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  2. Hagger, What do you mean " "reference" to ground maybe going away" ? Do You mean the on/off selector control knob of the Three Knob unit on the dash is bad? Do You just mean the ground wire? So are you saying its probably the Three Knob Control on the dash ? The Three knob control a complete unit, I can get new at rock auto
  3. I live in the desert. If I move to where it rains all the time I bet that would keep the dust down Thanks for the bezzel info replies
  4. Found this. Is there any tricks other than the video? Do any of the clips or red clips thingys get ruined or need replacing after one removal or if you remove the bessel several different times will any of the clips or red holders get ruined and need to buy more or anything like that?? Notice in the vid the red clip holder to the right of the heater/AC knobs , it looks different. Is that one broken off? Once I get the Bessel off,,,, My speedo area has a lot of dust in there behind the clear plastic. Can the clear plastic be removed (screws) to clean all the dust out behind it and wash the clear plastic piece? .
  5. Ok I installed a new blower motor and new resistor (rock auto), Installed Friday. Checked everything working good Previously my AC Blower would sometimes not go on, then go on a few miles or more down the road Sunday after a trip to the store , Start truck to head home and the blower motor doesnt go on again. Damn it ! I mess with on and off switch and speed switch nothing, pull into get fuel about 1 mile away and the blower goes on. Worked fine the rest of the way home. At home I pulled and reinstalled both the relay (under the hood) and the fuse(side of dash) everything good and blower is working fine now still I'll see if I still have the same problem as I drive my truck. .... but any ideas what else would be the problem? Rick
  6. Just bought some new tires installed this morning, on my new rims I had bought awhile back. I milked my old bald BFGs tell the fell apart and spit and leaked . I almost got stranded with a flat , so time for new tires already Picture is in 107 degrees temp, Its hot today
  7. Yeah,,, I'll order the Standard Motor Products resister from Rock Auto and New blower If your new one spins real easy , my original blower is worn out
  8. HEY Diesel future, Did your new fan motor spin real easy by hand and coast for awhile before it stopped spinning , or was it not free wheeling when you turned it . . Welp,,, I pulled my blower motor this morning, after work, Just to check it out. Its a Denso brand, Had just a couple small leaves and some pine needles in the fan drum. Spinning the fan checking the bearings, it wasnt free wheeling, but some resistance, but not frozen up or real tight . I pulled the fan off the motor, cleaned it, blew out where the armature where brushes are with compressed air. Sprayed a little lube penetrating oil on the shaft top bearing.Didnt make it spin any better. Put power to it while it was out and it worked on all speeds Im going to order a new blower motor and replace this one. It looked like the brushes were probably worn out and maybe the bearing are a little tight. Quit a bit of Brush wear dust on the fan drum and motor All my speeds work so I think my resistor is fine. Its either going to be good or bad . What do you think ? I dont think Ill waste the money replacing the resistor if it isnt bad. Its not a wear part is it?
  9. The SKP one says its the "old style" what ever that means . Old stuff is good ! https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8806368&cc=1377569&jsn=427&jsn=427
  10. I wonder if the mid price motor from rock auto is better than the expensive 'Four Seasons' brand?
  11. Did you have the exact same issues as me no blower at all, some times,. Or high speed worked but no other blower speeds?
  12. I hope that is all it is and not a big diagnostic problem Is the blower motor easy access under the glove box , just up from passenger side floor?? Is Rock Auto the best quality less expensive place to get a new blower motor? Or somewhere else? Next time the blower wont go on I think ill tap motor with a stick leaning over from my drivers seat and see if it goes on. ??? P.S. I see rock auto has both the resistor and blower motor . VDO , SKP , Four Seasons, brands $27-39 for the blower motor . Any recommendations on which brand is best that rock auto offers ?
  13. I what ive read up and understand is that the resistor issue is for the lower blower speeds and only if the blower motor works on high and the lower speeds dont work Ive heard of guys replacing the resistor and it doesnt fix the issue, nothing wrong with the resistor. Mine works on all speed , and works great even on the lowest speed. But when it wont go on, for a period of time, all speeds dont work. .
  14. Had this issue before. , So just starting a new thread I have been leaving my AC knob switch on position and my AC blower had been going on all the time when I start the truck Last couple days it sometimes it doesnt go on when I turn the ignition on and drive my truck . But a few miles down the road all the sudden it will go on Sometimes the blower fan will go on in a minute or so and just a mile or so, sometimes I might drive 10-15 miles 20 minute and then the blower fan will all the sudden finally go on This happens no matter what speed the blower motor is set too. So I dont think its that resistor issue I saw this vid but this vid truck is different newer truck. He found a wire harness plug issue. So I not sure if my older 99 is the same or what is wrong Anyone ever had this blower motor rndom not working issue or know what is wrong and the fix ?