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  1. Based on your 1000-1200 miles/week those synchros have what 20K miles on them? Of which 70% is highway miles... You’re not willing to try another fluid? Gear oil wouldn’t have to make all gears grind if it was a fluid/clutch “argument”. 3rd and 4th are the common gears to show this. The fluid and clutch might not get along. Another fluid is much cheaper and easier than pulling the trans. Find some GL-4 75w-90 and try it. Also, if it’s under warranty why not have them pull it? Save some of your time.
  2. I have heard the fuel:air heat exchanger in the ECM go both ways... to heat the fuel, or to cool the ECM. Granted it can do both, but what is the primary goal?
  3. My initial thought is can the wiring handle the added distance without voltage issues? As sensitive as ECM's are to voltage a huge increase in wiring could lead to plenty of issues. The ECM is designed to be on the block, so I am not sure you will have any appreciable benefits from moving it... and it may cause issues.
  4. I have 65 years to go until 1 million. I’ll be just shy of 105. Not even sure diesel will be legal then.
  5. Remember when they are non-greasable the seals are tighter. Adding grease on a regular basis will weaken and damage the seals which means the service interval will have to increase. On my OE 05 steering the serviceable joints were the loosest when I replaced the steering. They received quality grease at a more frequent rate than recommended and still didn’t last as long as the sealed ones.
  6. I can get you a UOA kit from OAI for about $27. Postage for shipping is prepaid and the results are emailed. PM me if you're interested.
  7. I use Oil Analizers Inc. They are who my local Cummins uses. I've also used blackstone, but they cost more for TBN and I was not at all impressed with their testing or analysis.
  8. Perfect. Regardless of miles the oil will start to deteriorate it's TBN the first time it's used after changing. That continues even with the engine off, which is where the timeframe comes from. Without a UOA it's very important to change it once a year even if the miles are low.
  9. That is most likely excessive, unless that's over a 12 month interval.
  10. and time consuming. I spend more per oil change, but do them less frequently. All of my vehicles are on a 12 month OCI. Last time I did the math I spend less in the end, both in time and money. Heck the latest Cummins comes with a 12 month/15K mile OEM OCI, up from 6 months/15K miles... Personally I think they should have been at 12 months a long time ago.
  11. Oil analysis will tell you the health of the oil based on contaminants and oil life. You would need an analysis with TBN, as that's the oils ability to fight off the acids that are a byproduct of combustion. It's usable for gas too, just not as common. It's helpful when trying to establish extended oil drain intervals. Without an aux filter it's harder to sample. Some will change the oil and get a sample from the stream mid drain, others will use a siphon tube down the dipstick. You could also run a slightly higher quality full synthetic and just change it every 12 months, or 15K miles without analysis. Amsoil is what I run and change my oil every 12 months, but rarely hit 15K on it. Amsoil is an extended drain interval oil, so it doesn't need to be tested within their published extended drain intervals. It just depends on the effort you want to put into it.... also nothing wrong with conventional oil and 7500-10000 mile dumps like @dripley does. I prefer synthetic myself, but lots of people just run what's cheapest.
  12. That's the filter. It's not as easy to find, but they are around. I usually find the best price on Amazon these days and buy them by the pair. There is a pair on Amazon now for $27. If you don't want to spring for a oil analysis then dumping at 10K is not going to be an issue.
  13. At 10K mikes I would do an oil sample and see what it looks like. You should be able to get 12-15 miles out of the oil with that kind of use. I do recommend the Donaldson DBL7349 oil filter. It’s performance is unbeatable.
  14. Oils are a lot better today than they were in 2001. Even my 2005 TJ has out dated and too short of OCI's. What does 7500 miles look like for you? How much towing, city, hours, months?
  15. 3rd gen needed a change so I would guess a 2nd gen does, but I can’t confirm. Hopefully someone who has done it will chime in.
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