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  1. My Blinkers work just fine..... I saw a picture of Dolly Parton the other day.
  2. I am really glad you made it thru that. And I hope you get treated right from the insurance.
  3. We use the oem for target practice, never seem to miss when one gets set up at the range.
  4. I hope that I never said anything wrong @PilotHouse2500 to make you want to stop posting. I am very sorry if I did. My wife says that I am always guilty of saying the wrong things, have been beaten with strong words many times and deserved it.
  5. @Blueox01Do you mean you were towing the 6500 lb Cat and were you okay? Scary for sure.
  6. Sometimes these things are the best lessons in life. Something about getting a boat out on the water.... makes a guy want to get it going a soon as he can, but I found quite often around boating you have to go thru all the right protocol, even if it seems redundant, and not short cut or take anything for granted. It seems boats were sometimes not my best friend when a small problem became a huge pile of trouble. I do hope you and your kids have a great time and your foot heals well. We have a lot of great memories with our kids on the water in between the ones we wis
  7. Dang! I am so glad you are okay. I was afraid you were going to say that you got caught inside the truck and your truck went in the lake. I think that door did you a good deed.
  8. Brings back memories... thank you. Got a ride in one from southern British Columbia to Northern Cali in 73 going all along the coast. It was a cool machine. Today they cost a lot here in the states.
  9. Also please mention to dripley the direction you turn to loosen it. I believe it loosens the same direction as the motor turns.
  10. Your welcome Dripley... I'm still a big FAN of chickens for target practice...
  11. As long as there is no wobble with the engine running, fan spinning, I would go till the weekend. I would keep an eye on it though any time I stop making sure it spins true and is not loose.
  12. Pretty cool that you had a big hand in helping someone in very remote situation. You were a God send. One thing important is having an effective fire extinguisher. Although being able to correctly judge whether or not the vehicle on fire is about to have it's fuel tank explode....however if the fire is small and in the early stage, that fire extinguisher will come in very handy.
  13. Love to get over there and do some detecting. That would be just tops. About those trucks... I really like them being so useful/ utilitarian. Built to last and perhaps much more reliable without all the technological aspects. I like that. So easy to work on the engine too, the way the cab tilts out of the way. They have something similar here called the NPR trucks with a Mitsubishi diesel but, the environmental protection agency mandated less particulates and the exhaust manifolds are cracking with some other issues showing up in the low miles range. I thought about and
  14. With all that ancient history around, you better get a metal detector . What if you loose and important nut , screw or bolt . You'd be up a creek without a way to find it BTW, nothing more reliable than a 2nd gen Cummins.
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