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  1. When I did my seat, I found a tiny piece of torn fabric... I didn't want to make it any worse... so I took it to our local upholstery shop that has been in business many years ...he was impressed with the quality.
  2. Started getting TDR magazine in 05 when I got my truck. That's 15 years . Been a member here about four years. Learned more on this site than I did the 15 years with TDR.
  3. History's that you can reach out and touch is great. Further reading... https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/hadrians-wall/ Not to many passengers on boat. People maybe staying close to home, Cov19?
  4. Can't help you on your question of a saggy bumper. But those tow hooks look good... Happen to remember where you got them?
  5. I'm glad you posted this. I changed mine and now get low fuel light. But poured 15 gallon back in. Not worried as haven't started truck in 2 yrs now. I'll see what problem is maybe later this summer. Also wondered why elec components submerged in flammable liquid dont go a great big kaboom if ever a spark. Thinking no oxygen?
  6. That's encouraging...I think the phone number I got is his personal cell. My credit card doesnt go thru using his site. Crazy card company... my city was was incorporated over 20 yrs ago, but credit card company's still use old city name. Vulcan keeps screws screwed down tight, as he puts it. Shipping address city doesnt match card address. I have that problem on his site and 2 others. Both instate.
  7. His phone sounds like it's hooked up to a fax machine. But no e mail reply either...unusual
  8. This last week I've tried to make contact with the Vulcan diesel, no such luck. Email to him from his website and calling no responce. Anybody heard from him lately?
  9. Not only ground clearance...I built a camper in mid 90's and had about 2 inches clearance over cab. Had to get more clearance over cab by using plywood in bed of truck. On road was ok but off road was a problem. Scrapes left on top of cab always bothered me.
  10. Wondering... Is there any useful elec test, maybe with volt meter or something to determine if wire is not up to par...beyond visually looking for corrosion?
  11. My opinion...Inspect wire connections, keeping close eye out for a strand of wire that is making contact with near by wire and bleeding elec over where it shouldn't. If no loose wire strands...Google up just like I've typed it dou therm & acservice & pdf Then go to ac section for your model and ...Trouble shoot. Im thinking sencor. But If you have to pay somebody shop rates...hope they are good at trouble shooting because Could get pricey, age of ac you might be thinking about replacement due to shop rates involved and if fixxed. How long till next problem as RV stuff usually not top quality. If trouble shooting yourself manual is quite detailed.
  12. What I would do for next test...in Later part of video to see if fuel is being pumped. (Not about lift pump) .loosen 1 injector at a time, see if fuel is like video, then torque down. Or hot wire vp44...Cheaper than a grand for pump. Beware though, I dont know much about these, just what I would do
  13. Another problem is
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