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  1. I guess they could be any pictures? submitted pictures? hold a contest like the old days haha. Id say you could put dodges all across the board but your also pinning good better and best against eachother and there is no winner when its all cummins lol. But you could do that though. Go old to new across the lineup to show improvement as well as appeal to possible subscribers. Just a thought but im sure theres a better one I guess with the email issue its hard to let members know whats going on here.. So it would sort of be impossible to send one out that says "2 weeks until its pay to play" if they all get spammed..
  2. @Mopar1973Man Everything looks great so far. Maybe change up the looks of it for some extra appeal specifically the rocker arm pictures for the subscription details. Were strapped for cash right now but next week hopefully gonna sign up to help keep the lights on Im so greatful for this forum and I've referred a few people over to it and i mention it semi-frequently throughout conversation. The help ive got from here has been pretty valuable to me and I hope i can give some back here. I agree with the email blast just for those who havent signed on in a while. To be honest i hadnt signed on in months probably and just happened to see the red "things need to change" banner and got distracted. I was actually going to revisit an old thread to post some updates but nevermind that this took priority i felt like i had to chime in.
  3. @Mopar1973Man I get the while working out 9f you truck ordeal. Growing up that's how we had to do it. You keep everything with you cuz when your out servicing the septic at someone's house and there miles from anywhere you gotta get creative.
  4. That's so strange.. it happens to me on chrome on my desktop at work and chrome on my phone. I'll try signing in on internet explorer and see if I have any issues it might be a chrome thing. Back to the task at hand the subscription layout looks good to me. Obviously descriptions will be necessary but you said you'll be working on those.
  5. If were going to discuss bugs... I haven't tried the search function recently but in months prior I use chrome for most everything and I can search one thing with no problems but if that initial search doesn't yield the results I'm looking for and I try to search again it would give me an error message with that broken down truck picture. I'll try it again here and see if I notice anything in particular. But I'm sure that would be a deterrent for some of the users. Edit- Yea just tried it. Error code 1C205/3. Searched hx35 no problem. Searched hx35 hybrid no problem. Searched injectors and got an error message. And that's from the same initial search window I just updated the text I was searching. As far as the described tiered member system I'm in agreement with what you show. The numbers look good it's cheap and the flexibility of monthly or yearly would be nice. And like you wrote even a 1.99 if you got enough people at that rate you'll profit. I guess also in a sense you could try playing with the ad count for free members giving more ads to make the paid member more appealing while also hopefully earning a bit more from ads. But that's a tricky game as far as what's too many for one person would be bearable for another. I'm very guilty of using an ad blocker on everything but I had no problem turning it off for this site.
  6. This is pretty much exactly why i had suggested a popup similar to what wikipedia used to have. You can still access all of the info but they tell you they operate on donations and its appreciated. The next step to that would definitely be a teired membership with free members still being a thing but with limits and then strategically setting a price point to make it worth while and at the same time you also have to entice people to spend more. I was reading a business article several months back and they used Dollar shave club as an example. Basically dollar shave club says yes you can have a clean shave all the time with new razors for a dollar a month and they hold up to there promise. But when you go and actually see what they're selling the dollar razors are just terrible looking compared to the $5 a month razors or whatever the price is and then even more so to the premium style and so on. Im sure you get the point. Basically it comes down to a bit of psychology when you look at convincing people to spend money with you. I know theres even guidelines for prices not as far as markup goes but the price you advertise. Like $1.99 for example its really 2 dollars but people see the 1 and pay into it hopefully without realizing its actually 2 dollars. Im no psychologist im just sharing ideas of my own in hopes of helping keep this site up.
