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  1. Thanks to Ofela for bringing this up. Pray for W-T that he is okay that his home is still there as over half of his town of Paradise Calif. is burnt to the ground. It really sad.
  2. JAG1

    Wood Burners

    That brick chimney helps keep the pipe warmer and creosote from condensing on the pipe walls.
  3. JAG1

    Which truck would you choose?

    I vote for the 1st gen. Keep it garaged and someday it be worth big money.
  4. JAG1

    Wood Burners

    I usually prime / preheat my tall pipe with some papers and cardboard letting it roar pretty good before building in the kindling and wood. Let it burn wide open until stove is full hot is good. Sometimes I forget to turn it down though I used to have creosote build up like a paste in the ceiling support box even though I had the correct connection the way the pipe bells are supposed to point upward. It was right at the single wall to double walled insulated pipe transition Would condense right there and weep its way outside the pipe. After the band removal, no more problem.
  5. JAG1

    Wood Burners

    Nice job you did, but I like the woodstove it looks nice. Taller chimneys like mine with two story pipe runs will have more problems than shorter ones. After having years of slow draft problems, I finally went up the roof with a pair of shears and cut the metal band off that running around The uprights holding the 'helmet' or cap. This almost doubled my draft and don't need to clean it so often. What a difference this made
  6. So for safety sake.... installing a bolt down fuse mount and run the charge wire thru the correct size fuse? Right? This way running the B+ to the passenger battery is still possible and is important because your giving the batteries a chance to filter out ac ripple before running thru PDC and everything else connected. Is that right?
  7. No worries Mike... you own us all a round of beer
  8. Look on Craigslist for 2nd gen trucks being parted out. I have seen quite a few in there before. You will get lucky. Some of my real nice finds meant waiting and searching for over a year. I also learned to be wary of people tending to be not honest.
  9. I haven't done that part either, After reading W-Ts' article I thought it was to help the driver side battery absorb it's share of the ac ripple.
  10. JAG1

    Hard to start

    Using a pair of vise grips and a piece of leather, I wonder if you could park nose up hill each day and place the vise grip on the rubber fuel line in various places acting as fuel shut off to help narrow down the location of the so called air vent allowing the fuel drain back? Another thought..... check the factory filter cap since I have heard of them getting a crack. It's one of the highest areas of fuel in the system.
  11. JAG1

    Hard to start

    My flat bed truck has the return only a little above what the fuel module height is since the fill neck is on the outside of flat bed rail. Makes hard to fill. Other standard bed is up higher.
  12. JAG1

    Hard to start

    I understand now... I was misunderstanding in thinking that it meant he was loosing prime parked and the line not all the way down into the fuel, i.e. some of the return line draining into the tank and introducing air into the system.
  13. JAG1

    Hard to start

    Then how do you explain that I've no problems for 11 years with my return dumping into my fuel fill neck? I can take off the fill cap and see it running in there......
  14. JAG1

    Hard to start

    Why is the barbed portion of drawstaw fitting looking new (Aluminum like) when the male threaded portion looks old? At any rate, I would replace the top one (fuel supply) with new. It doesn't look like it was installed right (possible too much teflon tape) and the hoses are supposed to be further up the barbed fittings. I shave off some of those mountain tops on the barbs. They are too tall, too extreme, which then lets me get the hose all the way onto the barbed fitting and make a tight seal using correctly sized ss hose clamps. I never liked those 'himalayan barbs' I call them. Mopar1973Man, trying to edit my post here, I know they will get combined is how I added this, but it will not let me edit my own post here. Just want to say something about replacing the fitting on the drawstraw; Be sure to hold the draw straw head in a bench vise so as to not stress or crack the module plastic.
  15. JAG1

    Hard to start

    Once draw straw is installed the return is supposed to be moved over or hooked up to what was the original fuel supply port.