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  1. I stopped by a Transmission shop a Custom TC shop recommended, and talked to Walter the owner This guy knows his stuff. He also uses Goerend Trans parts and TCs. He was working on a 48re and was showing me several tricks he does like machineing planet gear housings for needle bearings in stead of thrush washers etc. Showed me the TCS input shafts he uses etc I was helping a guy I knows son that has a Tranny shop, but he actually sucks compared to Walters work. Walters has a clean organized shop. Guys shop I was helping is a Mess. If a guy's shop is a mess, Tool left out everywhere, disorganised and laying all over the place and trash everywhere it reflex that his personal life must be a mess too. Needless to say I stopped working for him Anyway,. Its pretty cool to find a nice professional quality shop to compare too, .
  2. I got it installed and running this morning. Trans works good , his ats TC locks up a little hard They guy had been out slinging mud, There was dried caked mud between the trans and the transfer case and the cross member was full of dried mud and rocks. I had to clean all that dried dirt out
  3. "Front cover sticking out of the bell housing" ? what the heck do you mean by this? Maybe a typo?
  4. THe owner brought in what he says is a ATS triple disc TC he wants install. It looks used or has been sitting round for years.??? No box and the TC is bare metal with surface rust on it, not painted. Maybe ATS's come unpainted?? We told him no , but he insisted. He is getting No warranty on his trans. Wow !
  5. Yukon has kits listed '99 and older , different kit for 2000 up trucks Is 2000 the first year for front abs? Glad my 99 doesnt have front abs. Is there anyway to delete/disable all the front abs junk on the 2000 and up trucks?
  6. Agreed . Who is the rebuilder? .
  7. Does anyone have a 4x4 locking /free hub/spindle kit on their truck? A guy's dodge truck in the shop has the yukon free spin kit installed. He said he gets better fuel mileage and he can feel the difference driving around I always thought about installing one of these kits. Cant remember what brand I was looking at
  8. I'm helping do work at a friends Trans shop. Im getting "practice" pulling CTD 4x4 transmissions Took me from about 2 + hours to get it out. My first time on one of these Second gear band was either broken or completely worn out. I'll find out this morning what else is wrong with it The owner had those locking front hub spindle kit installed, Yukon IIRC, and it had a red head steering box, steering brace, and new one piece tie rod installed
  9. GSP7

    Napa parts

    Rock Auto .
  10. Seeing you running 235/85 R16s (31 inch tall) got me thinking The original owner of my truck put the Alcoa style /Eagle alloys (that I like) on my truck that I am still running, Couple spare rims and tires guy I bought my truck gave me that were sitting next to his garage My question is does this rim look like factory dodge truck rims that might of came with my truck (check out the vintage Armstrong TrueTrac at the right) My spare tire rim on my truck when I got it has slots
  11. GSP7

    HX35 Rebuild

    Hey Marcus, I reviewed the whole thread .... Did you get your turbo rebuilt (bearings and seals) and reinstalled,,, truck running ? or No? .
  12. GSP7

    Napa parts

    Napa isnt anything special around here. One napa is OK and they have alot of self goodies and tools , the second Napa next town north closer to me sucks , because of the people working there are liars and Idiots. They lie on the phone about a part being in stock and then you drive all the way there to buy and pick it up and they dont have the part.