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  1. Nice! I'm glad you both got the chance to go for a change of scenery and get away. Recreation is very much something you need and a lot of folks ignore that until one day they realize how important it is. I found out that it is extra special healthy thing to do like drinking water.
  2. Oh good. When you got set up for camp did you bolt your camper extra heavy duty to the ground? I just don't know how that helps fight the corona virus with this shelter in place business
  3. Wow cool and easy. I will also take a look at this too.
  4. I was crawling under a house with an access hole sized for a racoon....... barely getting in there, I notice there's hardly 6 inches under the floor beams and a mean ugly spider bigger than anyone's ever seen and webs the size of rope. Just then the lady yells down thru the floor, ''um cam you bid that in 15 minute increments and list each one in your bid?'' Right then I turned around to get out of there, i went to her and said I'm sorry I think it's best you sell the house as is. They wanted it all dug by hand with proper amount of piers to meet code. It would have been an ugly job.
  5. Yeah that's what I want is GPS with map. Are you saying all I need is the 27-28 dollar item or do I need to go full $1150 bucks for the Garmin? There's two items on there is why. Thanks Nick.
  6. It's beautiful. Nothin like having land around you. Is that a heated garage? I think up there you will need one.
  7. Where is the pictures Mike or did you just not take any? Its okay.... sometimes you just do what you do is all.
  8. Yes I see milk shortages, sky high prices for each gallon in the market, that's what happens in the long run when economic balance gets upset like this. I worry about not enough people becoming immune to this virus, not letting it take the usual course of dwindling out like other virus where most the population becomes either immune or finds they are already immune....... are we instilling a much worse situation, a real plague that will go longer term??. If we don't allow our immune system to do the work, its normal course of action.... what will we have in the long run? I speculate much.... is with the assumption that immune systems need a work out to stay strong against many of the different attacks.
  9. Thank you IBMobile, we are going to need it with all the closures. I have been in some nice spots while dispersed camping. I did not like the rv getting pushed on one night though That kept me awake for awhile.
  10. Okay I joined the new world and got a laptop computer. Big deal.... I'm only 30 years late...... I can take it with me camping, but the big question is, how do I plug GPS into it and get where I can see where I am in relation to BLM or National Forest land for dispersed camping? You know..... for it be a map/ screen to show I'm not lost? Is it thru my Verizon? Mopar Mike gonna go, ''Oh geeze'' here goes the donkey'' lol
  11. A little humor never killed anyone, but I still try.
  12. If you listen to Diesel future one day yer truck be missing, no not at idle, nor at high rpms.... it will just be plain ole gone. Gee! I wonder where What I think about is how all this shutting down of everything is so good for the Gov't employees because I wonder if they still get their regular pay or partial pay? It's also an example of what the environmentalists want.... slowing the burning of fossil fuels.... let the earth recuperate to it's normal temperatures. Bad part is everyone loses their place to live by not working together a failing economic system. There seems to be an underlying factor to the way the world is going today.... can't put my finger on it... all I know is that it makes me want to have stronger faith in God.
  13. Better be careful though might have a big Pow Wow with every truck there having 0216 code
  14. Fellow Dodge owners you know that Mike Nelson says any fuel pressure lower than 14 psi causes slow death to the vp? Remember that the overflow valve does not open until it sees pressures at 14 and above. Mike also taught us that at idle we need to see 19 psi to allow for WOT draw down as this keeps the overflow open when the VP is most likely to start overheating. Especially when going up grades and hauling heavy, that VP needs to see maximum flow of return fuel to remove the heat. So important. Add to this the poor design of the sediment screen at the bottom of the in tank lift pump, where you cannot get too and you got dirt and sediment that can slow down flow rates. A common solution is to go with the big line kit and a fass or AirDog lift pump on the frame, removing screens and in tank lift pump and replace with the 1/2'' draw straw. This comes in a kit from Vulcan performance. This kit will include the proper wire harness so the lift pump cannot damage the ECM when it starts to go out and causes excessive power draw on the ECM. The wire harness allows the ECM to control the lift pump, but with power being taken from the batteries and has further diode protection for the ECM. I have seen lots of sediment on my intank screen and lift pump at the bottom of the tank. It was 2/3rds blocked and was glad to get that out and now have an accessible filter that is now outside the tank at it should. These trucks need flow or you choke them to death, that's the correct philosophy, good flow and not having anything to do with the factory's skinney little set up. Sorry about the rant.
  15. Last bad recession one family was buying land and real estate having me do lots of work. Material prices were low and sub were hurting for work. They kept me going for 5 years solid. They knew what they were doing. Very smart people.
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