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  1. Are these the ones you have. That go down at the bottom? Check the pics at the below link. Please. https://www.etrailer.com/Air-Deflectors/WeatherTech/WT80027.html
  2. Do either of you have a part number for the weather tech guards? I saw 80027 as the part number but want to ensure these are correct and will work with tow mirrors.
  3. The ones I was looking at had bad reviews stating they didn’t fit in the window channel well. I will keep searching.
  4. I like to run rain guards however only have the passenger side on now, drivers side cracked so I took it off. I am seeing a lot of in channel rain guards that share the same space as your window, the one I have now is mounted above the window. What is everybody running? Thanks.
  5. Agreed! These are not my exact mirrors/photos but same design. Mine did not include the retainer you speak of. Lesson learned for sure. My intent is for someone needed a bit of help sees this prior to pinching their wires like I did. The install is easy but if you gotta do it twice it’s not as fun. Here are the mirrors I went with.
  6. I just recently installed tow mirrors on my truck and wanted to share info I had found as I had pinched a few wires on my driver side mirror. The instructions with my tow mirrors didn’t even mention wiring. I thought I had them routed as optimal as possible but nope. Anyways, below are some pictures and a video of wire routing. These aren’t mine but it is how I routed mine after fixing my pinched wires.
  7. I will likely pick the programmer up. That would be handy to have. I think I may have my egt probe a little off center as I was at 900 going 60 mph up a slight hill. I need to look up the normal numbers while cruising. Thanks for the offer on the programming.
  8. I installed my gauges and they are up and running. Just curious with my pyrometer, is it supposed to zero out at shutoff or does it remain at your last reading? Right now it is sitting at 350 with the truck shut off. Also, I couldn’t find a 1 amp mini fuse so I am running a 2 amp mini fuse. They are the smallest oreillys had in stock. The directions say 1 amp should be used even if daisy chaining gauges together. Also, I am still waiting on my fuel pressure gauge to show up, going electric.
  9. Thanks HD. From what I was reading it seems like most people make it quite complicated and wanted to make sure I wasn’t oversimplifying it. I will daisy chain my gauges together so it will be 1 wire for ignition, ground and my last wire going to my dimmer switch wire. I will use the cig lighter spot for now. Unless charging my phone and using my gauges at the same time blows a fuse. I might try the radio then. I appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks. I probed the #15 fuse which is the 20A cigar lt fuse and got 12v key on. Can I simply use the add a circuit fuse holder to that location or would it be best to find that wire and splice into it, then add my inline fuse?
  11. Hello, looking for help on where to pull my 12V ignition power from for my isspro gauges. I am planning on daisy chaining all 3 gauges together. It comes with a supplied 1 amp fuse, but would I need a larger fuse if daisy chaining all 3 gauges together? Or will the 1 amp fuse still suffice? I have read a lot of stuff and everybody seems to be doing it their own way, or different ways at least. My plan is to pull keyed power and run an in-line fuse. Thanks in advance for the help. Wiring is not something I am great at.
  12. I did get my entire HVAC box out, twice..as I had to use my truck in between taking it apart and waiting on my new evaporator core to arrive. It arrived yesterday and I put it all back together. I went to my dads and we charged it, the AC is blowing nice and cold. It vacuumed down quickly and no issues putting the R134a back in. Gonna run it a few days, make sure it continues to cool nicely, the air coming out of the vents is ice cold! I did put my HVAC box all back together, however it does have the plastic blend door coupler on it, as I did not change the control knob to the 12 o'clock posit
  13. IB Mobile, for the heater treater part to fit, does the vent setting need to be on a specific setting for the heater treater part to fit on? I tried putting mine on, however it would never line up, essentially like the motor was not on the right setting, the gears inside and i didnt want to try and force it. I am sure it is listed somewhere, but cant find that info.
  14. I haven't forgotten about this thread but have been lazy, I wont lie. I have a 68 Chevy C10 that I have been focusing on. However, this weekend, I tackled the AC system. Went nice and slow, all came apart as it should. The plastic on the dash is quite easy to crack I quickly learned. I got my HVAC box taken apart, but as luck would have it, I received the wrong A/C Evaporator Core. I have to use my truck this week, so I buttoned it all back up and am currently waiting on my new Evaporator. I didnt take many pictures but will do so since I get to do this twice!! I think the next time will go mo
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