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  1. I am close to stock, DDP 50 hp injectors is all. Your cool down seems hot, I can come in off the hwy at 800 and it will idle down to 250 in less than 1 min. Now pulling is a lot different.
  2. So this is all I need? I am still running the DiPricol, same as you had.
  3. Friend of mine had his 2016 deleted and the guy that deleted it called and said he forgot to un plug them. What the heck am I looking for?
  4. jlwelding


  5. I am still running a isolator on my fuel pressure gauge and I don't think its reading right. I remember some sort of needle valve, is there a brand or size I should look for ?
  6. Yeah I have a 2003 gasser with the 5.7 and she has 200k on her and I just want to get rid of her before she cost me anything. Just curious to any years to stay away from and such, I don't like the electric dial for trans on the dash but hey IDK.
  7. Looking to buy a good used 1500 4x4 any year models out there to beware of ?
  8. I am leaning towards the resonator.
  9. The 5" is not bad in cab but I was pulling farm tractor and a friend said good lord that thing was loud. I know its got to be loud, its over the axle and angled to the side some. The muffler is straight through so it cant muffle much at all. Is a resonator straight through?
  10. So I been running 5" with a muffler and its sounding old. Back a few years ago I heard people talking about running Catalytic Converters that had a good sound to them. I just find it hard to put a cat on my truck. lol Anybody running them or is it bunk?
  11. Had to many bad dealings with programmers, just wanting injector hp with out the smoke. Just checking around to see whats new in the injector world.
  12. Hey Mike, long time no post. Fill me in on the stock injectors that sounds interesting. I don't run the EZ anymore, all I have is DDP 50hp injectors and they have always had strange miss. I think you mentioned adjust valves, no help there so I was looking to see what was the next best injector to go with.
  13. Drum brakes, they have hit so hard that it brakes keepers and springs. Hasn't done that in a while,
  14. My rear brakes are real touchy and been that way for a while. The Hydro boost started leaking so replaced and everything was good for 2 days and now back to locking up right rear. I ordered a divider valve today just because it was cheap enough to throw at it. No codes or anything so what do you think?
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