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  1. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    come January when I hope to pull the '94 in the shop to start the tear down, ALL parts not on the power train are available for the asking. PM me if you are looking for any parts before they head to the landfill or scrapper.
  2. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    some eye candy from my onboarding time at the mothership:
  3. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Well, I'm back in business, a few wood projects to finish up I contracted for while between positions, but I started my new job 2 weeks ago.....at Cummins! I'm in Power Gen systems (diesel gensets), but I'm now part of a great company, with cool products! I hope to get back on the truck here in January.
  4. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    still working on the project, but it is on hold. My position was eliminated at work and I'm on the hunt for work and doing a lot of woodworking to help pay bills right now instead of playing truck.
  5. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Well I THINK I got all the pictures replaced. Let me know if something looks broken.
  6. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    I will find SOMETHING. Somehow. I post on 3 different forums on this project and it was super easy to use photobucket. Simple math with assumptions puts the money grab at $400 MILLION! It's a LOT of pictures to find and repost/posts to edit! No worries I'll keep them coming...somehow all about getting it appraised...likely would not truly cover a replacement, but better than nothing I guess. When I'm done, I'm sure I'll have over 40K into it, not including my time. Likely appraised to maybe 10K over that. Lots of custom rods are done this way...but unless you are a Foose or some other big name you don't ever get the REAL value in an appraisal.
  7. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    photobucket's new ransom to 3rd party posting will likely mean all my pictures will be going away. I will see if I can reload them at some point...
  8. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    sides welded in, ground and dollied! Next up..FLOOR
  9. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Top center secion all done. Hammer and dolly work and grinding complete. Sides formed and tack welded on. Finish welding those up and then onto the firewall and floor replacement!
  10. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Center section all welded in and ground, some dolly work left, but on to the sides next!
  11. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    more progress...
  12. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Neighbor runs a car shop and had graciously offered to help for free (beer and food) to help me out over the course of the summer while at the bonfire...well he seems to want to get it done because he's been on my case! Last night he taught me some BASICS of the English Wheel! First pass shown here. A little more crown to add in the middle but close!
  13. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    templates made for the roof section...hoping to have that finished off and pictures posted in Feb!
  14. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    no I haven't died, no the project is not dead either....the project will start up again in January, life has just gotten in the way with job change, tractor repairs, 4 wheeler purchases, property maintenance and tree planting. More as soon as I can!
  15. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    this weekend's work: