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  1. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    A little St Patty's day work. Cab is about where it needs to be, but will go down about 3".
  2. Lets see who you are!

    here I be...
  3. replacing or relocation intercoolers/rad

    kicked around ideas with the neighbor last night. Gonna remove the firewall this weekend and put the cab where it needs to be and pull the rad/intercooler and bracket off and line things up. 2 electric fans on the rad and move the intercoolers to between the frame rails under the cab is the plan. Maybe go to 4" pipes so the turbo lag isn't so bad since i'm going to REALLY be extending the pipes/hoses? Thoughts?
  4. replacing or relocation intercoolers/rad

    I already will have to cut firewall and let part of the engine live in the cab (COE now lol?) likely one cylinder. Too far back and the seat won't position in the cab right (too far from dash/lose space behind the seat/entrance and egress from the cab). Plus I have to deal with the front fenders landing in the right spot to stay centered on the wheel and still marry up tot eh front clip and cab right.
  5. Manual Transmission measurements needed

    from block right? thanks much! Just what I needed!
  6. So in my swap out to a manual, I'll need a few measurements to set my cab in the right spot (beyond where I NEED to due to body panel placement). Can anyone give me a quick and dirty measurement for the shifter and transfer case selector from the rear of the BLOCK? thanks!
  7. So in my project, I need to find 5" of space on the front side of the engine. At a minimum that means replacing the fan with electric fan(s). The next big thing I'd need to move to get space are the intercoolers (turbo and tranny), RAD and AC pack. Potentially I can move some of that stuff to the side of the engine behind the head lights. I'm hesitant to relocate the RAD due to it's high need for fresh air. So my question is this: has anyone replaced the stock parts with a more efficient (and smaller) unit? If so, what did you use? any other thoughts?
  8. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    ok boys....feast your eyes....
  9. Engine rebuild

    yah that's what I was reading
  10. Engine rebuild

    So that being said, I did a quick search and lots of stands that SAY they can handle the 1100 pounds this thing tosses around...reviews say otherwise....any suggestions for a stand good enough to do a rebuild?
  11. Engine rebuild

    yah, at car (truck to me) club meeting last night I talked myself into doing the rebuild myself. Just need a stand for it.
  12. Engine rebuild

    well it IS Cummins and I know we have a premium on our stuff. I have not fired it up, I just pulled it so i can set it on the new(er) frame this weekend so I can start to get the body figured out. It hasn't run for at least 11 years and it DOES leak some oil, so a seal is bad someplace (could be as simple as the pan). I do have a bore scope so I could look inside and see what I see. I was hoping to rebuild and run for decades...I just want to see what it would be to have the work done so I don't have any questions about the engine later in the build or after I'm driving it. That's why I've looked at an estimate for rebuild costs...and the 12K sounds HIGH!
  13. Engine rebuild

    I guess it's a want...I'm building this beast and would like to have everything fixed up so I don't have to tear it apart again in a few years. The shop is the Cummins rebuild center locally here... the engine hasn't run in 12 years...no idea it's condition except it as literally running when they ran it out of diesel and never got back to putting the fuel system back together.
  14. Engine rebuild

    FWIW, the engine is out and (for now) on the floor, but I doubt that would really be that much of the cost.
  15. So, I got my first quote back for rebuild....erf...gut punch...Anyone have a recommendation in Minnesota for a rebuild? The first one back from the local Cummins rebuild is $12k+....or is that about right? Budgets need to know... Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed and I could not find it in a search.