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  1. @pepsi71ocean I'm doing the grid heater control in the next couple days so I shut them off when i want. I have been looking at other alternator options including a big truck alternator. Any suggestions on an alternator that puts out 275-300 amps that will work?
  2. The spacer and dust shields can be left off. The thickness of the 2 won't affect anything. Dust shields are mainly there to keep water from inbound side of rotor on most cars. Some use the dust shields to direct more air to the rotor. Dodge trucks don't. Years ago (early 90's) we had police spec Camaros. One difference was the cop Camaro didn't use a dust shield on the front but the standard Camaro did. Guess chevy thought they got more airflow without them.
  3. My stock alternator is finally starting to go south and i have been looking at replacing it with a higher amp part. Anyone have any 1st hand experience with the Mechman 320 amp alternators? Its expensive at $500 with a 2 year warranty. They have a 240 amp alt for $400 but with my stereo and all the other electric crap I've added the 320 fits my needs better.
  4. @Evan it was a blast. Today they just announced that on September 18-20 Louder Than Life 2020 will be headlined by Metallica. Metallica is doing a 5 festival tour in 2020 with 10 shows. At each festival they will do a different set Friday and Saturday. We got our tickets today in the presale. Tickets go on sale Monday for general public. $149.00 for 3 days. I am a huge Metallica fan and might buy tickets for Sonic Temple in Columbus OH in May.
  5. I hear ya bud. Unfortunately where i live a bike is a target. No one has insurance. You're not safe on the sidewalk. I have destroyed 4 cells in 12 months. My crap comes from Ebay/Amazon now. Phone I'm using now $35 from Ebay. Neon belonged to a buddy. I put a tranny in it, his daughter tore it up just after the warranty. He told her she had to pay to fix it she said "I have 6k saveed up. I want a real car." They said no to a trade in. I hauled it out of his driveway for free rebuilt the tranny. My wife says its a ***** car. I can't argue.
  6. It is a sad little car though. Its my "ah hell everything else is broke" ride.
  7. @portlandareae28 I though i said DON'T JUDGE ME ABOUT THE NEON!!!! Not proud of it but it is a dirt cheap beater. I do need limo tint on windows so no one can see me.....
  8. I was fortunate enough to hear some war stories from my step-grandfather...only grandfather i ever knew... before he passed. He was a B-25 pilot in WWII. Im 5'4" with my work boots on. I looked down to him but he was the biggest man I've ever met. There will never be another generation like the one we are losing/have lost. These men and women should never be forgotten. WWII, Korea, Vietnam.
  9. I AM married to the sweetest (most evil-just depends on what i have done lately!!!!) chick you'll find. If it doesn't have a durability/mileage/reliability benefit I'm not up for it. In Loserville KY if you don't have a boy bun and skinny jeans most chicks don't want anything to do with you so the "chicks dig it" thing is irrelevant to me. I look at it as a practical usable tool. My truck is a DD/work rust bucket. I could save a bunch of $$$ driving the Neon(free car DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!!) instead of the Cummins BUTT this truck gets used as a truck daily. Didn't mean to offend anyone with my leveling comments they were strictly based off my personal use of my truck.
  10. I'm going to look into what i can do with a cable. It makes sense to me to have TV maxed out when in forced lockup. I had wondered about that before. Most of my trans experience comes from full manual or trans brake apps in hot rods/drag cars. Alto red eagle, koleen steels, turbo action full manual or tranzact brake, Lucas tranny slime, and hammer down. Well, besides stock ford crown vic, taurus, and exploder crap (25 year fleet mechanic). I want to try TV cable set at stock specs with my ?" slack adjuster "? spring set up , and a manual, forced max TV pressure for commanded lockup. Worst thing that can happen is @Dynamic gets a whole bunch of my money before I'm ready to part with it. Can someone please tell me what should my max line pressure with a stock VB and converter be set at? Are there any separator plate mods i need to do? Idle TV at rest and 1500-2000 rpm TV at max????? Cause in my white trash more is mostly better mind im thinking 50% more factory psi cant hurt too much right?
  11. Leveling a pickup truck=i should have bought a Ford SUV. Looks like a usable vehicle until you try to USE it. To me a truck sits higher in the *** end to compensate for a load ie in bed or on hitch. If you're just tooling around in a pickup with no real use for it you're wasting money at the pump. I have a POS Neon that i can use daily but it hasn't left my driveway in 5 months. It might not even start now. Don't know don't care till i need it. I use my rust bucket daily. Leveling is only surpassed in stupidity by squatting. Hope to God no one would try to go down the road like this.
  12. For those that may be near KY. Louder Than Life is an outdoor 3 day concert. Friday is done. Saturday has Guns And Roses as the headliner. Bunch of piss-ant bands as filler. Gonna be hot but should be cool. Hard rock/metal bands. If by chance you're here for the show hit me up. Be cool to meet some new people from m1973m.
  13. Have done that many, many, mannnnnnny times on 727, 904 cars in the past. Slam shifts, bad manners, late upshifts, bad downshifts, etc. Not to mention 500+ cubic inches coming into a subdivision at 2am stuck in 1st. I didn't mind but for some reason ALL my neighbors were happy when i moved????? Oh well didn't like them either. I'm thinking about trying a pull cable to max out TV lever for use with lock up switch. I'd like to do a solenoid but damn they're pricey for a continuous duty. Next couple weeks are hectic but might get some time to play with it in Oct. I'll post what i do with pics. And for my stupidity after some research i see that there are many companies selling something to jack up line pressure with an exhaust brake. I'm not paying someone to do something i can do myself.
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