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  1. Royal Squire

    NO BUS message on odometer

    Haven’t had any time to work on truck as my job keeps getting in the way. Did some checking on connections etc but been so long I struggle to remember what I’ve done. Been in touch with ACS, they repaired ecm, and they want me to send them codes and they will get back to me. So was rereading codes(can’t remember where I wrote them down) and performed the instrument cluster test. What I’m wondering is if anyone here can tell me what those codes mean. I got 900, 920, 921, 940, 950, and 999. Maybe my cluster is bad. I really need to get this truck running as I use it to plow my driveway. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Royal Squire

    Extended crank to start

    The slow crank can appear so gradually that you may not realize how slow it really is until you repair the starter.
  3. Royal Squire

    Good Batteries

    Does Costco have a membership?
  4. Royal Squire

    Boost gauge hookup

    My boost bolt broke off when I was changing injectors so I drilled and tapped a hole in the back side of intake horn since I had it removed already.
  5. Royal Squire

    Charging system issues

    What do you have for fuel pressure
  6. Royal Squire

    9004 to 9007

    Never heard who won the raffle lights
  7. Royal Squire

    Grounds and electrical stuff.

    I just use good 3-M electrical tape that you should be able to find locally and use it on the outside of conduit like jag did
  8. Royal Squire

    Grounds and electrical stuff.

    Make sure tip is not loose in iron and a sharp tip will work better than a rounded tip. If you melt a little solder between tip and terminal it will heat terminal up faster.
  9. Royal Squire

    Hard to start

    @notlimah Probably won’t start with gas. Try some diesel 😂😂
  10. Royal Squire

    NO BUS message on odometer

    ACS in Florida
  11. Royal Squire

    NO BUS message on odometer

    Something else I discovered is when I plug my code reader in then abs, airbag and mil lights go off and I can read codes from odometer-0122, 1693, 1694, 1687
  12. I sent my ecm in for repair and WTS seems to work correctly but now on odometer I have a no bus message. Also abs, air bag and mil lights are on. Odometer codes are 900, 920, 921, 940, 950, 999 and gauges don’t work. Codes are p1698 and p0237. What do you use if you don’t have DRB III tool? Would really appreciate any help you folks can offer. Thank you
  13. You can buy a new valve for less than $15 IIRC. Check eBay
  14. Royal Squire

    No Vacuum after Oil Change

    Likely the vacuum line got pulled off right on top of vacuum pump
  15. Royal Squire

    Precautionary travel items.

    Haynes manual may be better than nothing, but just barely. IMO