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  1. yah I have a small cabinet for parts you can hold in one hand. Way easier than a wire wheel!
  2. TC shifter cleaned, painted and reinstalled. The grommets were a PITA!
  3. quick tape measure last night has both coming out to about 24" from the back of the bellhousing adapter to the mount studs. The cross member has slots, so it'd all be good...if I wasn't moving the engine! Which DOES make sense, altho several other things did change with the swap that could have been made the same.
  4. I'll try to remember to take some measurements tonight to confirm. The swap website mentioned that you might have to move the crossmember when converting.
  5. mount flipped, and shifter assembly ordered, thanks all! Back to an earlier post on the trans crossmember, I'd have to confirm via parts book, but I believe they are different between the auto and manual. The NV4500 is set up is different by a few inches, but since I need to shove the engine back 3 to 5 inches to fit the CAC/RAD in it won't matter as I'll have to fab up a new one.
  6. thanks easy enough fix. Think I found a handle assembly on Epay....$75....erf
  7. got the trans mount all installed. Was going to put on the TC shifter and well, it didn't fit! The auto had a stepped mount and the NV4500 has flush, so I figured I'd cut off the spacer and I'd be fine....nope...hole to hole distance is different. Looks also like it moved relative to the TC as well so I worry that the linkage will bind up if I fab a conversion bracket. I'd love to get the hole to hole distance from the bracket pivot point to the connecting rod pivot on the assembly. Reviewing the pics above I think I have the mount on 180?
  8. done for now, primed and painted...what's next on the list?
  9. TC and trans mated and sealed, tonight degrease and paint?
  10. so thinking of keeping stock radiator in the truck but use electric fans...which source/brand do you consider the best? I find them at Autozone, Summit, etc. for about $125-650. Original leaks.
  11. progress from the weekend. Transfer case cleaned of grime and crud. Trans mounted to bellhousing. Not in current pictures: steel parts painted with POR15 (did that after the pics).
  12. So, if I buy the one up above (and shown in the pictures from BBHD), I won't need the one below shown in the parts books as for "ALL MANUAL TRANS"?
  13. awesome thanks! I have the rubber isolator but seems I still need the part I had up above to complete everything!
  14. I've had the x-member in and out several times already, right now it gets put in from the top. This is why I was hoping for a some pics of what this all looks like. The mount doesn't seem to translate from the auto to the manual with the areas being vastly different where it mounts. I THINK the x-member is the same between the two (will have to dig thru the parts book more to see for sure)...if need be, I can make a new one no problem.
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