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  1. Not surprised on the code, as I mentioned earlier my buddies 2010 set a code too.
  2. Even if it sets a code you can take it to your friendly local auto parts store and borrow a code reader.
  3. Take the solid fuel rail bolt out, it will cause long term issues. Have the crossover tubes been retorqued? Do you have anything to monitor load, rail pressure (desired and actual), boost?
  4. AT3 XLT's on Laramie wheels!! It's one of the best looking combo's out there, but I am slightly biased. The AT3 is a great tire.
  5. Have you talked to the shop that did the HG?
  6. Most modern engines turn the oil black very quick, even ones that have EGR missing. It’s also a function of modern oil making soot stay suspended and harder to filter.. but that also means it does less damage. I’ve heard you can build a block off plate for the EGR tube too.
  7. It will set a CEL, at least it did on my buddies 2010. No other effects thou.
  8. Yes reducing the EGR is a great idea, if you are able to. Duty cycle helps with that too.
  9. Yes the trucks with DEF have much better reliability with the emissions equipment. The pre-DEF trucks use a LOT of EGR which clogs the intake and causes more frequent regens. Best thing you can do if you plan to keep it stock is to try to avoid short trips. The harder it works the better it does. Clean the turbo if you are unsure if it's been cleaned or not. It would also be a good idea to pull the intake and clean the grid heater and intake area. Otherwise there isn't much you can do to a stock truck.
  10. love it. All my rigs, aside from the Jeep, have had one. And they probably always will. They are made by sunshade.
  11. We heard horrid stories about slides before buying one. Not a single slide issue in 9 years. Simply lube the mechanism and go camp.
  12. What’s your tongue weight? Our last TT was 30’ and it towed rock solid all the one. 70 mph with a 30-40 crosswind wasn’t a big deal, 1 finger driving. It ran 14-17% tongue weight thou.
  13. It’s rough time to buy RV’s right now. Used prices are absurd and there isn’t a lot of new inventory. As far as brands I wouldn’t buy anything keystone. Jayco is a great middle of the road camper and hard to beat in terms of quality:price. The Nash family of campers is my personal preference. That includes Northwood MFG (Nash, Arctic Fox, Fox Mountain, Snow River, Desert Fox, Wolf Creek) and Outdoors RV MFG. They have the best frames in the industry and are built for rugged camping. We’ve had a couple of TT’s and now have the 5th wheel. We prefer the 5th whee
  14. I had one and hated it. It wasn’t a good scan location and always fell down. I probably could have fixed the falling issue but the location sealed the deal on my dislike. I sold it and got a triple dash pod and loved it. At 6.4” it didn’t obstruct any view, was in my forward scan area, and looked sharp. The wife is 5’8” and I don’t recall it blocking any of her view.
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