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  1. You have come to the right place for advise. I've been a member a short time. Not long ago bought my first dodge Cummins, an '01 with only 139k at the time of purchase. Only mods done was a aftermarket FASS replacement lift pump. Been extremely happy with it and will keep it a very long time. Stay away from the "53" blocks. They had a manufacturing defect that pops up from time to time. Other than that, find one that the owner cared about and didn't go crazy with power adders and you'll be good.
  2. I had some Firestone destination M/T 2's that were great. They were on a half ton truck though. You'll have to see if they make it in the proper load range for you.
  3. They don't work. Lol Them ford diesels sound funny to me
  4. I know you recommend the quad adrenaline @Mopar1973Man but what are your thoughts on the quad power box? I was reading a bit on those and for a mild daily driver it doesn't sound bad. Half the price as well. The quad XZT+ is the one I was reading about.
  5. I recently charged my a/c. It was working but not well, I believe there may have been a slight leak somewhere. I added some freon and for it working better but my high side pressure it to high and the low side is low. I am pretty sure the orfice tube is partially plugged. I'll be changing it when I open the system to do the heater core and HVAC box R&R.
  6. I haven't used them but I had a half ton not long ago with 33x12.50x15 Firestone destination M/T 2's on it. For an off road tire they were great in mud, snow and whatever else you get into. I don't know what they have in the way of a heavy duty tire but might be worth a look. Also, a good friend of mine has a dodge 2500 crew/long bed Cummins and he runs procomp's. Not sure which model but they're pretty aggressive as well. He loves them. Just thought I'd throw in my $.02
  7. I won't feel so bad when I order new ones for mine now
  8. I feel lucky that I found the one I have. Not knocking the newer ones but wow, wouldn't have expected such a difference in price for injectors.
  9. Hmmm, might have to hitch up sometime and make a trip to that resort. Sounds like a good time. Be a nice trip to I bet.
  10. Wish I would have took some pics! We had a guy come take of our 20 acres of wheat and run it into hopper wagons for us. Long story short, my uncle hooked his Duramax to the wagons to pull them out of the field. Not enough traction so the nice guy that I am hooked to his truck with a couple big tow straps I have and pulled him and both wagons out to the road. Total weight of the pull was roughly 35-40k. Not bad for an inline six! He was a bit in shock but it was all about traction, I had it and he didn't.
  11. Did I read that right @Mopar1973Man? $4000 for the new injectors on his CR engine?
  12. I saw some sewn covers that attached somehow to the front of the truck. Not really a fan of them though. Last winter I cut 4 pieces of cardboard to fit the grill openings and painted them black. Looked decent. Not sure how much it helped though. It didn't hurt.
  13. Thanks for the input! I didn't know they even made the metal screen anymore. Everything is plastic now days. Lol Seems like it did a great job for you.
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