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  1. TFaoro

    Well the Order is in

    @Me78569 if you want to drive down to Penrose I'll have a crisp $100 bill waiting for ya!
  2. Not me ! I slammed that SOB into 4th and drove it home! Trevor should call me before he tries to show off in front of dum dums.
  3. Can't do that. If I keep using the 4th gen the way I have been the exhaust will be plugged in a month. I will won't sell the old girl - I'll use it for everything around town from towing to getting groceries. The 4th gen will be used for out of town stuff. And now that hell has frozen over, it's time to fix that oil leak
  4. Park it next to a 4th gen and don't drive it for a week or two. It'll straighten up! Mine just has an oil leak since I did that.
  5. just quit messing with it. It's getting tired of your crap!
  6. TFaoro

    Breather for valve cover?

    @trreed what's the name of that site I sent you?? It had good oil rated hose for cheap - all sizes too!
  7. Start around 20* and move up as need be. It would help to speak with your injector to know how high your timing can be while being safe for DDing.
  8. No.... I try to keep my foot out of it haha. If I send it with full power it'll likely blow the trans to pieces.
  9. Labor is about $300 per panel, assuming no major dents that will take significant time to fix. From there you have paint (expensive), consumables (tape, paper, bondo, two sided tape, etc) Then you have the time to remove and reinstall all trim / moldings, mirrors, lights, antenna, etc. I think a full paint job was 5 to 6K IIRC. Mine was significantly less, but I got the friend discount. That's likely ARP's lube....
  10. Haha!! That's the man behind the paint job! It was painted in his garage the first time, then done at the dealership he works for this time. He wasn't overly joyed about having to take a picture with it. He loves the truck though and takes extra care when working on it to make it as perfect as possible. I just can't believe how shiny it is. It's like looking in a blue mirror.
  11. That's a big fat negative. When they cooked the truck it cracked worse too
  12. Finally got it back from paint.
  13. TFaoro

    Well the Order is in

    Hey now don't be linking Laramie's with Tradesman's..... In all reality though, I agree with your choice. The ONLY reason I purchased mine was the 10K below blue book. I was able to beat the guy down to the price he was going to get at the dealer for trade-in. Finding a 13+ with less than 40K and a decent price is very difficult.
  14. TFaoro

    Well the Order is in

    Post 3. I bought another POS 2nd gen BTW your first mod should be a 2 Lo kit built by YOU
  15. TFaoro

    How many KMS/MILES you got

    225K on the body, 70K on the trans, 15K on the clutch, 35K on the motor (all in miles). Doesn't get the best mileage, but gets 15 around town and 18-19 on the highway.