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  1. I believe if you know someone with a smarty they can program your tire size. Not sure though
  2. Might be starter solenoid fuse in power dist. center on left fender well
  3. No argument that they are good tools, it’s the price that is sometimes hard to swallow.
  4. You might try cleaning all connections on PCM and instrument cluster. I think a poor connection on PCM is what caused my “no buss”.
  5. Cracked manifolds are somewhat common so at some point you, or someone you know, may have a cracked manifold. That justifies it right there!
  6. Valve body is more like the brain of transmission. Without the transmission oil pump the valve body is dead.
  7. You can go ahead and plan an event/meet and greet
  8. YeeHaa!! It’s running again. ACS said nothing wrong with PCM they just had trouble getting it to connect. They told me not to use dielectric grease. $150 to test. When I hooked everything back up I had 16 codes. They all cleared except for P0237. I disconnected my edge and cleaned all connections and all is good. Thanks for the help. Sending a donation today.
  9. There is someone here that made their own IIRC. Don’t recall who it was. Might do a search
  10. I’m sure you’ve already tried fiddling with shift lever
  11. Might consider tappet cover gasket since your replacing gaskets
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