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  1. I put my visors down to hold my windshield shade.... My pass side the vanity mirror is loose and messy gooey black glue foam rubber gunk holding the mirror in the visor melted and was falling out..... nasty stuff .... cleans off the upholstery with rubbing alcohol luckily Pulled the visor off and tried to vacuum the dissolving gooey stuff..... Might have to just break the mirror glass to get all the messy goo out of there. Anyone else had this happen
  2. What was the price on your ECM from ACS? Where are they located?
  3. No,,,, you are just pissing all over my thread with your childish bull **** ! ...Thanks for screwing up my thread !
  4. Quit arguing, and help the OP with the question , Holy Cow ! Mike, what's your Napa thermostat Part # in your truck. ..
  5. stop arguing ! - geeze! Think Ill get the Napa OE 190* Napa # PM-1906245.... Mike what's your Napa Part # in your truck Dont need the safety one and its a 195*- # SS1956247... It just locks open if you over heat , then is stuck
  6. Bottom line sounds like a crap shoot to some degree over the years, and guys saying "cummins boxed thermostat only" is the best hands down appear to be wrong since they change makers So labeled box aside,, what manufacture seems the best?...motorad ? I want the fails open type Here is what is listed for my '99 ..... Looks like I want the top one or bottom one . What is the jiggle pin one at the bottom? Is that a safety too , and looks like the top one is Stainless steel? https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?input-q=I+Don't+Know&q=N%3D2500005%2B2600501%2B2802469%2B10199900%2B5002000%2B5002200%2B200220100%2B402203300%2B599999900%2B50600000%26Score%3D0.9&text=thermostat&indices=UI&keywordInput=thermostat&referer=nol-veh-conds . .
  7. who manufactures these napa thermostats? Brand/company? IIRC they list a couple different makes online .
  8. Yeah ,,,, holy crap in the radiator !..... What the heck have you been doing ?
  9. I know the good Cummins thermostat is expensive..... Maybe not What Brand is a good reliable thermostat . genos sells the Gates -33915
  10. Dust ,,,, what dust...... Yeah I live on a dirt road ...... Dust sucks
  11. I replaced my hydro boost this afternoon..... was going to do it Sat morning , Getting tools ready and looking what needs doin' .... Looks easy so I went for it in 99 degree afternoon weather... Took 2 hours and Its done replaced....Test drove and washed any spilled dripped oil under the hood or on the frame Easy job. Just have to return the core for some money back
  12. My water is nasty .... Mucho calcium build up if I used it in a radiator. Would clog the radiator cooling tubes Gotta use acid to clean my shower , all the calcium crud build up. My toilet tank actually gets rocks and large granite sand in the bottom of the tank.....
  13. I did just got a small bottle of Amour All at Walfart.... better than nuttin' I was using Black Magic stuff on the black front bumper top and rear view mirror black plastic, etc, works good for outside black stuff, read its pretty nasty for interior I hear 303 protectant is real good https://www.goldeagle.com/product/303-automotive-protectant/
  14. My hyd boost is leaking out of the weep hole on the bottom , I see oil moisture at the brake pedal push rod under the dash too What is this pirate 4x4 seal kit? Got a link and instructions? Pirate 4x4 is a forum . Did you rebuild your whole hydo boost with a seal kit ? Seems like it would have O ring or cup seals just like a brake master cylinder. That blue can has nitrogen under high presssure too. How did you refill that?
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