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  1. My thought was that I would just put it on the shelf as is. I don't think of it as a upgrade except for the water cooling. I just talked to HiTechTurbo and he was going to check with Holset if it was a drop in including the wheels ( I would use my hot and cold sides ) and if I wanted one what it would cost vs a stock one.
  2. This may be a mute point now because the seller just tripled the price. So here are some pictures that might help. Depend in how you go about water cooling it sounds like it might be the way to go to help them live longer.
  3. I just found a HX35g turbo for sale cheap. I was damaged in storage with zero miles. I cant find it anywhere so I cant check the specs and from what I have found it is water cooled and was a gas application. Only the cold side outlet is damaged and was wondering if I might be able to just use the center section as a replacement for myHX35W when it goes.
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