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  1. You going to make an article installing them or is there one already? Are these for over 500 hp or a good safeguard for anything over stock?
  2. 015point9

    Dash bessel removal

    Can you apply something to keep dust down?
  3. I'll do a sump again when I can control road debris on the roads. Couple bulk head fittings drilled into top of module and push on fittings for me. PVC pipe from ace hardware to suck from and airtight line so air doesn't get inside fuel line or fuel out. And some holes drilled around lower part of module. Harbor freight step drill, 2, 6 and 10 o'clock position. (I dont know about valve you post about. I'm airdog df 100 and carter pump as backup, under back seat. JIC fittings at pump, with shut off valves so easy change out if ever needed) Lots of ways to do it and several pics on here, somewhere. Good luck.
  4. If hard to determine if leak or not you could get a piece of paper and put a drop of food coloring on it. And see if coloring runs because it gets wet after some time. Maybe 2 days When messing with my cab, lots of ways for moisture to get in. Including vents on sliding back window. Air getting pushed around with fan and dehumidifier, you'll get it out, but takes more time than you would think. Especially in insulation.
  5. It might...water seeks it's own level. Finding and drying out sometimes not easy as it sounds. Trapped water in carpet padding or wherever takes time depending on how much. Dehumidifier and a fan helps alot. I have couple of these that I use in rv's and few other places. I look up my humidity level at my local airport and compare to my gauge, after gauge has been in 4 hours or more. When numbers get close (within 5) of each other, rv or car or whatever is as dry possible. Wifes sunroof leaked and took quite a while to get dried out. https://www.amazon.com/Xikar-832XI-Round-Digital-Hygrometer/dp/B004167OY4/ref=asc_df_B004167OY4/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198061059251&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15982910390463949716&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9053013&hvtargid=pla-373712639447&psc=1 Humidity is interesting... right now my closet airport is 67% and inside my house is 51%.
  6. 015point9

    New steering gear

    I don't know if this tsb helps or not. http://dodgeram.info/tsb/1997/19-10-97.htm See note...even though a 97 tsb, covers thru 2001.
  7. Seems to be common practice in part business not just dealers. Example is my small plastic connection on fuel module broke. Called Vulcan to get part number because he is 2 days away by mail. He uses different part numbers but I knew it was a doorman part but i couldnt think of right name in order to look up in doorman. My local NAPA if I dont have part number they won't look up if price of item is low priced, just not worth their time I guess. My kid use to work for a 5 star dealer. When my own lift pump went out he sent me one. I told him I'm going to a fass system. He never even heard of them. After looking them up, he approached his boss about them. His boss told him...if not OEM dont bring it into his dealership. My truck was at dodge dealer twice since 2005 and both times dealer either was backed up or couldn't or wouldn't to the work. I dont care for being under the hood but have to get stuff fixed somehow. Ironically my kid now has newer duramax, so I have to keep this thing going and not get newer one. He keeps telling me how good they are and I dont trust gm at all. So my truck has to outlast him, and he has 18 year head start. We'll see. And my son in law that doesn't know how to check the oil got a new Chevy because he likes the back up camera. Then concerned how much into retirement account. Gee, what about the 5 grand you just paid in sales tax. Oh I forgot about that... (slap forehead)
  8. Trouble shooting checklist http://www.pureflowairdog.com/troubleshooting.php
  9. Thanks... called closest dealer which is in Renton. No luck. Doormans list them online but went to couple auto stores. They can't order. "Not in stock and can't order" Put the cowl and nozzles back on without mounting, just laid it up there and after clr and 22 gauge wire and it worked great. New wipers and now waiting for rain😀 And added nozzles to list of things for the next time I run across a junker. If anybody does same job, be very careful of plastic hose connections under cowl, nothing more than plastic "y" fitting that connect rubber hoses. Also used wet/dry vac to vacuum out fluid tank. Vac hose to big for tank opening... made adapter to get 1/2 inch vinyl hose down inside tank and washed out couple times. Did it that way because posters said pulling tank is hassle and might break. Anyway Worked great. Now on to JB weld on front grille. Then fuel gauge Thanks for posting.
  10. 😎Were did you buy that thing you have that you always seem to break down at home?
  11. d peckers I think they like to peck on loud items to attract a mate. The louder the more attraction I'm guessing Claiming territory for their own 😀😀 unless you got insects in your ladder. Airdog pumps... I could tell one pump from another. Other than the Have no idea if Raptors are different. CATCH THE PUN...Raptors such as eagles and hawks are in different family than woodpeckers😀😆.
  12. Thanks. But don't have raptor. I have df100 or df 95? Very good point though, many times the poster assumes the readers know what type of airdog is installed and there are many different types. Could make a difference in answers. (😀😀 Like I assume your woodpeckers are "downey" woodpeckers. Only thing mine mess with is chimney cap)
  13. Where is a good location to install the elec connection for air dog? In pic... mine is secured by a zip tie and tucked under weatherstriping that goes across the cowl. And not weather tight connection. Certainly must be better spot. Also,is one battery better than other for connection? Thanks