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  1. I also like me that center console. Could you get into more detail on the install or maybe start another thread on the install? I'd like to have cup holders up there. With a manual trans they're on the floor and very inconvenient.
  2. I started to watch it, got hungry for tacos.
  3. I looked at my build sticker in the glove box for the rear end gear ratio and I noticed the rear axle states it's an "anti-spin" differential. In dodges terms is this the same as a posi traction or locker? Just curious. Thanks!
  4. Vehicle: Papa's truck Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2020-02-24 Papa's truck
  5. Yeah I get that dripley, time at home is worth a little less mpg. I won't go crazy with the mpg battle but I figure once the motor wakes up a bit with better power through injectors, tuning and a few other light mods to make it more efficient. I don't expect to get 20-25 mpg but a little better than the 16 I get now would be good. It will probably go up some once we get out of the winter blend fuel season as well.
  6. I'm unfamiliar with the term hypermiling. What does that mean? (Sorry if it's a dumb question) I'm watching this thread as I would like better mpg eventually.
  7. Well if you ever head to Ohio I'll be here. Lol Now that I have a truck that I could trust pulling a camper up a hill or mountain I'd like to travel further and see some things my self. The wife loves to travel to different places as well. She didn't travel much as a child so there are a lot of new things out there for here to see.
  8. I agree Mike, it's time to mourn, heal and then move forward. You have a new life ahead of you with Eileen and many wonderful things to come and new memories to make. You and her can now concentrate on one another and allow your relationship to grow. The pain and sorrow will eventually subside and you will be able to replace it will love and happiness and have all the wonderful memories of your parents. I wish you well my friend, it is a process but I'm sure with your family here and your new family with Eileen you have many friends and family to count on.
  9. Prayers to you and your family. Sorry for your loss. I lost a loved one Friday as well. I hold peace in the fact that her suffering is over and in God's hands now.
  10. Not to bad of a job on a K1500. Top bell housing bolts are a bit if a pain unless the truck has a body lift. Me and a buddy have done several. Nice looking shop! I'm a little jealous.
  11. That all being said, I'm guessing I will need a draw straw along with the big line kit? I will probably go with 3/8" line. I don't plan on crazy upgrades in the future. Mild at the most. I just have to plan things in stages. We all know these can be very expensive projects. I will have the truck for a long time and plan on upgrading gradually. Side note: one of the reasons I bought a diesel was it's reliability, can't go pumping thousands into it right off the rip. Wife would flip. Lol I also want to perform alot of preventative maintenance since I don't know the history of the truck. Cooling system flush, oil change and so on. Also have some cosmetics to fix. Mainly some slight rust issues (welcome to Ohio). The transmission also needs a bit of attention, syncros are out shifting into 3rd gear so double clutching for now to avoid the dreadful grind. Plans are: fuel system big line kit tank to LP and LP to VP and relocate LP to frame. Gauges, FP, Boost, EGT BHAF After that I'll consider maybe upgrading injectors and possibly a mild tuner. Baby steps. I don't have a set HP goal, mainly want a bit more grunt with reliability and maybe a bit better mpg.
  12. I want to begin to upgrade my fuel system, truck is stock for the most part (see sig) but does have a FASS ddrp lift pump. What I'd like to do is relocate the pump to the frame near the tank with a relocation kit and run a big line kit from the tank to pump, pump to filter housing and then filter to VP44. Can I do this in steps? Such as filter to VP first, then relocate pump and run the rest of the big lines at that time? Or should I just accumulate the parts and do it all at once? Will I also need a draw straw with this setup? Also, will the larger lines decrease pressure? I'm not a fluid expert but I would think larger lines would increase volume but possibly lower overall pressure? I would go to a better FASS setup but that expense is not in the budget at this point, I have other things on the truck to do as well to set it up for towing our camper. I do want to address the fuel system this year though. It will all be a work in progress over a period of time. Thanks for any input.
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