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  1. I like the old school decal. Looks good on there.
  2. That's the rout I'm taking. I'm gonna try to pick up a battery load tester in the next day or two and check the batteries. Now that the batteries are back up to, or should be up to full charge again I might try to hook up the breaker again to see if it still trips. It may have been a result of me leaving the key on overnight causing a severe draw to recharge once it was started. We shall see.
  3. I have a few vehicles in my past is love to have back! I think we all probably do
  4. Mine are disconnected at the moment. Wouldn't be the grids at this point.
  5. I looked at the batteries, they're dated 2014. 6 years old so it's probably about that time. As for the PCM, I haven't done it yet but I want to put a dedicated fuse online for that as well. Only bad thing about buying a used truck that's 19 years old. Alot if catching up to do on maintenance and preventative measures to avoid other serious problems.
  6. That's a good point, the batteries are getting old. The date sticker is still on them. I don't remember the year off hand though. Plus I've been wanting to get a battery load tester anyway. Nothing fancy but with all the tractors and other machinery around here it would be useful.
  7. So today I had to go to my parents house to do some work for them, had the truck loaded with the tools and materials I needed, noticed that I left my keys in the ignition. No big deal, I've done it before but, this time I left the ignition on some how. Started the truck, cranked just fine and fired right up. Volt meter was down a bit, comparable to as if the grids were on ( they're unhooked at the moment). Figured the batteries would charge on my 25 minute drive. I made it 1 mile and "check gauges" lit up, voltage now at 8. Checked the 150amp breaker, it was tripped. Reset the breaker, tripped again. Went back to the house and removed said breaker for now. Running late had to go. I don't know if I should reinstall the breaker now or not. Also, why would the alternator put out so many amps to trip it? Aren't the alternators (I assume mine is a stock unit) rated for 140amp output? Thanks for any thoughts. Btw, the breaker I am referring to is one I installed after doing the WT ground mod.
  8. I have to say I got really lucky on this one. It does have some rust but runs good with a fresh 305 v8, th400 trans and the famous 205 (I believe) cast iron transfer case. The trans need a new pump, she leaks real bad but I only gave $1200 for her so no complaints
  9. From the pics you can't tell it's been touched up. Everything looks uniform down the sides. She's looking real nice. Good work!
  10. GM has definitely lost their edge. To be honest the new GM trucks are ugly
  11. Oh, you noticed that huh? Lol Here ya go @dave110
  12. I'm going to need some of those to tow my RV. Are those OEM (guessing not by the price) what brand?
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