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  1. unioncreek


  2. I thought the boost was about right. What is the max boost that a stock engine can handle? I was thinking the fuel pressure was high, but glad to hear it's OK. Bob
  3. The truck is basically stock, except I have installed a Heath wastegate controller (spring type). Truck has 270K on it. I finally installed fuel and boost pressure gauges in my 96. When cold fuel pressure is 30 pounds at idle, 38 pounds at 2000 rpm's. At operating temp idle pressure is 22, at 2000 rpm's 32 - 34. Is this with in specs? My boost running down the road with my my car trailer on hauling a ton is 6 - 8 pounds. Maximum boost that I can get is 28 pounds. Again is this good or could it be better? Bob
  4. I replaced my heater core about 5 years ago, took about 3 hours. I didn't have any trash in the HVAC system at that time. Since I've been having the mouse problem this summer, I also noticed that I had quite a bit of pine needles and leaves in by the heater core. When I plugged the two openings in the cowling to keep the mice out I also hot glued screen under the slots in the cowling cover. Bob
  5. I'm with Mopar1973Man on this one. My rumbling fan was mice. Easy to remove with a short Phillips screwdriver or a flexible shaft. Bob
  6. The stock cylinder diameter is 7/8" bore the Chevy one as a 1" bore. It made a big difference in braking on my 96. They were a direct fit and didn't have any problems getting them in. Bob
  7. I got the wheel cylinder from NAPA, part # UP37337 . Application I use was for a 1985 Chevrolet C30 1 Ton dually. Bob
  8. I didn't have any on hand, so I just used what I had. My luck the mice would pull the pot scrubber out. Bob
  9. Finally got around to fixing the gaps in under the plastic windshield wiper cowling to keep the mice out. I used some thing gauge aluminum and cut a piece that will just fit and pop riveted it in. Left a small gap at the bottom for any water that gets in there to drain out. Bob
  10. Summit list them as 1/8 - 27 for most transmission sending units. Bob
  11. No, I have a box on it. I wanted to put a flatbed on it, but my wife doesn't like the look. I just repainted my truck last year, it was silver and emerald green. But, the clearcoat failed and she was peeling bad. Went with a premixed paint (Kirker), it's now Mack Green. Not as dark green as I had wanted, but it's way better than before. Picture in the link below. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BykxqnYc-znfQ1pxU2tIZG5abWF0cm9CZHZfcFlRR2NkNFJB Bob The mice packed the headliner of my Galaxie until the seam split. Haven't had time to put a new one in, but I'm thinking of selling it. Bob
  12. I knew you were in New Meadow, go through about once a year. My son lives in Boise and we make it down there occasionally. Would love to live down in your area, but it will be back to MT after I retire in about four years. Bob
  13. I'm going to install a drain plug in the transmission pan of my truck. I'm going to use the drain plug for my temp gauge also. Where in the pan is the best place to put it so it doesn't interfere with anything. Bob
  14. Colfax is still pretty much the grain center. Though just about everything goes to the river and gets loaded on barges. During the peak of harvest we get 20 - 25 semi's a minute by our place. Colfax always hires new cops right out of the academy and their gungho, so yes they'll get you for anything over. Colton and Uniontown share a cop.
  15. Yes, work in Pullman. Live between Colfax and Dusty. Bob
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