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  1. Do any you guys think my smokin the front brakes had anything to do with the front bearing going toast at 99,000 miles? They were so hot I had to stop let them cool. I'm guessing I could have cooked the grease and several hundred miles later I got thrown into the fast lane, almost out of control, when the left bearing gave way. What new air hammer you guys talking about? I need to learn about air tools.
  2. Perhaps yours is a rebuild that got modified during rebuild. I knew the ND alternators are better than Bosch from years ago experience with my first gen truck. So I changed over to ND on my 2002 even though the Bosch was still charging fine. I'm glad I did anyway. I need to order another diode bridge from 'Mopies' (Mopar1973Man) again just to have on hand
  3. It doesn't sound quite right. Perhaps your Denso is off of a different car or truck. You might do better to go get the correct Denso for our trucks and keep the rebuild parts for the future. I don't know if there is a part number on the alternator.... I'm curious to find out if its for a different vehicle. BTW, The W-T grounding mods are worth every effort in reducing damaging levels of A/C ripple even with a new or old alternator.
  4. Greenlee, You should get someone to watch the gauge while your turning down fuel pressure. I went down to ten and then slowly turned it up to 28 I believe and then put it in the proper range of 19 and my problem for a year is now gone. I wouldn't run the truck without getting the relay on there first and get 1/2 inch lines. Otherwise, even tho you put it at 19 at idle those tiny fuel lines will let it drop below 14 when going up hill or accelerating and thats bad. 10 is okay momentarily at idle, but not when running down the road and the injection pump is hot.
  5. Okay..... my set up is exactly the may Moparman says to do it, but I want Greenlee to know that I had continual F/P problems even though set up the right way. The other day MoparMan asked me to turn the regulator almost all the way down and then slowly all the way up to about 25 and see if that helped the fuel pressure swings. It did stop the problem and it's now a steady 19 at idle. Wholey cow after a year of fighting it it was just the regulator all along.
  6. I call him a 'free range chicken' cause he builds 'em all over the place. From what I understand he is the only one that gets them completed and operating in the shortest amount of time.
  7. Notice how Dripley says, 'skin the cat' ? Thats because he don't want to admit how many chickens he's plucked. He's sick of it...... He works for Chic-Fil-A.
  8. JAG1

    The Future of Trucks

    I'm with you Dripley, I like the old ways and a stubborn olfart about it. How do you fix that or this? And how much are they screwin' you by already having a newer verson ready but not available till all old ones sold and don't say a word about it. Then I found out a lot of these electronic companies charge a lot even though it's garbage guts inside thats mostly all proprietary information.
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  10. You have a great chance to insulate sooo much better, than RV's using rigid foam board. Mine has only 1'' thick bead board. Don't know about others.
  11. Now is a good time to send in your tax deductable donation for the year if you haven't done so. Thank you members. Michael Nelson does a terrific job on this site and spends more time helping others in so many ways.
  12. That's a lot of water, I hope you find where its coming from. Do you have the cab marker lights? Also is it possible you forgot and left a window down in a heavy downpour?
  13. I used to do a lot of ABS piping and found that the bezel is regular ABS plastic. So I also found that ABS glue works very very well on the bezel. It fuses right now when you make repairs using it.
  14. I'll be right over..... I heard your holding dash bezel removal classes with yer truck GSP7, I heard that your not supposed to touch the gauge needles at all, so be careful.
  15. It must be more of a problem for me with the tight quarters being it's a truck camper. It will get to where every bit of glass is covered with condensation even with vents cracked. Dang.... I sure did hijack Nicks thread. Sorry about that.