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  1. They should have a VIN before it’s built, ask them about that.
  2. Looks normal for about 25% load, which seems inline for a DRW at 70 mph.
  3. Do you have the VIN? There is some tracking available with a VIN. Shipped means no chip shortage is effecting your truck. 2023 will be a minor refresh, but no major cab changes until 2027.
  4. Those numbers are more inline. The load must have run up with the restriction. I’ll still peek at the OEM tables when I get a minute.
  5. I'll pull out my computer later this week and peek at the stock tables for comparison.
  6. The boost and EGT's seem fairly normal, but the RP seems high. What kind of load?
  7. Yes I am interested in knowing. I've read about their kits, they seem well thought out.
  8. Correct, 120V with them in parallel. Need something with 240V, so the small honda's are out. I have a older Winco tri-fuel 5500 that I use for my well, but will be selling it this winter and using a newer Honda 5000 (don't recall the exact model). What kit did you use to make the EU2200 tri-fuel?
  9. I use Amsoil when I want an anti-gel, which is a couple times a year. @Mopar1973Man which test data shows PS as decreasing lubricity? The 575 in the test I’ve seen was still an improvement in lubricity over the baseline. I’m not a PS user, but it is endorsed by Cummins.
  10. Not surprising. Like I said it’s not designed to keep you from getting it, it’s designed to keep you out of the hospital when you get it. Like I said, not advocating one way or the other just making sure facts are being stated.
  11. Having had covid does not make you immune to getting it again. I know several people that have had it more than once. When you get down to it the leading cause of death is life, it kills you 100% of the time. 113 out of how many? Percentage is the important number, not number of cases. The vaccine is not intended to make you immune, but rather to lessen the effects. That means that it can still kill you, but it’s less likely to. Not advocating one way or the other, just needing to see the whole picture to make an accurate judgement.
  12. Only on very very rare occasions when the weather takes a short term turn for the worse. When the kids were younger we would pile them all in the camper and throw a movie on for a rain/snow storm. Once it let up back out they went. I also just happen to know what it draws and can say I’ve ever fell asleep with it on or drained the batteries with it. I wouldn’t install one in a camper, but they have come in the last 2 we’ve bought. We camp to be outside and enjoy the scenery. It’s also why we don’t camp in campgrounds or near other people.
  13. We've had multiple nights camping over the last 6 weeks in the low-mid 30's, even one night at 28°. It feels great!!!
  14. You're talking AC amps, but using DC amps... really need to talk DC amps. Your TV draws about the same as mine. 12.1-12.2 is not plenty of battery left, it's recharge time. 12.2V is 50% SOC and as low as you should regularly run your batteries or they can get damaged. 0V is bad.. usually they don't like to come back from 11V.
  15. Right, but the inverter does. 1A of AC is approx 11A of DC after being inverted. A constant 11A draw will drain most RV battery banks to 50% SOC overnight. What do you have for batteries in the RV?
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