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  1. I like my Mag Hytech aluminum pan a lot, Except when Source Auto serviced the trans it leaks. Never did before when I had them put the pan on there originally. I think you can reuse the pan gasket on the Mag Hytech.
  2. I did the 150 as there are times when the 100 is on the weak side of keeping the minimum of 14 p.s.i. even without power modes. I got mine from Vulcan around $450 bucks and got everything needed. The straw, 1/2'' lines and pre made relay harness. I like Vulcan because he will ask enough questions to get you set up correctly.
  3. JAG1

    Hello from Idaho

    With all them feathers Dripley needs anti sneeze.
  4. JAG1

    Hello from Idaho

    Cool thing making your own jig. Old and slow is a good thing because I made all the mistakes when young and fast.
  5. JAG1

    New Member Checking In

    Yep good folks around here. Best place in the world with your first cup in the morning. Then usually by the second and third cup too.
  6. JAG1

    hello from tenn.

    Nice! How many miles on it and are all the boots intact? Good clean filters everywhere? Welcome to the forum.
  7. Its a good feeling to get that done and go so well. Part of the reason it's important to learn is all the talk about the VP being the weak point with these trucks. Using 2 stroke in the fuel, with good pressure, keeping A/C noise low makes it a reliable truck. Esp. when the injection pump is one of the easiest to change.
  8. I have a friend that says he's getting too old to take care of his place and wants a smaller place. Well it's a 5 acre place in hay fields and beautiful landscaping, but he's terribly afraid of bad neighbors in a subdivision situation. He's heard horror stories. I told him to buy another 5 acre private place that is just woodland and let the wild animals take care of it. There is not a lot you have to do except keep the grass cut around the house and leave it at that for the most part. So yes I appreciate the lite work load of having woods like you Dave. This year we rented a man lift (55ft.) and cut all the widow maker branches off. Some up to 6-7 inch diameter that broke as soon as the chainsaw just touched them , but now there is about two cords of branch wood there with no splitting required.
  9. I hope you find it. In the old days when I first bought my 02 I worried about heat damage and ran an old vac hose from the front on up to the ECM to help cool it. Did the same for the VP with a second hose and put an inline bilge blower to blow cool air.
  10. JAG1

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    When my tank is low I can see my mechanical gauge fluctuate and at the same moment hear the lift pump sucking some air. It's usually on hills, inclines or take offs with a low tank. What we really need is a tank sump that has the draw straw going down in there.
  11. JAG1

    Thread size of trans temp probe

    Can't blame you on that.
  12. JAG1

    High Fuel Temp

    Dripley, is that the chicken flavored? Yumm! Washable filters, even with the best of care start breaking down with each washing. At least that's the word on the street.
  13. JAG1

    Thread size of trans temp probe

    Are you near a hardware store where you can bring it down and thread it into the template for bolt sizes and threads? I say this because even the best of us can make a mistake and be wrong.
  14. That's some amazing sized Oak. IBMobile will be over there next week with his 12 ounce hatchet