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  1. IBMobile

    New ecm, no power at all

    The wire that smoked, was it yellow with white tracer? If so then that is the power wire for the lift pump from the ECM.
  2. No, that no normal. Is the wait to start light coming on? Do you have any codes?
  3. IBMobile

    Extended crank to start

    I've made a grid heater bypass that like the others you can select heaters or no heaters with a switch but the ECM is fooled not to throw code p038 and p0382. The last two weeks have been cold enough here for me to do full testing before it's I release the results.
  4. IBMobile

    Buying a rolled over truck.

    Right now my 2000 ram with 109k is one of my newer vehicles with the lowest mileage. 1990 Astro van with 334k+ work van 1991 Volvo 940 sedan over 300k 1995 Volvo 940 wagon 186k my daily driver 2001 Volvo S60 sedan 194k 2001 Volvo S80 sedan 170K I installed so many back in the day that I could 'eye ball' it and get it with in a degree or two when checked with a dwell meter. Rule of thumb for single set of points: 8cyl 30°, 6cyl 45°, 4cyl 60° or point gap ~.016". As the points wore and the gap decreased the dwell increased and the timing retarded.
  5. IBMobile

    Extended crank to start

    That's as close to stock as you can get. Make sure they are the Bosch RV275 and not some cheap knock off junk. I bought mine from DAP last spring.
  6. IBMobile

    Alternator & PCM failure

    Easy to fix.
  7. IBMobile

    $12,000 failure

    The justification is clean, take a deep breath, air and higher, now empty your wallet, transportation costs.
  8. Number of times I've shoveled snow from my driveway NEVER
  9. IBMobile

    Alternator & PCM failure

    @Mopar1973Man and @pepsi71ocean PCM failures do to the alternator field shorting to ground and causing maximum out put had me thinking about a fix for it. I was in a salvage yard yesterday and acquired the connector with wires for a 2001 ram alternator. I installed this in series with an amp meter between the green wires with a volt meter at the left battery on my truck. The battery temperature was 76°F The test was done with: 1, engine running only. 2, same as above, with head lights on high (100 watt blubs), fan motor on high, AC on, radio on. 3, same as above, with grid heater on. Note: no seat or mirror heaters on. amps volts 1. 1.25±.05 14.1 2. 3.0±.2 13.8 3. 4.8±.2 12.0 with heating grid on With the largest load observed at 5.01 amps, multiply it by 135% protection factor equals 6.76 amps. The next size ATO blade type fuse is 7.5 amps. Splice an inline ATO fuse holder into the green field wire with a 7.5 amp fuse.
  10. IBMobile

    W-T ground wire mod - Simplified

    Yes, disconnect it there by taking the nut off.
  11. IBMobile

    W-T ground wire mod - Simplified

    The wire, also called "charge cable", that goes from the B+ terminal on the back of the alternator to the PDC, power distribution center, is remover completely from the wire harness. Don't cut it up. You can reuse it as stated above.
  12. IBMobile

    Gremlin overload!

    Have your old batteries test first to see if new batteries are needed. How is that cable on the truck you're parting out?
  13. The relay is needed if there is an electric lift pump used. The stock system has the ECM powering the lift pump directly. With this mod the power for the pump is drawn from the PDC and not the ECM. I too have a Fuel Boss lift pump and have the electric lift pump disconnected. I only run the electric lift pump to prime the system.
  14. IBMobile

    Alternator & PCM failure

    Glad to see there was someone to help you when far from home. It's a good feeling having help a phone call away.
  15. IBMobile

    Lift Pump Cutting Out

    Smoke was coming from exhaust pipe and it was blueish. I think you might have two problems. Blue smoke from the tail pipe is oil being burned in the combustion chamber. The cause of this could be: an over filled crank case, worn valve guide seals, worn or damaged piston rings, problem with the turbo charger. Frist place I would check is the oil level. If oil level is OK then remove the air hose from the turbocharger and check compressor wheel for play or oil. Check the rear of the turbo for oil staining. The other problem is in the fuel system having 0 pressure at times. Start with the electrical test first.