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  1. Dieselfuture

    Which truck would you choose?

    ^^^ that sums it up
  2. Dieselfuture

    Started another inframe today

    I enjoy seeing your work. Nice to have someone with your heavy equipment type knowledge on this site. Learned a few things already.
  3. Dieselfuture

    Axle shaft u joints

    This is what I used. Slingers in first picture were wrong, second picture has correct slingers if you need them. I don't care much for greaseable things unless you're in mud/water all the time. Also to get u joints apart be careful using press, you can f things up pretty quick. Just need a good vise or few wood blocks and a good size hammer hitting in right spot. Clean groves for snap rings really well and make sure no burs where caps go in. Good luck.
  4. Dieselfuture

    12v timing?

    I'd have to say you're too advanced. If it ran fine before then it's definitely timing related if you messed with it. Probably be good slead pulling. Just kidding @jlbayes would know if he sees this.
  5. Dieselfuture

    Modern Power Point

    If you want the redneck advice. I took my cubby hole thingy out, automatics have cup holders there, and cut some plastic out enough to get my hand in. Just cut it so it looks nice. I actually don't have that cubby hole anymore, thing was useless anyway, I put my rear-view camera monitor there.
  6. Dieselfuture

    Hard to start

    I believe there was more than one draw straw types, the one you have is not the one I like sorry to say that. Fuel should be returned as far down as possible not just dump on top. It may have been one of the first drawstraw kits that you have. Whoever thought of that didn't think of diesel fuel that likes to foam up. This is all just my opinion, but I've done a bucket test what I was dumping fuel at the top and it was foaming really bad and if I put the line in fuel then it stops foaming immediately.
  7. Dieselfuture

    47RE advice

    If you ever going to buy one that's the only one I would recommend @Dynamic is it busy guy maybe you could try calling him https://mopar1973man.com/forum/173-dynamic-transmissions/
  8. Dieselfuture

    Need help, fueling issue?

    Any codes, how's alternator AC noise, how does battery terminals batteries and grounds looking
  9. Dieselfuture

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    Get a quad you can't go wrong with it on the VP truck.
  10. Dieselfuture

    47RE advice

    Maybe but why for 10k it seems to be fine and then it came back. I don't know crap about the automatics other than they need pressure to work and bands need to be adjusted once in awhile. There could be more than one issue, one with electrical on truck that eventually causes tranny problem. OP have you completely done the w-t ground mod and made absolute sure alternator is fine? Then again why after 10K they changed a part inside a tranny. I have to agree I think Dynamic will be your savior on this.
  11. Dieselfuture

    Hard to start

    It's supposed to go down as far as possible even on the factory basket, if it doesn't then the fuel will foam up and you'll be sucking in air
  12. Dieselfuture

    Coolant leaks - Oil Cooler

    That's what I used to think too, then I found out that it's from violent detonation of diesel engine that creates tiny little bubbles that form on cylinder walls and when they explode they carve a lil into the metal. A place that's what I found out I'm sure there is more reasons why it happens. Took this picture when I was getting few things at the Cat dealer
  13. Dieselfuture

    Coolant leaks - Oil Cooler

    That's what I'm using too, blue in color. They just came out with some red stuff that supposed to last even longer but for now I'm sticking to this ES stuff. I know we don't have sleeves that can pit from detonation/cavitation but still I'll use the stuff that prevents it from pitting. I think es is good for 150k but I'll probably just change it every 3 years since I won't put that many miles on it, maybe 5 years. But 5 seems like I'll be stretching it without testing.
  14. Dieselfuture

    Curt Hitch

    All stickers are long gone, it's been painted at least 3 times since I've owned it lol. It did well for the amount of time it's been on, I'm just glad I noticed cracks before something bad happened. Hitch just arrived yesterday ( made in USA ) came with hardware. all I can say is it's beefier than the one that's on the truck, and for $181 shipped to my door in a couple of days is not bad at all for class 5 hitch. I thought about making my own but for the money time and liability I decided just to buy one.