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  1. The parts lookup manual on this site here would benefit you greatly. Not sure where it is on this site but it came in very handy for me when getting a new to me tank for my 01. I ended up I think with a 96 tank and the threads were a little bit different at the top for the gas cap and I believe it was a vented or non-vented had to change the fuel cap. The fuel modules interchange pretty easily, as far as threads at the top. The actual size of the draw straw might make a big difference so I just put a bulkhead fitting in, 1/2 inch I believe. A fuel module in the parts lookup tool is chapter 14, if I remember right.
  2. I'm getting old if I ever get one, I want to make something like that little step up to the right hand side
  3. Not sure if this helps or not as your above my knowledge, but have this.
  4. You cut holes in draw straw about 1/4 way up? If so... sucking air?
  5. Your previous pic's helped me to know which I have Bosch alternator... http://alternatorstarterrebuildkits.com/product/bo13881/  Denso alternator... http://alternatorstarterrebuildkits.com/product/dpi/ Edited May 5, 2018 by Mopar1973Man
  6. Sounds like a very good test ... so how would a person do this and how much psi with water or air? I think my local Cut Rate Auto Parts store ( O'Reilly's) has a loaner cooling system tester, would that be the right way to do it?
  7. That looks pretty cool
  8. I have a 01, different generation than yours. Initially bought it because they're supposed to be so darn good. Never broke down I thought to myself why should I take the time to even learn how to fix them. I changed my own oil, wrote in maintenance book the miles so I knew when to change it again. That was about it. From 2005 to 2016. Then Broke down with a bad Fass lift pump after all said and done after Towing lift pumps etx. And we were 2,500 miles away from home, couldn't do anything myself because we're in an RV park even though I was able to look up what I needed and read step by step instructions, I couldn't do the work myself in the RV park. Cost for repairs ended up costing us just shy of $3,000 That was when I started paying extra close attention and started doing everything myself. I can't say that I enjoy getting my hands greasy but after paying that kind of money and having a subpar job and the repairs fell apart and had to be redone twice. So now if I don't know how to do something (which is alot) I figure it out either through the to the service manuals that are available for download or the web. So much better peace of mind for me if I fix something and it falls apart that's on me but to pay a shop a hundred bucks an hour for whatever their shop rate is and they screw it up that's a little bit irritating
  9. Might have what you what, not sure? https://www.etrailer.com/vehicle/1998/Dodge/Ram+Pickup
  10. Thanks...Ya, I'm stumped. Lots of translators online but cant find one that has their "kanji) (american slangly, rice grain alphabet or https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanji 😀 when I was in Japan never had a language problem, at least near base.
  11. How does one translate Korean language. My barber gave me this, something about or example of radiant heat or using hot water to heat with. Cant get my key board to use those symbols.
  12. Good job...but put them on my class c moterhome f350 with auto trans and no exhaust brake, leaving driveway at 11,500 pds and I'm lucky to get 60k out of the fronts. I
  13. Since 05 or 06. Always worked well other than that bolt falling out as mentioned above. But for other reasons I am never going to buy any BD product again.
  14. I lost one of the plug bolts coming down the siskiyous towing wives trailer. I burned a hole about the size of a silver dollar what's above the hole. Scared me and my wife half a death as it made a hell of a noise. BD recommended some type of "security" wire, so the plug bolts wouldn't come out again. After looking for "stainless steel dowling" about half a day. Finaly brain engaged. At bicycle shop picked up some "stainless steel dowling". Better known as a bicycle spoke.
  15. " If possible can these press. be monitored and managed?" Yep. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TSuv88KFRkI
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