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  1. Moparmans high idle switch is very handy. I use it often.
  2. Could leave it running or somehow circulate fuel
  3. There is a post on here somewhere that recommends Firestone F2220 IIRC.
  4. I have nebo tempra brand IR thermometer. It has adjustable emissivity and a flashlight. Haven’t used it a lot. Did use it recently to check oven temperature.
  5. Propane is a lot cheaper than gasoline or diesel, at least right now. Might consider a duel fuel generator although I don’t have any experience with one.
  6. I believe the WTS light indicates that the ECM is booting up.
  7. @TFaoro didn’t know you were still lurking around here!
  8. I always adjust them out as tight as l can then back them off
  9. Thank you for clarifying. I was visualizing someone grinding on the turbine wheel!
  10. DAP-How do you modify turbine with bench grinder?
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