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  1. I don't have an exhaust brake to help with warm up. Someday maybe but right now she's pretty much stock. I may end up at a dealer today with my dad to pick up his truck from some warranty work. I might inquire on the price for the programming while there.
  2. Thanks, I tried some gunk engine cleaner I had on the shelf. It didn't do much of anything. That stuff never really has worked well for me. Not even sure where that can came from.
  3. Anyone have a favorite degreaser to cut through the oil. My engine isn't bad but I would like to degrease it to detect leaks. I have one oil leak now around the oil cooler where the oil filter spins on. Had a couple loose bolts. Not to mention the oil on the radiator. I haven't done the crank case vent mod yet.
  4. I do the same. I still grin every time I look at the truck. I was envious of other people when I saw them on the road now I have one. I've been extremely happy with it his far. I even glance out the window to look at it in the driveway sometimes. Stupid but I love that truck.
  5. I think your doing a great job, you have my respect for doing all of this and your efforts do not go unnoticed. I appreciate it as I'm sure many others do.
  6. It's great that yor so open and transparent with what your doing to the site mike. I don't understand most of it but I do appreciate what you do and the fact that you share with us. There is alot of work that goes into this site, I know this by what you share with us. Thank you for you time and effort.
  7. To add to @Mopar1973Man's post, if the OP were to switch over to all LED lighting it would free up amps to help run the winch. That way the load of the big alternator isn't a constant mechanical load on the engine. If one used the winch frequently yes then a bigger alternator would be the ticket but for a few times a year it may be a wiser choice to reduce load in other places to free up some amperage to operate the winch plus enjoy the brighter output of the LED lighting and the safety factor it also adds as well.
  8. Is there a list of some sort that explains where all the trucks grounds are located? To have this as a tool to ensure all grounds are clean and bright with a coat of oil on them would be helpful.
  9. Everyone I've had contact with or a conversation with I should say, have been decent. We may not see things the exact same way but we can discuss them rationally and not argue about it. I would be a very scary day for government if the people would actually come together on a united front. Even with different vies we could still get things done and eliminate the shady agendas behind the people in power.
  10. Yeah, I mixed a little diesel with it to get it to spray a little better. Turned out pretty good. Kinda of keeping an eye on it now to see how long it lasts. So far so good. Been through rain a couple times with it and the water just beads up.
  11. Ok, now it's getting rediculous. The democrats are moving to impeach president trump when he will be out of the office in 9 days anyway. Why do they continue to waste time and our tax dollars on something that will be over in 9 days anyway. I'm not a biden fan and I guess it doesn't matter what party you back. To me this seems like a huge waste if time and money. Our money, not theirs. This government is really letting me down as a citizen, voter and tax payer. I've had enough of the stupidness going on in washington. I can just imagine how we look on tv to the rest of the world. I am embarras
  12. I even use extra butter so I slides down, less chewing. Who wants to do all that work? Lmao
  13. To late High gas/fuel prices I'm sure are just over the horizon. Also, I don't know how much truth there is to it but I've heard rumors if farmers and others in the Midwest selling their land to china! I hope that was a BS story.
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