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  1. So my 1999 auto 24v came with 215 hp 420 ft lbs torque After 275 rv injectors and old style edge on high add 100 hp so 315 hp what’s my torque ft lbs now ? And how are these numbers figured out. i would like to understand Why is a new ho Cummins 420 hp and 1000 ft lbs of torque then. I’m trying to understand
  2. No vin and no real price yet. Dealer and salesman don’t know much of anything really very normal I suppose
  3. I like your thinking So new is not always the way is it Glad you told me that. I knew someone would. Sad but true But hey someone’s got to spend my retirement. Spoiled rotten step kids will live the big life when I’m gone. I might as well drive new. It’s a huge problem
  4. Very interesting. So would you cancel truck if and when it came will it be a lemon of sorts or what. What do you think? If my new found wonderful diesel and transmission man wasn’t 50 miles away from me I know what I would do . Keep my old truck. It cost $500 to get it there on a flat bed this early summer with my tranny issues. State Farm stood the towing I have tow insurance. I had to pay like $170 as I remember. But how many times will they do that? I have another mechanic of interest local. I have to check him out in the morning. If I like him and he work on it my decision will be easier maybe time will tell..
  5. Ok so I ordered a new 2022 ho aisin 5 months age. Salesman at dealer keeps telling me it’s built and being shipped. What I’m reading on line some ordered trucks have been built but are waiting for chips somewhere. Old truck is running fine About 1500 mile since tranny issues limp mode etc. so I wait which is fine. But I do have first right of refusal when truck comes . I would get my $500 back and they would put it on the lot and it would sell . My wife says we should at least wait and see it. I agree. It will be either love at first sight or not. I want her there as well .To keep it or turn it away. Should I wait until next years model 2023 and reorder. Would that be better. Will they change the cabs and box dimensions My slide in truck camper will fit a 2021 with slight mods . I hardly drive old truck in the winter and not very far. So it having issues is low. I thought it would be a good topic while I wait. We have had frost two nights in a row and it snowed a bit middle of the night. Leaves are starting to come down pretty fast now. Party’s over Will fit a 2022 not 2021 sorry
  6. Not enough electrical grid in the country to support all electric now but little by little electric will become more popular. I see the long distance semi trucks are being remotely driven now. Kind of scary I did a short drive about today. Leaves are turning and falling. I went by 4 new car dealers by purpose. Nothing that looks new 2022 and no volume. Same big spaces of no cars or trucks
  7. So let me explain my set up a bit first. I have a man door on the side of my house behind a locked gate. Natural gas meter is on same side of the house 20 ft from door. Also a larger dog door. When I ran gasoline in the past the gen would set outside and run . I ran a cord thru the dog door to the homemade double throw to run the furnace then ran electrical cords thru the house garage to run freezers etc moving things about as needed. So my goal was to for some reason have the gen set by the door.So I could look after it and not have to do 20 ft of snow So I got 20 ft gas hose from them . I thought I could just turn the gas off and get a plug for the meter. They sent me a inline coupling with a shut off valve. I had a certified plumber put it on for 150$. He earned his money. Was there the next day I called and did a great job. The fittings were really tight etc My goal was to be able when the lights went out start the gen on gasoline them rather easily switch to natural gas. Save my spare propane and gasoline as back up in case the gas lines were broken . So after the install the kit came set up for propane. That’s where I thought I would start out then change the carb jet to natural gas a very simple job and move on but I had problems. The gen would not start on propane so I called them sent them pictures of the install etc We tried a second 20 lbs propane bottle. Both where full No start no fire run rough nothing. So in the process with winter fast approaching here I took the 20 lbs off my back porch grill and covered it for the winter . We use a smaller grill in the garage for winter Barbie just open the door. 20 lb was about half full and I had two other half fulls to fill before winter. So I tried the 1/2 bottle and it fired right up. Then I switched out the jet to natural gas and hooked that up. Best way to do it’s start the gen on gasoline 1 maybe two pulls then turn the gasoline on the gen off and when it starts to stumble turn the natural gas on and bring them together. Very soon you are then on natural gas works great. Now to teach my wife and neighbor and two step boys to do it if I’m not here. So I had a gas / air lock in the two full bottles When they fill them by weight and burp them I think it happens. I have a 20 lbs lay down propane in my slide in and when I fill it up it will not start the refer in the camper until I start the cook stove and let it burn a bit to relieve the gas/air lock. The same thing I’m sure. Questions ?
  8. Not enough electrical grid in the country to support all electric now but little by little electric will become more popular. I see the long distance semi trucks are being remotely driven now. Kind of scary
  9. Hutch Mountain out of Utah. Very good service. Although a easy enough install there were some running issues but they helped me and we worked them out. I will tell youthe problem if your interested. Kind of interesting actually Very happy with my set up
  10. Well I gave about $35-37 k in 1999 I had to order it to get regular cab long box way back then. I have never had a extended cab truck at work or my own. Don’t know what I’m missing I guess. Anyway I have spent a lot of money over the years on it. Just fuel and oil changes tires battery’s etc. just the cost to drive. Then there was upgrades. More power. It was a bit dead stock. 100 hp extra helped It needed a much better tranny and exhaust brake. Then the lift pumps I bought until the after market caught up. So if I got 18 -20 k I would not be making any money. But still better than selling it for 5-8 k. So double my money would be nice. New trucks might be better because they have everything I did to this truck and more. Tow mirrors air bags etc to make it haul a 3 k slide in pretty much ready to go which is nice. And dodge can take care of it. I will not void the warranty like I need back in 1999. I can’t work on them very much anymore. But I still like my 24 v 5.9. It’s a nice truck. And you guys that can work on them should keep them as long as you can But my story is different and about $67 k different right ???
  11. Ok stanadyne or fppr total power. No power service ever Fppf total power Petrol marine product
  12. I built a home made one from a electrical switch box. Either I’m on my Honda gen power or the electric company I marked it very well and put a lock and key on it so it can be controlled. Poor mans double throw. And I have a ton of extension cords and three way plugs to run thru the house. No where near as sophisticated as mopar man but it works for us just fine Key thing it runs the furnace and we don’t freeze up
  13. Sound like you need a 240 volt generator. Honda’s only do 120 v in the smaller generators I believe
  14. Stanadyne power service Amsoil all in one and a product called fppf total power are available here for the most part. Stanadyne seems to be the most prevalent in auto stores etc here. Which is my best choice Not power service
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