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  1. So do those fans ever come off and do a happy dance in the radiator?
  2. My 01 doesnt get used much anymore, I start it about once a month for about 15 min. Used to get very little corrosion peach fuzz on battery cable when used daily. But now being parked lots of build up.
  3. Online at http://www.rvretailcatalog.com/ PM going to be sent soon.
  4. ibmoble... Do you have new ntp/stag book? Won't have RV place or name at top, but rest of book should look the same
  5. After weather like this if the wife goes outside it's likesetting up the buffet table for mosquitos. Edited 13 minutes ago by dripley That is what I remember as a kid in Holly Ridge. North Carolina.
  6. 98whitelightin... Did you look inside air tube to turbo?
  7. I'm going to hold off ordering till you get back back on your feet. Follow Dr's orders, enjoy the nurses. Hopefully hosp food is good or at least OK.
  8. Thanks...yes up steel mesh side toward turbo is alot cleaner.
  9. After reading above write up. Baldwin has wire on inside where others might not. If you guys using without internal wire... Ever hear of one collapsing?
  10. Been thing about same thing. 1 I'll check out what jag1 said 2. Questions about bhaf... do I need a heat shield for stock power or just nice to have? The very few I've seen do not look good to me. Sort of like a guy around town that put an exhaust tip on, that is about 10 inches in diameter. Looks goofy to me. But maybe I'll have to go with bhaf.
  11. That's my problem in life, not spending enough money what I have is off the shelf from auto part store...may $15.00 is that a custom fancy thing or ??? All gone now, soap and water, cleaned up pretty good.
  12. For sure going to change filter. But not sure to what yet. Anybody care to chime in as to how I could test air box to see if it was leaking? I cant visually see any dirt track or dirt stream
  13. I'm not sure if filter is letting stuff through or element paper is falling apart and getting suck in. Wish I could think of a way to determine if dust or paper element. I scraped some off trying to put a match to it, to see if dust or paper product. Not enough to catch fire. But the color closely matches filter paper color. Dust would be more brownish I would think.
  14. No easier when your older. Wife had hip replacement at 71 and doc said one of the easier hip replacements he's done. He said her hip was bone on bone for so long with no cartilage in between bones that old hip bones just fell out. Couldn't operate earlier because of all cancer meds and blood thinners. So I guess when you get older bones just fall out Now her sister 67, my age is still on cane from knee replacement over 1 year ago. Hell getting old I guess. But I made it through school without google
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