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  1. HE351 swap

    rebuild kits are cheaper than I recall. https://dieselautopower.com/holset-genuine-he351cw-rebuild-kit-4031484/
  2. Finally install airbags.

    It's tankless. I used to run a 5 gallon setup on my '95 4Runner (for wheeling) and it was great for small jobs and the first tire but after that you're filling the tanks and tires at the same time and it's very slow. So it depends on what you want to do. For my use I don't need/want a tank. It fills the airbags quick and tires fast enough. I will be adding a 0.5 gallon tank this winter thou, as I'm swapping out my Jacobs exhaust brake for a PRXB. The 0.5 gallon tank will be on a check valve so it's not part of my line for filling tires/airbags.
  3. HE351 swap

    For sure, start with an un-modded one and see how it works for you.
  4. Finally install airbags.

    I have a ViAir, 450C, in my tool box and it's been great! I've had it for nearly 10 years now and it works like new. I use it for tires, airbags, etc. It probably gets used 20-30 times a year, maybe more.
  5. HE351 swap

    Yes it can. It just depends on what you want it to do. The modded HE351 is better at low/mid rpm towing than most aftermarket turbos. It will lack the upper rpms of a aftermarket turbo but it comes down to usage.
  6. HE351 swap

    That included a new turbine wheel and machining. Is $100 for OEM parts? That seems a little low for OEM. There are a lot of junk rebuild kits out there.
  7. HE351 swap

    I paid just under $1K for a rebuild/turbine modification for dads a couple years ago. I don't recall the breakdown on rebuild vs modification.
  8. Good Batteries

    Yeah 6V’s are the way to go for camping without hookups, which is what camping should be IMHO. These are going on 4 years old and show zero signs of aging.
  9. Good Batteries

    It’s been a lot more than 48 hours in this photo. The batteries haven’t been charged since early September. They sure don’t leave a lot of room for complaints.
  10. Interesting, do you work out in Caldwell? I think they got inversion snow Friday morning. I live just east of that curve and don't recall any snow Friday morning... it did start snowing Friday night about 9:45. I first left the house at 7:40 and then again around noon.
  11. HE351 swap

    There are people that modify the compressor but I wouldn't. Just a slightly larger turbine and call it good. It's a sweet little turbo at that point.
  12. On a side note, where did you find slick roads yesterday? I was all over Kuna, Meridian, and out to the airport and didn't see anything slick. Everything was as dry as it has been all week. You're not the first person I heard talk about slick roads, I'm just not sure where they were.
  13. HE351 swap

    Are you looking for a tow tune at 400-450 or a street tune at 400-450 and 350-375 for towing? The reason I ask is the HE351CW is about a 350-375 rwhp turbo for towing at altitude and reasonable EGTs. The VE turbine wheel is larger and a common mod to the CW. It will spool better, reduce drive pressure, flow more, and sound better too :-) My dad has the VE turbine wheel in his CW on his 06. I have him running about a 350-375 rwhp tune and it does awesome. It's efficient, cool running, and doesn't have EGT issues until WOT above 6-7K feet in the summer.
  14. Dual Egt Probes

    Can’t you pull the elbow with the turbo still in the truck?
  15. Dual Egt Probes

    The aft 3 are supposed to run hotter, which is why they are the preferred ones to monitor. I put my 2nd probe post-turbo and am glad I did. The info it gives me is much better than having 2 probes in the manifold. Post turbo is quite useful for cool down and lugging, both of which are masked by a pre-turbo probe.