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  1. One of these years (hopefully lots of years) my grandkids in Calif will probably end up with my pickup. Wondering if this ruling effects people with adrenaline in California. Law took effect just a couple days ago I understand. https://www.motortrend.com/news/california-illegal-ecm-tuning-smog-test/
  2. That's what it comes down to is trust I think. Brother in law has their entire savings with a guy at a "Mom and Pop" financial advisor place. Wife and I kept waiting for them to tell us they've been ripped off. Never happened or not yet anyways. And they've done better than us over the years. Wife likes Fidelity brokerage and transferred her tax deferred employee stuff (IRA's, 403b7's etc) to them when she retired. My account was with Etrade then after 2008 market down fall went with TDameritrade. And 95% happy with them. "VIX and SPY are ticker symbols. Link below explains what "ticker symbols" are and explains it lot better than I can. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/12/what-is-a-stock-ticker.asp
  3. And the CEOs are not cooking the books saying they're exporting all kinds of stuff so different countries, sales looking fantastic and they said they were ctually paying down on debt... and it turns out they're not. And then you get to experience a stock split unknown to me at the time known as a "reverse stock split". This happened to me pre Enron era. but still sticks in my mind. That's probably the biggest reason why just stick with spy even though when Market fell apart last time I bought the vix but mostly just spy.
  4. Here's chevron's dividend history you can see the percentage and I don't know of any bank offering anything close to what they pay. https://www.streetinsider.com/dividend_history.php?q=cvx
  5. Yes all my trades from my account are short-term which means profit is subject to short term capital gains at tax time. Trades from joint account has been in chevron so long dont worry about taxes. Wife sleeps real good with chevron dividend. Which bugs me actually, I like more action but she's happy.
  6. Boy oh boy understanding charts correctly that's a mystery right there You can go to stockcharts.com and use the free side they've got a lot of indicators you can put on there if you'd like I highly recommend their chart school it's took me quite a while to go through it tell you the truth. And not all of it sticks in the head so I constantly got to go back and look at stuff to re-familiarize yourself. I've got a daily routine that takes me about 20 to 35 minutes to go through everyday. Best advice as I give on stocks is do-it-yourself. don't rely on any other source. (added) My usual go to stock is ticker symbol SPY which is just the SP 500. Nothing fancy and NO leverage. I usually just follow the MACD up and down. Those are the blue bar lines on above chart I posted.
  7. I've always liked copper for that does ticker symbol f c x that the bill for that?
  8. Thank you both for responding. It's going to take me time to work through this. I sure hope it's not wiring with rodents. Squirrels do like the place... anyway my second gen has been parked also but only from about 2018.
  9. For medical reasons (wife) I can't use my 2003 little tiny Class C with a 5.4 engine in it. Parked since about 2016. I start engine and the generator once a month, get some oil splashed around and charge the batteries. I add a fresh gallon of gas about every other month which brings the tank just about full. Last couple months feels like a miss in the engine, do you think it's okay if I were to idle it more let's say maybe 35 45 minutes and at a higher RPM than idling speed would hurt anything? I let the license and insurance lapse being is just being parked for now, so can't take it on the street for a proper exercising. I also add gas treatment when I add that gallon of gas to it. So I don't think it's bad gas. Would running at about 3500 or 4,000 RPMs cause any damage, to see if I can blow some junk out of it? This thing loves to eat coilover plugs but the Miss now is not as rough as any bad coil over plug. Added... no codes. Fuel filter 4 or 5 yrs old. But only 3 tanks of gas thru it.
  10. "going to be a fine line on when my 24v gets sold before it is no longer drivable on our roads I need to judge max price before worthless" Dont let a scrap yard end up with it. 5.9's Going for big $$ on farm/industrial applications?
  11. The fuel system on these is exactly why I started learning about these and found this website. I had no reason to learn anything about 2nd gen's other than to check the oil cuz they last forever right? In our RV travels about two thousand miles from home the 11-year old Fass pump broke. In Yuma Arizona there's not much to choose from, the dealer said it'd be 2 weeks to get in and when I said it's got a Fass pump on. They said. OUR dealership only puts on OEM or back to OEM. And two Mom and Pop places that were commended could not get service for about a week. So one place said pump was good but I needed a different type of sucking straw. Have to order one "over night from Phoenix" arrived UPS by truck. Lots of " Air Freight prices" total rip! Broke down an hour and a half from Yuma. Big towing Bill back to Yuma too the second shop. Second Shop says oh you need a sump, but pump is working good. About an hour and a half outside of Yuma no fuel. Another big Towing bill. Spoke with the FASS people. Decided just to put on a new pump. Second Shop couldn't put on a Fass pump because he couldn't read the directions in English. But his brother 30 miles away has installed air dog pumps before and translated. So the decision of airdog or FASS didn't come down to the pump came down to read the directions in English. So then about an hour and a half outside of Yuma, discover that the sump was leaking. Drove from Yuma to Seattle changing diapers and bailing wire on the sump about every 75 MI. Then Between this website and Vulcan diesel came up with what I think is robust system in my opinion. Pump mounted up in back of the cab, all 1/2 line. Shut off valves to swap out pump for a cheap carter pump. Carry it under back seat, takes two crescent wrenches and 15 min to change out. Found replacement tank after a lot of looking. So now after about 2 grand of learning experiance at least I know something about the fuel system. Next step is the elec on these wonderful things.
  12. The low pressure light... mine comes on at 5 lbs which is pretty well useless. I installed an adjustable Hobbs switch and after messing with the adjustment screw comes on at 12 psi now. Not sure if link is exactly what I have but there's lots that are adjustable. http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=ATP-BCS-003&Category_Code=BCS
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