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  2. Your article is very much appreciated. I have never understood why there is so little operational information given by the manufacturer. I have always liked the Smarty S03 because I tow a fair amount. For me, you have shown that different SW settings can significantly change how fast the TPS signal ramps up with the same foot pedal effort. I don't think I would have ever figured that out. Just that one piece of information alone should help a lot of people get their trucks tuned better - I know it has made a big difference for me. Thank you, - John
  3. Although I have not resolved this problem, this article has given me a solid direction of diagnostics to narrow down the problem. Thanks, - John
  4. These trucks should have had an eight or ten speed manual transmissions available from the OEM. Putting a 10 speed Roadranger behind a twin-turboed 5.9 is an excellent combination. Great design and installation - I wish I could drive the truck!
  5. Tractorman

    BHAF Muffler Uhh??

    A BHAF Muffler - Uhh?? I like the Cummins engine, but I try to do anything I can to make the engine quieter. The BHAF air filter flows lots of air, but it also allows a lot of engine air intake noise to be heard in the cab – more noise than the factory air box and the factory air filter. This inspired the idea to experiment with a BHAF muffler on a big honkin’ air filter – in this case, a NAPA 2790. A BHAF muffler is not for everybody. If you like air intake sounds, turbo sounds, and amplified exhaust brake sounds inside your cab, then this project may not be for you.
  6. Excellent write-up! ... and complete with photos and wrench sizes. I know that I will have to address this at some point in time due to the age and miles on my truck. This is the kind of information owners of older trucks need to help keep repair costs down. Thank you. - John
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