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  1. JAG1

    What an evening

    Grease trap interceptor not functioning properly? May find a post hole digging tool handy for getting that out. Yum Yum
  2. JAG1

    Cummins mistake

    Price of nice second gens just went up two clicks
  3. JAG1

    Tame the manual transmission

    Michael, didn't you say you had a grillfriend that thought you had one like that? allways taking off in first and slamming in reverse?
  4. That is my favorite color also. I once saw a green so dark it almost looked black. It was nice lookin', but like a black truck it showed all the dirt.
  5. IBMobile, forgive me bud, why does your icon have to look like your running away with the ladies purse?
  6. Bap, start checking the ECM harness connection and the VP connection. Look at all the pins/ connection points closely, that all look the same nothing distorted. Make sure clicked all the way in. Check for clean electrical connections on battery posts, everywhere you can.
  7. JAG1

    Bulletproof mods

    The only things I've done; Trans Temp and fuel pressure gauges. Mag Hytech Trans pan.. IBM's Mystery switch ECM housing battery ground. Timbo Apps. Vented fuel cap. Tank access plate in bed (not recommended). Greasable lower ball joints. Heavier PCM ground to firewall. Vulcan big line kit, draw straw and frame mounted lift pump / relay 2 stroke in every tank. Future mods W-T,s grounding mods.
  8. JAG1

    Bulletproof mods

    Oh thats too good
  9. I know what you mean, I've noticed more of the same thing lately with SUV's pulling too large of a trailer. It's scary, you can readily see the trailer is boss and cannot be controlled if something goes wrong. What's different about the cars now a days that causes that Mustang to go to pieces like that?
  10. JAG1

    Bulletproof mods

    Dripley forgot the chicken roticerie over his exhaust manifold. Even got a 'Chicken Done' gauge on the dash.
  11. I mentioned the Timbo because anything needed future wise anyway, helps narrow down what might be wrong. If a shop told me the ECM may have taken out the VP.... I might be thinking about taking my truck somewhere else at that point.
  12. JAG1


    I found out if you let the doors go loose for too long it wears the hinge pin hole also so that the bushing kit work well and bushing won't last long either. You will be buying new hinges which are expensive
  13. Bap, while you are making an investment into this truck for future I want to advise you to install a new TIMBO apps. Im not saying factory apps is causing the issue, but more likely than an ECM that your shop is saying. Especially since the Timbo is so much more reliable and half the cost of the factory APPS, it goes hand in hand with a new injection pump.
  14. Nick I agree with you, but by what process can an ECM take out the VP44. I say unlikely almost impossible
  15. Mike you always have a better idea , but he also said he already upgraded to a Fass ddrp. So why didn't Fass set him up right with everything thing else needed?