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  1. Completed this mod today. Works great. Wish I had done it sooner. Really easy, even for The electrically challenged. Thank you @IBMobile
  2. Just pull the cover and count the teeth. Divide the drive gear into the driven. I believe ratio is stamped on ring gear also.
  3. I’m with @NIsaacs Changing gears is a lot of money for not much result, but it is your money.
  4. Welcome to the forum. While I’m not an expert, my advice would be, before adding power make sure your transmission is up to handling that power. If it was me and I was swapping turbos, I would likely use a hybrid like @Mopar1973Manor @Dieselfuture. For me, a fuel pressure gauge just gives an added sense of security.
  5. If you know someone with a snap on scanner I believe it will read abs codes
  6. I just don’t want to go through the bad ECM but I guess there’s no guarantee either way. Thanks guys
  7. Approximately a year ago my lift pump(Raptor)quit working because my ECM was misbehaving(WTS light only working part time). I hot-wired lift pump through a switch as I needed truck. I have since had ECM repaired and all is good, however I would like to know what the folks here would suggest I do with lift pump power. Should I hook it back up to ECM, through a relay of course, or should I use @IBMobile ASD wiring article for lift pump power? I’m kinda apprehensive about hooking to ECM again but that would be simplest. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  8. At one time I believe there was a go-fund-me account for this site. Isn’t that an option for donations. If this has already been addressed I apologize for bringing it up.
  9. If you unhook batteries I’m pretty sure it resets trip meter
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