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  1. Thanks guys, sadly my shop floor heat boiler took a Ferd this last weekend (yes during this -30F crap). So, the plan for truck parts just got pushed back to replace that nice "cheap" piece of hardware. Look for more body work I guess to keep coming. I know I have plenty of that to do yet.
  2. Got the hood center section mounts and mounted yesterday (slow day).
  3. Busy day yesterday 146976673_710482052977154_3266984886463749745_n.mp4
  4. Weekend progress. Hoping this coming week and weekend it will actually be tilting. BTW first picture of my early orbit day present. I will tell you this, if you buy a cheap helmet you will fight welds. This new helmet is like seeing for the first time (I'd imagine). I can see the area prior to welding, during welding and the puddle is so obvious (now). Hard to believe I made good welds on my old el cheapo helmet after using this. It's like welding suddenly got WAY easier!
  5. Thanks guys! Means a lot. Look for some (hopefully this weekend) updates on the front clip.
  6. and ready to build the support frame....wish me luck Everything lines up REALLY well (at this point HAHA)
  7. One fender rebuilt. Just need to mark and drill holes and make bolts to mimic the rivets. On to the next one.
  8. Been fighting my tractor rebuild project and not winning so I decided to take a day and get a win. Donor clip and TODD clip after sections welded back in from where the PO had chopped out chunks.
  9. Well summer has gone with a blink of an eye, but I got a pile of woodworking done to pay for some of the bits on this project. So, next step will be to bag the truck. With an eye towards this, has anyone bagged a frame? So, I need to new location for a new shock mount. I'm liking location #1 as it is easiest and doesn't mess with the sway bar mounts. Thoughts?
  10. hmmm, that concerns me....they guy who checked it over insisted that I'd need to have input from the trans into the TC to shift (might it be specific to models?). Guess I REALLY Need to get this go-karting prior to body being installed to find out!
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