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  1. Sure hope old my governor pressure block has the clip to hold in the governor pressure sensor / transducer because the external holder on the ats GM block will not work with the old style transducer. It must have one. To hold in the old one. We will see. Off to go king salmon sport fishing for a few days. Only happens once a year and last year was a no go because of the virus. Fish on
  2. Well as you can see my parts are here I’m so happy but my second man is in LV and my step son and a 12 year old daughter are climing a local mountsin Tonight. So I wait. Parts look good Alaska’s a different Place it’s full tilt boogie here in the summer. We can not wait winter soon enough Dodge trucks. Must wait there turn iy
  3. Will send in a bit off to the airport to pick up my wife. I would assume ? That ats is sending me the GM solenoid which is bigger in physical size and requires the replacement block and wiring also you buy the transducer or sensor old term separately. $291 shipped to alaska. About $30 -35 was shipping fed ex more later
  4. Since I will be the topside tool man and coach from above tomorrow night I hope if parts show up Monday. I’m going over all the torque specs etc. getting tools layed out. I want to make this as seamless as possible But I have one burning question. My $100 service Manuel back in 1999 shows a small clip. Does my made in fall 1998 have this clip? Do I need this clip and if my parts don’t have the clip what next? Thanks
  5. So who makes the best front and rear flaps that go just behind the tire on the wheel well to keep the road rash off the lower part of the truck. A must have here
  6. Should have parts Monday June 14 th. Ordered may 25 .th Not bd diesel. ( Sorry bd ) ATS diesel $35 to ship will not be using them again . Will not be doing them again should have went bd in the first place my mistake Oh well
  7. I see those big rubber / plastic cover things over the wheel well are they any good. They look nice. Bushwacker fender flares Rivet or smooth. Do they keep the sides protected from rocks etc no whopper tires for me. Promised my wife I would keep this one stock out of the box
  8. Has anybody done this. How did work out would you do it again etc Did eliminated the need for wheel well flaps etc
  9. A 7800 lbs truck with a 300 hp Cummins in 4 high will pull anything you ever wanted. No need 4 low. So what would a transmission shop charge me to take it out and fix it. If they will even work on my truck ?
  10. Great info thank you. But way out of my expertise to repair for sure. Would need to go to transmission shop. Wonder why that spring gets tweaked out like that. Probably only used 4 low a half dozen times when truck was new
  11. Goes in high just fine. Use it in and out in alaska a bunch. Hardly ever use 4 low now for several years . I know to back up neutral etc it just will not go in and and sometimes makes a just awful noise So what is the problem??
  12. I swear on the 29 th of May I called BD diesel talk to a sales person and ordered the parts They even had me in there system . Today I called them and they knew nothing about it and I was not in their system. Did a reorder. Should have parts in 2- 3 days. Good thing I’m in no hurry right
  13. After about 2-2:5 hours and it’s not totally cured for sure. I some how don’t think your going to peel it off. Time will tell I think on a clean roof so it sticks down good it might be a good product. Clear and white I think Black ? Spray can and brush. Home Depot and or Lowe’s now carry’s it I think
  14. I have a can of clear flex seal spray. No glass Maybe like the bottom of a glass jar ??? Ok I found a clear one quart glass jar with smooth bottom. Shook up can real well . Does not say drying time Report later
  15. Not maybe this year but next I have relatives in Henderson NV also. I have more Alaska story’s than you can shake a stick at. Do I really need a a/c for October November . No body in alaska has them
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