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  1. Question... disconnecting grid heaters like you do doesn't set off any codes?
  2. Is there any logical reason why I can't install a filter in the return fuel line? My fuel supply line goes from fuel tank to Airdog (95 or 100?) then directly to VP44 and very happy with the way AD is plumbed and mounted.
  3. Speaking of oil...I'm going to change oil also. Would the new oil being poured in go to all the right places. Like all those gears behind the timing cover?
  4. Is there a fuse I can remove to keep from starting...or something else I can do to turn over the engine to circulate some oil prior to starting? Or maybe I don't need to do anything? Currently 1/2 tank of fuel, my game plan from VP44 back to fuel tank is to drain and flush, new filters and biocide I assume pretty dry inside engine is reason for asking. (Between Thanksgiving and Christmas have lots planned...additional fuel filter, flush cooling system, WT Mod, and updated radio) Thanks
  5. Depends on what you have more of...time or money. Time on your side...Bulk head fittimg for fuel supply, extend to length you want inside fuel canister with schedule 40. Return line drains back to tank via filler hose (between gas cap and tank) Black plastic cap (only used in gas models for smog) get new cap from part store in vacuum line area. My old one cracked. Had to drop everything just for $2.00 part Or jb weld hole air tight. If you need any plastic to jb weld anything...plastic cap from mayonnaise jar or pill bottle. In other words plastic about as thick as what that
  6. My problem was the connection where the wires come together at the very top of the pumpkin on the diff. I put a jumper wire in and my light went off...jumped up and down for joy, mangled a hose clamp around it till I got a another connection and three years later it still got the hose clamp on it making the connection right at the very top of the pumpkin.
  7. Thanks for responding, I ordered from the place that makes the pumps for a amsoil. Should be here fri. Tried to find an Amsoil Dealer and ran out of time, so had to go another route.
  8. My mag Tech with real good instructions https://mag-hytec.com/installation/
  9. If your TV is 3/4 ton and your considering a 5th wheel be cautious of pin weight. If yours is auto trans, they are not the strongest and exhaust brake sure comes in handy. Yes, quality and RV are 180 degrees apart sometimes. If I was looking today for a new towable..grand design would be first on my list. If used my choice if RV 5 yr old RV would be arctic fox, then any north woods brand, then jayco and a few others. Humidy... solved with dehumidifier. Lousiana...I'd want 50 amp. So running 2 a/c not a problem with full hook ups. And load range e 16 inch USA made tires
  10. https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/264829.cfm Probably l lots of dead links in above thread but your post covers alot of areas. Link should get you started with some basics. For now, in your looking... what size of RV is going to fit where you going to do most of your rv'ing at? Just you and the misses or by yourself or you have children, makes a difference how many can sleep and how much storage etc. What floor plan are you happy with. Rear kitchen, mid kitchen, rear kitchen. Etc...etc
  11. Ok, hit your support link and said " On my cell phone couldn't find where to join clubs. On lap top I can see join or start a club. thanks " in the mean time
  12. OP here...On my cell phone couldn't find where to join button. On lap top I can see where to join or start a club.
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