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  1. Well i think I'll start saving for the Fuel Boss. Thanks to everyone for the info. Guess that Quadzilla just got pushed back again.
  2. I forgot about the Assassin set up from D.AP. Anyone have anything to say about that one?
  3. Thanks. I really havent been able to find out much about the Predator.
  4. I have been looking for a replacement lift pump and am leaning towards a mechanical pump. Are there any major differences between the Fuel Boss and the Predator? Anything that makes one so much better than the other such as quality of parts, kit completeness, customer service, etc? This will be going on the truck in my signature plumbed in with the stock filter for now. Im trying to build a reliable low maintenance driver/tow truck, not some high hp toy. Thanks for any opinions/experience that you can provide.
  5. Gregturley


  6. As much as i hate the stuff i use a lot of antiseize also. Here was my temporary rocker repair. White Gorilla Tape. I found a rust & dent free bed for $200 right after i got the truck. Found a driver rear door rust free for $50. Looking for a good driver front door now. May do rockers this summer. Then I'll paint it but havent decided a color yet.
  7. Ouch. That hurts. This truck was a fleet truck for my work. Its had a hard life being driven and repaired by idiots. I got it cheap enough from our auction to put some money and time into it. Trans was rebuilt 15000 miles ago and vp44 replaced at dealer 8000 miles ago before i bought it. No rust on bumper or d-rings. I know the hitch looks bad but the ball mount slides right out.
  8. I'm worried about that too. I think I'm going to put a little tack weld on the end of the bolt so the nut wont screw off. Few more
  9. Finally got some better pics but no measurements yet. Few more Few more
  10. A buddy of mine used the db652 on his side by side. Mounted them in some homemade pvc speaker pods on the roll bar. With a 50 watt rms amp they are clear and loud. I would bet the 6x9 would be just as good. I would recommend getting some foam baffles to put the speakers in. Helps keep moisture from speakers and helps with sound quality.
  11. In my 01 i have 1 set Polk db5251 and db6501 in each rear door and 2 6.5 boston acoustic component sets in each front door. The Polks blow away the Bostons and the 6.5s sound better than the 5.25s. I would definitely go with the 6.5 over the 5.25 speakers. Screw holes are easy to drill and spacers are easy to make. The Polks wiil really come alive with a good amp with around 100 watts rms. I have some Kicker amps but have not had any of their speakers in probably 20 years so i cant help you there. I have Skar mid bass and subwoofer crammed in there too. I like it loud but clean. I might sound like i work for Polk but i do not. I've had lots of speakers but i keep going back to the Polk db series because of cost vs sound quality and durability. I have abused these for about 12 years and cant kill them.
  12. Thank you Evan. The D-ring mounts are cut through the bumper. 1/2" plate, 3.5" tall. They are the mounting brackets. Bolt to frame with 4 grade 8 bolts per side. The d-rings have a 1" bolt. Added DOM spacers to mount to take up slop. Inside of rings was almost 1.5" I might be able to bend something but i doubt I'll ever pull them off.
  13. For money spent vs sound quality check out Polk Audio. A good set of their 6x9's can be had for around $100. For $120 you can get db6501 component set from ebay and make an adapter from 1/4 mdf to mount where the 6x9 goes. I have a set of $500 Boston Acoustic components and the $120 db6501 sounds clearer and plays louder on the same amp.
  14. Thanks Dieselfuture. No. Sometimes i just remove the tag or put on a bogus one. Once again i forgot to take better pictures. I did get the Mopar1973man breather tube done today. No more oily nasty mess up front for me.
  15. Stanley thank you. I had a plate made for above the tag but i didnt really like the way it looked so i left it off.
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