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  1. Is that some kind of in-tank hot-rodded set up? I like JIC fittings, Got 'em on my truck. Im not sure about the fittings Airdog uses, quick disconect plastic & O ring stuff ??
  2. I had a 35 year old, dried up can of #7 heavy duty Rubbing Compound I used on a old cotton sock with a little water to hand buff my factory original head lights on my '99's oxidized and yellowed lenses No sanding with any wet or dry of various grits, No electric drill or elec buffer. no masking off the fender etc in-case the elec buffer went wild. Just the compound.and a piece of cotton sock and a few minutes of elbow grease Its pretty abrasive stuff so I never tried it before. It worked great, hand buffed maybe 3 minutes per side. Them washed off with a soft brush and water hose. Nice and clear no yellowing or oxydation No they arent $700 HIDs , But the lenses look crisp and clear now, Plus I have a new ECM and my truck is running great !
  3. PCM or ECM? About the lowest core charge on a ECM if found is $200 . If I was you I would be trying to find a reputable place that can program a ECM to your vin #. Try Flight Systems- RAE.: https://www.remanautoelectronics.com/dodge/cummins-78.aspxThis is where I bought my ECM for my '99 Their prices are very good too. I know shops are getting ECMs from them and raising the price to their customers Also Look Here:
  4. Yeah just kidding,,, The WTS light goes on immediately though, before any other lights Id like to learn more about ECMs and programing and what causes the issue with my old one. Obviously some electronic part is damaged in it They told me they go through each ecm and replace and upgrade all known parts that go bad, then test to see if anything else is bad etc. They just dont repair what is wrong with a particular ECM, they Remanufacture it completely and upgrade the software With my new ECM they also sent a Test sheet passed print out of several functions. They also Upgraded the ECM's Software to J90267.06. Old s/w was J90267.01
  5. I sent pepsi71ocean a PM couple days ago, He must be busy After 4-5 years of delayed WTS light and delayed Boot up and worried about the ECM completely dying,,,,,,,,,,,,, It sure is nice to have my truck ECM working right again......I pretty much forgot what its like to have it work right Now my WTS light goes on before I even open the drivers door and stick the key in ,
  6. Dang , all those Deutsch connectors and accessories are very expensive http://www.deutschconnector.com/products/deutsch_connectors/deutsch_dt_series_connectors/
  7. Here is some annoying crap for you , WTF ? I was trying to find out what a CCFL light was.... Idiot video There is so much garbage companies sell garbage headlight and you dont even know what you are ordering, no descriptions of what is even included, and a bunch of stupid halo, euro, crystal, bla bla, crap bling bling??? B.S. Who knows what any of that means...
  8. Battle of the Headlights: Halogen vs. Xenon vs. LED vs. Laser vs. Conversion Kits https://www.autoevolution.com/news/battle-of-the-headlights-halogen-vs-xenon-vs-led-26530.html
  9. Thanks for the info . I figured they were some cheap junk. If you pay a added cost $$ you can get a 3 month warranty Ha Ha, Wow, 3 months, I need to read up on all the new type bulbs What the deal I read about LEDs getting hot and need a fan? I thought LEDs didnt get hot New LED Headlight Technology Explained http://betterautomotivelighting.com/2014/05/06/new-led-headlight-technology-explained/
  10. What a Bargin ! $138 complete ! Ok .... what is the deal with these? https://www.protuninglab.com/hidxe94doram11.html?utm_source=googlepepla&utm_medium=adwords&id=140845616938
  11. I installed my "new" remanufactured ECM on my '99 CTD 4x4 this morning I had the issue of, Key on, Boot up delay. Delayed 'wait to start' light and lift pump. Ive had the problem for 4-5 years and it was getting worse, longer boot up delay So after the Install...It is working great so far. I ran a few errands and the ECM boots right up, WTS light comes on first immediately and I can immediately crank the starter and it fires up immediately. The truck actually feels alittle crisper responce too After quit a bit of research and alot of calling around, recommendations and good reviews from vendors and mechanic shops I went with a Flight Systems Remanufactured ECM who started a Partner company Reman Auto Electronics(RAE Diesel) to sell to the general public. When I called them,, several times,, they always have good tech help to answer any questions. Seemed like a good company https://www.fseg.net/ https://www.remanautoelectronics.com/ I discovered them through Gomers US Diesel Parts http://usdieselparts.com/i-22169855-ecu-ecm-98-5-99-dodge-5-9l-cummins.html and a Cummins Mechanic that recommended them So I took a chance and Ordered from RAE So far so good , For now, (cross my fingers), I Recommend them as a good place to order a ECM from, It needs a few months with no issues test....... Rick Happy Truck