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  1. I've got a 5" FTE resonator and a muffler on my 4th gen. Before adding the FTE, I just had the muffler. I didn't notice any difference when I added the resonator in (EGTs, mpg, or butt dyno). I'm guessing my hp is around 385-400. I doubt you'd notice anything. That said - FTE is known to cause restriction.
  2. Do you own a code scanner where you could attempt to connect to the system?
  3. @Mopar1973Man I'm sure you have a wiring diagram you could point to.... I'd take some pictures, but I'm nowhere near my truck.
  4. I typically see the same temps John did with his 05 in my 14. I have seen temps as high as 245 pulling a very long grade with 16k in tow. I'd be interested to see what my 2nd gen does, but don't have a sensor to install.
  5. Been a very busy couple years! I plan to stick around for a while!
  6. I like seeing the work you do.... but I'm not a huge fan of seeing your feet When I make it back to the states I'll have to come check this thing out!
  7. @Gregturley new holes in your door or in the new mirror? I assumed it would be pretty simple. I would grab a set of wires from the junk yard so you can use the factory dodge ends without cutting up your harness.
  8. Is the bolt pattern the same on the mirror and door? If yours are power, how are you connecting power? Thanks!
  9. TFaoro


  10. I figured if I had any issues they would have shown themselves by now.... either that or the dealer would fight me on it like the oil pan - so screw the warranty. I'm sure @Me78569 hasn't and I still haven't done one since I bought it. Probably voided my warranty by not doing it every 6 months
  11. Got tired of the horrible mileage and choking the engine with exhaust.... I'm attempting to get @Me78569 to follow suit! Hopefully picking up the EGR delete kit tonight. (Depending on if @trreed can get me the pan gasket) 5" exhaust with muffler should be here Wednesday Pan gasket will be here this week one way or another. Hopefully everything will be done by the weekend.
  12. You've got the first two numbers correct. The third number is the cross sectional area of of the exhaust housing. The larger this number, the better it will flow, but the slower it will spool. The smaller this number, the worse it will flow, but the faster it will spool.
  13. That's a horrible turbo for both a high performance single and towing. Sounds to me like you need to drop down to 7x.010 injectors with a 62/68/14, 62/68/12, 62/65/14, or 62/65/12.Those should be T3 turbos as well. Then get a quad with V2 and enjoy smokeless power.
  14. I don't think so.... Take a look at this PDF. https://racemecanada-com.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/Files/DODGE RAM PIDS.pdf
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