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  1. It runs good. It was outdated unused oil, nice and clear. I would love to have all the chicks following me with a fried chicken smell. Human chicks that is.
  2. It was outdated, like me, so I decided to see if there was some use in the tank. It works good.
  3. I poured a gallon of my wife's cooking oil in the tank. Man! I cannot believe how smooth the Cummins seems to love it. I'm pretty sure it has more power up the hills to boot.
  4. When at idle have someone watch the gauge and turn up the regulator for fuel pressure to 22 psi and then back down to around 7. Do this a few times as it eliminated problems on both my rigs when both got new Raptor 150's that were not behaving correctly. Mike the MoparMan gets the credit for this and solving my F/P issues.
  5. Eric is a good man. I am concerned about him because I've noticed he is getting older and still putting on some weight. I want him to be around a long while. I'm having to cut back now for the first time ever as I never gained weight even if I ate everything in the fridge, but now I do. Its weird to see these changes. Keep trying during business hours you'll get him to answer.
  6. More often they trip the more likely they will trip again too. So I also went with fuses to both my trucks because some people tested the breakers and found a lot of them tripped at even half the amps they were rated for. That was not good.
  7. Jag1 is really glad IBMobile did it for him too It like a new truck as neither the heater nor the AC was working. IBMobile is walking magic
  8. Who cares about the Cummins, what's in the ice chest?
  9. On both my trucks I completed my fuel system modifications by removing those screens using a straight piped draw straw. Then adding a pre lift pump large canister type filter. You either have clogged screens, or an old in tank lift pump you are drawing thru, or a clogged tank vent. The clogged tank vent is very rare and can test to see if she runs better by removing the fuel cap and go for a run, but most likely you have clogged screens in the tank. So dumb for Dodge to put those screens in the tank when it needs an accessible pre lift pump filter, esp. on a diesel fuel system.
  10. Thank you 01cummins4ever. ... I need to purchase one and keep it handy in the tools with the truck.
  11. If you have and 02 then you have separate brake drums for the E brake at the rear. Those brake shoes might be adjusted a bit too close or the E brake isn't springing all the way to the off position.
  12. I think your right....but might be able to tell if someone is watching for slight movement on the back side while another is trying to wiggle. I'm not sure, but hope there is an easier way to tell. When my drivers wheel bearing left me stranded there was no warning except I heard it throwing pieces and coming apart seconds before the whole wheel collapsed. Almost lost control at 62 mph throwing me into the fast lane. I was glad no one was alongside at that moment. I was hauling my camper from a long run and just got off a two lane highway which could have been a disaster if it went into the oncoming lane. As it was, I was on the freeway with little traffic and the wheel just collapsed. A week later I replaced the passenger bearing as a precaution. You couldn't tell if anything was wrong until it was taken off and spin hand..... you could feel a slight click or grab when turning. IBMobiles wheel bearing gave a warning when I drove his truck I could feel a possible bad bearing with a slight difference in noise and feel in steering on turns. Not being sure, I told him to check it and turned out to be a bad wheel bearing. Now his truck is two wheel drive so there might be a difference making it easier to tell.
  13. Hoping everyone has a good time with family and friends today. Dripley please aim your rocket launcher away from my house this year. Thanks bud
  14. Kitt, so are you saying there is not enough play with the brake caliper and pads to check the bearing? I always thought there was, but I could always be wrong, of course.
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