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  1. Mike, I say sit back a little. let the site take care of itself and quit pushing thE steam roller thinking if you slack off it will roll back all over you. Believe me it won't. Spend no longer than an hour per day or an hour per week, but shoot me in the foot with 50 rounds, get your life back, step away for God's sake.... it is healthy bud. Good energy for life and happiness go hand in hand, are more important. Having fun again like the old days, joking around, lite hearted is what made this site shine. Your 'buck the trend' honesty and advice made this site shine above all others. Let the site go so you have time and energy to work on others rigs not burned out. BTW, I'm not much of a guy to be on any Board of directors really. I'm at a point in life where if I cannot take care of my being happy and limit the stress level I automatically back away. It's a defense mechanism I found very important to my health.
  2. I did find IBMobiles new titanium hip. Just about blew the earphones off my head. You know every bit of practice helps learn more about it. LOL
  3. I found the iron ring that came out of an old computer charging system. Could I use that as a simpler way to reduce AC noise from the lift pump? I think you told me that one could wrap the iron ring with quality wire (sort of like a winding), grounding it to the frame and run the lift pump harness through it. Also ground the lift pump housing. Would this be a alternative, not as good of course, but perhaps somewhat effective? Thank you in advance.
  4. I can't remember which way to retard/ advance neither. . I hope that wrench helps anyway.
  5. When bleeding the wheel cylinders on the rear you are supposed to start with the right rear then go to the left rear, (you mentioned you started with the left rear) Always bleeding furthest away from the Master cylinder first is industry standard.
  6. So nice to have you back W-T. Always an interesting read.... Thank You.
  7. Could be connected thu cigarette lighter socket for power. That's how my CB gets its power. Never any interference on the gauges though. All my grounds are tight and clean and does have an external antenna.
  8. Just got back camping with it. Fun learning how to use it. Found lots of empty shell casings and a few bullets. One live 22 round, 22 cents in change, no silver and some trash of course. Fun part is not knowing what you'll find when you hit a good target. You never know til you dig. Last camp on the way home had no one else there, but had to go after an hour of detecting. My titanium hammer got buried on the job so I'll be getting that back and there is an old stagecoach road to check out too . Hey..... how come I'm not at least a gold member? Sheesh you'd think I'm lead member the way you got me listed Mike!
  9. Yer close.... he is a refugee from LA
  10. Mikes fuel pressure goes up again every time he's near.....
  11. I think IBMobile saved a picture of her.
  12. Usually threads aren't off topic till Mike posts a picture of one of his girlfriends.
  13. Dripley, sometimes it would be better to run around in a moped wouldn't it?
  14. Thanks for chiming in. Its frustrating putting work into your truck, all the time thinking, 'how nice its going to run', but then something like this happens. No big deal really.... just have to keep trying.
  15. I can only make a suggestion to put your old ones back in and see what happens. Something is affecting timing perhaps?!. I just don't know, but it was running beautiful before wasn't it? That's the strongest clue we have to go on.
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