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  1. They cancelled fireworks in our town and I think many others, but that didn't stop anyone around here to do their own. It was like war zone last night guessing will be same tonight. It was just as good if not better sitting in back yard having a drink in your own comfort watching things around go boom, we added to the show ourselves with biggest mortars we could buy, almost looks like professional fireworks just not as high. It was great, aside from this morning I spent an hour picking up trash it was everywhere
  2. What if that thing is sticking open a bit bleeding pressure off
  3. Maybe I was thinking oil pressure regulator on filter housing. I just remembered someone had pressure issue and it was because of it. Something there can be cleaned. https://www.google.com/search?q=98-02+5.9+cummins+oil+pressure+reg&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiruu7Q86zqAhXTRawKHSrPDJAQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=98-02+5.9+cummins+oil+pressure+reg&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIFCAAQzQI6AggpOgUIIRCrAjoCCAA6BAgAEB46BAgAEBg6BggAEAgQHjoGCAAQBRAeUI8zWIT8B2D-gghoAnAAeACAAaMCiAHOKZIBBjAuMjYuNZgBAKABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=efP8XuuZCtOLsQWqnrOACQ&bih=560&biw=360&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=sivn
  4. Isn't there an oil screen somewhere on the oil cooler that can be cleaned, maybe clogged up from flushing.
  5. Thing is, Gorge hasn't predicted anything, he's part of the club, in the known... meaning these bastards planned this long ago and following it through. There are no heroes in this world but Jesus, that had to die for all of us, because none of are good enough, we're all sinners. Rabbit hole goes very deap. The only way to control opposition is lead it ourselves. If people need a hero we will give them one. American people don't believe anything until they seen it on TV. We know our disinformation campaign is complete, when everything people believe is false. The list goes on...... Nothing new, same old tricks. Soon we won't be able to express our thoughts and feelings, it will be illegal and considered radical, like domestic terrorism, laws have already been passed to detain anyone without probable cause indefinite, no warrant required, just under suspicion is good enough. Enjoy it while you can, or stand up for that's right, we don't have much time left as "free" people of this world. Not much else to say, hope it's all bs and things will get back to "normal" I just can't seem to see it go back at this point, I hope I'm wrong and full of shiiit. I'd be glad if you all make fun of me and all this goes away, so we can go fishing. I don't mind looking stupid when I have to, don't have a big ego.
  6. I used a Mopar one from rockauto, so far it's been good, I don't understand why they went with you steering in first place on solid axle. Squrel is a bonus.
  7. @CUMMINSDIESELPWR well said man. It's a seek game these people been playing since begging of time itself, they just now coming out of woods out in open. They are evil and corrupted to the core. One thing calms me down is, if Bible is true which it proves itself to be every day more and more, then all these pieces of garbage have a special place reserved for them. It's legal to decive now, smith-mundt act been reinstated recently. To me that means everyone that let this happen is corrupt to the core and will do anything for the money, they don't even have to sell their soul, because they don't have one. Welcome to the club. I've always known that this world is not what It seems, just couldn't quite put my finger on it to be sure. Well now with information traveling at a speed of light and the abundance of it, if you have good discernment you can clearly see the end goal agenda, which is total control. Just look at some movies from 80s and 90s, like demolition man, total recall, escape from new York, terminator, they live, etc etc, there are plenty of them. These people behind the wheel of this world, know the agenda and they use tv to preprogramm us with what's to come, that way you're not in such a shock when it happens. Plus they believe it lifts Karma off of them, buy them telling you what they're going to do before they do it. We plan something for next few weeks or a year they plan ahead at least a hundred. The technology has advanced to the point that they are now able to move forward at exponential rate to their final goal, which has always been total control. I got to give them a credit for being so well organized and patient. I could write a few more pages to break some things down but who has time for that.
  8. Don't get me started, I've been trying really hard to be quiet
  9. I haven't resealed mine yet, like @Mopar1973Man said I changed fluid then and just did it again last month. Still damp and not leaking, time will tell. At least I got the reseal kit on hand
  10. You're sitting on the wrong side, is that snow always there, pretty cool.
  11. Could it be vent being plugged and little bit of pressure build up pushed it out, being the vent is on the cad it may accumulate oil in it
  12. As I understand later ECM PCM is preferred, like 01,02 vs 99, but it should work on any vp44 truck as long as it's programmed to a specific one.
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