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  1. @gimmie11s good score. Yes it will work but they changed the throttle switch from one that mounts underhood to one that mounts inside on the gas pedal. Im sure you could make it work easy enough because all it has to do is close the switch at idle and open it as soon as the throttle moves. Download the pdf that i linked. Its the updated instructions. Can you get a good clear up close pic of the vacuum solenoid please? Id like to see the numbers on that one. My brake works fine. The vacuum valve to jack up line pressure, not so much. I screwed something up and i think its in the valve body. Don't try it. Haven't had time to check it out yet but i just ordered a Dynamic valve body the day before i hurt it so I'll probably just park it until it gets here.
  2. Thats true and may happen. Was just trying to find out if anyone had any real info on egt drop with the 4" mostly.
  3. Talked myself out of the exhaust. Talked to Jon at Dynamic today and think its valve body time. Been putting it off long enough. Time to part with some side job money. 4" exhaust may come in the future but i really should spend the money to make the truck stronger. Thanks for the input.
  4. In the future after putting the fitting on hose flush hose with water and blow out with air. Helps get rid of crap.
  5. I've heard good things about the FTE and thought about using one without a muffler. I'd like to get more sound out of it but i guess I'm just trying to justify it for another reason than sound alone.
  6. @CAMG3X have you thought about pulling your tank and cleaning it really good?
  7. Looking for opinions on installing 4" exhaust. Any noticeable power increase over stock exhaust? Any noticeable drop in EGT? Aluminized or stainless? Muffler or straight pipe? Not worried about loudness as much as droning. What brand? Diamond Eyes, MBRP or something else? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Ok didn't see that pic before and i eliminated my electric pump so I didn't use that part. I think you're correct though that looks to be pipe fittings. Once you get your bugs out of your set up i think you'll really like it. Just be careful not to over tighten the belt. It runs loose to the point you will think its going to go flying off.
  9. @niebs_22 use paste or tape on anything with a pipe thread. Anything with a flare seals metal to metal. And i guess technically i lied. There are special sealants to use with JIC but thats typically for worn out fittings or extreme pressure situations. But never paste or tape and its not something the average person would have in their garage. What check valve are you talking about? If its the pressure valve that came with the fuel boss those should be JIC also. You can do a Google search on JIC vs AN fittings and learn a lot of good info.
  10. That tee in your pic is not pipe thread. Its JIC. Its a flare fitting. They seal with a metal to metal fit. Do not use tape or paste on them. If they are leaking they are not tight enough, cracked, something. Don't listen to anyone who says use sealer of any kind on them, they are wrong. They do not seal through the threads.
  11. At 20" vacuum this actuator lifted and held a 20 pound brake rotor for about a half hour. I was surprised with how strong it is.
  12. The way we tested AN hoses we made up for the drag car was cap off one end, put a low pressure gauge say 30 psi max in line with it and pressurize the hose. Let it set and watch the gauge. If it dropped it was leaking. Kind of anal but it works. Spray bottle with soapy water will pinpoint the leak.
  13. I didn't drop my tank when i did mine. Just cut the plastic line off and went from there up. Didn't do anything with the basket and have 18psi all the time.
  14. Mechanical pumps will typically increase pressure with rpm
  15. @niebs_22 driving pressure is low. Check your relief valve make sure you don't have any crap holding it open.
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