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  1. 01 Cummins with 300k, I got a p1762 and a p1763 code. Replaced all solenoids internal on the transmission.(haven't touch the internal wiring yet) Ground is good, ran a jumper wire and by passed the pcm, made no change, 5volt line on data says it's stuck at 4.98 but doesn't show any v coming out of the pcm to the transmission, all grounds check out with a it break out box. Pickup is stuck in 3rd year with 108 gov press psi at idle and gov pr duty cyc is at 1, when you press the od switch, it's saying pressed but it turns right back off on snap on scanner. I can see life data and I have ran all relay test I am think of. Pcm has 12v coming in, ECM does also. Batteries have a good load on them, alternator checks out also. My otc breakout box checks out, all grounds are good. I'm at a lost with this thing, I'm 99% sure it's the pcm, but how do I run a test on it or is there any way it is before I go throwing money at it. Sorry I haven't been on here for a long time! I quit putting money into my 01 haha TIA!
  2. fuze24v


  3. So that linkage is the linkage that controls what gear it goes into in the cab right? P R N P 2 1
  4. Okay need some clarification, so I watched the video for the fix on the bushing, I wouldn't say mine moves. 1/4 of a inch, but it moves pretty good and it clunks, safe to say it's probably that, Also have a different question, on the spring itself( going to try to post a video of mine) there is a bracket off the spring with a rod that goes down towards the tranny. Is that the shifting ROD?? Might be a stupid question, I'm going to guess it is ??
  5. Okay, so if this makes a difference, I have no steering wheel lock either. Just got in it to pull it into the shop, and no lock haha. Tearing into it now,
  6. If I disconnect the steering shaft in the engine bay itself, I won't mess up the clock spring right? ( Meaning not to turn it to far) and when you say bushing, are you meaning the joint in the column? Or is there another bushing I'm missing? I don't think it's the clock spring because my cruise control works and no airbag lights,
  7. So this problem has slowly been getting worse, Little run down, beginning of all this. so every time ya go to turn, it makes a squeaking noise, left or right doesn't matter. As time went on, it got a little worse, then when you started turning left, ( still makes the squeaking noise) the steering wheel would tight up, not alot but enough to notice in the wheel and got really annoying, it wouldnt tighten up turning right, normal as could be. Well now it's getting bad, if you go to turn left, it'll pop out of drive into neutral, go to turn right it, it wants to pop out of drive and has, also the gear indicator has been funky, When you go to put into park, the indicator stays on drive, or 1st gear, the indicator in neutral. Wants to stick. Couple things I'm thinking it could be, Bad clock spring, Steering column ujoint bad? But that doesn't explain why it would pop out of gear. Cable linkage out of whack? Bad steering column in general. Now I haven't torn into anything yet, but it's going to be my weekend project, just need to know what I should be looking for/checking. It's to the point now where it's almost to bad to drive. Thanks in advance!!
  8. I must of got confused then, you sent me the windows 10 link ha, guess that's what I get for not reading everything I'm going to try it this weekend then. I'll have to re look at it, but I have also been battleing a timing issue with mine. Is does not like the timing at 8 and The stretch at 1800 I have to be at least 1950 or 2000 to have a good pull. If I drop my timing, I can go down on my fuel stretch
  9. Are you meaning with the new v2 flash? I haven't had a chance to plug the quad in at all, the laptop that I have doesnt have 10 on it, got to buy a new one, I'm still running the old version. That makes sense if that's it..... never thought about that
  10. I'm getting a little toasty on a 6 second pull,this is the highest boost and EGT I have ever hit yet. but here is my issue now, all my safety nets are down, and it's still wanting to back me down, I'm waiting to get a laptop that has windows 10 on it so I can do the new flashing, but the backdown doesn't make sense to me, seems like 40% is a lot to me, maybe it's for good reason cause I don't have studs yet, but something funky is happening,
  11. Thats sick! that would be a blast to climb waterfalls!! i have only ever jumped off of them, haha never thought about climbing back up them
  12. Well if your ever up my way, swing on by!!! Thanks! Same goes for you! If ya ever make it to my neck of the woods, don't be shy! I know ya don't live to far away from me. You would of never thought this is by riggins!! Really amazing place Mike! Same goes for you also, if your ever my way! Swing on by,
  13. you would be correct Mike! we live on the base of Sky line mountains, haha love this place, i can do ya one better JAG1....... so im a sucker for photography.... so im going to photo bomb yall, sorry in advance lol there is only one pic in this bunch that has a filter, its the one that im going down the highway into town, the rest were done off my Iphone 6 , and for yall that have never seen Idaho, Enjoy!
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