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  1. @beren thank you. Just start looking around for sheet metal and talk to local painters. I got lucky when i found the bed. $200, 20 minutes from home 1 owner truck that had an engine fire. Everything else had been sold already. Got 2 fenders and driver front door when we went on vacation to Florida, $200. Went to buy my Hummer wheels and the guy had a driver rear door for $100. Tailgate was $50 from Pull-A-Part. $1700 to paint all the loose parts, including my tonneau cover. Paid $2300 for the truck, have $2250 in paint and body that was spread out over 2 years. Still need to patch driver floor, i can do that, and front of rockers. They are white duct tape right now.
  2. 2 old racer tricks for making intercooler hoses stay on: 1) Spray hair spray on tube and inside boot, put together wet. 2) Liquid dish soap such as Dawn. Wipe on tubes and inside hose, put on wet. Be warned: after the hair spray or dish soap dries it can be nearly impossible to remove the hoses. May have to cut them off. Both tricks will work extremely well just be sure you don't have to take them apart any time soon. We would do this on the hard to reach hoses and leave 1 or 2 hoses dry for easy disassembly for maintenance. Built over 100psi on accident. Burned through 2 cylinders but all hoses stayed on.
  3. @Bullet thanks. I didn't realize how different it looks now till i ran across those pics in my phone. They don't show the black crud growing on it.
  4. Here's the rust bucket straight from the auction. Still sitting on my lot at work.
  5. Never thought to try a pressure washer, but after all the sanding, buffing and hand waxing the whole damned truck i don't think i would have wanted to get it wet again. Have some spare handles i'll try that on.
  6. @Doubletrouble you're welcome. Seems too simple but it works.
  7. Got a bit sloppy with the compound and got it on my driver door handle pretty bad. This stuff is hard to remove from black plastic and makes it look really bad. A really easy way to get it clean is an eraser. Big pink eraser. Took less than 5 minutes to clean. I didn't use anything else on this. Trim around tailgate handle is new but handle is original. Eraser also works well for wax residue. Even shined up the paint spot thats been on the handle since i got the truck.
  8. @hdpwipmonkey did you use factory rotors or the drilled and slotted?
  9. Its time to start looking for pads and rotors, front and rear, for my brake upgrade. I usually use ceramic pads from NAPA, lots of Adaptive One stuff and their premium rotors but I've been looking more for this project. Has anyone used Power Stop Evolution pads and rotors on their truck? If so which ones and would you use them again? Any other recommendations for good stopping power, brake fade, noise?
  10. Thank you. I wanted something different and always liked that style lettering.
  11. Got the tailgate trim in today. Now i need to find time to do driver front door and I'll done with the body.
  12. I say that because they should have experience with putting them in and sealing it up good.
  13. Got done waxing it just as the rain started coming down. Got tired of looking at the faded eBay grille so i cleaned it up too. Before: Now:
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