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  1. You have to get alternators on a test stand before installing. They aren't very trustworthy so especially test for AC ripple/ noise. If they cannot test for that you should go somewhere else to a place that can and aklso understands what that is. Has to be lower than .05 Also if your lift pump is running off the ECM there is a chance of frying the ECM. Your supposed to let the ECM trigger a relay so the lift pump runs off the batteries. I had 2 alts short out and get hot within 6 mos. Now I got one that seems to work fine. I also cleaned grounds everywhere, engine block, etc. and basically put the electrical system in top shape. It's very important. And that factory alternator grounding thru the mounting bracket is a corrosive culprit too. Got to clean the bolt everything about it. I run an independant ground. See article about W-T's really great write up on these trucks. He did us all a great favor.
  2. I just got a stock replacement and it's lasted 54k so far. Still tight. Whatever you do don't lift it. I learned the hard way not to do that. He gets ctreative and solves difficult problems just by pouring more beer.
  3. The Mag Hytech has developed leaks after two trans services in a row. It's a drag cause you go to retighten the bolts and still won't stop leaking. I'm going to have to use the grey silicone on both sides of the gasket next time. The Georend is beautifully made while the Hyteck tries to be pretty.
  4. Due to the expense and the quietness of the Honda EU series Hondas I just bought a second inverter gen, EU 2200i so we can live in the RV when we have a bad storm. I will just have to visit my friends in town every three days to fill up with water. The new Honda has a 30 amp 3 prong twist lock receptacle for my 30 amp rv cord (with the gen adapter) and will run the microwave. On eco mode it didn't have to go into a higher idle to power the microwave. It's very nice and since we have our own RV dump in the driveway, will be fine to go this route. If it gets real cold we have to keep the woodstove going for the house plumbing. The other generator will keep the fridge going in the house just fine. Poor mans way of doing it, yes but, if I put a sanitary water storage tank outside I can use another 12 volt pump to pump water into the rv. IBMobile is genius.... he says plumb the 12 volt pump and tank to a hose bib outside and repressurise the well pressure tank to flush toilets and run water in the house. He is the cool idea man
  5. He texted me back the other night to tell me that his wife's mother died at 92. It is a huge loss to the family because she was the best kind of person. Just a very cool lady in many ways. It's a great loss to his wife and him too. To add to that Dripley goes to start his truck to start another new Chic-Fil-A building and his truck has a bad ECM, won't start. I hope he gets it fixed soon not a problem too much. I am also sorry to hear about his cool mother in law, who passed away recently. That's always hard on the wife.
  6. Update; well the storm total rainfall is a full 4 inches. I don't think that's ever happened in Oregon in September. It's really good and to breath fresh air again. My trees also look more alive. It's really great and I'm very thankful. Keep the faith everyone.
  7. Our summer is ending and the feeling is, I don't want to go thru another hot one like that again. It's not normal to be so hot for so long in the Pacific Northwest. All the trees are like they have been pruned on the terminal bud of all the branches from the excessive heat. Some trees dying. The air at the same time, does not move anymore like it used to so there this weird sort of smell, just hangs there, along with visible air pollution everywhere from the huge population moved in. Now that we had a good strong storm move thru, what a relief, finally after 3 months of no rain with only around 5 inches since last March. It is wonderful to get the fresh air back and my trees are looking better with a full 4 inches of rain in 2 days with this last storm. I am so thankful. It important everyone to not forget to keep the faith so God does not forget about you too. Sorry I got way off topic.... dry conditions like that has never been seen around here and then to think about a fire dept. needed to go with every electric vehicle bothers me. Them things need a way to stop burning after a crash.
  8. Update on our drought; It has rained all night and my redneck rain gauge (cylindrical shaped coffee mug outside) is half full, over 1 1/2 inches. That's really cool because we've had no rain since june. It's coming down steady and hard. The drought has weakened the tress too and so the wind has broken a tree in half I'm afraid. I heard the crash last night. Next years firewood.
  9. Mike do like I do and ride a bicycle everyday. It keeps you fit, develops balance and agility I can still work on both my second gens at 70. A bit slower but it better I go slow cause young guys make all the mistakes, remember?
  10. I'm thinking two Honda 2000W inverter type. Easy to put away and fuel efficient but, really wondering if that gets me on the wrong track since I want to do the heavy umbilical to a 50 amp style twist lock plug. Then it has been awhile since I have done electrical and want to get the well with one or two light and recepticle circuits on the transfer switch. My panel is down in the basement where everything is easy to do and the outside ground being close for one or two gens to sit on a slab. W-T went for two Honda gens, big ones. Not sure on the size nor how he hooked them up. It was impressive when he talked about it. Thank you for all the thoughts..
  11. Does your system have a transfer switch to prevent back feed.?
  12. If someone knows something about generators with winter coming, my biggest problem is not having water when the power is out. My well circuit is 220 volt double 30 amp breakers with a 3/4 horse pump 550 feet away from the house. I want to get two Honda Gens to take care of that and some other lighter loads. Can anyone inform me of decent size gens to buy to help me with this. I like have two gens side by side as they are lighter and maybe quieter. This idea was first given to me by W-T but with what was going on at the time, I unfortunately, didn't pay enough attention to what he was telling me so any help would be great. T.I.A.
  13. If they want to stop fossil fuel use then they will have to give us jobs to work at home otherwise pay our bills and mortgages for us. There's no way to solve the problem. Bringing green growth back into abundance will help since plants take in the CO2 and make oxygen. With all the excess CO2 around does that mean we are shortening the supply of oxygen?
  14. I can't help you there but, I know the key has an arrow pointing which way it sits on the shaft. Either pointing toward the pump or to the front, I cannot remember but, very important for that key to be the right way. Someone will have to chime in but, I know you need the key at the top to help see how it's lined up and not knock it out of the slot when pushing the pump back in. When I did mine I took some whiteout from the wifes office and put a small dot on the key to help see how it's lined up with mirror and lite. Some keys are looser than others when they come back from the rebuilder. So some guys use a drop of crazy glue to help if it's lose. Anyway double check which way the key is pointing, either toward the front or toward the pump is important. Even the rebuilder can get it wrong. Did the pump come from an approved Bosch rebuilder?
  15. An electrician ordered a brand new Duramax for himself but, it took so long to get it from the factory the dealer offered 9 grand to him if he would back out of the deal because the price had gone up so drastically. It was a nice truck but, 87 grand yikes! He went on to say that he needs to get my job done and ready for drywall since he's taking the truck for a two week trip back to Tennessee to ready a home for his family to move into back there. I said let me know when you get stuck in Texas I'll come save you with my Cummins. We were both laughing about it with his other co worker while they were finishing up my job. Three weeks goes by and he shows up on the job with pictures of his new half circle driveway in front of the place he is selling here in Oregon. I didn't want to say it but, dang that driveway was shaped so perfect like the capital letter 'C'. I couldn't resist, '' hey, it's 'C' for Cummins! We were all laughing about that one too. Laughter and camping with family and friends, the two best things in life...
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