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  1. I bet @Me78569can tell you where to get a plug like that
  2. @JAG1check out SCCY CPX-2. Thinking of getting one of these if I can find one.
  3. The wife doesn’t want a tractor for her birthday?
  4. Had hoped to see some photos of the RV roof replacement. @IBMobilethe truck looks great.
  5. Looks like you should be able to buy the bags and build the rest.
  6. 2 trucks would take an even bigger hole!😂
  7. Sorry to derail your thread but I saw your truck in Craig the other day and it looks even better than in the photo!
  8. You can install @IBMobilegrid heater mod as I have. Works very well.
  9. Perhaps if you’re having 1/4 tank issues it’s because your fuel gauge is inaccurate
  10. I got mine from O’Reillys. Took two tries and second one worked great!
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