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  1. Will check tomorrow. Have to scoot out a hear now
  2. Could be mistaken, looks like Dripleys' single overload looks a bit heavier duty. My 02 is like dripleys with a single overload and camper package, but L stacked another in there latter for the camper. My 01 is like GSP7s' overload with doubles.
  3. I would measure the amount of offset or over length and cut that much off. I found the fender lip on the driver side starting to rub also and took some pliers and bent it over so the sharp edge is pointing away from the boot, leaving about 1/2'' clearance. I think channel lock pliers worked the best. It looks as though the boot on the passenger side is about 3/4'' short. Am I seeing that right?
  4. air filter

    You got good answers on the air filter, do you mind me asking what your fuel pressures are ranging?
  5. Well the Order is in

    Update Post # 4, '' Well I saved the marriage, but had to give her the truck.''
  6. Interesting dripley. Thanks for sharing .
  7. How far did you go on 5 and how full was the gas can w/ diesel when you got there? I appreciate the picture showing what you did. Now I know to carry some fuel line and clamps in the tool box. I can't help wondering what would happen if you had to do this on a newer truck with the electronically controlled injectors?
  8. You said you wanted to make it so you could run it on 5 cylinders by crimp bending the broken line, but couldn't. How did you get the truck home?
  9. Yeah he's mad his favorite shoe store won't sell him just the right shoe since that's the only one he wears out. On side note: I think Dripley found a hidden smog device....' fuel restricter lines'.... next thing you know they be all plumbed in with 1/2'' threaded pipe.... what a nightmare
  10. This my thought too, when looking at the map connection its a signal that perhaps the rest of the electrical system needs a lot of attention. Electrical can be really weird, just my theory, but one part of the electrical system can affect other areas seemingly unrelated. The entire system works as a whole so anything done to improve the overall will not be a waste of time.
  11. Lift Pump Question

    I know... he makes us wait for the next episode.
  12. If you need to wait on the gauges at least do fuel pressure to help hold above 14 at all times. That's important. My electrical sending gauge kept going bad. Two sending units in one year. Changed to a mechanical gauge the isolator is just now going bad Bought a second truck and put on a mech F/P gauge w/o the isolator. Installed down by the floor so if it ever leaks it will just go down there over the Husky Liner floor matts. Both trucks have the needle valve to shut them off and to dampen the hammer damage from the injection pump.
  13. Never mind.......

    Leave to IBM to always have the appropriate pic. Dripley I bought a brand new 79 Chev p.u. that had little options except 4wd. When I made the rear bumper out of a 4x8, it was a great step bumper all stained and varnished.
  14. Never mind.......

    Yes, and W-Ts list was stuck to the bottom of the milk.
  15. Dually suggestions

    You know those Mitsubishi NPR box and flatbed trucks are doing real good for long lasting mileage. You have to find one with no EPA garbage on it because its causing some major problems on the newer ones. The only problem is if you need 4wd., but if your always on gravel rds and not making winter runs, it might work out. They are priced pretty decent and some businesses have not dumped a bunch of miles on some of them. I almost bought one simply cause the cab folds forward and you can stand there and easily get to anything on the engine needing work.