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  1. Looks good @Red Rambler. The most important thing is driver satisfaction. If the person driving the car is happy with the sound what else really matters? If you're looking for a good affordable sub look at Skar. I've heard good things about their full range drivers and their component speakers but only have 1st hand experience with the subs. Hit hard and clean, take good power.
  2. @Red Rambler cruthfield is a great place to do research. Their prices can be a little high. I use them mostly as an info site then buy elsewhere online. Sorry, but I'm usually 99.8% sure of what i want before i order it and cant see giving crutchfield $50-$100 on stereo equipment. I just make sure the place i order from has good reviews and use a credit card for the purchase protection the cc company gives you.
  3. The thing about the 880prs and 80prs pioneers is the adjustments. 32 band eq, built in crossovers, etc. Very good for tuning the system to fit whatever vehicle they are in. I don't like the looks of the 80prs but on paper it looks to be as good as the 880prs.
  4. @Red Rambler the polk db series speaker is hard to beat for the money. They can be overpowered and are marine rated. Those speakers will come to life with a clean amp. I spent 3 times on Boston Acoustic speakers that are now dead and never sounded as good as the Polk. if ya want a good head unit with a lot of user adjustments look at the pioneer deh 80prs. Will be my next head unit. Not quite as good as mine but affordable, has Bluetooth, and not $1000.
  5. If it weren't for my daughter and my 2 stepsons it would be "oh well who cares" . its because of the kids that its ripping my heart out. But i may have had an upturn tonight. She sent me a message that said" get the **** to the lawyer asap. Uncontested. I want it over" guess she really wants to be free to be with her boyfriend at work. Maybe he's realising she lied her *** of to him too and putting pressure on her. Whatever. I'm so past done its a joke.
  6. @01cummins4everno i really haven't had a good chance to test it. I got it really cheap and got it working for about $150. This truck was my retirement vehicle. It was going to tow a camper or a boat when i retired and my family moved south. Now all those plans are gone. Since October my world has been upside down. I'm homeless living on a friends couch. I have my car, truck, clothes, guns and a dresser. Literally nothing else. I've lost everything i worked 30 years for. Hell the next post i put up might be the truck for sale. Guys never take anything for granted. Over 5 days my en
  7. @Red Rambler a really old pioneer premiere. Deh p880 prs. Think i bought it in 03 or 05 No dash mods needed for a standard single DIN stereo.
  8. @IBMobile sorry only 1 exhaust brake and it's on my truck. @Dieselfuture sorry to hear about your situation. Hope something good works out for you.
  9. Get an aftermarket head unit. At least 1 amp. Polk Audio speakers. Rock on bud
  10. Mike. You offered to help me tune my truck. I've been gone for awhile over personal problems. I could really use some help now if you have time. Thanks, Greg. I'm on est.
  11. I'm going thru a divorce. If there's anyone around louisville ky that need any parts I've got its free. Have a drill press i need $300 for.
  12. After a couple weeks of driving with the new brakes i can say it is a great improvement over stock brakes. I've just been running empty, no towing, but where i would notice brake fade with the stock brakes i see none with the 3rd gen stuff. They got a good workout this past week in a heavy rain on interstate.
  13. @CUMMINSDIESELPWR $1300 for horns? Wow. I could buy 2 cases of 45acp for that!!! Work with a guy that found an old train horn in a dumpster a few years ago. Tried to buy it from him but he sold it to his buddy. Probably wouldn't have been able to find a good spot to mount it anyway. Thing was huge. With all the crap going on in Louisville i wanted a louder horn. We have Until Freedom, blm, antifa, nfac and oprah people here along with the local hoodrats. @That Guy found a total of 3 horns. I'm keeping 1 pair, don't matter to me which one.
  14. Anyone around Louisville KY need front and rear rotors or caliper brackets for a 01 2500 4wd? All are good, stopped smooth no pulsation. Did 3rd gen swap and hate to trash these. Also have like new rear pads from napa had maybe 7000 miles on them.
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