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  1. Both of my 2nd gens had a rattle in the columns that turned out to be the bottom bushing. Open the hood and check the steering shaft for side to side play. There is a fix but I cant remember what it is called. Maybe some one can chime in.
  2. If you turn on the wipers when the wipers are frozen to the windshield you end up welding the park switch and you lose the park position. The park function is related to the intermittent setting. If you are good enough you can sometimes open the motor housing and break it lose. I have done before this but only half of them survived.
  3. On the trucks that I have the switch get hot I found that the switch spades and the plug had started to corrode. Most of them I had to replace both the plug and the switch because they were melted but I have gotten away with just cleaning them back to nice and shining.
  4. Nekkedbob

    Big change in my life...

    Sorry to hear about that but take it easy for a while. I was layed up 2 months ago and not being able to do the things that you think need to be done is miserable. I am getting by and only doing what is needed although slower but being someone who is always done things my self it makes me crazy that I cant yet. Keep your spirits up and dont be ashamed to ask for help when needed, there are a lot of good people around and I am sure they would be happy to do what they can for you and MPMOM. Best wishes to you and thanks from all of us for all that you do. Nekkedbob
  5. Nekkedbob

    T stat bad?

    This last year mine was opening at higher temps then it did the year before. I decided to change it and NAPA gave me the one on the right in MPM post . Mine is a 98 and it was listed as that one. I started getting wild swings in temp ( late opening and late closing) of over 10 degrees swings. My mistake was not taking mine out and comparing them. Being that 98s had both 12v and 24v they gave me a 12v which is the one on the right. I went back with my original and asked for one for a 99 and I got the one on the left and it has worked perfectly since.
  6. Nekkedbob

    Heater core Hell

    I have had three different vehicles that I just did a backflush of the core and if worked after just fine. I disconnected the heater core from the motor and ran some vinigar through it backwards and then ran hot water through it to flush it.
  7. Your seat belt will continue to draw power when the door is open and for about 10 minutes after the door is closed. To test if it is the seat belt is causing a problem roll down the window, close the doors and walk away from the truck for 10 minutes. When you come back reach in the window without opening the door and try pulling the seat belt, if it doesn't come out its good and the draw for the seat belt will be gone. It is a small draw but I could see that after 3 days it could draw the battery down. I would say pull the fuse and look for any other draw that is there.
  8. Nekkedbob

    Curt Hitch

    If your hitch has a MOPAR tag or sticker there is a TSB about the same crack problem. I just got mine done this year for free by dodge
  9. And as I remember let the seal set for at least 4 hours before starting the engine or it might leak.
  10. Nekkedbob

    Turbo moaning with boost

    With the BHAF on mine I don't hear the turbo until I get above 10 PSI ,that only lasts until about 16 then quiets down until I hit 20 PSI and then starts to howl above 23 PSI
  11. Nekkedbob

    Turbo moaning with boost

    Mine has always had a ungodly howl above about 23 PSI and has done this for 5 years since I disabled the waste gate.
  12. Nekkedbob


  13. Both NAPA and Advance gave me the one on right but it was the lady put in 99 and I got the one on the left. The one on the left was the same as the one that was put in it 4 years ago from NAPA in Jackson Ca.
  14. Nekkedbob

    98.5 Electrical Issues

    Dont forget that the qclb has a timer that keeps the seatbelts activated for up two 5 minutes after you close the door or when the door is open. To check for the draw open the driver side window, close the door then dont touch the truck for at least 5 minutes then reach in and pull one the driver side seatbelt. If the seatbelt is locked then check for a draw without opening the door. If the seat belt does come out you may have a bad seat belt controller under the center seat.
  15. I took a pic. and you can see the difference. I thought that maybe a up date or a different manufacturer so I didn't question it. The flow has got to be twice the stock unit. The one on the right is the old one the one on the left is what 2 different parts houses gave me.