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  1. Fuel temps?

    Methanol is used in big truck air brake systems and doesn’t seem to limit life expectancy of air lines
  2. So I made a decision

    I think he’s saying no matter what parts you have if you hot rod it you will have poor mileage
  3. Battery jumping

    A spark at the battery could cause it to explode.
  4. Thermostat

  5. Thermostat

    @Dodgeih what happened to your finger?
  6. Making new battery cables

    What is the difference in the terminals from Napa and Larry Bs?
  7. Mystery Fuel Leak

    If I remember correctly there is a return hose that I had trouble with on my 98 that comes from behind injection pump.
  8. Might make a worthwhile article
  9. Finally install airbags.

    Almost looks like a broken leaf
  10. Headlight options

    Thanks for the photos. If you had a do-over would you use the minis or?
  11. Headlight options

    Do the shrouds fit with out modifications?
  12. Headlight options

  13. That's better than too narrow. Ask me how I know. Haha
  14. rear axle spacer blocks

    What do you have mounted to rear bumper of trailer? Is that heavy enough to squat rear of trailer?
  15. wha'ts missing in this picture.

    No tappet cover