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  1. Looking at the different pressures you're making, taking into account the elevation of Regina, you are working the primary harder than the secondary.. which we expect with a loose WG on the HX35. Your last test has the primary working at 2.8:1 and the secondary at 1.6:1, which shifted from your initial ratios of 2.5:1 and 1.9:1 respectively. You're in the fat part of the compressor map at 2.8:1 on the HT60. As you can see working the primary harder has good results on drive pressure. 1.4:1 isn't anything i'd worry about. The HX35 is probably going to keep you around that ratio unless you get an external WG and then the benefits are likely not worth the cost.
  2. Assuming those are non-towing EGTs id say you’re doing well. You may have room for a little more fuel, but personally I wouldn’t touch it. Ive always liked a peak of 1350-1400 for non-towing WOT runs on a max effort tune. Sure plenty of guys run hotter, but hotter is where you play the game of chances with your pistons.
  3. You should just go to cooper's website. 265/70R17 is a popular OEM size and available in the Cooper ATP. Sounds like Discount has discounted their knowledge. On a side note I won't use Discount tire, they have yet to be cheaper with better road hazard coverage for the same tires. One of the last few tires in a 17" rated above 3195 lbs. One of these days they will likely get dropped to 3195lbs as well.
  4. 17" tires do have limited weight ratings of 3195lbs. There are a few that are currently above that number, but as they go thru redesign and certification they have to drop to 3195lbs. I've never seen a weight rating on the 3rd gen 17's, but I've also never seen an issue with them when loaded up to 4K lbs on the older 17's with higher load ratings.
  5. The code readers don’t know if the CEL is on or not, they just read stored codes. There are hard codes, which sets the CEL and soft codes that don’t. They are all readable with an OBDII scanner.
  6. Close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades... It's not uncommon for fluid specs to be close, but not the same.. hence different specs. GL-4 fluids don't meet syncromesh, and syncromesh doesn't meet GL-4, it's not rocket science.. only different specs. The same company makes both transmissions, as well as many others, and they are the ones that call for different specs... is that just for fun? Not to mention that the GL-4 specification does not have a designated weight associated with it. There are many different weight GL-4's, kinda like CK oil. The weight is published with the oil/lube because the designation of GL-4 does not denote the weight, unlike syncromesh. This another one of those solutions to a problem that doesn't exist. Syncromesh is not a thin fluid, certainly not thin enough to cause a bunch of concern . This is not a case of the vehicle manufacturer ignoring the transmission manufacturers specifications, unlike the G56. The dealership putting ATF in the NV's is also not a valid argument, warranty is LONG gone and published fluid specs are still GL-4 and Syncromesh. Besides who takes a 14+ year old vehicle to the dealership anyhow
  7. Exactly, diesels have exhaust brakes because the unlimited airflow combined with high compression means there isn't any restriction in the motor. Gas engines don't have that problem. The issue with some gas motors is that they are always fueling, even above idle and 0% throttle which will overcome some of the throttle plate drag.
  8. It's a NV5600 so GL-4 isn't relevant... let's not create problems or confusion where it doesn't need to be. The NV5600 has never spec'd Gl-4, it specs syncromesh. Trying to make Syncromesh match GL-4 specs would be like using a Powerstroke FSM to rebuild a 5.9, it's simply the wrong application. That's why it doesn't have a GL-4 rating, it's NOT supposed to. FWIW Syncromesh isn't that thin, similar to a 75w-85.
  9. November can have nasty weather, but it rarely lasts more than a day or two...unlike January. Always better to grab a hotel than a ditch. Chains are a must, I carry 3 pairs in the winter. One set of quick fits, and 2 sets of v-bar HD chains... ya never know, thou I've never chained up the truck on a paved road. I have put drag chains on thou, and recommend a set of them. The Les Schwab buy and return deal is pretty good on chains.
  10. Maybe it’s the camera angle, but that looks like too much air.
  11. Yikes! Any idea why the rod wanted to go on vacation?
  12. Air pressure depends on load. You want the bottom of the airbag bracket level with the ground.
  13. I talked with one of them earlier and I guess they are slammed right now. If you submitted a ticket they will get back to you ASAP.
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