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  1. I like my vcos, although been experiencing little bit of rough idle and more smoke than usual, either the pop pressure settling or it's way too hot out.
  2. Maybe it does both, absorbs heat to engage and helps to cool when the fan is actually engaged and pulling air through.
  3. I always fought the fins were to absorb the heat, so the clutch can do its thing.
  4. That's a whole other can of worms that most of us know nothing about other than its expensive and has its own issues. Probably something to do with 5v Supply, on older ones it's sheared with other sensors, like oil pressure sensor could cause low voltage to apps. What codes do you have. What apps do you have, of its factory do yourself a favor and put in timbo, all mechanical and 3d the cost. Someone smarter than me may say something, sometimes it takes few days to get things cooking.
  5. I am not telling my truck I've read this, no way
  6. Feeling free I guess, even though I'm a slave to the system in one way or another. It's all how you look at it. We can have an endless thread on this subject.
  7. That's just wrong for some reason, idk. I've been fortunate enough not to deal with it I guess
  8. So these bronze bushings don't require any lubricant? I was always leary about them.
  9. songs like New Jersey is worse than California, I hope it's only these two states. I don't want any monkeys putting anything in my tank. What is happening to America anyway. So much for freedom, the whole world is going nuts.
  10. Get new boots also if you put soapy water on them and pressurize the system they will bubble. Most vendors carry different brands of boots I got the cheaper ones can't remember from who, blue in color rated for 50psi. I hit 50+ few times playing around.
  11. Debris from hose clamp perhaps You should be in the 400 Club by November
  12. No kidding man, mine just started to misfire at idle again, engine load is bouncing between 5 and 8, it set for few weeks while I was working on my new toy vw tdi, I bet it got jealous and did that to me So I beat the crap out of it to put it back in its place, seems better. It almost feels like one of the injectors is missing and they only got about 10 K on them. Really getting tired of pulling injectors, but who am I preaching to
  13. It better not happen anytime soon, I just got a new car with low miles and a loan and it burns diesel, that stuff better be available for at least next 20 years.
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