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  1. Hey, 'Mopar1973Man', While I got your attention..... do you listen for chatter on the tires to road or to the clutches inside the differential if there isn't enough additive? Thank you I put 4 ounces in the gear oil like IBMobile said to do. Mine takes 4 and a half qts. Seems to be smooth no chattering, but still need to make some tight turns when I've got time.
  2. Check the alternator for bad grounding. The bracket and mounting bolt(s) could be corroded enough to be losing ground.My OHM meter showed a very weak ground thru the bracket. A lot of guys clean up the bolt and bracket real good, but I ran a ground wire from Alt housing to battery ground.
  3. I'm hoping Mopar1973Man would jump in soon to offer some help. I am guessing if I say anything pertaining to your trouble. A new alternator can have a bad diode sending excess AC volts ripple throughout the system. If I remember correctly AC ripple can confuse the computer, but I'm not certain the PCM even controls when the Air Conditioning compressor clutch kicks back on. Again I am guessing when I say the low pressure switch to the ac might be faulty. It's around a 35 dollar part and sits on top of the accumulator tank. I think that's right. IBMobile has educated me on this some, but being involved in many unrelated projects lately....
  4. I know.... I was just meant it to be light hearted not stirring the pot as I'm terrible cook anyway.
  5. I'm glad yer not my Doctor, Evan It's not hard to add 4 ounces in there and sure is nice being able to pull out the concrete pump when he got stuck They were amazed.
  6. I got to do this to my work rig. rear diff takes about 4.5 qts of oil..... so how much additive? I'm old guy so liters belong up in Canada not down here.
  7. I made the trip in early morning snow once. It was amazing how little traffic there was going thru Vancouver and Portland, oregon. That was a cool ride just like the old days when hardly anyone around back in the 70's I think Mopar Man made that bracket himself.
  8. I went to Erics' house to get my big line kits for each truck, about 9 yrs apart and he acted like the longer sweeps were standard equipment with his kits. I like his operation and his manners. It's just too bad that some bad customers threw a monkey wrench into his business. He is trying to not let it get the best of him is what he explained to me. All I could say was in spite of it all, keep the faith.
  9. The Vulcan big line kit does not have a hard 90 going into the VP. It is a long sweep 90 which helps not restrict the flow. Vulcan stuff is the best and best price too. Eric is good man..... no hard 90s at all as matter of fact.
  10. No, I think he was on the phone when posting and they were giving the final report on a magniflux for his Ford engine
  11. Thanks Dripley, I don't know how folks started calling them O rings since they are really sealing washers. I have saved a few of those when redoing my fuel systems to three different trucks. I don't think they are designed to use a second time, but being a little bit of distance from town I think I may have reused them successfully only a couple times on easy reach areas is all.
  12. Are they actual 'O' rings or sealing washers? I would think you can go to any parts store and match up O ring size. Tractor supply, hydralic hose places, Even hardware stores have assortments in drawers.
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