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  1. In this case you might have been better off not following or not having an owners manual. What I do is change trans fluid every 30,000 miles and when checking your trans level give it a smell, and if fluid smells burned and/or color is no longer red something might be going on. And of course watch the trans temps. Owner’s manual (part number 81-326-1024) and was told there are different editions. In different editions the errors were either corrected from previous editions and/or new items listed that weren’t in different editions. All this was pointed out by a retired Cummins engineer that just walked up to us one day at a campground, we got talking. I kept pouring coffee. He talked about his career with Cummins. And the "fun" little fights Cummins and Chrysler used to get into. Here is what he pointed out in my owner’s manual concerning the trans. There a quite a few errors in manual, I can only remember a few that he talked about. On the trans he said there was a big disconnect between Chrysler and printer and bean counters. Dodge told Cummins guys trans is not their product so don't get involved. (OK right out of manual) On page 173 If your vehicle has an automatic transmission and you tow a trailer frequently, change transmission fluid and filter every 12,000 miles (19,000km) Then on page 230 A band adjustment and filter change should be made at the time of the oil change. The fluid and filter should be changed and the bands adjusted as specified in the Maintenance schedule (section 8). Vehicles having severe usage should have the fluid changed twice as frequently. Ok lets look at section 8 which on to page 259 in Maintenance schedule “B” Nothing is listed at 12,000 miles. But remember on page 173 it said to “change transmission fluid and filter every 12,000 miles (19,000km). On to page 260…at 30,000 service… is the first listing of …..drain and refill automatic trans fluid.. Replace filter and adjust bands. There doesn’t leave a few questions, as in what are they talking about? And this quoted right out of manual. In all I spent about 6 hours talking with him and we kept contact for couple years but one time he respond saying no more e-mail and to use facebook. Well I don’t face book. I think there might be a face book page for retired Cummins guys “BS” on?.
  2. 015point9

    High Fuel Temp

    I'm beginning to think what I thought might be a problem temps are within normal specs.
  3. 015point9

    High Fuel Temp

    Now I'm interest in quadzilla. I was thinking just about an Edge to help on some hills. With a turbo timer that makes difference to me. Or can Edge be set up with a timer? (I know nothing about adding power, maybe 40 horses ) More temps than I thought but... Seems like no worries about fuel temps, melting stuff anyways. Wonder why class 8 trucks have so many fuel coolers, maybe to get more dense fuel or? Almost makes me change my return line somewhere beside dumping in fuel module Not sold on me yet but could be. What temps does bad things start to happen. All these temps could be within normal operating ranges.
  4. 015point9

    High Fuel Temp

    You Gained 7 degrees with engine off. Engine off and coolant, fan stops. Guess it gets hotter for awhile before heat dissipates? Wonder if there is a way to keep fuel flowing till it cools down. Sort of like a turbo timer but for fuel? If so wonder if keeping fuel or coolant flowing would be better. That's even if vp44 gets hot enough to melt electronics in vp44. Wonder what temp soldier starts to melt at? (Guess I'll start using my transfer tank more by putting it in a kiddie pool in bed of pick up and routing fuel line through it) 😎😎
  5. Plus one for Vulcan also, Great guy. If doing over ( 2 things)... First. I would go with 150 gph. My 95 or 100 does job for mine fine but when I drained my fuel out of tank I used the pump to drain what was in the tank. I didn't take any measurements but it sure took longer to drain than what I thought it should for 95 gallons per hour. Vinyl tubing from Ace hardware hooked to pump made draining easier than other methods I've used in the past. 2nd... I would of planned out entire fuel line. Tank to vp44 to include snubbers, needle valve shut offs and fuel pressure gauge. And where you are going to mount pump.
  6. I'm newbie shortly past test and installing a airdog that works great. I have 95 or 100. Make sure you register with them. I would pass on drawstraw and just re-work fuel module with 1/2 lines. Drawstraws ok but spending money for same thing by just rigging up fuel module with bulkhead fittings and some drilled holes in module. Lots of info on this site. My fuel line...tank to airdog to vp44. Jic fittings at airdog and can remove and install cheap carter pump should airdog ever fail. Shut off valves at vp44... ease of changing filters or swopping out. But everybody has their own thoughts.
  7. Im pleased with my large pan from geno's. Probably not the cheapest. Temp probe screwed right in and takes longer to get up to higher temps and cools down faster. Operating temps on flat road I wonder sometimes if gauge is working. Overall pleased with spending that amount on piece of alum, now but not at the time of being separating from $$$. Maintenance owners manual conflicts itself if you read in the towing section then look at maintenance schedule. Brought to my attention by Cummins engineer that said his team told Chrysler but nothing ever happened.
  8. 015point9

    High Fuel Temp

    My (uneducated) thinking is the cooler the fuel, better for the electronics inside pump control unit?
  9. 015point9

    Mouse in my heater/AC fan?

    @unioncreek. Your truck a flat bed?
  10. 015point9

    Mouse in my heater/AC fan?

    How did union town or colton start... My brother in laws great grandfather donated some of his land. Because train would stop if the train had a spot where they could load grain and had to have mail service. Trucking too and unloading in Colfax took lots of time. At the time Colfax was the hub for loading grain from entire area. To this day don't go over speed limit, still a part time cop or is that Colton?
  11. 015point9

    Mouse in my heater/AC fan?

    Middle of wheat country... your name @unioncreek close to union town?
  12. I'm going with same tire. Local discount tire store... 28 installed. No bring backs or problems yet. I wanted to go to 16 inch. Add price of new rims but $$$ added up quick. Of course real test on those tires 4 or 5 years down the road.
  13. Do you have 2 inches in 5er pin that you can suck up so 5er tows level. Those airbags raise about 2 inches. I have trailer and those would of raised mine 2 inches...which hitch ball would not of cleared my tailgate. That's one good thing about 5er, no hitch ball clearance problems. Beyond that seems they treated you right.
  14. 015point9

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    My old gauge exactly the same. Got new gauge just because had to drop tank, so why not? Now all I get is low fuel sign in dash. Irritating
  15. 015point9

    New Member Checking In

    Welcome... great bunch of helpful guys here.