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  1. I try to use 1/4 as an empty mark. Won't let it below that in warm weather. Cold weather I'll keep it above even that. Probably between half and quarter. I had the fuel.light come on once, made me nervous. Lol Sure don't want to run out on a diesel.
  2. Ours here in N.W. Ohio has turned green recently. Winter blend I assume. I still have a tank full of red outside for farm equipment. Going to have to treat that soon to avoid gelling and moisture in it.
  3. I need to get after firewood soon to. Seems every weekend fills up with other things that need done "right away" so can't get to it. Yesterday was replacing a steering rack on my daughter's mercury mountaineer, that was NOT fun. But my daughter jumped in there and was a big help. Proud of her for that. I have a combine to get back up and working, we have 20 acres of corn to take off soon. Camper needs to be winterized as well. The fun never stops. Lol
  4. @JAG1 I'll take care of that truck and camper rig for ya. I have the special removal/installation tool for the muffler bearing plate, I'll also check the thrust bearings on the wipers just as a free extra service, then pack the new bearings with good golly miss moly grease.
  5. I'll ha e to check for voltage when in reverse tomorrow. I was just curious at this point. Thanks all.
  6. Just curious (because I forgot to look) are the reverse lights also wired through the factory 7 blade socket on the truck? Truck is an '01.
  7. In the M1973M site store. Mike has large ones for across the front window or smaller ones for the quad cab glass. I'd post a link but back to that techno-tarded thing. Lol
  8. I'm assuming that's all good? Lol I'm techno-tarded sorry. I see the tip jar has grown though, glad to see we're all kicking in what we can afford, should help with the upgrades? Hopefully we can increase membership as well. I have went through a short lay-off again so waiting for the cash flow to resume but when things level out again I will probably purchase one or two of the smaller decals to help advertise for the site. Hope it will at least draw in a few to see what we all have to offer here.
  9. Glad to see you able to get them back on the road Mike! Great job!
  10. I'll have to check the rear sensor as well then I guess. I was going to have my buddy check it with his scanner but they changed my shifts at work again and I won't be able to make it there tomorrow as planned.
  11. Mine is attached to the passenger side battery tray as well, but on the front side of it. Nice little bracket @Dieselfuture
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