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  1. I got ya, so go ahead and install my old boost elbow. I wonder why they stopped including it?
  2. I had a EZ about 5 years ago and it came with a boost elbow, the new Edge I just bought doesn't come with one. So should I install it or is there a reason to not run the boost elbow. Thanks
  3. Its supposed to get down to 0 here in Tx. Will two stroke keep it from gelling?
  4. My AirDog 150 has about 8-9 years on it and thinking it may die at any time. Whats the latest on the manual pumps and filter set up for it?
  5. I cant retrieve replys to topic, It says this theme maybe out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP ???????
  6. I been ignoring this for about a year now maybe even longer, just curious if anyone else has this? Its my 01 with about 350K on it. It rattles for maybe 2 - 3 seconds oil pressure builds up and its fine.
  7. Yeah I could buy several 4500's for that cost. lol I'll just keep waiting, they still haven't sent warranty trans. Been 8 business days.
  8. I agree, but its all stall tactics piss you off enough and you will go away. I called a hour ago and got the same guy I talked to last Friday. He says as soon as I get a ETA for you I'll let you know. He said that 6 days ago, and 4 emails. But yes 2 trans from separate shops with aluminium, I say alum. cause thats what it looks like. I ran a magnet through the fill hole and got enough fine metal to make a nasty film on magnet. Both trans had the same problem, wont go into first gear with out putting in 3rd let out on clutch just enough to engage a little then back to first quick. I dont set at lights with my foot on the clutch so you got to pay attention if you dont get enough engagement in 3rd you got to do it again. I bought a complete top with shifting forks and shift tower just never put it in on the first trans. The second trans didnt make it that long. We had a little difficulty aligning the holes up on the mount (cross member) when we put that trans in, had to push to the right got it ok, so before we pulled trans I backed off the motor mounts and it was easier to pull. I dont think that would be a problem do you? I mean once its bolted down it dosent have a force on it besides the ujoints would have to be so outa wack it would be stupid.
  9. Can anyone recommend a trans re builder (nv4500), I have been jumping through hoops with powertrain products since last Thursday. I showed them 3 pics of aluminum in oil, I even sent a short video. Not a word from these people, Im going through another weekend with my truck all over my shop. I think for my sanity I just need to cut ties with worthless people and buy another trans.
  10. On my second rebuilt trans in a year. Both trans are full of metal or alum. I wish I knew how to put pics on here, you would say wth. Of course they are dragging their feet mean while my shop is shut down with truck in the bay. Where do you find those filters? Also I am filling trans from the top with 4 qts, can it hold more if so how much more?
  11. What is involved in replacing the nv4500 with the 6 speed? I cant keep a 5 speed evidently, I believe they just skimp by on parts or something. The only other thing I can think of is I'm running the amsoil synthetic.
  12. Up date - rear main is dry as a powder house, new transmission front seal leaking. Pulled trans got it out on the bench investigated a little closer and input shaft bearing has wear marks on race and bearings. Called powertrain products and they seem to be ready to send a new trans, will know more after they look at pics. Trans has a lot of metal or aluminum shaving in it. 500 miles on this trans. This is my luck. Will keep you up dated.
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