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  1. jlwelding


  2. Had to many bad dealings with programmers, just wanting injector hp with out the smoke. Just checking around to see whats new in the injector world.
  3. Hey Mike, long time no post. Fill me in on the stock injectors that sounds interesting. I don't run the EZ anymore, all I have is DDP 50hp injectors and they have always had strange miss. I think you mentioned adjust valves, no help there so I was looking to see what was the next best injector to go with.
  4. jlwelding

    ABS or Divider

    Drum brakes, they have hit so hard that it brakes keepers and springs. Hasn't done that in a while,
  5. My rear brakes are real touchy and been that way for a while. The Hydro boost started leaking so replaced and everything was good for 2 days and now back to locking up right rear. I ordered a divider valve today just because it was cheap enough to throw at it. No codes or anything so what do you think?
  6. I made a post a few weeks ago about erratic miss at ldle. Well after adjusting the valves and remembering back I had this problem on a old eng. These are DDP 50hp injectors with about 5k on them and they run good but I believe there is something wrong in the injectors. I was looking through DAP site and my head was swimming, could not find what I am looking for. What I would like is 60hp injectors, bosh bodys , very little smoke. I mostly pull heavy tractors and don't want to break anything so just staying with injector hp. I had a set of 75hp years ago but to much smoke for me, I don't remember any erratic idle with those.
  7. jlwelding

    Erratic Idle

    Is 8 and 18 still a good setting on valves?
  8. jlwelding

    Erratic Idle

    Injectors set for a few years with only 600 miles on them. I suppose they could be bad. These are DDP's 50hp what would you suggest for a top of the line injector?
  9. Eng has 3ook on it and just changed the injectors, they were real bad. Eng sounded fine but no HP slow spool up and low EGT. Now it has good hp and all but at idle it is sorta erratic. Its not a miss. Tach has a little bounce to it, I think I read somewhere cam sensor need replace? No codes with the key but the 1693 comes up but nothing else.
  10. jlwelding

    Software Error EX0

    Working now
  11. jlwelding

    Software Error EX0

    I had to go thru google
  12. jlwelding

    Brake Boost

    Did axle seals about 2 years ago, good thought.
  13. jlwelding

    Brake Boost

    Where is this combination valve?
  14. So I been having trouble with rear brakes (DRUM) real sensitive you just touch and you can feel them grab, rain, gravel road you got to baby them. Its like the pedal is right there at the top supplying rear brakes before the front disc. Well I installed new injectors and noticed oil leak under boost. Can this be the cause of rear brakes being so touchy?
  15. jlwelding


    I want to tell yall something, have a plan because whats happing here can happen anywhere. It may not be water it could be anything. When I heard this was coming I went through the house and looked over food, snacks and water. I went a got two extra cases of water and said to myself do I really need the water? My first thought was someone may need it more than I. I have a lot of water stock piled. I was out the day before doing this, getting welding machine ready and gas. I looked around and nobody is stocking up, no gas or anything, their walking around with their nose stuck on their phone. We have some good neighbors too, the Cajun Navy is helping with boats and trucks, big trucks lol. Approx 2000 911 calls per hour. My son in law lost his 2016 Dodge 2500 its about 10' under water.