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  1. Royal Squire

    Dead truck P0216

    I believe it is recommended that you just barely crack that needle valve open.
  2. They may ask if you’re using a tuner. They asked me
  3. Rock solid ram is what aftermarket bushing is called I believe.
  4. Royal Squire

    Dead truck P0216

    Vulcan will probably have needle valve also.
  5. Royal Squire

    Preferred U-Joints

    Pretty basic stuff but learned some too. Go look at ujoint series on YouTube by Weber Auto. Talks about quality of ujoints.
  6. Royal Squire

    **UPDATED** PICS** 2ND GEN parts for sale

    What are you asking for tail lights?
  7. Royal Squire

    Lets see what guns you "don't own" :shifty:

    My wife has a 7mm/08 that she really likes. Her sister has one also.
  8. Royal Squire

    Monday Morning

    If you haven’t done it already, now is a good time to replace tappet cover gasket. I love to spend other people’s money!
  9. Royal Squire

    **UPDATED** PICS** 2ND GEN parts for sale

    Do you still have the tail lights?
  10. Royal Squire

    Big change in my life...

    This is a great idea @Me78569. Thanks for coming up with it.
  11. Royal Squire

    New Clutch

    While I don’t really have any experience I believe there are some here that recommend staying away from ceramic.
  12. Royal Squire

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    @pepsi71ocean ACS sent me an email after receiving my ECM to test under warranty. Their exact words were “we must advise you that having a tuner voids all warranty as per our policy.” However they did go ahead and repair my ECM under warranty.
  13. Imagine if he had a steel fuel tank !
  14. Royal Squire

    You have a tuner... NO WARRANTY.

    Don’t know if anyone here is aware of it or not, but Auto Computer Specialists will not honor their warranty on ECM if you have a tuner installed.
  15. Royal Squire

    Np241dhd or similar tcase

    For $450,000 I’ll sell you my whole truck!