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  1. I have never had a blow out but I have had up to 50% tread separation ( bulge on the tread ) when I noticed it. I did see one blow in front of me in the lane to the right and it stuck the split rim ring in the car door next to him along with blowing out the window. The tread glanced of the semi end dump box and sent it higher then the telephone poles into the other side of the freeway. I was past it by then so I don't know if it hit anyone.
  2. Just a FYI ST tires are not rated for over 65 MPH. I found this out after having to replace at least one tire per trip from WI to CA. I pulled my small enclosed trailer for 14 years and never loaded heavier then 2000 pounds gross with 1500 pound rated tires. After questioning many tire shop techs one finally called the Goodyear factory rep ( I used what ever I could find on the road and 1/3 of them were Goodyears) and after some discussion he asked how fast I drive and I said right at the speed limit then he said thats the problem. Since I slowed down to 65 MPH the last set that was on it when I sold it had gone 5 years with on failures. As I recall Carlisle has a ST tire that is speed rated at 85 MPH and you can tell because it is molded right in the sidewall. I was a owner/operator and like to drive still to this day. I would leave central WI and be in CA in 2 1/2 days and after slowing to 65 MPH I could still make it in 3 days.
  3. Nekkedbob


  4. It sounds like a bad (high resistance) ground. I would go through all of the parking light grounds included the sockets you will most likely find a corroded one.
  5. I have broken one spring in a stack on 4 different trucks and just went to a custom spring place and ordered just the broken one and restacked them. Some places will know what you need right off hand but others needed the spring in hand before they can help you.
  6. Yes that is normal. After no electrical activity the latch will turn off (about 30 min.) You can check this by opening the driver side window and walk away for a 1 hour (it may be as short as 30 min.). When you come back to the truck reach through the window try to pull the seat belt without opening the door and it should be locked and the current draw should be nil.If you open the door the timer will restart.
  7. I change mine when ever the fuel pressure drops a average of a pound or 2. Sometimes once a year but I have gone two years at about 10k per year.
  8. Both of my 2nd gens had a rattle in the columns that turned out to be the bottom bushing. Open the hood and check the steering shaft for side to side play. There is a fix but I cant remember what it is called. Maybe some one can chime in.
  9. If you turn on the wipers when the wipers are frozen to the windshield you end up welding the park switch and you lose the park position. The park function is related to the intermittent setting. If you are good enough you can sometimes open the motor housing and break it lose. I have done before this but only half of them survived.
  10. On the trucks that I have the switch get hot I found that the switch spades and the plug had started to corrode. Most of them I had to replace both the plug and the switch because they were melted but I have gotten away with just cleaning them back to nice and shining.
  11. Sorry to hear about that but take it easy for a while. I was layed up 2 months ago and not being able to do the things that you think need to be done is miserable. I am getting by and only doing what is needed although slower but being someone who is always done things my self it makes me crazy that I cant yet. Keep your spirits up and dont be ashamed to ask for help when needed, there are a lot of good people around and I am sure they would be happy to do what they can for you and MPMOM. Best wishes to you and thanks from all of us for all that you do. Nekkedbob
  12. This last year mine was opening at higher temps then it did the year before. I decided to change it and NAPA gave me the one on the right in MPM post . Mine is a 98 and it was listed as that one. I started getting wild swings in temp ( late opening and late closing) of over 10 degrees swings. My mistake was not taking mine out and comparing them. Being that 98s had both 12v and 24v they gave me a 12v which is the one on the right. I went back with my original and asked for one for a 99 and I got the one on the left and it has worked perfectly since.
  13. I have had three different vehicles that I just did a backflush of the core and if worked after just fine. I disconnected the heater core from the motor and ran some vinigar through it backwards and then ran hot water through it to flush it.
  14. Your seat belt will continue to draw power when the door is open and for about 10 minutes after the door is closed. To test if it is the seat belt is causing a problem roll down the window, close the doors and walk away from the truck for 10 minutes. When you come back reach in the window without opening the door and try pulling the seat belt, if it doesn't come out its good and the draw for the seat belt will be gone. It is a small draw but I could see that after 3 days it could draw the battery down. I would say pull the fuse and look for any other draw that is there.
  15. If your hitch has a MOPAR tag or sticker there is a TSB about the same crack problem. I just got mine done this year for free by dodge
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