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  1. 015point9

    Curt Hitch

    My kid has trailer shop. Every birthday he makes it a point to tell me to inspect it. Especially on sides where bolted to frame looking for cracks. Also stress using tow strap versus chain, to take out some of the g forces when using hitch as a tie off point, like when jerking something back on road or off the road. Curt was going to make him hitches under his name. That plan ended quickly when he found out cost of lability insurance. Best he can figure about 60% of cost is insurance.
  2. I dont like to wax and dont think those waxes mixed in with the wash are much good. I usually wash with dawn dish soap about once a year. Waxing a different matter. Paint still looks good imo. Question, these things getting up in years, when does paint start to come off. I sometimes see 85- 90's degrees for about 1 month max. No paint peeling and no rust at present time. How often do you wax the paint?
  3. Dont know what your doing or planned. But if you need anything after installing pac brake has a lot more dealers nation wide. I choice bd because just hour north of me in bc canada. But doesnt do me much good when traveling around our country. And pac brake also stronger, forget which model. Which has its pluses and minuses. While mine works great I would go pac brake if doing over just because of the amount of dealers. Not to mention bd directions are written in French, Canadain and English or a hybrid there of all together. Not one language then another printed but a jumbled mess. And when I called up there I got "out of country" fees on my phone bill. And their directions are just bd. I have pac break air bags, also in canada and directions easy to understand. So not ranting about you Canadain's. EH?
  4. What I was told is my springs are good enough, poundage wise. Dont remember number but stock is 40 or 60? I'm under that, but currently in the process of getting plumbing parts to double check back pressure. Was 8 pounds under whatever directions stated for more strong springs but that was when installed in 2005😎.
  5. I had an exhaust failure of sorts. Going down long grade towing 9k rv and one of the plug bolts in the exhaust pipe came out. Scared us both when it let loose. At the time all we heard was a hell of a noise and didnt know what was going on. Burned a hole in weather stripping about size of silver dollar and melted trans dip stick handle. Sounded like when you take car thru car wash and the water hits your roof, except lots louder. After calming down and wife having death grip and the handle of the B pillar with one hand and other hand straight arming the dash, found reason for noise that was louder than chain saw, called our mechanic 600 miles away, left message and he never returned call. That was beginning of me thinking our mechanic not as good as he was. Spent night in RV park. Called BD exhaust place the next day and they explained what the 2 ports were for and just replace the brass plug and put a "security wire" type thing on plug, so plug cant work loose. (At the time I didnt know if any other parts were missing or not). Most brass plugs have hollow head that I could find, but need solid head to be able to drill hole for wire (and not leak). Finally found solid brass plug drilled hole in the head and used stainless steel dowl or "security wire". Stainless steel dowl also better known as bicycle spoke😎 When I got a new dip stick for trans, I think I got ripped again. Dont remember the price exactly, but not cheap. And wife didnt fall sleep when I was driving for many months after experiance.
  6. Slowly being a operative word... I've often thought all that back pressure hitting all at once is not good. A better system imo would be for back pressure to be applied sequentially over maybe 3-5 seconds...insteading of slamming all at once. Dont know how to make that happen though.
  7. Nub about size of bb? As in bb gun? Common on older flat nose class 8's, that dip stick was 5 or 6 feet long. Round bb keeps from getting caught up on stuff when shoving back down hole is my opinion.
  8. 015point9

    Towing air bag recommendations

    When mine are at 5 pounds, (the min psi pacbrake says to have in them, loaded or unloaded) mine are very close to rubbing. If you are thinking about other stuff hellwig has a few set ups I like. But you need to talk with them to get something you want, not what sounds good on their web page. No little stones rubbing holes in bag, if one bounces in there. No air leaks. But also not as adjustable for different weight loads as air bags are. http://www.hellwigproducts.com/
  9. 015point9

    Lawn mower cat head real name

    @Greenlee" fell victim to similar traps but not for color TV viewing afterwards, I bet shows looked great in color, how long did the effects last? lol " Daughter in law gives me big frown when grandkids ask me about me being "evil " in my childhood. But today all grown up (I hope) feel guilty stepping on a bug.
  10. 015point9

    Lawn mower cat head real name

    Ya hard to name. I thought it was called fathead polly But Searching cat head and lawn mower turned up sick things. Going to get strong rope and for fun of it turn to antique farm engine page, bet someone will know.
  11. 015point9

    Lawn mower cat head real name

    As kids we used to get other kids to hold on to spark plug wire and then pull the cord. Used to be able to bait them in..we told them after just one pull of the rope, you'll be able to see color in your TV at your house. As only the better side of town had color TV back then.
  12. 015point9

    Truck coolant flush

    We get in mail a water report once a year from water district. In that brief report a link to a "full" report is listed that gives more details of alot. Worth looking at for stuff like ph level and arsinc. Heavy metal ype stuff. We had campground over 20 years, and had to do a water test every quarter because state said our well was classified as "community" well. Report showed year after year our water was very good. Made great coffee also. My annorod thing in RV lasted long time at campground. But when we fill timed in RV, places like Yuma Az on well water we could only get 4 months on annorod. Big difference in water place to place.
  13. 015point9

    Lawn mower cat head real name

    Better rope... that might be the answer. Had to replace rope on a two piece ladder. Picked up some stuff at a commercial fishing place. Really tuff stuff, I'll see if they have rope that small diameter.
  14. 015point9

    An additional fuel filter

    (Op here) OH wow... I feel like a clown! The OEM filter.. DA why dont I just use it? Forgot all about it !!!