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  1. @Dieselfuture Your truck looks like the inside of a Dodge Ram 747 I like it!
  2. Hope the weather breaks for you Mike Nelson and you get a lot done. Don't forget to clean up the burnt hot dogs left on the manifold. Our weather here is just now showing signs of spring. What a relief to go out in the sunshine after nothing but rain, ice and snow for weeks. 10 days without power was enough...... I even found myself carrying the flashlight still, even tho the lights were on. My truck has a problem with the wipers working and then not working. Been doing that everytime I go out. Then they will work, but very slowly. Next time they work fast like they a
  3. Thank you for the excellent write up. It's explained very well.
  4. W-T been drillin me lately and I know he would agree. Electrons are flowing from the negative to the positive. Negative is loosing and positive is gaining electrons. Kinda like this website is positive cause everyone leaves the dealership (negative) and flows to Mopar1973Man (positive). BTW hdpwimonkey, that is a nice truck you have and glad you found the problem.
  5. What.......... 6-8 feet of snow Where......... over MoparMans area.
  6. We just got our power back and able to participate. What I do is plug in the night before or anytime during a snow/ice storm and it keeps the windows clear of snow/ ice when you open the dash defrost vents. Only a wee bit warmer in the cab which means in my climate the doors aren't covered in ice to where I can't get the doors open. Like this last ice storm both trucks got glazed with an inch of ice because they were not plugged in and power went out. We had a warm rain move over ground temps of 25 degrees. Trees down power out for 9 days. It crippled a lot of areas out my way.
  7. I hear that and also the words from my Uncle, ''Don't be jumping down off trucks like that or someday your knees will be really bad". Now 69 and I think I just did my last jump..... never felt this much pain ever and now know what he's talking about. Guess I been lucky. Now I carry a small ladder to go up and down as I don't ever want that pain again. Problem tho..... all those beautiful ladies will think I'm old doing that. Really tho who cares as it's smart to take care of yourself. Work good, but don't get hurt. We just completed a 10 by 57 boat dock using Trex deck and patterns
  8. Good point and I'm glad the rest of the wiring is found to be in good shape. On my old 7 pin RV connector the main ground in the center pin had never been stripped. They just tightened it to what they thought would puncture the wire insulation with the clamp screw. In taking it apart there was only one small strand of a braid touching the clamp screw. It's been this way for 17 years never getting a charge to the rv batteries always having to run my generator for charging.
  9. Get out in the rural parts and people are hard working global warmers, warmed up mostly from working all day and a good cold one at 5.
  10. Wiper ground is on the front of the cowell (above the firewall) to the left of drivers hood hinge, When you lift the hood you can see it right away about 6/8 inches away from the hood bracket hinge. Also got lithium spray and sprayed each wiper linkage pivot point when wipers were running. I used a pair of pliers with the soft handle to hold up the plastic cover while getting the spray tip and flashlight in there. About 5/6 miles down the road and oh man, suddenly wipers took off like truck is new. I hope you find the problem soon. I think everyone in England calls the
  11. When my rv got paid off the bank let a year go buy without sending my title. Despite several phone calls they just weren't going to send it. My attorney sent a letter explaining how we will file at the court for all costs plus a 1,000 dollars for me if they don't send it within a week. Have to say that got their attention as the title was in my mailbox within a few days. Interestingly the bank president signed it off with a huge scribbled signature all across the page. The attorney I have now is smarter than anyone I've ever known. He is brilliant with his subtle ways. Just an amaz
  12. He shoots beer cans out of it. Aims at neighbors.
  13. That is just like the one I bought back in 07. It was showing weakness and had to be adjusted by turning up the pressure regulator a couple three times. Next I noticed it started dropping pressures more easily with less and less hard acceleration. When I bought another second gen I ordered the 150's for both. They seem to be doing better although the regulators are more finicky. My big pre filter is Racor with a drain valve, clear bowl and running the factory filter under the hood.
  14. What year did you buy the Raptor when it was new? Can you give me any advice about both my 2nd gen trucks running the Raptor 150's? They were bought in 2017.
  15. I am very glad you told us about this as I know it will help others to always ask where the rebuilt injection pump comes from before you pay. If they do not want to tell you then they don't need your business and you should not give it to them because you need to know what kind of treatment you are going to be getting if there is a problem. It is very odd that they want to hide who the rebuilder was and even more odd since a reputable Bosch rebuilder would take responsibility for the problem and would sincerely WANT the pump back to know where they went wrong to STOP any further mi
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