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  1. AH64ID

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Looks like jack wagon drone operators are at it again... I really hate those things. https://www.ktvb.com/mobile/article/news/local/drone-radio-issues-hamper-idaho-firefighting-efforts/277-585612892
  2. If they are all in spec I don't see a reason to not reuse them.
  3. AH64ID

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Good news on the rain. I was watching the radar last night hoping it would put some moisture up in that area.
  4. AH64ID

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Still showing moparmans as being in a "GO" zone, but no update today yet.
  5. As we identified in your other thread, that's the wrong gauge. If you do get the correct gauge I'll bet every single OE bolt is within tolerance. If you're going to spend money get ARP, otherwise reuse the stock ones.
  6. Just what I was going to ask. The bolts in the first photo are too long to be stretched from use. Guess you get to go ahead with the install over the weekend!!! I didn't realize new bolts were that much cheaper than studs. Stock-ish power build? You got a B/C series head bolt gauge. The gauge lists that it's used for B and C series, not ISB or ISC engines. As mentioned B and C are older pure mechanical versions. ISB and ISC are the more modern versions, ISB includes anything from 5.9 VP to 6.7 with DEF/DPF. QSB is the heavier version and usually for marine applications, but not always. I use QSB pistons in my truck and dad has QSB pistons and harmonic damper. I don't think you need to bother measuring new bolts, just install them per the service manual and go.
  7. AH64ID

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    Stay safe. Material things are just that....
  8. Yes you can charge them together, but I would personally remove the brake only battery and just run one single deep cycle battery for the winch and brakes. With a solar charger I would make sure it doesn't overcharge and shorten the battery life. That will likely happen without a charge controller.
  9. Its an okay filter for the application. The specs on the BF1275 are better thou.
  10. AH64ID

    Well the Order is in

    I don't think there has been enough time for them to do the repairs if it did get hit, so you are likely in the clear.
  11. Gotcha, your post above made it sound like you were still running the POS OE filter. That's a much better filter (it's generally used on a Cummins B3.3). It doesn't have quite the flow or water separation ratings of the Baldwin BF1275 but it's much better than the WS100.
  12. @015point9I do my online filter shopping at www.filterspro.com, but they don't carry everything. For the airdog I recommend the BF1275 and the Donaldson P551315 or DBF5816 @Mopar1973Man I would put a different f/w sep on there at your next change. The suction filter is the best place for a f/w sep, as you don't want to be putting the water thru the 3µ filter if you can help it. Also it's not even a 20 GPH filter and the suction filter on the AD has the most flow since the return is after it. It can't hurt anything to put an actual f/w sep on there. @Dieselfuture Filters are recommended to be changed after time because they can break down internally. Many, not all, of them contain cellulose media and/or glue. If the filter starts to fail you won't necessarily see a pressure drop. I change mine every 30K miles, 18 months, or at a visible pressure drop. Based on my current driving habits with the truck I do an 18 month change. It's probably overkill for plugged filters, but like I said filters do wear out. If you look at industrial motors, which have very robust OEM filtration setups, they generally recommend 12 month or 500 hour filter change intervals. They almost all have staged filtration with lots of media, but that doesn't extend the service life of a filter. My last change was stretched to 20 months due to some out of town time for work. They were on for 15440 miles, 482 hours, and 1091 gallons of fuel burned. Being a diesel most the fuel gets filtered more than once. The in-tank pump runs at around 50 GPH under pressure. That means the filters had over 24K gallons of fuel pumped thru them, which is why time is also a factor in replacement. I'll be doing another filter change in September when I do my annual oil change before elk hunting.
  13. @jlbayes I generally agree with why you have your stance. For most people they will get the expected longevity from factory level filtration, aside from early CR's and even then all 5.9 CR's. Now that ULSD is standard fuel, and the lubricity additive isn't missed like it was when ULSD was new, I feel the same about fuel lubricity requirements. I do see more issues on peoples vehicles that are only maintained with OEM quality, but not to the point where it can be completely quantified. I also realize that the type of person who runs the cheapest anything is not the type of person to spend time of forums of this nature. All that being said I still run 3 fuel filters and lubricity additive every tank. (as well as better oil, bypass filter, coolant filter, etc..) I do realize it won't show me any gains in 100K miles, but over the life of the truck it should help. There is also varying degrees of benefit, such as economy, power, and efficiency. Call Vulcan and ask what filters they are. Do you still have your OEM filter in-line? There are several AD filter options that have WORSE than OEM filtration, like the one moparman appears to just have showed you . That looks like the WS-100, aka FS19768. It's actually not really designed as a fuel/water separator but has the FS designation due to the drain (directly from Fleetguard). It's only rated for 50% f/w separation and 0% emulsified water separation, at a mere 19.82 GPH... so basically it won't do crap for water issues at the rated flow of the AD. For reference the OEM 10µ filter is rated for 95% free water and 95% emulsified water separation.
  14. AH64ID

    Dyno numbers

    Ill look when I'm around my tuning computer.
  15. AH64ID

    Dyno numbers

    He is around ~2400' at home, but can easy get above 4,000.