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  1. Royal Squire

    I need help spending some money

    While you’re in there you might consider changing tappet cover gasket
  2. Royal Squire

    Royal Squire

  3. Short shoe always goes to the front.
  4. Royal Squire

    The Future of Trucks

    In front of the county office in Rifle Colorado there are a couple ev charging stations. Do you put money in them? Doesn’t look like it to me. Wondering who pays for that?
  5. I didn’t worry about all the theories, I just read about the mods. Between W-T’s article and @IBMobile explanation and parts list, it’s pretty easy, even for us electrically-challenged individuals. The results speak for themselves!
  6. LChecked mine before and after. Went from .035 to .015.
  7. Royal Squire

    ABS Module Repair

    @dripley what is “oyhrt”??
  8. Royal Squire

    Raptor Fuel Pump

    Did you replace bearings?
  9. Royal Squire

    New Turbo Or Rebuild HY35

    Probably a good idea to get fuel pressure and EGT gauges.
  10. Royal Squire

    Raptor Fuel Pump

    I neglected to send in my raptor warranty card and they still sent me a new pump.
  11. Yes. I meant ask Rickson about lug nuts and what they recommend.
  12. The raptor pump I purchased from Vulcan came with 1/2” lines from tank to stock filter, I also selected a draw straw and 1/2” line from filter to VP44. This setup also included a relay, all necessary wiring and hardware for mounting on frame back near fuel tank. This setup seems to work well for me.
  13. Royal Squire

    Alternator rebuild kit

    Maybe show a link to the upgrade
  14. Royal Squire

    What an evening

    Good for your urinary tract too