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  1. Not sure where i should post this so I'm doing it here. When i click on "donate" i get "something went wrong". I know it's been awhile since i donated but i thought thats how i did it before. What am i doing wrong?
  2. @Me78569 Thanks. Didn't realize how i did it earlier.
  3. How do I change the number of gauges on the Quad display? Right now i have 4 gauges showing. Earlier i had more but i dont know how i did it.
  4. Anyone using a Kindle Fire tablet with the Quad? My wife has one sitting here not being used that i can swipe. If so how did you get the Quadzilla app installed on it?
  5. @IBMobile is right about Amazon. I order all my filters and oil from them. Usually buy 2 or 3 packs but be sure to check because sometimes its cheaper to order multiple singles. When I installed my fittings i used a small drop of hydraulic brake assembly lube.
  6. Ok. Called Quadzilla talked to Marco (i think). Don't know what i was doing wrong but got it connected. Starts and runs, turbo timer works, gauges work. Now to start tuning.
  7. @Mopar1973Man @Me78569 I got the Quad. Using Android BT. Trying to connect to my phone and i get this. What is this and how do i get connected?
  8. Baldwin & Fleetguard are both good filters. I found the Baldwin had better reviews when i was looking. I'm sure others may say Fleetguard is better. Probably can't go wrong with either one. The PF7977 is a 5 micron filter where stock for my 01 was a 10 micron. Listed use is 03-09 5.9 but it fits/works fine in the 98.5-02 24 valve. Stay away from Fram/NAPA/Autozone etc. here's your strainer pn.
  9. @Octafish you can't go wrong with that set up. Use a Baldwin PF7977 filter in the stock housing.
  10. Mechanical only with fuel strainer and factory filter housing.
  11. Got the Quad and a Stealth Cover on the way. Should be here Wed. Time to sell the XZT.
  12. Is there a tune on here that anyone would recommend for me to start out with? Right now I'm just driving it daily empty not hauling/towing.
  13. I spend too much of my day at work repairing wiring thats been tapped into-From scotch-locks which I hate to posi-taps that failed-to mess with that kind of thing. I don't like cutting into factory wiring if i don't have to. Stealth plate looks like a much better option. I already have a trans temp gauge and was planning to use the sender from Quad for oil temp. Good info on tuning with the oil temp @Mopar1973Man. What should timing stay under with stock head bolts?
  14. Thanks for the info. I have lots to learn so I'm sure ill be asking more questions as i stumble my way through this. I guess I'll go ahead and order the Stealth Cover when i get the Quad since its all on sale.
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