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  1. I didnt know about this B+ to PDC removal that was left out in the earlier write-up part?? Where is the B+ routed to if removed from the PDC WT is there a complete Step By Step of everything that should be re-wired and re routed posted somewhere.? With all due respect,,,The incomplete sparse info,,, someone is going to try and re-wire and damage some of the truck's expensive electronic components, unless its is posted in a complete step by step Rick .
  2. My gauge needle is like a humming bird wing. Cant wait for the needle valve to get in my mail box
  3. My fuel pressure line needle valve arrives monday Are you guys just running the needle valve only,,, for you fuel pressure gauge
  4. Yep , IIRC They stopped using good ol' Dana axles after 2002 I remember wondering how their new axles would hold up .
  5. Can you guys post a link to the step by step rewire....
  6. W-T are those your photos of your work and your truck in the post ? What year trucks does this include with that kind of wiring and wiring harness ground wire mess issues? Im not exactly sure what all you did. But it sounds like you pulled the ground wires out of the harness below the vp44. Cut them short , and screwed them to the front engine housing and also ran a wire from that screw to the driver side neg battery terminal. Then removed the remainder of the cut off ground wires going to the pass bat. neg terminal that were passing over the alternator Sound right? . ,
  7. I have the original track bar. I've checked the end several times it still seems tight My trucks whole steering is tight too I 'baby' my truck though
  8. Well I just ordered a needle valve from Eric @ Vulcan http://www.vulcanperformance.com/Brass-Needle-Valve-p/bnv.htm I drove to 3 supply places today, and had called Hydralic shops, etc,,, no luck on finding one, and wasted enough gas. so order on line These days its better just to order parts online because local supply places arent like they used to be .
  9. Truck race

    Local sprint car race track has chain gang figure 8 races 3-4 cars chained together inline,, race each other , Driver in the front cars and driver in the rear cars
  10. they are switched right and left Ha Ha
  11. Which on is the "sinster" ??? Mine is like the smaller one. My guess is neither work .
  12. Here the one I got that doesnt do squat. Im wondering if it makes the pulsating gauge needle worse http://www.vulcanperformance.com/Fuel-Pressure-Snubber-p/snbr.htm .
  13. at $45.00 My isolater came with my 3 guage kit 11 years ago. Installed it 11 years ago. and its worked great. Nothing highly to dislike
  14. I have a Isolator (keeps fuel out of cab) also . Id think the isolator would dampen the pulse. guess not Paid $10 plus $9 bucks shipping for the stupid snubber fitting that doesnt work .
  15. Dave yours looks like the one vulcan sells Yeah mine gauge needle is spazzed , bouncing fast. Seems like it might damage the isspro guage