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  1. I went through ECD 727.00 Flywheel and all, 375hp basic stock. The old clutch, I should have left it in and ran it. The pilot bearing was perfect, throw out was in good shape and the clutch, I'll put a caliper on it and let you know. One question, what would you lube the splines with on clutch? What ever I used back then still looks good I wish I could remember.
  2. Good tips, i am looking at buying a new South Bend Clutch, just over stock. Who would you recommend to purchase from? From what Ive seen everyones about the same on price just trying to support good folks.
  3. Installing a rebuilt trans and need all new guts. The south bend I installed in 2012 is still fine, I almost thought about leaving it and just install new trans and go with it but I was talked out of that. Clutch has 160k on it and not a problem one.
  4. Ok I tryed searching and not good at it at all. Ive done it several times and cant remember. How do you remove the cross member to drop the trans?
  5. Full of aluminum, rear seal is leaking so I figure it could have something to do with tail shaft. I bought this trans from All State Gear in San Antonio Tx and it was not a good experience. I am willing to spend the bucks and get a really good trans build. Any suggestions?
  6. The spring in the cap, does that relieve pressure? I dont get it. Ordered one yesterday.
  7. All the sudden the filler cap is leaking fluid out of the cap. Pulled the cap inspected it good washed it up put it back on and still leaking. It checks out on the full mark when hot so its not over full.
  8. I called NAPA to get upper and lower ball joints for 2001 2wd 3500 and like to fell on the floor. 149.95 each upper / lower 155.03 Does this sound right? I swear 6 years ago I didnt pay 200.00 for all 4 Ac delco.
  9. You cant get the Gold Can 44K it is now a dealer only with the injector machine. I think epa has something to do with it.
  10. Am I the last person on the planet to find out you cant get the gold can anymore? Is this a Dealership thing now?
  11. I read about this and even did a search about it and nothing is specific. I understand its a over charge but all my chargers have self regulator.
  12. I never had luck spinning the tires, get drums turned or new ones and set shoes to were you have a little difficulty getting drum over the shoes has worked for me.
  13. I bought a new to me 2012 5.7 1/2 ton 4x4 and according to the book it claims run 5-20 weight oil. Here in central Texas it gets hotter than hell and that just seems to light so I put 10-30 in it, anyone see a problem with it?
  14. The compressor is fine blows cold its the clutch that is squeaking and its 10 years old so I decided to replace. When adding oil should I measure what comes out and fill new compressor to that level? The compressor calls for 6.4 oz.
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