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  1. Most micro switches have 3 terminals. 1 common, 1 normally open, 1 normally closed. Use normally closed and common.
  2. Leave the rubber hose on your vent. Make it long enough to get to easy and put a fuel filter for a carb'ed gas engine on the end. Allows it to breathe and the filter keeps out dust and crud. Easy to find in 5/16 and 3/8 and cheap.
  3. @dripley thanks. Most people either like it of hate them on there. They are functional but different. Three gauge pod. Just sitting there for now. Ran out of room on the pillar. Going to build in a 4 gauge mount of some kind when i do the dash.
  4. The braces finally arrived. I'll see about fitting them next time i have a panel off. Here's a couple of it finished.
  5. I'm using a gen 5 Kindle its 4-5 years old and works great. Just have to Google how to install Play Store to get the Quad app.
  6. Think so. Seems really stable. Ran 85-90 down interstate this am and they were clear, no real vibration i could see. I used nuts with captured washers when i Installed them.
  7. @dripley what difference did you notice driving with that bad map? Was it completely dead 0psi at all times or giving lower or higher boost readings?
  8. The mopar mirror braces never came...thanks Amazon. Drove it earlier and have zero vibration on DS and very small amount on PS. Less than the stock 95 mirrors i took off.
  9. @dripley and stories like that made me get a Cummins. $13 more than what i would have paid at a local store.
  10. Here's what it took to mount the chevy mirrors. Fit them on my spare door then made a pattern off the factory mirror bolt holes. Used a divider page from the kids school notebook. Center punched holes then used a Unibit. Small amount of trimming to front edge of plastic trim on mirror. Mirror has raised stud mounts on it. They recess into the big holes so the mirror base has more surface area hitting door sheet metal. Oval hole is for wiring.
  11. @kzimmer I came really close to the same. If the Cummins sensor craps out in short time it will be Amazon up next. Let us know if yours dies anytime soon please. One of the truck shops we outsource stuff to said get one made by Standard if i didn't get a Cummins.
  12. Got the driver side done today. Haven't driven it yet so cant comment on vibration but im happy with it. Wiring was real easy. Chevy had 4 wires on mirror, Dodge uses 3 (my old mirrors are from a 95) so just had to tie 2 wires for mirror together.
  13. I made winter inserts for the grille and iat is over 100 anytime I've driven it this winter. Usually 120-130 range. Pulled it out and cleaned it not long ago. It was pretty much spotless.
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