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  1. I'm sorry don't take it the wrong way, I thought it would be a funny one to post since no one has replied yet. Good to know old members are still lurking around. I myself had not much time either, wife is getting a new job because her old one got eliminated, and I'm in the process of getting a new job closer to home myself, lots of tough decisions to make lately. e things work out for everyone in the end.
  2. That's my hide out place , don't you be telling her my secrets
  3. Had this one in different tread a while back
  4. Beer is like water anymore... I like fishing
  5. For sale locally https://ottumwa.craigslist.org/grd/d/rose-hill-4x-dodge-cummins-with-six/7174580340.html
  6. Not sure if I'd let oil sit in engine 6 years regardless of miles. As soon as you ran it through the engine it starts to break down and become acidic. Oil in the jug can sit for ever but once used in engine it's your call. I've seen people get away with that even after 10 years, same oil is still in this one car I know of and it gets 100 miles a year maybe. I wouldn't go pass 2 years myself, if really had to 3. Amsoil makes some stuff that has additives to be able to go longer times and it's synthetic. If you're planning on doing long intervals I'd change to amsoil and a bypass filter from the
  7. Yhea, he sums it up. Might as well post his link
  8. No, I took some while I was at work driving in this, nothing that good of quality, pictures are mine. I was so busy running around during the storm making sure all backup generators were going and radio communication antennas were still there, not sure how but nothing important got destroyed. Thank God, otherwise I'd be sleeping at work till all power comes back. Corn is actually flat in many places, even in that picture 20 feet back, can't see much in pictures. It was like random waves of wind, that touched down in random places. It went on for over an hour, news reports were 70-120mph winds
  9. This is something no one expected. Not sure where to begin or end. I'll just post few pics and links you guys decide. As far as I know no one got hurt but I haven't watched news ether. Been super busy at work keeping generators and pump stations going then helping with carnage where I can. Not near as bad as fires or tornadoes but still sucks. This was wide spread through many towns.
  10. I haven't used 2 stroke for quite some time now, seems that all stations around here are selling bio blend in 5-20% range. Only few left that still offer regular diesel. The only time I use that if I know my truck is going to sit for a while. Prices on the regular are typically higher too.
  11. No you're not seeing double. This place on the way to work has some crazy ideas, figured I'd shear it. Look at the one with huge stacks lol, 2 trash cans. https://kinionauto.com/newandusedcars?clearall=1&type=Truck Fell free to post other odd balls
  12. I couldn't stop laughing, not sure on anyone else
  13. I'm liking my Hankook atm I may add that Centramatics are working pretty good too, better then the beads did. I had to get the beads out as they were fighting each other. Just went to Lake vermillion in Minnesota and it road nice.
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