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  1. I believe some higher end code readers(snap on, DRBIII, etc) can read abs codes
  2. Some body shops have a hinge pin assortment and you may be able to find something that would work.
  3. Glad to see you got your fix. Good looking wagon
  4. More photos please. Where did you mount 3 compressors?
  5. Sorry to see this. That tranny fluid makes really good red dye!
  6. Once your tires have started to wear they likely won’t get better
  7. I’m the last one who should comment on electrical problem but.....Might be ground. Hook battery cables between truck and trailer.
  8. When I had the “no bus” message my testing led to bad pcm, so sent it to ACS and tested good but they had a difficult time getting a good connection with it. So that seemed to be my problem. I cleaned connectors again and plugged and unplugged many times and everything worked. ACS suggested to not use dielectric grease. Hope this is helpful.
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