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  1. Back when I daily drove my 05 I would use the block heater, not so much for better starting but for quicker heat. The 05 was VERY cold blooded and took 15-18 miles to get warm on a cold day. With a winter front installed I found that 90 minutes of block heater operation was optimal. In 90 minutes the block would get ~90% of the temp it would overnight at a fraction of the cost. It only took a couple weeks for the outdoor timer to pay for itself. I’ve only used the block heater on the 18 a couple times. It lives in a unheated shop most nights and even on really cold nights t
  2. @Mopar1973Man I don’t know why you would get a kick out of that. smh It’s no different that saying if I said I don’t understand people want more power, the stock hp would have got you all the way to 429K, more isn’t needed. It’s a fairly simple thing, more CCA’s means better cranking. It doesn’t mean they are needed, it just means better cranking. Better cranking is a good thing, and they will start better. period. You added 60 CCA’s per battery, try dropping 60 CCA’s per battery and see how much the truck likes it.
  3. We’ve had our camper out 3x so far this year, plenty of cold and snow. Low of 6° and 6-8” fresh on one trip for ski camping. A true 4 season camper is a great thing for Idaho winter camping... I guess one weekend was in Oregon thou 🤣, and was cold enough the river iced over.
  4. Which Xantrex charger do you have? I have one of their inverters in my 5th wheel is like it. My Progressive Dynamics PD4655 does 15 minutes of "equalization" every 21 hours once it drops to float/storage. I can also manually select Boost/Normal/Storage modes, which is handy. I personally don't like leaving batteries on a tender when they aren't being used so after the charge drops to 0.0A I turn my battery switch off and just monitor voltage. I did that in September and when I turned the batteries back on 2 weeks ago they were still at 13.1V. If the voltage is above resting voltag
  5. On the flip side I've seen many a battery fail from lack of use, it's not an easy life either. A standard lead acid battery discharges at approx 5% per month, so in 4 months the voltage on a good battery could be down below 12.5V and dropping fast in the winter.
  6. Just get yourself an EGR... that will warm up your IAT's :-) 16° when I left the house this morning and 23° when I got to work. All back roads and I got ~16-16.5 mpg. I don't have an issue with the ECT or IAT, as the IAT runs about 110°-120° but the dang trans never warms up. Pulled thru the gate after 15 miles with it at 123° and it crept up to 144° by the time I parked a mile later, but that mile is all with an unlocked torque converter, unlike the majority of the drive. Yesterday I took the interstate got just under 18 mpg but the trans was even cooler... oh well. M
  7. Went camping Saturday night. Temps got down to 15° and we kept the 5th wheel around 58-60° overnight. Batteries weren’t quite full at bedtime, was using the inverter a bit, but they were still at 12.77V the next morning. Still very happy with my 7 year old AGM 6V batteries.
  8. I ran 4.88's and 35's on my 95 4Runner and then my 92 Toy P/U. Both had 22RE's and it was a great combo, gotta love low gears.
  9. I’m still not sold on them. I do have room to mount 3 of them without losing storage and them staying warm... but I’m not spending 3K for 300AH. Even 2 of them would provide more usable AH than my 300AH 6V’s, but at twice the cost. I am just not convicted they will last 2x as long. I got over 10 years on my last pair of lifeline 6V’s and my current pair are going on their 8th season and I don’t notice any degradation. I am adding solar to my 5th wheel this winter and that will be adequate for how I camp. I’ll probably do 1-2 170W panels.
  10. There is likely something else wrong with a truck blowing a 150A fuse on a 136A alternator. It may have occurred with a high amp draw but that just allowed the other failure to manifest. I've done lots of winching over the years with amp draws that have been 2-3x higher than the alternator rating on rigs with 1 or 2 batteries and never had a alternator fuse blow. I would not disconnect the alternator while winching as that will result in even lower voltage and higher amp draw. High amp draw will reduce voltage even on good batteries. When you're talking 4
  11. Within reason, no it won't. As long as you're not talking a much heavier rotor, which is likely not going to happen at a perceivable amount on these trucks.
  12. While that would technically help, it would be such a small effect that it would likely be imperceptible to the alternator. While you're drawing 350A a change of 5-10A isn't going to do much for the alternator as it will be at 100% load either way.
  13. Doesn't do much good for the OP when he's concerned about winching. Not much you can do there to reduce the draw, so that's what he needs a bigger alternator over.
  14. I’ve seen it twice. Once we met in Boise, and the other time I passed him as we were headed camping. It wasn’t too far from his house thou
  15. Can’t help you there. I don’t have any knowledge of that company. Will 3rd or 4th gen OEM alternators work on 2nd gens?
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