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  1. Rotella 15w40 & on cold start with Autometer gauge at oil filter head I have 38psi idle and 85psi 2000 RPM. Hot idle 30psi idle, 75psi 2000 RPM. Factory dash gauge reads a few pounds lower but seems to mirror movement.
  2. I put flush mount reverse lights in the bumper when i built it and quickly realized they suck. A quick trip to AutoZone and i picked up some 3M lens repair film. I put 2 layers on the inside of the led lens and hooked the wiring up to the trailer wiring for left & right turn/brake signals. Now instead of useless reverse lights I have very visible led turn/brake lights. Mounted some extra cube leds under the bumper that work great for back up lamps.
  3. Have you replaced the bushings in the front trailing arms? I have fixed braking pulls on many 2nd gen 4wd's with new bushings. I used Energy Suspension many times and really liked them. When the time comes to do the 01 I'll be using them again.
  4. @Mopar1973Man I have to hold off on sending you my gauge. Had some things come up with the truck and put the gauge back in for at least this weekend. Was nice talking to you for the short time yesterday. I can't thank you and everyone else on this site enough for the help, answers, opinions, etc that I've received in the short time I've been on here. Its rare to find people that don't dog out a guy for asking questions on the internet. Keep up the great work on Mopar1973man.com.
  5. @Mopar1973Man how would you prefer money? Send it thru this site? Cash in with the gauge?
  6. You know more about these gauges than I do. Im running a Fuel Boss with 16psi idle, 18psi max so I guess it could be set anywhere in the 11-14 range if the idiot light comes on 1psi lower than set point. Can the lighting color be changed to blue on the Isspro EV2 gauges? I remember reading something was programmable with lighting but dont remember what.
  7. Thanks @Mopar1973Man I'll try to pull it out tomorrow and send it to you. How much $$$ you need for this? Its just the fuel gauge. All my other gauges are Autometer Cobalts so nothing to program on them.
  8. Is there anyone on here that can program an Isspro fuel pressure gauge for me? I would like the warning light to come on at 10 psi. I dont really want to buy the stuff to do it because I only have the 1 Isspro gauge. If someone is willing to do it let me know a price and where to send it. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the responses. I was trying to be lazy and see if anyone had ballpark pressure for my tire size because it is so common and I haven't had time to scale the truck yet. Right now I'm running 50 front and rear. Might try 45 front 40 rear and see how it does. I've heard the BFG sidewall isn't as stiff as the Toyo and some other tires and that they needed a little more psi for better road feel.
  10. Trying to figure out the best tire pressure to run in BFG 265/75R16. I have a 2001 quad cab short bed 4WD. My daily drive is about 30 miles round trip with about 60% highway. Trying to balance ride quality with tread wear. Truck has hard tonneau cover, rear bumper that weighs about 140-150, and about 150 lbs of stereo equipment, and Bilstein shocks. Otherwise pretty much stock as far as weight goes. Please let me know what you think.
  11. @01cummins4ever told me about the strainer. Ordered 2 so i would have one on hand. I go from strainer to filter with a Baldwin PF7977 in it.
  12. I have to say as of now i am completely happy with the Fuel Boss. Truck starts great with no electric pump, fuel pressure has settled in at 16 at idle 18 at cruising speed. I really have no idea why more people don't run mechanical pumps. After using a bunch of different electric fuel pumps on drag cars and street driven hot rods I knew I didn't want one on the diesel.
  13. Thats sad to hear. It comes with a draw straw and the pulleys look to be metal. Bad customer service will turn me away from a place faster than a high price.
  14. I looked at the Assassin but really couldn't find anything good or bad about it. If you get it let me know what you think of it.
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