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  1. As an update, Eric is a great guy and sent me a new sending unit and I will be sending my old one back to him. Sending unit has been installed and I now have a fully functional fuel gauge..its the small things, truly. I was cruising to town the other day, had my tunes going, life was well..and I notice my new isspro boost gauge bouncing to the beat of the music, not literally, but close. Its electric, but I read online that a few people have had this issue, if daisy chaining the guages together that their boost gauge does similar to mine. So, they relocated the boost gauge to ground by itself,
  2. 7.Ensure you are standing on one leg, facing north! Kidding. But good luck. Seems to be how most things go for me, got my directions, I'm good to go, and a swing and a miss..
  3. This is my same experience after digging into a bit..and the cost I couldnt justify at the time, going through the dealer..turns out my key works just fine.
  4. Thanks @JAG1, I am hoping if my current one is defective than Eric can help me out on a new one. I will likely send my new(broken) one back to him if he can reuse it.
  5. I called and talked to Eric at vulcan, he said often they get damaged in shipping. So I am going to pull it, check wiring inside the sender and if all looks correct he said he would send me a new one. Thankful for that. Will likely get it pulled in the next few days.
  6. Thanks DF, I think I would rather gamble on a Mopar genuine part, the ebay part. Just not sure what basket to put it on lol, maybe the brand new basket...I concur on the newer cars, my wifes subaru is a pain..you have to pull the plastic inner fender liner to change the low beam headlight bulb, and spark plugs...cant hardly get to them at all and its a 4 cylinder...I am fighting it hard myself...would rather throw parts at my 20 YO truck any day of the week than to look at prices of a new truck, gas or diesel..
  7. I ordered my sending unit from Vulcan roughly 2 months ago..I found the same sending unit on DAP, Vulcan brand that I need..It is $20 cheaper on the DAP site. I really dont want to buy another sending unit, but will call Vulcan to see what two pins they suggest probing for ohms on their sending unit before pulling it. Pretty sure I OHM tested all pins in every variation. But you never know. edit, per the DAP site: "Using an OHM meter connect leads to the two center pins on the plug. There should be an approximate 180-200 Ohm spread from low to high." I have done this step mu
  8. Glad to hear you got it figured out. Where on DAP's site did you find the fuel baskets? I didnt see any. The only place I found a replacement basket with NO liftpump in it, was Vulcan.
  9. I am wondering if a wire has maybe come loose. I haven’t moved the new unit or handled it much at all. It sit in my shed for a month or so. But it has to come back out at this point. Dang it! I should of checked it before install. That is on me. Hopefully just a loose connection.
  10. It’s the middle two pins. I tested my old one first and it ranges from 20.3 to 150.7, and should range higher, but stops at 150.7. Thus telling me I have a 1/4 of a tank, when I truly don’t. My new sending unit will not read at all on any combination of pins.
  11. My sheet included with my unit says 219.6 ohms, and 19.9 ohms..so 219.6 Empty, and 19.9 full. I will see what I can get figured out..I really dont want to pull it again but if its not working then im going to have to anyways. Not sure how my wiring could be bad, I guess my next option would be to cut my wires and solder them again? if my unit checks out fine.
  12. So the connector has 4 pins on it, you know which two pins I should OHM check? Also, would I need the sending unit out of the tank, to move the float?
  13. Is there anything that has to be reset after changing a sending unit as my fuel gauge is on empty and my fuel light is on after replacing my sending unit. I did cut my old electrical connector of and soldered a new one on because my tabs are broke. I’m currently stumped. I had the batteries unhooked while changing my sending unit.
  14. I concur, I feel pretty good rolling down the road windows down, and super clear music playing plenty loud. I might do a sub in the future and will checkout Skar. I’m tapped out on truck funds lately. Need to log some miles for a bit. But I’ll be listening to some good music!!
  15. Here is my final install, I'm really happy with the sound and I can Bluetooth, or plug n play my iPhone quickly, those were my two goals.
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