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  1. AH64ID

    Well the Order is in

    I don’t need a stupider phone :-). There are a couple forums where my typing gets doubled, usually just a word but not always. This forum and Smarty Resource are the only places it happens.
  2. AH64ID

    Well the Order is in

    Ah yes, that will happen. Ah yes, that will happen.
  3. AH64ID

    Well the Order is in

    My thoughts as well.
  4. AH64ID

    3rd gen wheels

    I am very happy with 33’s and 3.73’s for 95% of how I drive. Every now and then 4.10’s would be nice when towing a TT at 65-70 on the interstate for hundreds of miles, but that’s maybe once a year.
  5. AH64ID

    3rd gen wheels

    Yes gearing is huge! Not a lot of 3rd gens with 3.42's thou. They were only an option for 2 model years and had to be coupled with a G56. The vast majority of SRW trucks are 3.73's with the 68RFE.
  6. AH64ID

    3rd gen wheels

    The wheels themselves seem to be very good, it’s just the tire weight rating that falls short of 16’s and 18’s.
  7. AH64ID

    3rd gen wheels

    Generally speaking 17’s are worse than 16’s for weight rating for a similar size. It has to with fed regs. Somehow 17’s get screwed.
  8. AH64ID

    3rd gen wheels

    If you ever get your RAW above 6400 lbs I would look for 4th gen 18’s. 17’s suck for any decent load rating.
  9. AH64ID

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    I don’t notice much difference unless I have around 1K in the bed. I need about a ton centered just aft of the rear axle to get to the ideal 50:50. Yeah, torque can be tricky. My throttle sensitivity is lower than stock for winter and dirt purposes.
  10. AH64ID

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    Don't forget about all the increased parasitic drag in winter too. Dense air, colder grease, colder fluids, and such.
  11. AH64ID

    Unread content

    I’ve been using my phone more, and the glitch makes it very frustrating to search new threads. Any updates?
  12. AH64ID

    Curing meat...

    Agree!! I've been cooking on one since '94 and have always been happy. I have been eyeballing the new Timberline Series, but ouch$!!!
  13. I'd be curious what they tell you.
  14. AH64ID

    Curing meat...

    What kind of smoker did you get? I've been smoking things on my traeger and it works better than expected on a long smoke. In the past I've never gone over 4 hours from 40-140° so curing wasn't required, but I may try curing some sausage/brats in the future.