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  1. JAG1


    Welcome to the Forum. I hope you can enjoy it the way we all have around here with Mikes good advice and other members wisdom. Good place to sit down and have a cup of coffee
  2. How about good ole lacquer paint? That stuff is good to work with, but may not hold up. Thanks to IBMobile my joints hurt a little more this morn. If I'm so ancient how come I favor black and white movies over other garbage?
  3. Thank you Dieselfuture. I will do some more searching to find more about it. I like the money in the bank more than a new paint job, so I'm going to find an option that will allow me to do my own repair. I've been good with an automotive paint sprayer in the past. I really don't like that clear coat stuff as it never existed when I was in school. Why have that stuff anyway ..... is it because the paint is so cheaply done?
  4. Anyone know an easy solution to fixing clear coat flaking/ going bad? Being a black truck fenders get real hot in summer and that's where the damage is spreading. Any experience with new products perhaps? T.I.A.
  5. A jar of fuel outside makes a good fuel temp gauge ..... Have you ever put an insulated jar next to it? Like plumbing insulation that snaps on over the fuel lines to see if it makes any difference? I've often thought about running the lines and lift pump inside a pipe so when there is a problem you take the wifes hair dryer to it. Blowing in one end. Then you have to figure a way to run exhaust heat in after it's started. That would be for extreme temps and the zip on pipe insulation may work well enough . I know the commercial stuff is 3 times better than the hardware homemoaner stuff. About the minus 30 temps...... I think Dripley's beak would break and fall off in that cold.
  6. IBMobile probly has a tank warmer picture. Dieselfuture, how colds it getting around your place? We have it real good with the influence from the left coast. I saw minus 4 once in my town. That was a record and was the coldest I ever been in back in 1985.
  7. I hope you make it okay. Not only is an engine block heater a good thing..... Also be nice to have some sort of fuel tank warmer. Get that on the market and watch the sales come in.
  8. I hope he gets it ready for you real soon. That is a good trade since he gets a warm truck and you get enough to heat the house. I cannot wait to be free from my work for about 6 months, it's coming real soon, and I get to do whatever I want. You can do my heater core, evaporator, blower and heater treater to the blend door and all new foam gaskets this spring.
  9. This isn't about you IBMobile. You stock up on sun tan lotion to get ready for winter. Watch it doesn't come with a vengeance, all this tricky weather can fool many folks with little in their woodshed.
  10. Bone chill cold is coming soon from Idaho all the way to the East coast. Supposed to be very unusual cold with temps 15 to 30 degrees below normal. Check your block heaters working and the cord is good size and in good shape. Lots a times those electrical wall plugs wear out and make for a bad connection. Remember using the Grid heaters all the time can compromise the alternator diodes. Get your RV or your boat fully winterized if you haven't yet.
  11. I only have a small suggestion..... to disconnect the batteries, including ground for about 30 mins. and turn on the ignition switch at the same time. Now I know I'm to be called a big donkey , but hey, it might help. It solved a weird problem once for me when wires got crossed up.
  12. You have a first gen truck with a fuel shut off solenoid. They go bad sometimes. There is one wire going to it on the injection pump right where the fuel enters. Check the connection and/ or tap on the solenoid. If I remember fuel shuts off when no 12 volts are running to it. Oh shoot I'm sorry I was looking at your sig, and saw you had a 93
  13. Gravity is a good subject..... I think we spend our whole lives, in some way or another, trying to defy it. Especially as we men and women get older, yet the same time is what keeps us alive with running waters fresh from the mountain tops. I think MoparMan is nearing an age where he starts to understand it
  14. Oh yes, it's in the title, '0118 code',,,,, maybe for a gas truck
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