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  1. It's okay where else can you get away with it? ..... people are just people. Hey you know whenever IBMobile notices a new Snap On in my toolbox, he says, "Mike go up the store and get me a coke, will ya". No he doesn't take stuff.... but he's coming to my place and we are going to put a new roof on his fifth wheel and then do my evaporator core heater core, charge up the AC again. Then we head south in the RVs for fishing, metal detecting and camping. Ain't that cool?
  2. I understand that a propane generator will use significantly more fuel in propane than if it where a diesel fuel generator. You will also have to install the automated switching so your generator does not electrocute the lineman working on the downed power lines by backfeeding into the power grid. I use my wood stove for heat and cooking if the power is out. Then fire up the little honda with an extension cord under the door to the fridge to keep from losing perishables. Next I give everyone a small flashlight and they're happy. The biggest problem is the well since it takes a big generator to run the pump so we usually use water sparingly to run off the remaining pressure in the pressure tank. Sometimes we will use the rv for showers if we de winterize and fill it up before a storm. Most folks put in the proper switching and breakers and get a diesel generator to do the job, but It's expensive. My woodstove alone has saved probably 30,000 bucks over the course of 40 years. I split by hand cause I like doing it and most my wood has been free.
  3. It seems impossible to do that all over again the way prices for trucks and homes are today. wears me out just thinking about it. As for the tool I'm looking into a Snap On catalogue. I like their stuff, but I don't want to give them my truck for it.
  4. I'll get back in the morn you guys my goose is cooked from todays pressure washing. I see dripley [s cooked too that's what you get when you 68 yr old building Construction supervisor cause they keep offering plenty more money and you never quit.. I think he's lost all his feathers and you can see everything .
  5. Probably the spot checks is best for mechanical work. Checking for hot calipers or wheel bearings. Nice to be able to check how each cylinder is doing on a fully warmed up engine by targeting near each exhaust port. Is that right? Only seen that done one time, but seems a good diagnostic approach.
  6. Hey everyone, which temp sensing gun should I get? Should it be a laser type or an Infrared type? Also can you will it display ambient at the same time? I would like a good one. T.I.A.
  7. Dieselfuture, why do you have two fuel supplies? One is at 12:30, another at 3:00 positions? Then the smaller fuel return closer to the electrical connector? My tank vent hose I ran up higher near the fill neck to help keep road grim and chicken guts/ feathers from clogging the vent
  8. Dripley knew her in high school. Back then she was getting Dripley ousted from shop leader in auto mechanics.
  9. We all gotta get back to the bolt bin for some sanity (the garage)..... especially after seeing Pelosi and what that gang are doing .
  10. Hey some dang good hair brained ideas came from half nut job folks like us, especially Dieselfuture.
  11. How'd you delete 'bolts' that's amazing!? You must know something I don't
  12. Hey, If you can give me O ring size and thickness I bet I can find a supplier here in Portland. There some real nuts and bolts businesses still around my area that can help.
  13. There are a few guys corrected a similar problem by messing with the instrument cluster connection, which I'm not familiar with, that they say is under the dash behind the factory gauges. One guys long standing problem was solved just by clicking it in tighter. Another found a bent pin something along those lines anyway. Then if I remember correctly, there is another problematic pin connector behind or near the radio that another guy found was the problem. Drove him nuts for a long time trying to find the problem. Anyway I hope something simple like that will get you going..... Welcome to the 'truck club' BTW.
  14. Sorry, Dripley, don't know what got into me on that one Bud.... I just couldn't leave that beer sit there, you know. I do believe in God and Our Son of God Jesus Christ, blessed be his name, and at the same time think he is in control of what ultimately happens down here on earth. Not the Gov't, not folks like AOC. I do believe the stage is being set for the end times more so now than any other time.
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