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  1. IBMobile

    PCM Ground Splice Repair

    This is repairing the ground splices, not the ones at the back of the timing cover, that go to the right side battery. This was missed in the W-T modification. It is an extra repair step in improving the deficient Dodge wire harness. You may also look into adding an inline fuse to the blue wire that goes from the alternator to the PCM for PCM protection. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/alternator-and-pcm-protection-r617/
  2. IBMobile

    PCM Ground Splice Repair

    PCM Ground Splice Repair It's not hard and took very little time to do. NOTE: Do this after the other modifications have been done or you will lose the ECM, VP and grid heater grounds. You need: 2 10-12 gauge butt connectors 2 1/4 heat shrink tube 2" long Rosin core solder 140 watt solder gun (Weller) or small butane torch 1 roll of electrical tape Razer knife Wire cutters Wire striper Remove the air cleaner housing this will open up the whole area to work in
  3. Adding a Transmission Drain Plug When you have the pan off you may want to install a drain plug in it. Parts needed: 1 M12 x 1.25 x 30mm drain plug 1 M12 x 1.25 nut 1 12mm ID plastic washer Paint (your choice type and color) Tools needed: Hammer Center punch Drill motor ½” drill bit Torque wrench 0-75 FT-LB or 0-300 IN-LB Socket to fit drain plug An automotive supply store like NAPA will have the M12 x 1.25 x 30mm drain plug, nut, and plastic washer. Using a strong (rare eart
  4. Disabling Factory Alarm Horn Are you tired of the factory alarm horn going off with 3 honks (tamper alert) when unlocking the door or at other inconvenient times? The horn sounds when the central timer module grounds pin 85 of the horn relay. Here is a simple inexpensive remedy to stop the module from sounding the horn. You cut the wire to the module; the horn will still work at the steering wheel horn button but not with the door locks or key fob. You will need a phillips screwdriver, small wire cutters, and a roll of electrical tape.
  5. IBMobile

    Rearview Monitor

    Review Monitor Cab Monitor and Rear Trailer Camera Parts list: 50’ roll outdoor Cat-5/Cat-6 cable (Home Depot) 10’ red 18awg 1’ black 18awg 10 ‘split wire loam tubing ¼ diam. 5” color monitor (5” E-KLIN 12-24V car monitor, Amazon) Color camera (E SKY EC170-11, Amazon) 4 pin round trailer wire connector ON/OFF switch, SPST, push or toggle 2 amp fuse Fuse holder Rosin core solder Electrical tape Heat shrink tubing Coaxial cable staples Zip ties 2”
  6. Grid Heater Bypass Simplified The method described below is a simplified way of turning the grid heaters on and off when starting the engine and reducing the electrical load on the alternator without setting a P0380/P0382 code. The bypass solenoid is a 300amp rated Ford type starter solenoid. When both grid heaters are on there is about 180amp draw and after start up the draw is reduced to 90 amps so the bypass relay has a 50% plus overload safety factor. Suggested Parts List 1 Standard Motor Parts starter solenoid SS-598 (bypass solenoid) 1 automotive o
  7. IBMobile


  8. IBMobile

    ASD Controlled Lift Pump

    ASD Relay Controlled Lift Pump If the ECM is no longer powering the electric lift pump and you’re using a manual switch wired directly to the fuel pump relay for control there is a danger of the fuel pump feeding a fire in the event of an accident even if the engine stalls. The automatic shutdown relay is an alternative that will turn the fuel lift pump off if the engine stops and still be able to prime the VP44 if needed. The automatic shutdown relay (ASD) in the power distribution center (PDC) is energized by the powertrain control module (PCM) by grounding pin 85 of the r
  9. IBMobile

    Grid Heater Bypass

    Grid Heater Bypass Installing this bypass will allow you to manually control if and for how long you want to run the grid heaters when the ECM is commanding the grid heaters on. This will reduce the load on the alternator/charging system and in turn reduce the harmful AC voltage. This bypass will also keep the fault codes P0380 Intake Air Heater Relay #1 Control Circuit and P0382 Intake Air Heater Relay #2 Control Circuit from being set. Parts needed: 1. 2 micro relays, terminal 87 (5) normally open (NO) with suppressor
  10. Yes, disconnect it there by taking the nut off.
  11. The wire, also called "charge cable", that goes from the B+ terminal on the back of the alternator to the PDC, power distribution center, is remover completely from the wire harness. Don't cut it up. You can reuse it as stated above.
  12. IBMobile

    Big Honking Air Filter

    B H A F BIG HONKING AIR FILTER This is a short list of BHAF that can be used on the Cummins 5.9L diesel. Some of the BHAF are the same size and will be listed together. L= length, OD= outside diameter, ID= inside connection diameter, CFM= cubic feet per minute BHAF: NAPA FIL 2790, WIX 42790, Fleetguard AH19037, Hastings Af1012, and Baldwin PA2820 L 11.88” OD 10.50” ID 4.0” Pre filter for above BHAF FILTERWEARS F105K BHAF: Napa FIL 6637, WIX 46637, Fleetguard AH1141, Hastings AF2329, Donaldson E
  13. Replacing Diodes and Brushes in a Denso Alternator Remove the 10mm nut at the B+ post, the three 8mm nuts and the 8mm head screw. You can use a small screwdriver and gently pry and lift the cove off. The diodes and brushes are now exposed. Remove the dust cover and four screws that hold in the brush pack assembly, lift assembly out. Remove the four Philip head screws that hold the diode/rectifier bridge in, lift diode/rectifier bridge out. Remove the one screw holding the brush pack to the brush pack assembly.
  14. Torque Converter Lockup Switch with Brake Pedal Release System What it will do This system can keep the torque converter locked in 3ed or 4th gear. With a modification to the valve body 2ed gear can be locked up. When driving normal freeway speed the torque converter can be locked up with the momentary switch and stays locked up. The transmission stays in direct drive even when the accelerator pedal is released, there is no freewheeling, RPM level is maintained and torque converter unlock is done with either pushing the momentary switch again or pressing the brake pe
  15. JAG1, did you try to make reservations by their web site or by phone ? Last June I tried to make reservations by way of their web site and was shown that the campground was full. I called the office (541-262-3833) and was told that they were having trouble with that part of the web site and took my reservation over the phone.
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