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  1. Looks like the grill fits closer to the fender on the left side also.
  2. My son joined the ranks of 2nd gen 24valve/auto owners about 2 weeks ago. He had owned a 95 12valve/5spd White dually about 10 years ago, so when he ran across this 24 valve white dually he just had to look. Ended up trading his crew cab dually 454/5spd Black Chevy for it. He took new truck to Arizona for his cousins graduation and his transmission went out. So he had to get tranny rebuilt in Arizona so he could get back home to Wyoming. I suggested he join this forum and he asked how. I couldn’t tell him. He doesn’t have a computer only a phone. Can someone here help me look smarter than I really am! Thank you in advance
  3. I worked at a full service Texaco station. Don’t remember how much gas was or how much I made. My first vehicle that was street legal was a 64 el Camino. 283, 4 speed and posi. Engine was worn out but other than that it was pretty sweet. Sold that to my brother too.
  4. Royal Squire

    Royal Squire

  5. IIRC the 98 & 99 have a different taper on the tie rod ends so won’t work on 00-02.
  6. Mine was a 1941 Chevy pickup. Paid $25. Owner didn’t know if it would run, it did. I was 13 years old. Drove it around the farm for a couple years then sold to my brother. At the same time I bought a 51 pickup for $50. Owner said it would run and it did but coolant ran out the side of the block. My son has it now.
  7. You can tin them yourself with solder if you want them tinned
  8. Not sure. Want them to repair it if needed. If it doesn’t need repair hopefully they won’t charge me for repair.
  9. Sending PCM in to ACS and thought it would be same cost as ECM. Not so. $450!!
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