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  1. Milwaukee is good. They have both a 3/8 or 1/2” impact and also 1/4 or 3/8” ratchet that is very handy.
  2. My son’s truck was starting hard also. His starter quit completely and after replacement the hard starting is gone.
  3. @Dieselfuture what would your truck look like with that load without air bags
  4. It’s a little newer, but I had a 85 crew cab 2wd w/454 and TH400. It would pull a house as long as you had lots of fuel. It was however unbelievably helpless in the snow!
  5. I just replaced front axle so is fresh in my mind(well sorta fresh). I jacked up axle with 2 floor jacks just high enough to get tire off. I then supported frame with jack stands, removed wheels, shocks,(which need to come out the top), and upper sway bar links. This should allow axle to drop down and springs will fall out. If you are gonna weld in new spring pocket with axle in place that is all you should need to do. If you plan to remove the axle completely I would recommend to begin lubricating lower control arm bolts a week in advance, order new bolts and have a sawzall and blades handy as bolts rust in sleeves and may need to be cut in order to remove. Hope this is helpful.
  6. I believe 1A Auto has the 2nd and 3rd gen style that are bolt on for 2nd gen
  7. If you compare, 3rd and 4th gen mirrors have a larger convex area. I believe 4th gen also have the blinker on mirror option. I got my tow mirrors from 1A Auto. They have numerous options
  8. Ran a demolition derby car more than 35 years ago and after first heat had a radiator leak. We used some Copenhagen chew because that’s all we had and got satisfactory results however don’t know how it worked long term.
  9. @Cronus577 Just curious, did yours start if you poured cold water over pump?
  10. Yeah my hood is flat black from peeling clear coat. Cherish your carport. Mountain sun at 7000’ is brutal!
  11. At least yours is white and not black like mine
  12. There are some on here that have had success with specific brands of led headlights. If you tow and want your brakes to last better get an exhaust brake.
  13. If you hand wash it enough those scratches may disappear 😆
  14. Thought we would see a picture of you having a beer on the deck!
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