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  1. @01cummins4everthank you. I don’t know how to do that!
  2. Search for “cheap factory 160 amp alt.” on this site. Good information.
  3. When you work in the dirt like me you don’t need a creeper!
  4. Where did you get the springs and how expensive are they?
  5. I believe it recirculates when door isn’t open
  6. You could just use that panel adhesive to glue on more beer cans!
  7. You could probably buy an inexpensive box brake and make them yourself. Would likely need to make them in two pieces because of length. Your a handy guy. I think you can do it.
  8. Took the first flasher back to oreillys and told them I thought it was faulty and they exchanged it. Turn signals are now working. 😎
  9. Looks new. $300 would be a good deal even if you don’t use it. You could likely double your money.
  10. Installed new multi function switch and still no turn signals but hazards still work. Picked up a new flasher, now hazards don’t work unless I reinstall original flasher. I’ve checked all fuses and everything is good there. Anyone have any thoughts?
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