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  1. PilotHouse2500

    Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Torched the springs to get the chassis to sit right (bunch of parts missing that would weigh enough to compress the front suspension). And then the cab mounts got put in. Even with the shop at a "cool" 75°, outside hit near 100° yesterday, it wasn't all that comfortable with the humidity so high, then ad the torch and welding heat!
  2. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    ok thanks gang, plans this weekend to torch the springs and get the cab mounts welded in. Pics to follow on the build thread.
  3. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    2500 or 3500 series? if anyone else has a minute or two to measure the upper control arm bolt to the ground I'd appreciate. I'm hoping for a few more to confirm that difference between the front and back pivots points. Thanks (so far) to dripley, 01cummins4eve, BBHD
  4. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    hmmm some serious differences relative Control arm differences in heights between bolts: one instance is straight up 2", the other 3.25"... pivot link different by 1/2" Pitman approx 1" different. not the consistancy I was hoping for. BBHD, yours is a 4x4 with 6bt?
  5. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    so to confirm, it seem the control arm measurements say there should be about a 2" difference in height between the two bolts, correct?
  6. PilotHouse2500

    Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Well, the 94 is almost stripped down to nothing, Gotta pull the trany and driveshafts yet for me (trany for core exchange). Then it's pull the axles off for sale and chop the frame up for scrap. Body parts go to the scrap yard tomorrow.
  7. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    thanks guys, from what I can tell I need to bring the front end down 2". Weekends are never long enough, but when a buddy is in state for a funeral you hang out with the crazy Californian and take him for a ride in your restoration and let him drive!
  8. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    Thanks! Hoping for a few more from people to get a feel of what averages out as "normal". 1 or 2 more please!
  9. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

    tire size is relative. the measurement at the pivot on the passenger tire will set the reference height so I can adjust the other 3 for what tires I have on the frame. Thanks guys. Hoping to get this adjusted this weekend!
  10. PilotHouse2500

    Suspension measurements needed

  11. OK guys need a little help here. Was looking at the body tongiht and getting it lined up when we thought about not having all the all weight on the frame will shift the suspension a bit relative to the frame due to the linkage pivot points. This would explain why some things didn't line up as expected. So I am looking for the following measurements from someone with either a 2500 or 3500 frame/suspension set up (6bt engine and manual tranny if possible!). Please note back where the measurement was taken from to the ground (center of bolt, top/bottom of bolt, joint between members, etc) something I can use as a solid reference. I plan on torching the springs to get it to sit where it should (putting bags in instead on the build). Thanks in advance! Note where the fingers are (should be 4 measurements). 2 pivot bolts on the arm, the pivot on the pitman and the pivot at the passenger wheel
  12. PilotHouse2500

    Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    "new" fenders pounded "straight" and installed. Now I can make sure the fender is centered on the wheel and align everything and finish the cab mounts.
  13. PilotHouse2500

    Website Updated - 4.3.0

    BTW on my new Samsung s9+ the little 3 bar icon in the upper right (for messages etc) does not work. I have the same problem on other forums I'm on. Works on Fire fox, but not Chrome. Brand new Galaxy s9+ Android 8.0.0 Chrome 66.0.3359.106
  14. PilotHouse2500

    replacing or relocation intercoolers/rad

    hmmm, you might be right....I got a bit cut happy taking it down... oops
  15. PilotHouse2500

    Engine rebuild

    I'll have to look tonight, I thought only 2 lines when to this beasty converting to manual...so... not needed for the TC...how are the manual trucks set up?