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  2. I figured if I had any issues they would have shown themselves by now.... either that or the dealer would fight me on it like the oil pan - so screw the warranty. I'm sure @Me78569 hasn't and I still haven't done one since I bought it. Probably voided my warranty by not doing it every 6 months
  3. Got tired of the horrible mileage and choking the engine with exhaust.... I'm attempting to get @Me78569 to follow suit! Hopefully picking up the EGR delete kit tonight. (Depending on if @trreed can get me the pan gasket) 5" exhaust with muffler should be here Wednesday Pan gasket will be here this week one way or another. Hopefully everything will be done by the weekend.
  4. You've got the first two numbers correct. The third number is the cross sectional area of of the exhaust housing. The larger this number, the better it will flow, but the slower it will spool. The smaller this number, the worse it will flow, but the faster it will spool.
  5. That's a horrible turbo for both a high performance single and towing. Sounds to me like you need to drop down to 7x.010 injectors with a 62/68/14, 62/68/12, 62/65/14, or 62/65/12.Those should be T3 turbos as well. Then get a quad with V2 and enjoy smokeless power.
  6. I don't think so.... Take a look at this PDF. https://racemecanada-com.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/Files/DODGE RAM PIDS.pdf
  7. Here to learn. @Me78569 if it would be helpful to borrow my RaceMe, let me know. My 4th gen is doing a lot of sitting, so I wont need it..... at least for now.
  8. Creature comforts Once you have some AC blown on your rear your life changes BUT The 4th gen only gets used for the longer trips. I've put 4K miles on it in almost a year, where I've put about 10-12K on the 2nd gen - most of those were hooked to a trailer too. It's pretty sad I haven't had the 2nd gen apart in almost a year too! Just did some wheel bearings recently is all.
  9. IMO the words I highlighted in red are incorrect. A well-done conversion is easily daily drivable. I do it all the time and tow more than most on here with it. Smoke is not an issue with a Ppump assuming you know how to use a screwdriver. I believe there are many things to gain with a Ppump, especially if you want a higher HP daily. However, if you don't like to dive in deep and tinker with the pump until you find the happy spot, I'd stay away from it. All to often there are hack jobs who try to throw the swap together then sell the truck when it won't run right. That's purely mechanic error though. If you like the electronic control and don't plan on going over 600hp you should definitely keep the VP.
  10. @Me78569 if you want to drive down to Penrose I'll have a crisp $100 bill waiting for ya!
  11. Not me ! I slammed that SOB into 4th and drove it home! Trevor should call me before he tries to show off in front of dum dums.
  12. Can't do that. If I keep using the 4th gen the way I have been the exhaust will be plugged in a month. I will won't sell the old girl - I'll use it for everything around town from towing to getting groceries. The 4th gen will be used for out of town stuff. And now that hell has frozen over, it's time to fix that oil leak
  13. Park it next to a 4th gen and don't drive it for a week or two. It'll straighten up! Mine just has an oil leak since I did that.
  14. just quit messing with it. It's getting tired of your crap!
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