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  1. Did you use the K&N for target practice? I hear it don't matter if it got holes or not....
  2. I hear ya very clear on that. I can't retire... I like the money and the hours if I can ever get this house done. Too much keeping all the people happy going right now. I want it back like before.... working a few 4-6 hr days a week. I love it that way, keeps me hangin in there.
  3. Both my stock air boxes make that sound kind of a background noise thumping you can hear.
  4. Good advice dripley about the warranty. Wonder why I didn't think of that . Something to watch out for on mail orders right there. So me and you and Mopar Man gettin' retired this fall. Too bad we can't do a group buy and get a deal. I'm going with the 245's this time around.
  5. Both my second gens sound just like that. And I know the sound you are talking about coming from the air box. One day I said to myself, '' what is that?, started up the other 24 valve and it has the same airbox sound. I never worried about it again.
  6. LOL Mike, again it does not have the cross over cables shown to better parallel the batteries. That's my point... it ain't there boss and I remember it being there unless I'm old timers already
  7. I cannot find in the article about the added wire(s) from battery to battery. It was in the last few paragraphs, but the article has been cut short and doesn't include the battery equalization cables we are to add between batteries. In a discussion with W-T yesterday they are very important. It is supposed to be in the archives if anyone knows.
  8. Thank you guys for the thoughts. Sometimes feeling a bit husseled over prices paid, I like this idea of seeing all the prices brands and reviews listed on one website..... its cool. Dealers are always saying, ''oh we don't have that brand'' like they don't want you to be able to compare. You're a poet and I know it.
  9. After talking with W-T on the telephone yesterday he convinced me of the importance of having the best parallelling possible with both batteries and improving the connection between them. Because the Charge wire is going a shorter distance from the alternator to the passenger battery and because the level of charge, determined by the temperature sensor, is on the drivers side battery, It is most important to add a proper equalization between the two. Important during discharges and during the charge phase for both batteries to be properly balanced sense it will diminish the life of the batteries to have one constantly undercharged and the other always overcharged depending on conditions. This is also important during battery draw down cycles such as during grid heater use which will make worse the already out of balance system. So adding the 4 ought wire between neg to neg batteries (is important) and I know a lot of you, like me, have skipped that portion of W-T's requirements. My recent experience with a super heated smoking alternator in which the poor thing was trying so hard to feed a shorted passenger battery, further supports this need to help prevent this worse case scenario from happening. I am lucky my PCM is not damaged. Thanks again W-T you are a wealth of information to us all. I can only hope that the gravitational pull is much lighter on you, after all that has happened there in Paradise Ca.
  10. Yes, I thought ll there was is GPS and satellite phones. Yes, I thought all there was is GPS and satellite phones.
  11. Seems weird to order tires and have them shipped to the installer. Don't they resent that they did not make any money on the tires? All they get is the mount/ balance fees for tires you bought elsewhere. Anyone had bad experience with that?
  12. You know I haven't registered my slide in camper for ten years now. I do carry the title with me. Just seems that without wheels it should be considered cargo like in California. So far many officers have driven by.... one even waved at me pulling out of a rest stop and we were the only ones there on the Oregon coast. It funny..... I made sure to park soo the expired tag was very visible, but he only waved. Tags on the truck are always current.
  13. Mike, what is the white dome up on top of the camper? Is it for Satellite TV?
  14. I have the KYB Monomax on the 2002 slide in camper truck. They are fine when loaded at around 10,000, but they are too stiff when unloaded. Believe it when Katoom says they'll shake out your kidney stones. On my 2001 I put on the factory replacement KYBs' and they are still very nice ride even after running down two mile long gravel roads everyday for a year..... I've had the shocks on almost 2 yrs.
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