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  1. I carry a little 22 daily in my pocket it's so small looks like a cell phone basically I want to replace with something a little bit more knockdown power but of course I want it to be very comfortable. Just about every month the NRA magazine has basically an article/advertisement that are handy to carry. But no mention of how this gets in the way of wearing it thing all day long. If you carry all day long and if you're happy with yours what do you use
  2. 015point9

    Value my truck gonna sell

    Brother-in-law got his 97 Ford F250 totaled out rear-ended by a drunk Insurance paid $9,600 was about 280,000 miles if that's an indicator happened about a year ago. This was in Washington state have no idea if trucks go higher or lower than other places
  3. 015point9

    Fuel Pressure Question

    If that style of lift pump has a jam nut on the adjustment screw make sure it's tight.
  4. Yes standard practice as you describe with the colors. Problem is when somebody doesn't follow the standard practice.
  5. When I added about a gallon of gas, I called my brother in law, who was a tanker driver for many years. He called someone that worked for Conocco . Some guy called me back and asked me a few questions like size of tank, how much gas I put in etc. Recommended that I complete fill with diesel, then drive 20 miles to burn out a gallon, then added a gallon of diesel. Then drive it 20 more miles again and add another gallon of diesel. If I recall right did this “burn out a gallon” then "add a gallon" of diesel 4 or five times. That was over 50,000 miles ago. Still on same VP44 pump today.
  6. Not sure if I'm going to go quad or Edge but if ones comes up for sale used is it a gamble how much life is left in them? Thanks
  7. 015point9

    Temp storage

    Thanks Going to break out your wiring diagrams and see if I can tell which end is up
  8. My 2001 truck is currently in "temp storage" on my side yard. I've been starting it once a month for last couple years. During the month it sits, the OEM alarm is on and what ever else slowly drains the batteries. Last month I pumped out 2 year old fuel and put in new fuel with a shot of biocide. Thinking I should disconnect batteries or install a battery disconnect. Maybe I could just pull a fuse to stop batteries from draining. If pulling a fuse is good idea which fuse or fuses should I pull? Any other things I might consider?
  9. Oh to funny... ask wife for ring back and tell her that her new ring will be silencer ring. Probably not recommend... I used ice pick to get my ring out on turbo. Couldn't tell a difference, so I put it back in.
  10. 015point9

    Cummins vs Powerstroke Diesels

    Yep buying a Dodge because of the body or trans would be like buying a candy bar because of fancy wrapper. Unfortunately I've learned more about brain tumors than I ever wanted to know. Dr's dont know why for sure brain tumors grow. They do know there are over 120 different types. And most can be fixed thru elec pin point gamma Ray's or radiation. But some grow so fast the person is dead before fully diagnosed. Wifes tumor is on brain stem that is creating pressure on various parts on her thru 6th cranial nerve. Size of tumor creating the problems is about size of my little finger nail, Dr's can't biopsy using any instrument on brain stem. "Blood biopsy" shows no tumor cells in blood stream so cant treat. One of the few places on human body they cant operate on. But sure is interesting at nero doc"s office. Some people with "normal" tumors and 1/2 of brain lobe removed, thru surgery, couple months later back you would never suspect they had anything wrong, especially little kids. We were going to buy a new truck. But newer models (2wheel drive) are higher off the ground making it even harder for her to get in. As an experiment I removed passenger seat to get her wheelchair in. Cut a piece of plywood to fit because ribs in floor board couldn't turn her around. Her vision or field of view looking out window is almost the same as sitting in regular seat without wheelchair. But buy the time I get out my wooden ramp from ground to door sill and then get her situated facing forward. Super big hassle. Not to mention I still have to make or get seatbelts extensions from rear seat to wheel chair. We already have approved wheel chair seat belt system.
  11. https://sixrobblees.com/services/used-wheels Although not near you, link above has tons of wheels. They send tons of stuff to Alaska like replacement wheels etc. If nobody has info, this place might. Just a thought.
  12. 015point9

    Cummins vs Powerstroke Diesels

    Trucking outfit I worked for had about a 1/2 dozen "yard goats" with 5.9's in them. 2 of them had cracked blocks and the darn things kept running . Believe me those things got used and abused 24/7. Not unusual to jerk around 50 thousand pound trailers day after day. Lots of busted motor mounts and transmissions and fans thru the radiator. At the time (2005) I had a 87 F250, but I couldn't pass smog without carb work about every other year. But when the front right tire started falling off regularly and the darn carb that required work way to often. I started looking for a replacement being my old truck was 20 years old, and couldn't pass state smog. The mechanic at work kept the 5.9's running so I asked him if he wouldn't mind working on mine if I got one. I figured they were pretty good seeing how they got beat up at work. Mechanic agreed he would fix it if I needed any help. So I got a used 2001 in 2005. And I paid big bucks for a warranty ("bumper to bumper") because we had 2 at work with cracked blocks. I wanted to be covered if my block cracked. I owned it for a total of 3 weeks and lift pump went out. Towed it into dealer and first thing dealer said was the lift pump is not covered by warranty, (that I just paid big bucks for just 3 weeks earlier). Towed to my house, mechanic comes over and says the elec lift pump and electronic VP44 is all new to him. All the 5.9's we had at work were and P pumped. Mechanic did put me in touch with somebody that knew more about them. As Dodge deal answer was another oem lift pump. Ended up with a FASS and put in gauges to watch EGT's and boost. No fuel gauge as I was told that I'll now if I don't have any fuel pressure. At the time I didn't know any better and how important a fuel pressure gauge was. Anyway from from 2005 to 2015 not a single problem. Not any trouble codes or anything. I just changed what owners manual said to do. Wife and I towed "her" trailer all around the US as we were both retired by then. Mostly campgrounds and visiting family all over. Then in 2015 the FASS fell apart. And I still didn't know anything about these 5.9's. Why bother learning as they never break down!!!. Then we got hosed big time in Yuma AZ. Mechanic in Yuma thought the problem was the fuel module. Mechanic installed a drawstraw and when that didn't work he installed a sump. Then installed an Airdog. Believe it or not left Yuma with original fuel module. The sump started leaking the second day after we left Yuma. Came all the way back to Seattle from Yuma with diapers wrapped around the sump. Messy job changing diaper on a leaking sump. Got home and parked it till I found another fuel tank, which are hard to find at least near me. In the mean time wife started getting big headaches and turns out she has a brain tumor. Been stuck at home ever since. Some tumors grow 100% every 45 days,. Wives has stopped growing (for now). But she is not able and can't get into RV trailer or cab of truck. So she stares at her trailer during morning coffee and I start up the truck once a month. So you never know where life is going to lead you...so make the best of it everyday. Dealing with a medical problem was the last of our concerns or worries.
  13. I give my battery post a little shot of Pepsi or Coke every now and then, is there are any harm or good idea?
  14. In my state, Washington I have a choice of one diesel pump usually and I've never had any problems however very seldom do we see freezing temperatures at least on the west side where I'm located but when we used to travel in other states there's multiple choices of diesel pumps in other states I usually just pick the pump that's got the highest price that's after sorting out the on-road off-road tax no tax number one number two and all kinds of other choices so at what point if a person has a choice you pick number one or number two fuel. The only time I think we're I got the wrong fuel is when a mechanic working on my fuel line had to drain my completely full tank and he re- filled it up with some agricultural equipment fuel that was dried red, so that was the only time I think I got wrong fuel. ( course I won't talk about the time that I had put in about a gallon and a half of gas, when I pick the wrong handle)
  15. There's your problem... NYC Stick to Hunts point! IMO...Backing up stuff...depends on what your used to and how much "stick" time you have.