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  1. My mileage suck above 65mph if I stay under that I'm over 20, so it's more to do with speed and tire size imo.
  2. All I know is the guy that did it was saying how they blow sometimes for no reason and about 5 minutes later it blow up, he packed up and said I'm done for today. Few days later came back with another switch and got it put in.
  3. I've seen a 3 phase transfer switch blow up up on the new installation, guy said it was static that caused it to explode. Not sure what's in them things but I try to stay clear of them.
  4. I work on mine often enough dirt gets wiped off periodically, usually with clean clothes
  5. Thing is it the ego that most can't get pass, and she has a huge one. She does have good qualities too don't get me wrong, it just doesn't shine as often.
  6. I changed my blinker to electronic when I put led bulbs in, the one circled in yellow. I also used a push in fitting with my fuel gauge and 1/8" brake line, then I put a 1/2" fuel hose over that fitting on guage and ran it out of fire wall, so if there is a leak it will drip on the ground outside, basically I used 1/2" fuel line as conduit. @dripley has a good idea also, you'll know sooner to shut it off.
  7. I'm pretty sure people backed in to my truck before in parking lots,once in a while I find paint chips missing on pieces that stick out. Once a year I touch them up and keep going.
  8. Here is my wife's analogy. ( wouldn't it be easier to buy a truck that has these options already ) go and try to explain anything after that. I'm still an idiot at the end of day.
  9. When I had my 12v I ran a 3/8 all throughout, part of reason lines were leaking and no fuel gauge, so I modified the fuel module too while at it. Does a stock 12v need bigger lines, probably not nether does a 24v. But if you're changing lines might as well, doesn't cost much more for piece of mind. I guess to PO if lines are fine and no mods/power increase on engine then should be able to reuse v10 lines,
  10. Don't overpack too much, may push seals out later when you're not looking, ask me how I know
  11. Now would be a good time to upgrade your fuel system, I would not use factory lines they are too restrictive. At least a 3/8 supply and return, most of us went to half inch. The only one that stays factory is a return from vp44 and back side of the head where it meets into a T and back to tank.
  12. If you get bored you can skim through my threads
  13. At first I was going to say valve seals, but you're saying on the acceleration it does it too, that points more towards turbo imo. You can also check your valve seals make sure they didn't pop off the seat and got beat up by retainers. That's what happened with my new rebuilt head.
  14. Tank should be fine, it's the filter neck. Too small to fit diesel nozzle in the hole. And if it was me, I'd up size the lines to at least 3/8.
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