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  1. You should be able to tell if it’s in neutral by putting transmission in gear, raising rear tires off the ground and turning drive shaft. If it’s not in neutral drive shaft won’t turn as you are trying to turn engine.
  2. From that angle it looks pretty level to me. A little hard to tell. Might be valuable to know what your intentions are, or why you want to raise rear of truck.
  3. Looks like you may have a leak also
  4. Royal Squire


    Almost a vette 😎
  5. I was in Napa yesterday and they have craftsman tools now. You can buy them about anywhere except at sears
  6. I’ve never had a lift pump failure, it’s when my ECM failed and didn’t activate lift pump that I discovered mine wouldn’t run without it
  7. Mine will not run without lift pump so I suspect some of the pumps within vp are more reliable than others.
  8. Maybe get a used one from salvage yard to rebuild or use as is.
  9. When I worked at wydot we used something like this on plow trucks. You had to remove a cap and screw a hose w/fitting on that was attached to a pump and used oil tank. Worked great. No spills or drips.
  10. If you get bored you could come work on my 2nd gen
  11. Got rid of 2nd gen so needed something to replace it
  12. I believe some higher end code readers(snap on, DRBIII, etc) can read abs codes
  13. Could it be because you’re out of washer fluid?
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