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  1. So-called people in charge are manipulating weather amongst other things playing God's role, then tell us it's this or that and we're at fault. We should change our lifestyles and pay more taxes on whatever they come up with. Total insanity. They are biggest hypocrites, telling us we should do this and that and they do complete opposite.
  2. Unless you're @dripleyand planning on digging a bigger hole so you can rest in piece together with your truck
  3. Fuc..... women and their feelings, it's like feelings are more important than what's right. Actually it's not just women the society itself is centered around feelings and personal egos, they just can't see past that. Truly sad, but hey what they say, what God doesn't do is for the best. I'd like to believe that. You know in a year or two or even sooner she might regret her decisions. Or you can do is be yourself and be close with kids, this life is temporary anyhow, there won't be a U-Haul truck following your funeral with all your possessions. I'm figurative speaking here, not you pers
  4. Yes I believe so. It sounds like you got electrical gremlins, maybe some ground slices are weak, losing 5 volt reference. Some models had issues with oil senders shorting out internally and messing with 5 volt reference so other sensors go nuts. Not sure on years from top of my head but worth looking into. If you did WT mod you got most of ground splices, but there is more, in wiring harness close to ecm there is a splice that I need to still get done myself and by passenger battery few quick connects that could lose connection. I'm just throwing ideas out, shouldn't cost much but
  5. I was going to say get ready for some flooding, seems we go from one extreme to the other.
  6. What kind of fass pump, if you have three lines which one of them returns back to the tank, then more likely problem is in the check ball and spring. After 5 years of having my fass my ball finally wore out, wouldn't build pressure above 14 put a new ball in, back to 19 psi. If your gauge is bouncing you need to put a snubber/needle valve so you don't destroy your gauge.
  7. You must have misunderstood, I was just saying that I actually got to hear my truck run on three cylinders which was weird. But now I put my original ECM back in because other one had no tach signal.
  8. Guess I wasn't aware that they one that you can use the five bolt flange on. Maybe when I was looking it wasn't available so I had one custom built.
  9. I'm a simple guy and would like to live a simple life. My wife has always been chasing the Joneses and being jealous of someone else's possetions, which is unfortunate. I know it's a disease in our society these days, people want things without trying too hard. All these soap operas on tv along everything else on tv controls weak minded people and makes them slaves to this evil system we live in. More, more, more and if you can't provide then I guess someone else will. Not all are this way but unfortunately bigger part of population is. And somehow it's twisted around to put blame on those who
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned, make sure to do WT mod and check alternator for ac noise to prevent next ECM damage. Also if you still have 01 ECM you can send it to auto computer specialist ACS and have them reprogram it to your truck. Just be specific with them on what you need, I sent them my spear ecm and they fit that for $150. I did make a mistake when I first got it I never plugged it in my truck so I had no idea on condition other than guy told me it came out of running truck. Well everything works fine on it aside from that I was loosing a tach signal, quadzilla was still showing rpm
  11. Sorry to hear that, maybe it's for the best. I also have a lot of issues with my wife, it's been a struggle to keep things going. No matter how much I give it's not enough and now I've cut her talking to her boos at work sending him pictures of her self. She said it's nothing and that I wouldn't understand but I think I do, I'm not that not2bright. Seen the painting on the wall for a while just need to decide what's best for everyone most importantly kids. I may just rough it out for now unless something big happens. Life is great, people suck.
  12. I changed mine a when I first got my truck chasing electrical gremlins on surging. I kept the original sensor so now I have a spear. Didn't think it was hard to change, took me 10-15 minutes maybe
  13. WT mod and check ac noise is the first thing to get done. Then check all other cables/grounds, then we go from there. How low? Just what you said foil and bd isolation this means you have electrical issues.
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