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  1. Somewhere on here is article or video about "water hammer" which is pulsating pressure. Vp44 is culprit imo.
  2. Snubber differences

    So in pic's at beginning of post...these are both snubbers? And no problem with sinister material coming loose in a fuel line? ( I suspect not being Vulcan sells them, just a gut feeling)
  3. Snubber differences

    Yes... Today's vocabulary word for me😀 Not sure...ball valves that small with couple reducers? The hydraulic store I use doesn't ball valves that small only needle valves in 1/4 inch size. Not saying some other place does though.
  4. Snubber differences

    Sinister...is real thing. I thought slang or joke. Mott Corp makes something like it.
  5. Snubber differences

    OP here... "Sinster"one is on right side in both pic's. And also going to use needle valves for flow control and shut off valve. Is sinister the real name of these? I Google sinister and get countertops .
  6. Are both these things snubbers? The "sinster" one holds back pressure more, giving it a blow test. But if any breaks off would not want particles going thru system or are they better?
  7. Ok😀😀 I had to look up sintered stone. I'll post again after finding both and take a pic to avoid to much thread drift.
  8. Any difference of snubbers... 1 has what looks like a airstone on buttom and another has very small hole.
  9. When should they be replaced? Age? Miles? feel mushy?
  10. One of the reasons why I like this site. Posters post back (more often) with results. Easy to review what worked for what problem. That light above gauge...low pressure?
  11. My connection at rear diff takes super monkey strength to get good connection or light comes on.
  12. Fuel injector lines

    Called Seattle injector in Seattle They are mainly an injector place. When I mention vp44 they referred me to h&h in Tacoma. H&h said they don't "fix" them just change them out but they said they have a "tech" that knows all about them. Their "tech" said alright to plug off till you get if fixed but don't put off to long. Also asked where they get their pumps from. Answer was "various" places. Still have e mail out to Oregon fuel injection. Blue chip diesel actually said he didn't know for sure but "tech" would call me back. He actually did 3 hours later, which 1/2 way surprised me. Blue chip was one of the don't side because pressure. No surprise but the first ones to turn up in search were not the most helpful and more interested in selling imo. I don't know what mark up is on vp but must be good. Bear in mind h&h diesel is not a rebuilder but a mechanic place. But when answering the phone... if I was broke down along the road and needed a mechanic, there info shows up. I'm Leary of picking mechanic's after being hosed in yuma couple years ago. Seems like it is hard to find good mechanic. When you do find good mechanic...treat each other right.
  13. Fuel injector lines

    I've been interested in this since the posting in the 911 section. Some time ago we saw a guy at a rest area that a vice grip on a broken line but still fuel sprayed everywhere. Guess it would depend where the line broke at but fuel was still everywhere. Total mess under the hood. Then after reading Dropley's 911 post got thinking about it again. My kid when he helps me, when priming he just unscrews a fuel line at the bottom of vp pump. I thought maybe plugging off the broken line would help. Somebody else said no, a cap plug wouldn't be strong enough. Somebody else said don't plug off pump, bad for the pump. Then another members fuel line broke. I asked that member if he would mail me his broken line. After I get a broken line going to take it down to where I get my fittings and see if they can make something that would be a temp fix that you could screw in till new part comes in. Mean time of the question of whether plugging off a hole in vp is OK for a short time to get off road or maybe until a new line is available is setteled in my mind. I'm not going to plug off vp if I ever do break a fuel line. I contacted several places. One place said plugging a hole would create unequal pressure inside the vp on what they called the pump head. Another place said the timing would get messed up and never work right again without rebuilding vp. Another place said no problem. Anyway...my next step when I get an old fuel line is to see if anything can be made to have in tool box ready to go. Neighbor in the pressure washing business has couple machines that have massive psi. Pressure washers use flexible lines so maybe I can get something rigged up, to have handy. I'll post my results after I find out if I can get a "temp" line rigged up.
  14. Thank You!

    And thank you. Wish I found this site earlier.
  15. How many KMS/MILES you got

    I like to think of it as a "Safe" old man. Son thinks of it as his truck could pull me sideways. Grandson thinks of it as...Grandpa's truck is better because it makes more noise.