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  1. Quadzilla

    I was going to comment on how to make it smoke but, nah... I guess I don't care for smoke myself ether. When I used to race smoke meant you didn't know how to tune properly, but when new to this game it's cool for a little bit but gets rather annoying soon after. PS. if you want to smoke. Less air more fuel will get you there but most will not like it and will point fingers in our direction, which is not cool and gives us bad name. Use at your own risk.
  2. Truck race

    I actually watchedthe whole thing
  3. Drive train info

    I bumped mine to 98 it's about perfect now. I'm happy. Funny thing is I tried GPS on my Honda and if I'm going 65 GPS is telling me I'm going 61 so somehow it's off even with correct size tires. Truck was opposite lol.
  4. I'd go with Vulcan then if they are genuine, keep competition honest.
  5. Sometimes a broken wire by rear axle, it rubs on sway bar.
  6. Starter turning slow

    I see I'm late to the party and you already made right choice, contact and plunger kit usually does the trick. And yes very easy to do.
  7. Yes^^^^^, but baby in boiling water now I know what's wrong with me
  8. Man... isn't there any real man left out there or is it all keyboard warriors.
  9. I just want to clarify that I'm not a girl Ha ha kidding I know you speak of your self, hats off to you madam. I can just picture my wife laying next to me under my tuck handing me tools .....
  10. I've built a lot of projects in gravel lol
  11. Fuel injector lines

    This brings another question, by raising pop pressure does it reduce life of vp
  12. Just seeing who's paying attention ha ha, you get a
  13. air filter

    You probably going to want to make some kind of heat shield for it and put some rubber hoses on air conditioning lines and whatever else will be in the way of heat shield and filter so things don't get robbed through
  14. That's exactly what I did on mine too That's exactly what I did on mine too That's exactly what I did on mine too
  15. 95 12 valve busted gear case

    Another update for those who is interested. Finally figured out why torque converter would do a lock unlock with similar symptoms as a bad alternator. So he had his alternator rebuilt now has about .03 VAC but that didn't help the way torque converter was acting up. Problem was in TPS voltage setting, his whole lever must have been worn enough it wasn't grabbing sensor to rotate it and change voltage, it was basically always reading 0.3 volts so I made a shim and we got it to about 1.2v. Now torque converter does what it's supposed to, he's all happy and giggly.