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  1. No name

    Do you run a lift or leveling kit with those? I assume no rubbing.
  2. Teardown and Rebuild

    Pusher has a 12V and 24V version. Looks pretty sharp. Pusher 24V Intake Horn
  3. Isspro EVA

    Diesel Manor has plenty of pictures. I have the EV Mechanical fuel pressure gauge, on my 2nd one actually. I have a needle valve under hood to barely crack open as my first gauge got water hammer damage rather quickly from the valve being open too far. I run a SS braided fuel line from my under hood valve to the gauge, as every other option kept leaking. I could never get the compression fittings and air break hose to not leak. Diesel Manor
  4. No name

    Nice history lesson on your truck. Looks pretty clean for being wrecked at one point. I like the below picture the best. I am going to get a set of wheels just like this when I am able to. What size wheel and tire are those?
  5. Teardown and Rebuild

    So would a 12 valve intake be required to run the 12 valve pusher Horn? I assume you suggested this as aesthetically it looks really good.
  6. Teardown and Rebuild

    Glad it’s back in safe hands now. Some people! So the s&b was hitting the hood? It has crossed my mind to run one purely for looks.
  7. Teardown and Rebuild

    Dang, didn’t know it was stolen. That’s a bummer. Glad it was repairable. What intake horn were you running, wasn’t it an S&B?
  8. 2000 to 2002 Steering upgrade

    What brand of t steering are you considering. I see a synergy brand, moog and a few others. I have ave heard good things about Synergy [url=https://www.vividracing.com/catalog/-p-151581227.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAh_DTBRCTARIsABlT9MZJAAWDStFbCdXNTlTBqDZw63glJ7DuBTwaT8gilHE8za0UF7GARn0aAog4EALw_wcB
  9. Flex plate selection

    I thought the same thing, being an aftermarket flywheel. Looking at Firepunk's flywheel it is rated as "capable" of holding 1200 HP. However it does have the tangs that showed so much slop in the above video. The goerend flexplate has the circle that fits the end of the crank which seems to have a much tighter tolerance. Looking at the one on firepunks website, the picture has some porosity in the welds! Firepunk
  10. Dodge Off-road LLC

    My order showed up today. Pretty impressed with the quality. Granted I’m just an hour away, still processed pretty quickly.
  11. High Idle Switch install

    Just curious, as warmer weather approaches soon. Is there a time or an ideal temperature where MPG mode is not effective, or will it always get better fuel mileage no matter the time of year when the truck is in MPG mode?
  12. Dodge Off-road LLC

    I just placed an order for the u bolt flip kit. I will let you know when I have it in hand. I wanted to drive to the store front, but seeing as I don't have a ton of time lately, I just ordered online. UPS was on $22 as well, so diesel would have been close to that I'm sure. I did email Danny and he said they have the u bolts and plate in stock, so should be no delay.
  13. Dodge Off-road LLC

    I have also read a few things online, and have seen where customers have to wait extended periods of time for their orders. This company is an hours drive away from me and they do have a store front but I have never stopped by. I need to order their u bolt kit but would rather pick it up in person. I will be stopping by at some point. Let me know how your dealings go. This is what I need. Mine is rusting from collecting dirt over the years. [url=http://store.dodgeoffroad.com/DOR-U-Bolt-Flip-Kit-2nd-Gen_p_139.html]U bolt kit[/url]
  14. Potential problems?

    Make sure your BHAF isn’t rubbing any of your hard lines. I had to put a piece of hose on one of my AC lines I believe it was as it was rubbing. Just FYI.