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  1. That’s probably why you haven’t seen it done.
  2. Have you tuned with EFI Live, UDC Pro, or HP Tuners?
  3. The transmission can be tuned, to some extent, on 03-07 5.9’s. How much the box tunes actually do is an unknown. I know that with UDC Pro I can tune the 48RE. What year depends on what can be done.
  4. Anything with solid steering axle can get death wobble. Steering design will impact how prone they are thou. My 05 TJ has a little bit of wobble at 48-53, so it’ll probably get all new steering this winter. It has 127K in the OE Stuff. At least it’s not as expensive as the HD trucks!
  5. My Ultragauge will read the Jetta codes, as well the scanner at O’Reillys. Working near the Boise airport this week?
  6. Modern trucks are HEAVY! Mine is over 8K without anything in it.
  7. Need to know whose controls arms they are.
  8. No way to get a single event tune with that tuner. Let me know if you want any more info on Pro and a MM3
  9. I called Commercial Tire in Ontario. They will let me buy the tires over the phone in August, and get them installed in September when I want to. There is a rebate I'll get that expires on 31 August, but I want to get one more road trip on the POS OEM tires. As far as local vs tire rack, the tires are the exact same price each and tire rack doesn't offer a road hazard on LT tires. I'm also not going to use 208 tire, thou I had originally wanted to, since there is a Commercial Tire in Ontario and Commercial Tire offers road hazard. Too good of a deal to pass up.
  10. Good thinking. For 6% I’ll probably go to Commercial Tire in Ontario
  11. My 15 year old chainsaw was the only thing that never cared about ethanol fuel (thou it hasn't seen it in 5+ years). I was rebuilding carbs in my all 3 of my generators, pressure washer, ATV's, lawn mowers, etc every year with treated/un-treated ethanol fuel. The carbs were always plugged up on ethanol fuel. My rigs would get 2/3, or less, mileage on 3+ week old treated ethanol fuel and normal mileage on un-treated ethanol-free after sitting. I only run it when they will sit, my testing shows similar results running it tank to tank.. there just isn't a gain for me outside of storing a vehicle. I've got 13 carbureted small engines, so for me the amount of time and money it has saved has more than covered the little added cost for 30-40 gallons a year, at most.
  12. So here is what I am looking at. 208 Tire is cheaper, but they don't come with a road hazard warranty. By the time I add in the 3rd party road hazard they offer the cost is the same, maybe even a little cheaper at Commercial Tire. I'd really like to do business with 208 tire, but not sure it's worth the hassle of their 3rd party road hazard. Anyone ever dealt with 3rd party road hazard before? I've used the road hazard warranty on most sets of tires I've owned on my pickup. Elk hunting where I do is hard on tires.
  13. Any answer as to where it was leaking yet? It's always nice have a spare rig! Do you put ethanol-free in the '96 when you plan to leave her parked? I always top my rigs off with ethanol-free when they will be parked more than 3 weeks, and it does make a noticabe difference when I get them back on the road. I'd hate to see what ethanol fuel does sitting for 6+ weeks in the fuel system. I know what it does to small engines... and that's not fun.
  14. The ‘12 should have the upgraded single fuel filter. It would be very easy to add a BF1212 to the system pre-OE filter. The 07.5-12 trucks have the same hardware, but tuning got better over time. They are still more problematic than 13+. They are better the harder you work them. Yes, injectors should be in the back of your mind but there are often signs of impending failure. Depending on where you live deleting is a good option. How many hours on it?
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