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  1. 015point9

    Airdog filters only?

    2 things... 1. My fuel psi is 19 and 15 or 16 wot. So I'm alright... thanks 2. Any hints on how to match which filter to get? Flow and amount of pressure and restrictions must play a part to get things working right. I ran my airdog hanging on my fence in order to filter the fuel because the replacement fuel tank I found was a mess inside when I found it. Including dead bird, rocks and dried out diesel. I wanted to get it as clean as possible before I put in. I cycled fuel back and forth between fuel tank and brand new garbage can. The "flow" of diesel is a lot slower than what I thought for these pumps. My airdog model 95 I assume 95 gallon per min. Didn't seem like over a gallon per min to me. Maybe the "95 gpm" is a mearsument with no restrictions, meaning no filters to restrict flow. Didn't think of it at the time but I should of timed how long to get one gallon.
  2. 015point9

    Airdog filters only?

    Last couple times I've called Vulcan. Think next time I'll see if he has Donaldson. I like to give him my business. But I'm going away from airdog filters that's for sure. Maybe I'm a sucker for name brand filters? At work about 100 trucks used whatever mechanic showed up with and can't remember any filter problems. (Other than the tattle tell on air filters not working)
  3. 015point9

    Airdog filters only?

    Thanks...when I had a fass I used fleetgaurd. Now with airdog I'll change. Makes me nervous airdog doesn't have info on them. Imo sort of like buying a tire that only has overall size and no other details.
  4. 015point9

    Airdog filters only?

    Not hurting anything was what I was thinking also. Then after looking it got complicated with flow rates etc. I did extend my vent thing on top of tank and put on a filter on, just to keep dirt and crums from getting in. Did that after working on fuel module. Because I noticed top of tank gets junk also.
  5. 015point9

    Airdog filters only?

    I believe 3 micron but could be 2? I never had a problem but have no idea how to check to see if stock airdog filters are good, average or maybe need additional. Lots of spec info on just about any filter on the market but very little info on airdog filters. And I assume airdog has outside vendor that slaps their label on them. And also have no idea what micron size would be harmful to fuel system.
  6. Wondering if I should filter more. Right now fuel line goes from tank to airdog 95 (or 100?) Filters then to vp44. If I need more or better what would you recommend? Thanks
  7. I think 2 inches from top of her head to headliner. Not the best view for her but better than stuck in house ee both agree... ill measure exact Tuesday.
  8. Wife in wheel chair and doing a few measurements on our 2 wheel drive I think I can remove back seat and front seat on her side and might be able to get her in by using short alum loading ramp from ground to door bottom plate then I think I might have enough room. Maybe their was a reason for quad doors without a center post? Anybody seen or heard of this? Truck has been sitting 2 years...itching to drive it again. For now staying away from the mega dollar wheelchair lifts. Her condition is suppose to be "short" term but has dragged on longer than Dr's thought it would. Would be nice to just manually shove her in and spin wheel chair and pick up some type of seatbelt.
  9. 015point9


    But he is a "poster". Check out lic plate
  10. 015point9

    IBMobile at Mopar1973Man place

    IBMoble. You going home via Seattle...i got work if you want it.
  11. 015point9


    I wonder if different grades available? Last ones I got were doorman. Not to impressed with rubber/plastic insert thing. Maybe someone makes them with better poly material? This was on a ford if that makes any difference.
  12. 015point9

    Hp goals

    Imo the hardest job is getting one. After getting one you'll probably exposed to other places that are looking for help. One thing leads to another. You're going in right direction imo.
  13. 015point9

    Hp goals

    Good for you! After you get it, keep going (very important) with something you like and is marketable and in demand. I keep a copy of my GED in front of my stock work book, just to remind me that there are some very smart people out there that have studied how to separate you from your money. I retired at age 58 everything is paid for and no money worries. Marines wouldn't let me re-enlist without GED. Then I past the GED after 3rd try. But I still got out of the Marines and started driving truck. Then after couple of years realized what benefits I was walking away from. Re-joined military, this time Air Force Reserves retired from them and truck driver. Always spent under what I was bring home. Never took a vacation till I was married 10 years. (bla, bla, bla) Anyway don't let anybody tell you what you can't do. This whole country about fell apart with all these "smart" people on Wall street and in DC making decisions. (Edit part) Should probably add that I hated the work I did. Finding a profession you enjoy is worth a lot also. If you can combine them even better for you. I wasn't stupid in school, just that money was in very short supply. So if I needed money I had to hit the streets with bucket and window squeegee or lawn mower. Unlike today hitting the streets with a homeless sign.
  14. 015point9


    You sure? Did my Ford and had to borrow my neighbors 7year old small fingers
  15. Mods that I have that benefit my 2nd gen... Gauges Fuel pressure with led light Egt Trans Fuel system half inch, air dog set at 19 psi Deep dish trans pan For the future... Latest mod to wiring (Not sure of name) Trans rebuilt (this summer?) Going to check/fix killer dowel pin Pull out dent mom in law gave me. Towing mirrors What are your bulletproof mods?