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  1. I had Covid in mid June. My wife never did get it and we were quarantined in the same house for 10 days!
  2. My son has a friend that has those real wide tires. They measured and his overall width is 12 feet!!
  3. I tried to encourage you to check out reviews before buying there but figured maybe they straightened up their act. Sorry for your bad experience.
  4. Have you said previously what your truck and tool trailer weigh?
  5. Curious what “road friendly suspension” is?
  6. Is that 7.5 tons per axle?
  7. I guess that photo would be an “end dump” as opposed to a “side dump” or “belly dump”
  8. That’s what I figured, it’s a terminology thing! In my part of the world that’s a dump truck or dump body. Thanks for the explanation. Wondering how they drive a truck like that on narrow roads?
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