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  1. Fleetguard oil filter # LF3894 .
  2. OK kids,,,, what's this oil strainer out of? Easy one .
  3. Here is a Easy one , . !955 331 cu in _____________ V8,,, Fill in the blank Who-what?.... 331 cu in ______________ . OOPS sorry...... I got carried away and stole the thread
  4. Above was a Ford flathead V8 What's this one ...? Its got a nick name too ...
  5. OK kids,,,, Guess what this one is
  6. I'm Shocked I thought everyone knew the infamous Small Block Chevy ! .
  7. Yeah that's a cummins all right,,, You dont know what that is ?
  8. I too disagree with the statement that syn oil What does the "µ " stand for? I googled and cant find the info So a 15µ absolute filters finner particles than a 25µ absolute ? .
  9. That's a pretty blue filter what kind is it? I run the fleetguard StrataPore
  10. Mike , Were you at a RV park in Parma area? If so which one? Reasonable space rent? I used to always stay at that RV park in Sand Hallow, off Oasis rd, Country Corner RV, But it changed owners and price went way up and other rules
  11. Where'd ya go, deer camp? . I had a '64 Jeep gladiator J300. I had put a small block chevy 327, turbo 400 in it, sagnaw steering, adapters off a newer jeep wagoneer . Was a good 4x4. Had 4:27 gear ratio