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  1. My 01 Laramie has the little button light up that's located in bottom left corner of heat temperature control. The word 'mirror' lights up being the letters are semi transparent. The mirror angle knob next to driver window does not light up and letters are painted over the black plastic. I went out and looked not just memory.
  2. Nope, just that somebody up here noticed you never ever show pictures inside of yer truck.
  3. The best part is when you vacuum and clean up the inside too.... and take the lady out for dinner.
  4. Key fob and lights

    There is an aluminum foil tape for the HVAC industry used on duct work that I'm going to use.
  5. Like I said before I'm not knowledgable on the electrical troubleshooting but at this point Fummins 24V, I would install a new Timbo apps getting rid of the factory Apps. you will need it for reliability anyway since its much better/ smoother Apps it kind of goes hand in hand with a new VP. My factory Apps had a dead spot, did not throw any codes, but the 7-8 thousand dollar Snap On showed slight dead spot on the screen when testing. Had a Timbo under the seat and now runs perfect.
  6. Key fob and lights

    Since my alarm has a mind of its own, goes off like a bad temper kid every once in awhile, I have to keep my FOB in the door for a quick Alarm shut down. I need to take the box out and wrap with foil to stop the RF noise and stop the whole police dept from showing up when the horn goes off. lol
  7. Shop Tricks and Kicks

    I paid 14-15 bucks for a new cord on my old first gen awhile back. O reillys had an assorted box of them so we sorted thru till we found the right one. I think it was better one than Cummins original.
  8. Shop Tricks and Kicks

    A couple things I've learned. Before working on truck in winter plug in the block heater for a couple hours since its much easier to work over a warm engine than a cold engine. If your having trouble finding an air leak to the suction side of your fuel system use a shop vac to pump no more than a few pounds of pressurized air into the tank and then see if you find any weeping fuel in the lines or primary filter. A shop vac hose turned backward to blow air out will fit better to the fill neck than trying to stuff a rag around an air hose that may over pressurize. This should help you prime a fuel system as well.
  9. I would say 250 -350 lbs., so your only dealing with half that weight when lifting the front. I used a 4x4 about 2 or 3 feet long on top of a floor jack and raised the front like a dump bed as close to center as the driveline would allow till I could place a 12 inch long 4x4 on top of the truck frame on each side for safety. I used the two rear bolts as a hinge when loose and to hold it stable but watch the bumper hitting and don't hit the cab when you raise it. I think I had to remove the license plate plastic too.
  10. That's what I found also... had to remove the bumper. My long bed had 8 bolts not just 6 so I loosened the rear ones for a hinge effect. After all that just a month late,r I switched it to custom flatbed... go figure My other truck has an access plate that I can remove to get to the tank top.
  11. I love my Doc

    He said I should drink more beer.. He's kind of a redneck type with an office that tryin to be a nice place, but anyway I did what he prescribed to drink beer and boy, I feel good . Only needed one and a half cause I almost never drink but he was right.... every once in awhile its good for you.
  12. Motor restore

    Baileys in your coffee works.
  13. I don't think I will ever forget to unplug ever again. if you have a marginal alternator that has to help power the grid heaters and recharge the batteries after using them, does that send higher AC ripple thru the ECM/ PCM?
  14. I like to plug in the block heater and not use the grid heaters, but I hate it when I leave it plugged in and drive off. BTW, don't ever run the extension cord from the rear of the truck and over the antenae, thinking your so smart, but forget and drive off....... It turns it into a windshield breakin' whip and bends the body. Then windshield company screws up and have to do it done twice. I thought I was so smart since I would see the cord over the antenea from the drivers seat.
  15. I think there is some problem with trusting the bench test guys, so knowing what a good DVM says while running in the truck is a better option and if you have to go that far to pull out the alternator for the test you may as well just change the diode Bridge and be done with it. The problem is if you change the bridge and the DVM says still too high of AC ripple then you have to remove again and change brushes and possible slip rings. Even though changing the diode bridge is going to solve most problems, as I understand it, you have a little better stab if you replace the brushes too I suppose. So where do you go for brushes?