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  1. Yeah ,,, those 12 valves suck ! You'all are just being mean and hateful and stuff .
  2. I most always sit in the front seat while driving .
  3. I almost bought a nice clean '97 but had 4:10 gear, beige interior, 15 years ago but wanted a quad cab so I then found my 99 with black/dark gray interior I wish I would have bought the 97 too. It was very clean
  4. GSP7

    My thunderbird email is not working

    I found out So that is why all the references to AOL So I will keep a AOLMail link as long as Im using my old @verizon.net address So what Email Program is good to use now days? GMail? I understand Gmail Tracks and spys on all your private emails, Is there a Add-on track blocker for using Gmail? .
  5. GSP7

    My thunderbird email is not working

    What is "disabling TLS 1.0" Lap top is one year old. That's new to me I really dont think that has anything to do with my Thunderbird not working Once I signed into this AOL email with my thunderbird password , now my thinderbird email is working again for now So I have a thunderbird email tool bar link and a Aol mail tool bar link to check my email depending on which one doesnt work at the time. What ever ? I have no clue what is really going on
  6. GSP7

    My thunderbird email is not working

    I called verizon. Even though verizon doesnt do home phone and internet service anymore and a guy really helped. He got me to open Mail.Aol.com and sign in with my same email and password as I use on thunderbird I dont have AOL , But I guess AOL Mail works with verizon.net addresses or some crap Anyway I have a AOL Mail page now for email . He told me to use the password Ive been using and it worked on AOL Then I went back to thunderbird and it was working again. So WTF I have no clue how all this stuff works or why it gets screwed up and doesnt work So now If my thunderbird mail wont work again , I also have AOL Mail saved on my tool bar and I can use that I dont know why AOL has anything to do with it, but a couple fix articles had AOL as a link to repair thunderbird also. What a nightmare Rick
  7. GSP7

    My thunderbird email is not working

    Who is the email provider? You mean my internet service Time Warner Spectrum? It's Mazola Thunderbird email Who would my "server" be ? ? I have a old 'xxxxx@verizon.net' address ive used for many years (GSP7@verizon.net), but I dont use verizon for my phone and internet .at all .
  8. GSP7

    My thunderbird email is not working

    Everything is the same It just stops working for no reason....Did the same thing in May
  9. I get pop ups ( cant login to server) This pop up too, copied and paste: (Sending of password for user GSP7 did not succeed. Mail server pop.verizon.net responded: [SYS/TEMP] Server error - Please try again later.) Any ideas howto fix this. It happened before also. Cant remember what temporarily fixed it, , Rick
  10. Standard Motor Products .
  11. I see junk yard one on ebay for $50 Problem is Chrysler is known for junk electronics so i figure a junk yard one will probably be bad too or will go bad real quick. Rock Auto has the them for $265 ish new Let me know if you pick up a junkyard one cheap and it tests good
  12. I guy was telling me a story about calif junk yards. Calif used to require junk yards, by Calif Law, to oil down the dirt lots and equipment work areas to keep the dust down and would inspect and fine the wrecking yards if they didnt spray oil all over the dirt and roads to keep the dust down Then with the new enviromentaly awareness, glowbowl warming, became popular the state of calif, fined these same junk yard stiff fines $$ for having oil on the dirt because it "damages the enviroment" I used to live in junk yards, scrounging Hi Perf chevy parts, jeep parts etc etc . I till have a nice collection of chevy sm blk camel hump heads in several different cast numbers and years '60s qne '70s, Big block chevy stuff too ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh , I ran my truck today and the AC and Blower went on OK ...... For some reason, I have a feeling the problem could be the actual Heater / AC control On / Off switch.... But maybe not .
  13. I used to go to alot of junk yards in Orange County 30+ years ago There are no junk yards around here . I thought stupid calif shut most of the junk yards down
  14. Where did you find that picture? Is that a image after you spend all day taking the front of your dash apart Ive never took anything apart on my dash Ok , I will check the AC compressor clutch to see if its engaged and spinning next time it happens