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  1. Yes it takes some time to get things dialed in. It took me about a year to get to where I was comfortable with tuning and the effects it was having on the truck. UDC is great, but some of the tables are mislabeled and if you don’t realize that tuning is difficult.
  2. oil choices.

    I still suspect that Cummins went back to the 190° thermostat due to oil temp issues. They also added an oil temp gauge the same year they dropped the thermostat back down. I’m going to be installing an oil temp gauge this spring so I’ll let you know what happens when I tow. That being said I’ll take a CI oil over any CJ oil. I haven’t decided what I’ll run on my next change, but the future is looking good for CK.
  3. Back to spark plugs...

    What prompted the change?
  4. There will be some small gains to be made initially but most of my gains were made when I was able to reduce the pilot timing and rail pressure. The OEM pilot table is very advanced and based around the retarded main event. If you're doing the tuning yourself you may as well give it a go and see if you're happy with what you get. My timing calculator is still floating around the internet and should help you get your timing setup. Have you downloaded and played with UDC yet? I would use the demo version to see what all it takes before you buy a dongle.
  5. Post turbo egts

    Post turbo is the best spot for a turbo timer since post temps are generally higher than pre temps until the turbo is fully cooled down. I wait until my post turbo temps are under 350° to shut down on my water cooled turbo, around 300° is probably good for a non-water-cooled turbo. Welding a bung onto the downpipe is the easiest. You will want it as close to the turbo as possible. There is more to in that just a 200° delta. Post can be higher or lower than pre, and it can also be the same or up to 300°+ different. On my truck the pre-post difference is pretty close to 10° per psi of boost, so at 28 psi I show about a 280° delta. On a heat soaked turbo the post temps can remain higher than the pre-temps for a descent period of time in the right driving conditions. Post can be a great reference if you understand what it's telling you. I only use my post for shutdown temps, and at lower rpms the post is a better indication of exhaust/turbo heat soak.
  6. Email Notifications

    So it appears that I'm getting some notifications, just not all. I got both the email from you two mentioning me, however, I didn't get any email stating the thread had been updated, or the other 2 threads that have been updated since I posted that.
  7. oil choices.

    Its from several conversations I've had with Amsoil, as well as other readings. Additive's are very similar, but the high temperature performance of CK is supposed to be slightly better.
  8. Email Notifications

    Well I stopped getting notifications again sometime last week. Any idea what's going?
  9. Smarty Jr UDC uses the stock rail pressure map, which is the main reason I went to a S-06 over the Jr.... then came the Touch and UDC Pro. UDC Pro is similar to EFI Live. IMHO UDC Pro is better and it has more tables to edit. It also means a touch is needed. Yes it's worth it!!! My power has been the same for all 3 tuners but the S-06 tune was better than the Jr, and the UDC Touch is a HUGE step over the S-06. All UDC tunes are better than the box tunes. SSR sounds good on paper, it stops there.. DON'T DO IT! Since it's not my money... sell the S-JR and the Edge. Get a Touch or MM3(won't have box tunes) and get UDC Pro.
  10. Most the tractor gearcases I have worked with don't have syncros so it wouldn't matter. One thing you can do is put the transfer case in N and the trans in 5th to warm it up.
  11. I've had my NV5600 below -30°F and never had it try to crawl on me while in N.... If the fluid is so thick it's making gears spin I'd hate to see what it's doing to the syncros. I would stick to stock style syncromesh fluid. Hydraulic fluids don't get rated GL, as they aren't designed for Gear Lube duties.
  12. oil choices.

    Mobil. The delvac he linked in the 1st post appears to be a new-production CI oil. Yeah I was wondering that too. Is it marketing for a niche market? Or is it better? I'd guess they gets lots of requests for a CI oil.
  13. If you're pulling while in N then it's something other than the clutch.
  14. oil choices.

    I've never done a VOA, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't. http://www.oaitesting.com/ It is a division of Amsoil, but they don't have anything to do with Amsoil on their reports. This is what their reports look like.
  15. oil choices.

    The only good CI oil for the last few years has been Amsoil but it's a little more money than Delvac. At least for Amsoil the additive package on the CK oils is better than CI, not by a lot, but better. It's good to see that oil out there. I'd like to see the UOA's when you get them done. Speaking of UOA's... have you tried OAI Testing? I've had nothing but poor performance out of blackstones "consultants" and blackstone charges more to do a report with TBN. OAI was recommended to me by the local Cummins center.