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  1. I wonder if the 3.0 is like the HD’s and will regen based on run time or DPF status. On my 2018 I’ve never seen a regen trigger that wasn’t based on the 24 hour max time between regens. I had one today. Often my DPF back pressure doesn’t change much from pre regen to post regen based on how I drive it. I’m not sure I can adjust that max time between regens with tuning software, so it makes me wonder if the 3.0 doesn’t have it or if they simply reduce DPF fill % for certain types of driving.
  2. Continuous is just that. Momentary could be the last few hundred yards of a long grade, or passing someone. It’s pretty much get out of it when you can, but you’re ok for a short while. Plenty of variables there too. Rpm, duration, how long you’ve been hot already, load, towing? Sled pull is very different than towing. It’s short duration on a motor that isn’t heat soaked, so you’re safer hotter. Without knowing the motor it’s hard to give a number, but 1200° sounds safe.
  3. Yes both truck and trailer. GCW = Gross Combined Weight. I usually recommended not getting gauges with the green/yellow/red markings as those are universal and do not apply to all, or even most, applications. Let’s look at EGT’s. @Mopar1973Man 2006 on stock tuning is capable of running 1450° all day, and often will easily exceed 1300° towing. It fine, since in stock from that motor uses retarded timing which puts more heat out the exhaust. Now if you take that same motor and run a tune with proper timing you would melt something at 1450° continuous. I always told folks 1250° continuous and 1300° momentary when towing with one of my tunes. See how a colored gauge would be misleading in both applications? That doesn’t even take probe placement into account. The same is true for colored trans temp gauges. What fluid? Probe placement? Etc.
  4. 10% idle time is still good thou, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  5. Yeah that doesn't sound correct. I wonder if the drive hours have reset, as I've heard about on some of the HD trucks with the standard dash. It always happens at 1092 hours. Idle hours don't reset. So that would put you at 1892 hours and an average of 26 mph.
  6. 800 hours means an average of 63 mph, so it's possible that someone spent the life of the truck on the interstate. How many idle hours? Odd hitch setup for sure. Have you looked up the window sticker?
  7. I ran a Yukon spin-free kit on my 05 and can honestly say I never saw any definitive increase in fuel economy from it. It did make a huge difference in steering wheel feel, and 2LO was nice but I am not repeating that mod on my 18. Sure I wanted to, but it just wasn't something I could say gave me a benefit. Dad also put them on his 2006 and never saw any mpg increase either. There are advantages and disadvantages to the narrower shorty kits. I chose Yukon since it ran the old school wide stance for a couple reasons. The wider stance puts less stress on the bearings in turns and also run cooler.
  8. 5th gen's aren't out yet in the HD trucks. The 19+ is a 4.5 gen. The 13+ emissions aren't anything to be afraid of. Good fuel economy, great power, and very few issues associated with them. I went from a decently modified (turbo/cam/injectors/custom tune) to a bone stock '18. The '18 generally gets ± 5% of the fuel economy, pulls the same grades at the same speed, and is a better towing setup all around. When my engine warranty is up, 3/36 expired today, I may do a small tune but the emissions will stay intact. 04.5-07 5.9 pistons are of the non-reentrant design and arguable the weakest piston ever used in a ISB motor. In addition to the cam, which was also used on 03-04 trucks, the pistons, turbo, and ignition timing all work to create the in-cylinder EGR. Looking back and knowing what I do now about the in-cylinder EGR I think Cummins would have been better off to just put an external EGR on it. Similar to how meeting 2010 emissions in 2007.5 was good on paper and marketing but it wasn't great for the motor. I changed the tuning, cam, turbo, and lastly pistons. I didn't lose the full in-cylinder EGR effect and excess soot in the oil until the pistons were changed. UREA was first utilized on the MY13 pickups and MY10 C&C trucks.
  9. Looks like Amazon has it for $35 gallon when you buy 4. Walmart shows it online $33/gallon with free shipping, thou I’m not sure that applies to AK. Looks like a decent oil for the price group. It’s a little thinner when cold and has a higher TBN than the similar Amsoil, but the Amsoil is thicker when hot and has a higher HTHS rating. I am surprised with its TBN of 12, don’t see that much anymore. That was more common with CI oils than CK oils.
  10. Unless something unannounced happens for 2022 trucks that oil will work perfect in your new truck. CK is the current spec and I’m not expecting a change for a while.
  11. Specs have changed a lot since 99, and they are almost always backwards compatible. Go look at the jug and see what specs are on it. CI, CJ, CK? Depending on how long you’ve had it it very well may work in the 22.
  12. The 12.0 is only offered on the HO, so they are excluding the 11.5 DRW axle. Regardless of wheel configuration SO gets 11.5 and HO gets 12.0. It’s a poorly written section thou. Since 2003 there has been no direct recommendation of anything heavier than 75w-90 for the 11.5” axle. I even called AAM 12 or 13 years and asked about it. They simply said they built it for 75w-90 and unless you ran over GCWR in Death Valley it wasn’t needed, but you’re probably close 🤣 Why RAM went to 75w-85 over 75w-90 I don’t know.l
  13. Only on the 12.0” DRW, which is the HO. The SO DRW still gets a 11.5” axle, which has 75w-85 recommended. The 20K mile change is only necessary with their junk OE lube. It’s easy to get double, or more, out of quality gear lube. I went 50K miles on the lube in my 05 and it could have easily gone longer. I don’t think it’s too thin, it’s what they designed it around. DANA and Sterling designed theirs differently. I look at it the other way, requiring 75w-140 tells me they could have done a better job designing it. Thou I do understand the 12.0 DRW since it has a very high GCWR. @Turbo Terrywhat classification is the Mobil? It might work in the new truck.
  14. When did the “new” eco diesel come out? Very few complaints with those.
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