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  1. If it’s going out the tailpipe then odds are good it’s a head gasket issue. Cylinder pressure is high, but not always. Cylinders go thru many different pressure levels with normal rotation/combustion. any evidence of soot in the coolant?
  2. An MM3 with UDC Pro is what I would run. UDC Pro has more tables that can be adjusted and that leads to a better daily driver. The MM3 is the same hardware as the Touch but doesn’t have the canned tunes, which you don’t need. The MM3 also comes with the commod included, while the touch doesn’t. My 05 had some good mods: cam, turbo, injectors, pistons, and tuning. It ran cleaner than stock and had no issues passing emissions. Which bully dog was on the truck? Some are very similar to basic S06/Touch Smarty tunes, some are not. The basic Smarty tunes are better thou
  3. We used the inreach this last weekend to relay to 911 for a guy who tripped near the hot springs and hit his head pretty hard. Being 35 miles from the pavement we where able to get EMS enroute. Not sure where they met, but it was much faster than them just going directly to the hospital in Boise.
  4. I also make sure I'll survive the weather. Food/water always live in the truck too. I also have a Garmin inReach since I do a lot of travel in areas without cell service.
  5. As @Mopar1973Man mentioned you just cannot carry enough parts or tools to be covered. I use to carry way too much stuff and never needed most of it. I carry an air compressor (hard mounted), tire pressure gauge, and a plug kit. I make sure all fluids are good to go before hand, and carry 1 qt of oil, 2 fuel emergency de-gel's in the winter, and really that's it for the truck. Spare fuel filters wouldn't be a bad idea, but not a requirement. For me the trailer is the thing I worry about most so I have a trailer TPMS setup and carry a spare bearing/race/se
  6. More than likely its a bad gauge cluster that the 06's are known for. The main thing that fails is the tach. You should get a CEL if the rpms vary between the CPS and Cam sensor.
  7. Glad it's up and running! With a G56 and 33's it's probably geared about right. The AD G56 (05.5-07) runs about 6% lower in each gear, aside from 5th, than the NV5600. It's like a NV5600 with 4.10's. How warm on the grades? The stock programing runs very warm on that generation, up to 1450° is normal under load and 1200° isn't anything abnormal empty. I am not sure you will get accurate MPG's thru the dash, the burn rate reporting/calculating on the ECM is where the errors come from... especially with +50 nozzles. The duration table is based on injector te
  8. I use 75w-90 Amsoil in my 4Runner and truck. The 05 was changed at 50K mile intervals and always looked new. The 18 will get changed a little more often until the warranty is up, then likely the same. The 4Runner was changed at 30K, then at 100K, and just recently at 200K (all odo readings, not intervals) and the used Amsoil lube is always in great shape. The lube with 100K miles on it felt like new lube. The factory fill on my 18 was toast after 15K miles, despite the 20K mile service life. So if you ask me the brand of synthetic does make a huge difference and it’s often
  9. After reading the other two threads on TDR it’s worth an investigation into the pop pressure. Maybe it’s as simple as calling F1, but you might have to remove them to have them tested. You also had some surging at idle, which low pop would effect too.
  10. Which tuner deletes the stock program? Not any I've worked with, they all just modify it. It's 100% custom and changed, but still based on the stock programming and all it's parameters.
  11. They aren't bad, just not as strong as they could have been given a different route for meeting the emissions tier at the time. It's common practice these days to use 03-04 pistons on rebuilds, or even 03-04 injector spray pattern on 04.5-07 pistons. I wouldn't call that a software delete, it's more of a stealth delete. The software is disabled, not missing. You have to either remove or gut the DPF, if you leave the DPF and have regen disabled you WILL have serious issues. It will likely pass a visual inspection (thou some are now looking for soot in t
  12. Allegedly Cummins spec’d the pump, not FCA. Cummins was trying to avoid an external EGR so they used a non-reentrant piston deign. That piston has a very shallow bowl and thin lip which makes it more prone to melting and doesn’t tolerate high cylinder temps like other pistons. It also leads to less efficient combustion which leads to more soot in the oil. When I put 03-04 pistons/injectors in my 05 the difference was amazing. Not one bad thing to say about the swap. The blue lines are with OE injector spray patterns. You can see the difference in fuel sp
  13. It’s certainly more experience, and not as simple either.... especially with the 04.5-07 piston design. Ram was also in the CP4 club for 19-20, but went back to a CP3 for 21. Rumor is the CP4 is 1/2 the cost of a CP3, yikes!! It runs at higher pressures too.
  14. Is this a heavy tow truck or not? You claim it is, until the mods don’t match... hence the questions and comments. I’d go with ~100hp injectors for heavy towing and go from there. Even those won’t use as much as stock duration for a heavy tow tune, and might use stock duration for a light tow tune. The CR world isn’t the same as the VP world.
  15. Gotcha. Bummer, those are expensive. Still, the stock turbo can’t push 650 without running too hot. 500-550 is feasibleish. What injectors are you looking at?
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