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  1. Vehicle Nickname: Snowman Date Added To The Garage: 2021-05-20 Garage Link: Snowman
  2. Check the u-joints in your front axles, in your case the front passenger axle. That shorter axle tends to receive the brunt of the force applied to it in 4wd mode. My buddy's 07 Cummins 4x4 just popped his right side front axle u-joint (brand new two summers ago) just trying to back up his 5th wheel trailer uphill in his yard while he was in 4wd low to minimize clutching his G56 too much at low speeds. Now he just ordered the Yukon free spin kit that I get to install for him when it gets here.
  3. If you have a working FOB, then you should be able to program the 2nd one. I did that with a 99 Dodge Cummins I had that only had one FOB when I got it.
  4. About the only way to see the clutch, is by removing the slave cylinder and put a remote camera through the hole, but you still might not get to see the clutch disk very much.
  5. I bought a couple brand new FOBs that I can't use, and they were like $20. I found out after the fact that my 01 Sport SLT didn't come with factory alarm nor keyless entry, so I'm going to be installing a brand new Keyless entry, alarm, and remote start system into it. If you want the new FOBs I bought send me $25 and I will ship them out to you. I think a place like Batteries Plus can program the remotes for like $40.
  6. BDK, Most likely since the truck has the alarm system, it will have the CTM (Central Timer Module) with (2) plugins in it. It's right above the gas pedal behind the kick panel. Easier way to check is to type the VIN of the truck into here and it will give you the build sheet of the options it was built with at the factory: https://www.vindecoderz.com/ It will say "alarm and keyless entry" as part of the options if it came with them from the factory. I programmed a new FOB to my 99 Cummins before but it's been a while and I don't remember if I had one FOB and just programmed the 2nd new FOB as a backup.
  7. Mike, Are all of your grounds for all the devices you installed that get their power from the PDC, connected at the one fender bolt?
  8. Where is the fog light fuse or relay located at in the TIPM? I didn't see a fuse spot labeled for the fog lights. Is there a specific fuse spot number or relay spot number for them in the TIPM?
  9. My neighbor that lives across the road from my family's ranch on the mountain, has a 2007.5 Cummins 6.7 2500 4x4 pickup that I just installed a brand new Clutch, flywheel and hydraulics in it. A while back he had a different 07.5 2500 Cummins that had fog lights from the factory. He swapped the front bumper assemblies, and swapped in the headlight switch with the fog light function. He can't get the fog lights to come on. I just went into his BCM and turned the fog light functionality on, but when I press the headlight knob in to turn on the fog lights, they still don't come on. The fog lights worked when the setup was on the other 07.5 pickup. I looked in the fuse box (TIPM) but I don't see any fuses labeled for the fog lights, so I assume they run off a relay? Does anyone know if there's a fog light relay or fuse in the TIPM and which spot it's in?
  10. Weird. The only other thing I can think of, is if someone had re-pinned the wiring connector (highly unlikely), but it could be a wiring issue between the TIPM and the steering column. I just re-read @Mopar1973Man initial post regarding testing his 2006 TIPM and had the same results with no changes. If his TIPM is the same part number as the subject truck's, then I'd think it would have the same firmware flashed in it, if they are the same trim level pickup, so that shouldn't be the issue.
  11. I did a ton of work to my buddy's 07.5 Dodge Ram Cummins 3500 SRW 4x4 the last two summers. New ball joints New axle u-joints New shocks on all 4 corners Serviced both diffs, transfer case, and G56 with synthetic fluids TRANSCOOL_2TRANSMISSION COOLER - TRANS-COOL ('05-'18, G56) Synergy adjustable trailing arms Borgeson Universal Telescoping Steering Shafts 000951 Bilstein B8 5100 Series Steering Stabilizers 33-170794 Mopar Replacement T-Style Rod and Link Steering Upgrade Kits 52122362AL Mopar Replacement Pitman Arms 68039930AA 2879ND Redhead Steering Gear 03-08 Dodge 2500, 3500 New Design Now my buddy says that after all that work, his truck drives like a brand new one again. It's never drove as good as it does now. He said it's a pleasure to drive on trips now compared to before when it wanted to take both lanes of the highway to get down the road.
  12. @Mopar1973Man Does the replacement stalk part number cross reference to the part number of the OEM one? I know different trim levels can have a part that only fits that particular model of vehicle.
  13. I've been really busy working on my 01 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4. Friday night after work - pull the HVAC box out and replace the heater and evaporator cores. The heater core was the original brass one from the factory, but it was plugged internally. The previous owner just installed a new radiator and I just replaced the water pump about 3 weeks ago. Vacuumed down the A/C system last night, and then recharged it with freon. Yesterday - changed engine oil and filter, install PCM protection mod with soldering in an inline fuse and using a 5A fuse, modify the charging system with the W-T ground mod, install a 150A circuit breaker to protect alternator. What are we supposed to do about the battery temp sensor after doing the W-T Ground mod?
  14. I got them installed after installing new cab lights last Saturday night. The injectors work great now.
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