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  1. Lots of people greasing their front sealed units thru the ABS hole and I can’t recall any with ABS issues. Just don’t overfill it.
  2. Try finding reloading or shooting/hunting supplies....
  3. Try a soft rest of the system. With the vehicle running press and hold the menu and volume (mute) buttons for ~30 seconds and release. If that doesn't work try a hard reset. Disconnect both batteries, BOTH, and touch pos/neg cables together. Then let is sit for 30 minutes. Be aware with this the truck can take a while to find all your options again, like XM, heated seats, folding mirrors, cargo camera, etc..
  4. The pressures I was referring to were air bag pressures, not tire pressures. Yes the GVWR is 8800#, but that’s a meaningless number in many states including Idaho. Axle/tire limits are what determines the legal weight, mainly tires but axle limits do matter some. No issues going above GVWR in many many places. Are you saying that the camper is always in the truck? I’m not sure I know what you’re after, loaded or empty issues? Next time you’re out driving and pass a closed weight station pull in. The scales are almost always on. Ive done
  5. Way too much air in the bags. Drop them to 5 psi at that weight. With your stock tires you shouldn’t ever need more than 50-60 psi, and that will be with tires nearing 100% load.
  6. What is your RAW? 45-55psi seems like a lot unless your rear axle is near maxed out.
  7. If the tires are wearing evenly then it's likely not ball joints. Take a good look at steering and tie rod for play. I am sure there are youtube videos of where to apply leverage to check for movement. On my 05 I did replace the OEM track bar bushings from mevotech when I did the steering. I don't think they were poly, but not 100%.
  8. On my TJ it was the track bar and a new one solved the issue. Before spending the money I did go over everything and couldn't find anything loose, which is why I presumed it was the trackbar bushing. Many things can cause it thou. Do you run BFG AT's? They are the only tire I recall hearing that can contribute to DW.
  9. How are your airbags plumbed? Separate or with a T? After nearly 15 years of owning rigs with airbags I’ve never had them provide side to side bounce. I always let my truck sag 1-1.5 over an empty/5psi stance and let it sit there. So I think something is amiss in your setup. I did feel my dads truck bounce side to side and it was from over inflation of the bags. Not enough weight was on the leaf springs. It was a drawback to his 2” level. Are you leveled? Do you let the OEM suspension sag to ensure it’s loaded too? As far as the overloads my 05 ha
  10. Again, if Schwab admits it drives off and won’t redo the alignment then you should get your money back. Why didn’t they tell you the ball joints were worn the first time?
  11. Just pointing out what it looks like from a bystander... it's not something I would want to experience, so it's not a place I'd likely go. Abe may very well be a great guy, and a great mechanic but you had multiple issues. Just like you like NAPA parts and I won't shop there unless it's a last resort. Too many issues over the years.
  12. I’ll be honest, with what you have gone thru on your NV4500 since they first touched it has taken them off my list of places to go. I get bad luck, but you have had more than your fare share of it since the first rebuild. Something doesn’t add up.
  13. I would talk to the manager at Schwab again, they have a warranty on their alignment. Tell them what they did isn’t working correctly. If they refuse ask for your money back.
  14. Syncromesh is NOT supposed to meet the GL-4 rating, so that’s a good thing. Don’t try to make it meet a spec it’s not designed for. Not to mention GL-4 isn’t a thickness spec and there are GL-4’s the same thickness as syncromesh. Thickness and GL spec are 2 different things, which is why they are both printed on the bottle. As @dripleymentioned overfill has nothing to do with the lube thickness. IIRC, overfill was highly recommended in early models, the later ones had a hole drilled that moved more fluid to the rear bearing. Many rebuild shops also add this
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