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  1. I’m the last one who should comment on electrical problem but.....Might be ground. Hook battery cables between truck and trailer.
  2. When I had the “no bus” message my testing led to bad pcm, so sent it to ACS and tested good but they had a difficult time getting a good connection with it. So that seemed to be my problem. I cleaned connectors again and plugged and unplugged many times and everything worked. ACS suggested to not use dielectric grease. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Can you just add a muffler or resonator to your 5” and save a few bucks?
  4. About 30 years ago I went to work at a Napa store, before they used computers. First thing owner told me if I had spare time look through parts books to get familiar with them. Several times he told customers that a part wasn’t available and I showed him it was. Don’t know how they do that now days with computers.
  5. Remember, food doesn’t have to taste good it just has to keep you alive, but I would rather it was good!
  6. They might if you guarantee them an income!
  7. Did you have any cell service before adding the network extender?
  8. Would “starching” make the cables shorter?😂
  9. You can use the OBD 2 to check for codes. The DRB III is pretty pricey.
  10. Be nice to keep both of them. At least you still have a photo of the old one.
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