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  1. (Bought 6 gal fri.) Out of couriuosly... What all types of metals does 2nd have? All ferrous? Any brass? Any alum?
  2. I've been doing quite a bit of youtube on super glue and baking soda. Hardest part is figuring out what type of plastic you have imo. The ladies of JB Weld have heard about everything and are very helpful..toll-free number somewhere central time I think.
  3. Radiator flush time for me. Just throwing this pic out. Had a heck of time searching to find exactly what I needed and how much. What do you think? Helpful or not or correct or wrong?
  4. Yes...found several places but haven't found any that are exactly OEM style to just unplug connections of the smaller wires and plug in replacement that is direct replacement. I'll probably have to do what you did with the smaller wires.
  5. I have access to a crimper for size 2 ought. But not a crimper for the big battery terminal type. And cant find the type that has holes for the of other smaller wires. That's why I bought the ones I did, for now. Fosters truck or Larry B's dont have it either. I'm in Seattle, big boats have all kinds of cables. Generators etc. Surely somebody can fab what I want. At least hoping so, should not be magic. Dodge and Cummins dont. On line including geno's doesnt either. Wierd that a "oem" cable is so hard to come by.
  6. Solder...found a old spool from Tandy projects. Probably 60"s or 70's. Unknown percentage of mixture. 1st QUESTION...Any certain type of solder for battery cables? 2nd got these things in pic that are 2 ought in size. Are these in pick or do I actually need the type that circle the battery post? And already picked up "military" type battery posts. Any help Thanks
  7. I've made couple trips to his place, I'm amazed what all he's makes. AND. NO He doesnt have that fancy bracket that he made for Mopar1973man for the line to fuel gauge...(excuse me...the pic of that custom shiny object makes me jealous )
  8. I had alum cap rails, bolted down 3 bolts each side. They rubbed top of bed no matter what. Just driving gets vibration. When I went to spray on bed liner I had them come over the sides a bit. Reason was my 84 ford... anything, hose, cord etc left a mark on top of bed. I like over the over the side a bit. Finding who you want to turn loose spraying is a different subject. Imo all products are good...in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing
  9. Agree 100% I'm set up now with ball valves and jic fittings. Took me 20 min in a practice run to change out pump.
  10. Matter of fact got my first class a in san Marco's to deliver dry wall. Outfit called dun-rite drywall. Long gone I bet...1976 I think. Jag1...also took roofing class at Palamare junior collage.
  11. Fine print, hidden in legal stuff. If no declared value. Claims to be paid at 00.25 per 100 pounds of shipping wieght. Then again is there really a difference of shipping to Portland Maine versus Portland oregon? Ibmoble..everything will work out fine. Your trans now in possession and control of America's finest. Truck driver. 🤣🤣
  12. If it hasn't been picked up yet make... sure you have good visibal shipping label...you don't want it to do a sight seeing tour all over all over the US. And If me I'd use a magic marker on the wood. POC (point of contact) your number. And when you get tracking number, check on it daily
  13. To be back to what w-t posted... Don't we have to put that one picture of the battery cables that was at the very end that got cut off? Who has that pic?
  14. I couldn't get pic's to upload, so I uploaded as file from my cpu. Maybe somebody (with computer skills could do any formatting???? On my computer I can open attached file as word doc. Not sure about others. Let me know if this works. And if possible somebody add the pic with added battery cable(s) Ground Reference VP44 ECM PCM PDC plus TC lock unlock wt mod.docx
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