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  1. I don't recall it being a tough job, just be sure to find something that is the size of the seal to drive it into the xcase with. I do remember the part being harder than expected to find thou. Can't recall if I had a parts store order it, or I got it from Dodge.
  2. Try and find someone doing MM3 tunes. You won’t find much online or over the phone thou, as it’s pretty illegal and a current hot topic. Where do you live?
  3. Shouldn’t be enough of a difference from 88 to 90. Just use the 90 specs and add 300 lbs for 30 years of dirt and owner junk.
  4. It won’t appreciate being lugged, rather cars behind you won’t appreciate it... but once it’s spooled it should clean up every bit of fuel you have. I’ll vote with @kzimmer and say you haven’t got much to lose with your application.
  5. No alignment needed, as there isn’t anything to adjust after BJ installation.
  6. Yes, but as @Mopar1973Man has pointed out many times the location of the IAT sensor on the 2nd gen makes the reading all but useless in terms of figuring out the intake/intercooler location. After 10 years monitoring intake temps vs pre-turbo temps I can tell you that there is a HUGE difference in air pulled from the engine bay vs the outside air. The intercooler just can’t keep up with massive increases in pre-turbo temps.
  7. Pressure transducers have to have more than 1 wire. Pressure switches can have 1 wire thou. It’s a well known change from 02+, and even some earlier models have software upgrades that treat the transducer as a switch.
  8. 02’s (and anything after) don’t have pressure transducers, just pressure switches. The dash gauge is 100% fake.
  9. I would expect the EGT different from the large rpm difference. It takes a bit more fuel to spin the motors at 2500 vs 2000. I would not say he’s flowing a lot more fuel for sure though. 25.4% engine load at 2000 rpms is quite a bit less than 23.4% at 2500 rpms... even with bigger injectors. Injector flow increase isn’t linear across the fuel flow range, so at cruise fuel flow the 7x.014 injectors won’t be flowing too much more than the 7x0.010, but they will be flowing some more. We do know that at 25% engine load there is 25% more fuel being injected at 2500 rpms vs 2000 rpms. So we have to wonder if the 7x0.014’s flow 25% more fuel at 25% engine load or not. I would guess that’s the most extra fuel they flow at that load. When you consider the extra drag of larger tires vs the internal drag of the engine I’m quite surprised at how close the fuel flow seems to be.
  10. Thats in the filter head? Seems about right. How old was the oil you changed?
  11. Pretty sure he asked about the drain plug.
  12. You’re saying that as the temp increases so does the pressure?
  13. Still need to know what the warm pressures are. Still not seeing how a filter can increase pressure after the filter. Not sure it’s physically possible.
  14. That would more than likely be from old, thick oil rather than filter issues as the OE sender is post filter.
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