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  1. That was my wife’s concern at first, but now she loves it. I don’t think it blocks too much, but I might be used to them after all these years
  2. AH64ID

    Oil bypass diy

    It's a 15µ absolute filter, and 50% at 2µ...so not hardly worth the time or money for a bypass. The DBL7349 full flow is 15µ absolute, and 7µ at 59.97%, so I'll bet it's real similar at 2µ. AFIK the only bypass I know of with good media is the Amsoil series, which is what I run as well. I've ran fuel filters in the past as bypass filters but they plug up much faster and in the end it's not worth the savings since it takes more filters over the life of a motor.
  3. All my rigs have an eclipse sun shade. They are a little more money than a walmart special but they attach and don't need to find a place to store it (which I always hated about non-mounted shades).
  4. NO! Only the NV-4500 and G-56 should be GL-4. The NV-5600, topic of this thread, should be synchromesh. Syncromesh and GL-4 are different rating. Kinda like comparing gas and diesel oils. BTW: flew over your place this morning, may fly over again in a few hours.
  5. Amosoil synchromesh or Penzoil synchromesh for the NV-5600... that’s it. Don’t experiment with a GL-4 in a NV5600.. there are those who have and aren’t happy with the results or damage. The NV-4500 came with a 75w-85 fluid, so the SAE 50 or a 75w-90 are only marginally thicker. There are several 75w-90 Synthetic options in GL-4 if someone is looking. The G-56 is recommend to run a GL-4 as well, from MB.
  6. AH64ID

    Airdog filters only?

    The Donaldson is synthetic and I am fairly certain the FS1000 has some cellulose.
  7. AH64ID

    Airdog filters only?

    Time is what's going to drive filter changes, especially if the filters are cellulose and not full synthetic media.
  8. With my added power and how much I tow I change it at 50K mile intervals. That doesn't sound too hot to me, based on what little I have seen. The trans with added fluid seem to run hotter, but the concencus is that it's drawing extra heat from the bearings with more of a oil bath and that's a good thing. At least it's a GL-4, which is what the NV4500 wants. A GL-4 is not advisable for a NV-5600.
  9. AH64ID

    Airdog filters only?

    Looks great! I change my filters every 30K miles, 18 months, or at a visible pressure drop...whichever comes first. These days I usually hit 18 months, which is generally about 1100 gallons of fuel burned. If you figure about 50 GPH for the stock pump and the average 500 hours in 18 months that's 25,000 gallons thru the filters. What I really like is that means on average each gallon is filtered 22 times.
  10. AH64ID

    balljoint time again.

    MOOG is cheap junk on a 3rd gen. They barely last 50K miles on gas trucks, let alone these heavy Cummins. Not sure why they work well for 2nd and not for 3rd.... could be the weight.
  11. It appears you have a manual transmission, I am not sure how the power steering would be effected with the clutch out an in gear?? It would just be like coasting, which is 0 fuel being injected as well.
  12. I understood that the 3rd gen fan is a 8500 CFM fan.
  13. Not cheap, but 39% airflow improvement is HUGE!!