  7. I guess at that point you kinda have ti consider the ones who post a single question and never return. I guess some way to allow them to get what they want because otherwise they'll use another forum but keep them coming back again would be a "pay to play" type of situation but then you've gotta worry about getting them to pay up. Off the top of my head one way to make that work would be to enhance the search feature in such a way that it encourages them to search the site for answers before they sign up as a paid member to post there question. Not sure how that would impact traffic though to be honest
  8. I had shared some ideas later on yesterday evening but I can't find that thread.. But here's a summary- A gofundme wouldn't be a bad idea I don't think in general if somebody has the social media pull to get enough attention. Or I was fond of having a pop up upon first entry to the site with the option to donate, become a member, or do nothing. Because forcing money out of people will deter then from the site but a simple popup can be closed and shouldn't do much harm. And building on the paid member idea some had mentioned making the tunes a paid section but I was thinking along the lines of paying x amount of dollars a month and you have the chance to win something in a raffle. Something along the lines of a tiered member system with a little more to it. Like 1 dollar a month you can upload pictures. 2 dollars you get custom tunes. And so on. Obviously the prices and specifics are up in the air I'm kinda just using examples that were already said just trying to go a bit more in depth. Another thing to consider as far as the tunes section goes and I've never visited it as I don't have a quadzilla but with the way technology is going on these newer truck everyone is using efi live tuning. I've got 2 co workers both talking about efi live but they'd never heard of the quadzilla before. Just some food for thought.. maybe broaden the spectrum to attract more attention to that section and make it more worth someone's time. I'm just throwing ideas out there and hoping to help or hoping that someone else can take it and build into something to keep the site up. Another thing that came to mind.. what about this since your in a tough spot your probably thinking that raffles are the last thing you wanna worry about but say you need "200" paying members before you can hold the raffle and urge people to tell there Cummins buddies and get more members to the site. And a side note is I've actually been referring people here for there Cummins problems because they see I work at the dealer and immediately ask questions about how to fix there truck. I've told a few customers and a few strangers to check this site out for help.
  9. 2000Ram2500


  10. Just wanted to update this post before its left for dead in the depths of the forum. Not that its really of any importance but were about 2 weeks in and I've yet to see any issues with it finally. Lift pump seems to have done the trick. I was worried about the draw straw that AirDog provides and installing it wrong and I've gotten down to just a hair above the E mark and no hesitation due to air being sucked up or anything even with uphills downhills turns traffic its doing great so far. Thanks to everyone for there input and help along the way
  11. So from the sounds of it i probably dont already have the ability to lock 2nd. I will have to ask a friend of mine who built it then. As far as i know i've got all Transtar internals with a transtar billet triple disc converter and a transgo shift kit (not sure if theres even any other brands of 47re shift kits) Im sure i could ask him and see if he remembers exactly but there a busy shop. He's gonna stab me if i tell him i want to do another lockup switch. He swears thats what killed my transmission but i think its because i had to haul my other friends fully loaded f250 (powerstroke, giant camper, steel trailer, all of his things in his bed plus everything in else in my bed) back across Palomar mtn he was half way to Ocotillo wells when he lost a fuel line and my trans was still bone stock (absolutely no gauges at the time either but at least it was cold out). If memory serves me right, if i had a bone stock trans at the time but with a lockup switch and got cruising at around 20-22 mph (idk rpms) enough to actually shift into 2nd then hit the switch and had it react would that be a rough forced shift to 3rd and not 2-lock. I remember trying to do 2nd gear but its been over a year and a half ago now and i cant remember but i do remember a lower speed jerk into either lockup or the next gear and a check engine light because i did it the way where they say to remove the relay and hotwire the pins with a jumper wire and wire in a switch to ground for the torque converter lockup circuit.
  12. Got the Airdog 150 installed Friday night and taken it across town a couple times this weekend. All seems well so far
  13. @IBMobile I was reading your article on the mystery torque converter lockup switch. Just out of curiosity what mods does the valve body need for 2nd gear lockup. I didnt see it mentioned.
  14. I figured this out the hard way. I used my 4x4 once to make sure it worked and although i didnt need it and i was just out in the dirt it did work. Then a few months later i actually needed it and it wouldnt work. I just assumed it was the switch at the transfer case and it wasnt the issue. The aftermarket world sells the vacuum actuator kit to replace just the diaphragm and thats the route i went for cost saving. In my case the light wasnt coming on at all and once i replace the actuator it would come on again
  15. The governor and sensor are both really common. I wont sell one without the other working here at the dealer because i cant have people coming back in for the same problem and then there pissed about the wasted fluid and the extra work and extra money. Having any codes would be a huge help. If there really isnt any transmission codes it wouldnt hurt to make sure the shift linkage under the body is in good shape. I've never heard of any issues with it but given its a swapped truck its likely to be different from stock or they've used a linkage from another truck or who knows. The throttle valve cable? Isnt there an adjustment on that cable too? I cant remember maybe its only adjusted with the allen screw inside the trans. A quick search on my dealer site doesnt give me any info to any specific cases or service bulletins. Theres the tool on here if you do find a code.
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