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  1. JAG1

    Monday Morning

    Same here Mopar73Man never told me too so his fault .
  2. JAG1

    Alt. Ground mod?

    In college they taught me to read a sentence over and over until you get it, not going to the next until you understand. It works pretty well. After awhile the complex becomes a simple understanding. It isn't a complex rewiring mod, I think W-T is trying to educate the reader, which is good.
  3. I would also check the integrity of the pin connector for the blue wire at the PCM as it's not unheard of to have a distorted pin connector.
  4. JAG1

    Monday Morning

    Mike is right as I didn't like it one bit when my injectors failed, left me stranded, besides almost ruining the engine. Mine failed while coasting down hill at about 10 mph, otherwise that motor probably been destroyed.
  5. Pretty important to check along that whole wire periodically for anything that can cause abrasion or breakage from vibration or constant movement. There is a recent thread about another member finding a problem where the blue wire goes into the top of the plastic connector at the alternator. It looked fine, but on further testing with the VM, he found a weak broken part of the wire right there. He showed a picture with both wires having a very tight bend radius there.
  6. JAG1

    Monday Morning

    Who did you get them from if you can remember
  7. JAG1

    Big change in my life...

    I like hearing all these stories coming from our members. Makes me feel good in a very special way just reading them.
  8. Thanks for the report Dave and I'm glad you got it.
  9. JAG1


    a pick up truck always looks cooler with firewood in it.
  10. JAG1

    Monday Morning

    Dripley said it right when it was time for me to learn how. Man was I a big chicken, but when Dripley said, ''be slow and deliberate'' that caused a flip of the switch and I got after it and went very well. MoparMan was good enough to always pick up the phone every step of the way so I sent him a deserving amount of compensation for helping. The guy has a memory like you and I take pictures.
  11. I'm glad too that all you need still is low top rubber boots.
  12. Abnormal or erratic fuel pressure swings happen more with the newer Raptor 150's. I recently installed a new one to both my trucks and both had the same strange acting pressure swings. Mopar Mike said to run them up and down, high and low on the adjustment screw. This helped a lot, but need to do it seven times instead of one time for better results.
  13. JAG1

    Constant brake issues

    This is my thinking also. I'm learning in recent years to trust shops less and less. I usually call Mopar1973Man for his detailed instructions how to do it myself and then send him some money for his great help, because it always comes out great. Even in the middle of a busey day he will answer your questions if stumped. He is the coolest.
  14. It used to be Oregon allowed poles down 21/2 foot back in the 80's. Sounds like you got good stock for doing it.
  15. JAG1

    My skinny cabinet

    Good job Dave. Very diligent. You could tile that since near the stove for heat. Doing both sides for 'hot plate' style tile works well near the stove. I say this also because you got good tile work there. Them chicken claws just the right spacing.