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  1. The 12V definitely looks lower. I'll have to call and see if someone can measure it for me.
  2. I'm assuming you're talking about Wade? I thought he had a 24V pusher... or XDP or something.
  3. Blasphemy! The last time I asked you said IDK. Hopefully they're getting the new hood on with the stocker in place haha.
  4. Tyler's 4th Gen

    I don't believe so. I went through the dash setup when I first bought it and don't remember it being in there. I'm curious now though, so I'll check and grab some pictures for @Me78569 while I'm at it.
  5. Tyler's 4th Gen

    When the truck has a DEF issue, it'll pop up with a message that you have 200 miles until it goes into a 5mph limp mode. Now if you keep the truck running it'll keep going past 200 without an issue. If you shut it down, it could get stuck in limp mode.
  6. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Unfortunately I don't think it matters how many smart people get together to try and solve the problem. An EGR is an EGR - they'll always decrease efficiency and fill the intake with soot. The rest of the exhaust system might be okay for now. It seems people with 2013+ have many less issues than the 07.5-09 and even the 10-12 model years. I've read the EGR is open a lot less on the 2013+, but after having a monitor and seeing mine open 30+% at almost all times I'm not convinced that information is correct. I think if the manufactures can get rid of the EGR and work on increasing the reliability of the rest of the exhaust system things will be pretty decent. Until then, those of us who don't want to deal with "200 miles until 5mph" will delete.
  7. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Nick is correct. "RaceMe Ultra and MM3" are literally a Smarty Touch with delete software. They're made in Europe and sold from Europe or Canada. MM3 is the same as the RaceMe, but it doesn't have pre-loaded tunes in it.
  8. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Not quite yet.... I'm going to have the dealer fix the nasty oil pan leak, then she'll get deleted. It's been drinking DEF like crazy, so that's my excuse. I'll be using WARP tuning written by me to delete it and optimize the stock tune for better mileage.
  9. Yeah, it sucked. Luckily there was only minor cosmetic damage and was found by the police 2 weeks later. I was running an S&B. I do know they don't do anything for gains, but it sure looked pretty!
  10. Little update. Found a boot starting to tear. I had to swap back to a stock intake horn to get the hood to fit without "Hammer Modification" The truck is now sitting at the body shop getting all of the hail damage and damage from being stolen fixed. This includes a new hood - thus the reason for the stock intake horn.
  11. That means you can give me my boot back!
  12. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Oh I know - I hurt the paint on my 2nd gen with tires that weren't tucked. Lesson learned! No..... It all depends on how the wheel is setup. There's wheels with +24 offset that'll sit inside the steel fenders - which would be WAY inside the factory flares. Don't bring your jealousy out on the forum young padawan
  13. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Thinking about a set of wheels for the new pig. These are 20x10 with a -19 offset. I'm thinking 20x9 with a 0 or +1 offset as I want the wheels tucked (I like my paint!) If anyone has some suggestions post them up. @trreed thinks the ones I like suck, so let's see what you guys like!
  14. So I'll give a little info on the fuel system before I send some pictures: Suction: I've got 1/2in line running from the vulcan module to a 100mic 1/2in pre filter. That hose runs up to the front of the truck and into the pump. Pressure: On the pressure side the fuel runs out of the pump back near the tank (where the filters are mounted) and into the filters. I couldn't find another place to mount the filter, so lots of fuel line! From the filters, the fuel runs back up the frame rail to dual feed for the p7100. On the return side, it comes out of the injection pump (3/8 line) into a Fuel Lab 525 series pressure regulator that's set at 44psi at idle. I managed to get rid of the T fitting that hangs out at the back of the block. I replaced the line on the back of the block with a metal to rubber connection (again 3/8) and ran the regulator / injector return into a 3/8 JIC T fitting (no more leaks there!!!) It then runs from that T back to the tank. Tons of fuel line, but pressures are very stable! As long as it seals up, I'll be satisfied. Hopefully I'll fill it today and find out. Nothing there, but Summit has some. Not cheap! https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ear-718013erl That's because it would need to be a -12AN Male to hose barb https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rus-670330 Thanks for finding that!