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  1. Some guy has or had a blog of stuff he found. For vacations he goes all over world finding goodies. Canadain guy, so he went to Cuba (alright for them I guess) found real old Spanish coins...just interesting to me.
  2. I see. Not only was I not sure where to put it at, I wasn't sure if toggle switch would let elec "bleed over" and produce inaccurate temps. My first in the very beginning...thought was to use probe of that pana Pacific temp gauge. But temps are to high for pana Pacific imo, but not 100% sure.
  3. https://www.hoeslidiesel.com/products/vp44-repair-harness-1998-5-2002-dodge-cummins Only $219.00. Wow...must have some gold in it somewhere. Imo. What I'm I missing?
  4. Exhaust brakes... the brand that Mopar man posted I would stick with that brand, when we were traveling around the u.s. very few places even heard of a BD brand that I have ... and you might want to have your transmission set up so your exhaust brake will work in 2nd gear, being it's an automatic. Just stuff to think about. And of course all that stuff takes money.
  5. Electricity not my subject, but when I can't find a switch locally I go here https://m.delcity.net/
  6. Thank you for article. My airdog lift pump is mounted closest to fuel tank as possible. Pump is mounted next to where the pick up bed meets truck cab. Reason is was told these pump designs “push” fuel better than “suck” fuel. But unknown if that is a proven fact or not. At the resent time, my wire relay connection is mounted on the firewall. I could shorten the wire run approx. 8 1/2 feet by extending the relay connection closer to the lift pump. The new wire run from the DC pump to the "shunt capacitor" would then be a length of 1 foot to 18 inches, as opposed to 8 1/2 feet, and not exposed to weather best I can see. Of course it would not be as easy to check fuse, but would be a lot closed to pump motor. If I were to extend the relay connection and fuse, the relay connection would be at lot closer to lift pump, would there be any real benefit? Thank you for your insight
  7. I'm off topic a bit... Gripperkid about where to get stuff at, I saved a pic, (but cant find it now)of some type of wiring device you made for vp44? (Hope I have screen name right) Could you describe what it does and parts you used. Looks handy to me.
  8. Low pressure light kit comes on at what psi? If 5? That is to low. And I think to mount need 1/2 behind for connection. Not good imo. But maybe new stuff is better compared to my old model. Just something to consider.
  9. Mike would explain your "support ticket"? Is this for tech problems I'm having on your site? Or is this a way that I could get your help on my trucks problem one on one with you, for a fee of course.
  10. Under new system, any trends worth reporting? If so hope their positive
  11. Did you see my PM? Need info when we make it your way. Late summer best for fresh berries anyways
  12. IBMOBLE got me started on this set up. Think I'll go that way...and let them tweak some other stuff when I get down his way. Haven't seen him or JAG1 on here lately. Was going to tell him about excellant pie shop on way to crater lake. As many postings on here about tuners...I cant figure out my blue tooth on my phone
  13. Thanks that's my next big step after dynamic works his magic on trans
  14. What do you think about edge ez and rv275 injectors? My truck about same as op's. I Dont need to be 1st one top of hill, but my stock 01 cant get out of it's own way.
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