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  1. You need a niddle valve on your fuel guage line that is turned almost off to the point where your guage won't bounce around, or it'll kill it.
  2. Use same tree some clamps that will go on where dent is then some straps and giverrr hell might work. And a new tailgate.
  3. Cool, I painted a few things myself back in the day. I like the painting part just not the prepping.
  4. Back in the day friend of mine jumped a suburban hight enough to bent front tubes right where they go in pumpkin. So yes it can be bent, I seen it. I suppose if it's bad enough, maybe you can use some sort of magnet on the tube equal length, you'll need 4, to extend below the pumpkin, the put a level across. Might be able to see something. Other way, you'll need to complete dissmental the axle and sovereign something through the whole thing, almost same od as id, if it fits all the way through then it's ok, if it binds then you know. Just thinkingout loud.
  5. I was just looking at it from Cummins engineer point of view. Would anyone torque their head bolt/stud to a different spec the the rest? That was my whole point. Don't mean to start a war here
  6. Well, just checked my oil pan bolts and they are all loose, going to re torque them to 18ftlb. No wonder my oil pan is wet, thanks for bringing this up.
  7. Wouldn't that make the gasket weak in that spot, I don't think I'd use that set up just for this reason. Not arguing jmo.
  8. I don't believe I had any issues with my studs, but they are not arp. How much do arp stick out.
  9. Probably some ground issue. Check grounds on batterys, there is a terminal in front if driver side battery on fender, then behind driver kick panel by your feet, just pretty much need to make sure all grounds are good
  10. If you don't watch the news you're not informed if you watch the news you're misinformed
  11. What about on a trailer with cutter key, where you can only have it lose or tight. I always got them tight with pair of chanel locks, more like snug and then backed them off to closest key hole.
  12. It spools good, just a bit slower (few hundreed rpms) than stock xh35, I'm guessing has a lot to do with 7x10s and quad tuning. I'm pretty happy with my set up for what I'm doing, some day if I get on better side of my wife I'll get tweens, at this time I just don't need them, sure would be fun though. I'm slowly searching for parts to go for tweens may be few more years idk, I do feel that some day it will happen
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