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  1. I got my quad when I first got the truck simply for more hp claims and no hot unlock you had to pay extra for. It worked good but had few issues in surging department and at that time was a canned tuner for the most part. You still had some adjustments, but nothing like now. It became what it should of been from beginning after @Me78569 worked his magic. More than on one occasion wanted to sell the quad and get an edge for Simplicity and something that worked, for whatever reason I stuck with the quad, I'm very glad I did now, can't see me having this truck without it. Edit @Me78569 would quad work with 4bt, not even sure if they make vp44 for 4 bt, I should know but I don't.
  2. Not to piss on the parade, I was told one piece SS is the way to go. Can't remember why or when, maybe try researching one piece stainless versus three piece.
  3. That, or you have 2 years to get all your gremlins evicted out of the truck. I couldn't imagine keeping up with one of these trucks in a different country with limited parts, so hats off to you for even trying. I personally don't care for automatic transmissions unless they have warranty, or been completely gone through with all the upgaded parts. Rest of the truck is not that bad to deal with, definitely time consuming but that's with any other project too. Really wants you figure these trucks out they're not that bad to work on or deal with. If you like tinkering, it will keep you busy rest of your life that's for sure. I've been looking for a midsize SUV with all mechanical diesel. Something like 4bt with a 5-speed behind it in a Toyota Land Cruiser or something alike. Doesn't really have to be Cummins 4bt they're just easier to find parts for around here. Could be another 4banger diesel from other countries. If i go cummins rout it will robably be with a ve injection pump for better economy, easier to find too. It will still sound cool and get 25-30 mpg depending on rest of the vehicle. Will have plenty of torque for trail riding, just a bit heavy though. Lots of ideas in my head and no time to do it. I'll keep sticking money in what I have for now. Ether way good luck with your decision.
  4. https://www.topguncustomz.com/i-25499601-short-control-arms-0-to-6-inch-lift-double-adjustable-dual-heim-2000-2002-dodge-ram-2500-3500-2000-2001-ram-1500-4x4.html?Session_ID=101746fcd666ceb1a8b6aac0cfbbf898
  5. In my case I believe it's back pressure from exhaust brake that pushed seals off, and if it's pushing that much I went with better springs and pushrods, also with bridges to keep valves from pushing sideways and wearing guides out.
  6. I would definitely be contacting them again and telling them that you've done the hot wire test per blue chip diesel troubleshooting guide and everything points towards the pump. This is of course assuming everything else is functioning properly.
  7. Soon these trucks will own us not the other way around, oh wait a minute....
  8. Who did you get the pump from, they better have the expensive test stand to be able to work on one of these pumps. If hot wire test did not start it it sounds like pump is junk.
  9. My last fill up I got 17.7 mpg, I should have gotten 19 or 20 but I can't keep my foot out of it it's definitely getting better as temperatures are warming up
  10. I have a smaller tool box that I filled with random tools I had laying around, been in the truck for about 4 years now, used it few times and it was never for myself. Not saying that one day I won't need it, in fact the reason I put it in the back in the first place is because I was in the pinch one time and it would have been nice to have tools and tire plugs, along with an air compressor. Oh well others can benefit from it for now, maybe someday it will come in handy, but I hope not. Best thing to do is preventive maintenance and check things thoroughly every so often, then that leaves you big items like vp, water pump, alternator, any pulley that is spinning...etc. you just can't have enough parts to drive around with. But a basic tool kit that is nice to have for peace of mind, it's just where do you draw the line what to carry on board. Guns and cash will solve most of the problems
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