 97,000 MI on it. Some rebuilders use tape/label, some use paint and some use both. You can see the yellow anti-tampering paint on the screw head like yours has on it. Yes, I'm still using banjo fittings from the filter to the pump.
  11. I've heard that before. Seriously, I think that pump has been replaced. You can see the yellow paint dabs on the screws and fittings. Parts re-builders and wrecking yards will mark parts for anti-tampering. If the paint is disturbed the warranty is void.
  12. When the apps goes bad we recommend the Timbo. I keep one under my back seat for replacement when the stock one goes bad. You can find it in this sites store section.
  13. Here in the Great Over Taxed State of California With its oil fields and refineries and failing roads this is the lowest I've seen in years: regular @ $2.52/gal at the local Costco, diesel @ $3.43/gal at an ARCO. The San Diego county average, calculated by AAA, for today is regular @ $3.201/gal and diesel @ $3.605/gal.
  14. Looks like our sports has now gone virtual, since there can't be any crowds in the wake of the outbreak, with Fox broadcasting NASCAR Pro Invitational IRacing Series from virtual Homestead-Miami speedway. I can't wait for the virtual baseball season so I can have a virtual hot dog with my virtual beer. I guess then we can go get the virtual toilet paper. https://www.foxsports.com/nascar/video/1714445891581
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