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  1. Finally install airbags.

    To be honest I used it about dozen times in past 3 years, but every time it was well worth having it. Few times to air up bags, few people I knew had low air in tires, tractor in field with a flat I helped out with. And once had a low tire when getting firewood found a screw in it, pulled it out used one of them worms and was i glad to have air. I thought about just getting one in a carry bag but decided to mount one permanently. I would think it will last a long time the way I use it. I did by a relay with a shutout switch built in viair offers so if you leave switch on after it reaches certain psi it will shut off. Hope it helps.
  2. Finally install airbags.

    I put a viair compressor under the truck where my spair tire used to be and plumbed it in my rear bumper as air tank. Just never got to making it completely push button for bags to go up and down still use a hose to do it. But as often as I need it I don't mind.
  3. I made my return out of jic fittings but it takes a bit more time and ingenuity. The one to the lift pump I did use one from Vulcan because it clips in place of factory pump and travels up and down with the basket. My return is aluminum cut short maybe 1/2" of bottom. That was before they offered 2 fittings in one kit.
  4. It's in line with power steering pump all one unit. First vacuum pump and ps pump bolts to it. Under injection pump.
  5. Defueling at 1900 rpm fummins

    When I first saw it I was like what a dambas. that made that happen. I would love to have hubs and serviceable bearings like old days as I only use it maybe hand full of times a year, why all this unnecessary wear. Plus a weak link and geometry of the whole axle .
  6. Finally install airbags.

    I ended up making my own brackets, I didn't like the idea of putting them on the springs.
  7. ABS light on. no interior functions

    I threw away all wd I had never liked that garbage, I now use pb blast and once things free up i add a bit of motor oil if needed.
  8. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    That we already know, no ifs about it. We're all lucky you're here How do you know your current ones aren't tired and already lower on pop pressure then you think. You right you could be testing injectors till cows come home but I think there is a hole in a fence.
  9. Defueling at 1900 rpm fummins

    At my local Cummins people that work there have gone full retarded and sad part is they don't know it, every time I go there it's something new with them. You literally have to tell them what to do and how or they are lost. I think Cummins head quarters have an agenda of some sort. I did change my oil sender once because if it leaks internally it will screw up 5 volt loop, and affect other sensors.
  10. Dual Egt Probes

    @BBHD is there much of a difference between 2 probes in normal operation being next to each other
  11. Not sure if you tried it yet, turn airplane mode on and make sure the only thing that is linked is quad. I had some problems but after I updated to betta flash and app that Nick provided it's been good to me, I'm using quadzilla only with a load bar. Also might try moving iquad BT under hood, could be signal not getting through the firewall
  12. Dual Egt Probes

    I'm using quad probe in the manifold and pillar one in my exhaust break elbow, not that I need it but was in same boat you are so I'm using it.
  13. Where does it usually crack, do you use torque wrench.
  14. You seem to be on a right track, the only thing I would recommend is checking alternator for excessive ac noise/output
  15. I don't know.... @dripley @IBMobile are all about hub caps, I usually throw them away. For some reason I can't stand hubcaps. I do like a nice set of rims like Im using now are of a 2012 can't believe people sell them somewhat cheap to get some junk aftermarket ones just to have them go to crap in a few years, and if you ever need to just get one good luck, unlike factory. Plus the whole weight rating. Sorry can't help.