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  1. Royal Squire

    Running board pics!

    My nerf bars are Lund I think. They were on truck when I bought it. I like them not only for making it easier to get in but I also stand up on them when getting out which saves sliding off the edge of the seat which will hopefully help save the seat foam/cover.
  2. Don’t use your hand for a hammer!! You’ll regret it when you get older
  3. Royal Squire

    2nd gen from Texas gulf coast

    I’m not the guy to give advice on posting photos but someone else will probably chime in eventually.
  4. Royal Squire

    2nd gen from Texas gulf coast

    Welcome. Sounds like a great project. Got any photos?
  5. Royal Squire

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Maybe $400 isn’t too bad for all that
  6. Royal Squire

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Is that both sides of all 6 wheels?
  7. Royal Squire

    Preferred vendor for diesel parts...

    I ordered a set of rv275 injectors from dap, and after I installed them, the truck barely ran. I called dap and they promptly sent me another set with a return label for the faulty set. I thought that was good service. Just my $.02
  8. Royal Squire

    N5600- Fuller 8406 swap

    The ranch my Dad worked at when I was growing up had KB2, KB5, KB6, and KB7 trucks. They were all gas powered. Check out those mirrors! The trucks we had only had a mirror on the driver side. Can’t see much out of those little round mirrors when trying to back up to a cattle loading chute.
  9. Royal Squire

    Well its been fun New Mexico....

    Good to hear your dad is getting better after such a long illness, sounds like time to move.
  10. Royal Squire

    Can you do this?

    I too use a funnel and often make a mess anyway
  11. Royal Squire

    Fuel Tank Module Check Valve

    I would talk to Eric @ Vulcan. My guess is he can help you relocate that pump with the proper wiring harness/relay, fuel line, pickup, etc.
  12. Royal Squire

    Dash bessel removal

    It separate of the bezel just like the later models
  13. Royal Squire

    New steering gear

    You can probably find a video if do a search
  14. Royal Squire

    N5600- Fuller 8406 swap

    What’s the transmission out of?