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  1. I would have to say it's the injectors then. They are probably popped lower for more flow. Could also have a weird spray angle, are they vco or sac.
  2. Post everything about your truck then post your tune, we'll give it our best guess.
  3. I'm using a custom hx35/40 62/67/12 with 7x10, works fine for what I do. Just came back from fishing trip in Canada pulling my boat, maybe 3k with trailer. Even on some bigger hills I only downshifted a few times, not because engine couldn't pull it I was just going too slow because of Canadian speed limits.
  4. When held steady, should be steady. Get a timbo apps. As for rough idle when worm, apps has nothing to do with it, ecm is in direct control at idle.
  5. My vote is also injectors, but... there is always but... Need to haul something heavy for a while and see if it comes out
  6. True, sometimes you can get brass inserts so line doesn't get crushed. I'm using 8th air brake line tubing and push in connectors, been working fine for 4-5 years now. https://www.google.com/search?q=push+in+fittings+npt&oq=push+in+npt+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.12887j1j7&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Edit I ran my line in cab but used 1/2 fuel line over the fitting that's on the gauge, 8th " line is inside of it. 1/2" line is conduit. it goes out of fire wall, so if there is a leak it will leak outside
  7. I agree with all the above, to own one of these trucks you need to be mechanically inclined unless you have money you don't need. Best to shop around and do the work yourself, even if you have to buy some tools it would be cheaper in the long run and you get to keep the tools. Experience is priceless. If money isn't an issue then for shop prices it doesn't seem far off. Although it does look like they double charging for some labor. Buying parts these days is a crapshoot, I'd say stay away from the cheapest and probably not worth the money to buy the most expensive either. Look at people signatures, most of us list what we use for major parts. I'm running bilstein's for shocks and Spicer's for all my u joints and ball joints, so far it's working okay, others had crappy luck with them. I went with Timken front wheel bearing hubs, bearings are fine but I do have an ABS signal loss coming from front left that keeps triggering my ABS brake light. Still not sure if it's pop or ABS module that's doing it as my old set had same problem. Weird parties as it gets colder out it doesn't happen as frequent, and in the winter time it doesn't happen at all. Big Bore gearbox I believe is from a Chevy truck. I've considered going that route myself, so far my original box is doing ok. I would get an adjustable track bar if it's available for that truck or make one if not. Personally I'd say it's time for your kid to put on big boys pants and join the club. Don't take this offensive as we do not know details were just speculating.
  8. I seem to enjoy these types of threads, always good to start a day with a smile
  9. Sorry to here that, hope you'll resolve it without much trouble.
  10. How old is your quad. I got mine back in the day way before v2 tuning. Came with pulse monitor. After v2 became available in had to plug quad in pc and update software to be able use my phone and v2 tuning
  11. Is this how they check for cracked wheels on train I wonder, seen a union pacific guy with a hammer walking along the train smaking wheels.
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