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  1. I'm almost a thousand pounds tongue weight and when my airbags were tied together (single air line) and go around a corner, air bleeds one side to the other. No big deal but noticable. Now with airlines on each bag that terminates under my sidestep. No more bags getting unequal pressure. I also am able to use the plug in the cigarette lighter air compressor. I get the level out of the trailer put it on the bed rail and I just fill up the bags and watch the bubble level and stop filling when I get same "attidude" as stock. Not sure if I'm doing it right or if there's a better way but it works for me. I used air brake tubing and used a sharp knife (first "wack" at installing) and had two very small leaks then redid it with a vinyl tube cutter when cutting the tubing and no more leaks.
  2. It would help retirees if the government would stop their war on savers.
  3. And when you got to replace a washing machine or dishwasher or refrigerator that money is gone. Pretty hard to make that money back. Auto expenses get cut dramatically, our food bill actually went down. Pulling the camping spots Sunday afternoon after all the working folks we have to go back home.
  4. As much traveling as you do the instant you retire, call your insurance agent and tell him you are now traveling about 3,000 miles a year. get some of that money back you paid him
  5. Harbor freight here. Tire bearings, tire temps, neighbors radiator showed some spots colder than others and dont forget important stuff like...finding in-laws cat hiding in the bushes, temp control cooking with Dutch oven
  6. https://www.lowes.com/pd/KD-Tools-Brake-Resetting-Gauge/1000973404?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-tol-_-google-_-pla-_-216-_-soshandtools-_-1000973404-_-0&placeholder=null&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2NCJuK365gIVGP5kCh1M8gMuEAUYASABEgJOBfD_BwE Brake drum gauge
  7. That one chuck with a rubber hose that's why I bought it, the long metal one not enough flexibility to reach in to get good seal to air up. maybe putting a bit of pressure on it been to bend it a tad. Careful with steel, brass a little easier to bend a tad.
  8. That looks alot better than it sounds
  9. Here's a pic of all my extended reach stuff. No extensions to leak. No hassles with branded lines.
  10. I'll post a picture of that tool I have at my next time I run across it.
  11. I've done away with valve stem extensions maybe 10 years now. But I do have a gator caps on. I picked up a long reach valve core extension remover to remove/tighten etc valve cores. And I check or add air with an offset fuel head air chuck. Very little chance of failure running no extensions. Hardest part now is holding flashlight to get ahold of the cap. If you've had a failure, check out people that run large fleets. U-haul for instance. At work we had lots of failures with valve extensions or the braided line rubbing on stuff till we went with gator caps only and reach in with tools to get job done, versus extending the valve stem out. Where I worked before retirement had the contract with these folks linked below. Delivered them to tire wholesale places that would in turn sell them to tire retailers. Their history, very interesting. https://www.dillvalves.com/whydill/history-of-dill/
  12. Just in case you need this hopefully you don't
  13. Have to tried calling BD? I had a talk with BD several years ago about a tech issue on an older exhaust brake. Ended up talking with kid or grandkid. He was very helpful. By the way...Also remember getting charges on my phone bill because he was in Canada.
  14. I vacuum mine out with a wet dry vac. PVC fitting at the end of the vacuum tube maybe down to half inch maybe vinyl hose, works good
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