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  1. My truck is also completely stock. Just replaced the track bar with a stock replacement piece from RA. Looked under the front today while my daughter was turning the wheel back and forth and found the left tie rod end has some play as well. I was just inquiring about the T conversion in case I had to replace several parts. In that case I would just consider the upgrade at that time.
  2. So to adjust csster, I assume there us an adjusting offset bolt in the lower control arms to make this adjustment? I need to take a good hard look at all my tie rod end as well the ball joints. Just want this to stop. It doesn't happen often but I don't want it to happen at all. So far it has been only with an empty truck. Don't want to deal with this issue while towing our camper. I know the steering stabilizer is bad also. I don't belive this to be the root of the problem though.
  3. I have an '01 3500 dually and am finding myself experiencing the occasional "death wobble" I have replaced the track bar. Need to get under there and check all the steering joints now along with the ball joints for play. If I need to replace several I would rather look into an upgrade. Been doing some reading online, apparently there was a factory option for heavy duty steering? Which was a T steering setup? If not, what would be a direct bolt on T setup? I don't really want to have to change the taper on the knuckles or do any mods if not required. Just curious what my options are. Thanks in advance.
  4. It's a good feeling knowing I have something that has gone way up in value since I bought it. Vehicles don't usually increase unless it's a muscle car or special breed of sorts. I bought my '01 dually about a year and a half ago for $8500 from a private seller. It makes me smile thinking I could sell for upwards of 20-25k now. I don't see me selling mine though. I love the truck. I don't use it to it's potential very often but she's a beast in mostly stock form. Pulls anything I want with ease. I have had a few ask if I'd sell but I just smile and decline any offer.
  5. I would but it's her cart and she's a browns fan. I'll get her some harley mats......lol
  6. It's pretty dirty at the moment and never mind the Bengals floor mats. Those will be changed soon.
  7. I agree This time out my buddy loaded our golf cart on a trailer and pulled it out there for us. It's actually the wifes cart, a 1969 harley davidson 3 wheel painted black with orange pinstripe with black/orange upholstery. That cart drew a lot of looks. Everyone else has the new fancy lifted ez-go type carts. Lol When my buddy backed his dodge Dakota under the front of his fifth wheel people kept stopping to ask him how the he77 he pulled that camper with that little truck. Lmao We had a really good time out there. Already have reservations for memorial day next year!
  8. So we planned a camping trip with a friend of mine from work over a month ago. Me and the wife in our camper. Him, his wife and 2 young boys in theirs. Fast forward to a little over a week ago. His 1993 chevy 3500 dually crapped oil all over the road and is now at a shop. Hopefully the 6.5 diesel will be ok. Once he told me about the truck I automatically volunteered to pull his 36' fifth wheel to the campground for him. It's about a 45 mile trip there but I didn't mind. We hooked up my fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter and away we went. Then came back to get our camper. I in no way want to gloat over a good deed but I sure feel good for helping him out. He thought his weekend was canceled. I didn't want to see his family loose out in their last camping trip of the year because of a broken truck when I can help out a friend. Just wanted to share a feel good moment.
  9. After doing some more reading I realized that I did not properly torque the bolts. I'm going to take care of that in the morning. From what I've seen the bolt to the axle with the bushing should be at 130 ft/lbs And the socket end should be at 62 ft/lbs. I will have to see if this makes a difference. If not then at least I know it was done correctly.
  10. Very well put @JAG1. With that all being said you can imagine how this "viral pandemic" has tured into a cash machine for some. A way to control population for others and just plain old control through fear for the rest of them. I may be called a "conspiracy theorist" of sorts but it's hard to ignore the possibilities. This country is in turmoil to put it lightly. The world in general is a mess as well. We live in turbulent times ladies and gentlemen. Do what you see fit to take care of yourself and those you love. Truth be told, I am scared of our future and I don't scare easily.
  11. Not saying I'm right or wrong but I will not get the vaccine. If they begin forcing it somehow, I will hold out as long as I can against it. I see what they're doing to the people of Australia, it's very disturbing.
  12. Well, with the track bar replaced all was good until a few days ago on the way to work. Hit some RR tracks and got the death wobble again. Checked things out today. I think the ball socket that connect to the pitman arm may have a bit of play. Steering stabilizer is most likely shot as well just judging by appearance on that one.
  13. Fixed! Took about 1.5 turns to straighten it back up. Crooked steering wheel is one of my pet peeves. Drives me crazy. Thanks for the responses!
  14. @Tractorman I am not the original owner. I've had the truck about a year and a half. The track bar I removed was not adjustable neither was the replacement I installed. Unsure if the wheel has ever been centered. The truck is not lifted. Stock ride height.
  15. So, I replaced the track bar today. Not a bad job really. But once done I went for a ride and now the steering wheel is turned to the left. The center isn't up and down now but about half way between level and up and down. I've read that one can fix this by adjusting the drag link that runs from the pitman arm down? Or is this a total alignment issue? I'd rather just fix it here if possible. I don't know why this would have moved anything provided the specs of both old and new bars were the same. (Which obviously isn't the case). The bar I removed was a moog problem solver. Keep in mind the truck has a bit less than 160k on it. So I assume this would be the 3rd track bar since new. Not a really good record if you ask me. Thank in advance for any replies.
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