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  1. Man that’s some crazy ****, err stuff. all the best to your daughter! It’s awfully scary being a parent. At work we are essential too, but trying hard to maintain some distance and stay healthy incase were called upon to help.
  2. I’m sorry for your loss I don’t have much time in my brothers’17 F-250 but each time I’m in it I respect my Ram more. But in reality they are good trucks too, and it seems Ford might finally have a decent engine again. I do really like how Ford does their front hubs and sunroof!
  3. Stay home, hoard TP. j/k, don’t hoard TP.
  4. That quake was quite interesting! I've been thru quakes before but was still in disbelief for a few seconds as Boise isn't a common place to shake.
  5. I'm pretty excited, more so than I should be for a fuel tank.
  6. The problem with the current numbers and mortality rate is that we know a lot of people have it and aren’t being tested... we just don’t know how many. I’ve seen it estimated that this is less deadly than the common flu, and I’ve seen it estimated as more. I’m inclined to think it’s the lower number, based on how mild the symptoms can be. People with mild symptoms aren’t even being tested for the most part. I’m betting it ends up around polio on that chart, maybe even more to the right... but I don’t think higher. Of course that’s just my opinion based on combining all the info I’ve seen, and my lack of a medical degree. The effect on the economy will be far worse that the effect on the population. That’s what’s so scary about this reaction.
  7. It's installed and ready for a test drive... just waiting on a part to finish my Titan tank install. Removal at the spindle was easy, but removal at the pitman arm was a PITA. All in all it's a good looking piece. Reimbursement form has been submitted to FCA and I'll update with their answer. If they deny it then I'm still happier spending $137 than a ridiculous weld fix.
  8. Dodge was long known for a great Powertrain with a lower quality wrapper.... Ram is not known for that, but carries the previous Dodge stigma. I have had an 05 Dodge 3500 SLT and now my 18 Ram 3500 Laramie. I never had any issues with the 05’s cab/interior but the 18 has a better fit and finish, and feel to it. My brother has a 17 F250 and it’s more like my older dodge than my newer Ram. Yes it has bells and whistles (and a bad *** sunroof!!) but the build quality doesn’t feel like it’s there. Time will tell I guess. But you’re asking these questions on a MOPAR forum, we’re just a little biased. Chevy has good interiors, good frames, decent Powertrain, but also IFS. I grew up on bow tie and don’t want to deal with IFS suspensions on a HD truck. I want a solid axle front end. I’m also a Toyota fan and still own a 4Runner. I’ve had several Toyota’s over the last 20 years and they are great but they don’t have a truck worth buying for use as a HD truck. Same with Nissan, thou the Titian HD is a decent 5/8 ton... ugly, but decent.
  9. I would try to avoid the 07.5-12 6.7 Cummins for emissions reasons. Poor mileage, hard on the motor, etc. It’s also getting harder to delete. I also wouldn’t ever own a 6.7 Furd, but they are seeming to hold up. Hard to do any maintenance yourself though, as they really need the cab to come off for any decent motor work. If it were my money it would go towards a 14+ Cummins. 2500 vs 3500 will depend on use, and transmission desire. The frame/suspension is also greatly improved over the 03-12/13 frame/suspension.
  10. The US had the most cases, but not the most deaths. China still has nearly 3x the deaths. Thou the US death rate will likely rise in the coming days based on how far into this we are. Idaho went form 0 to 3 deaths in a 30 minute span yesterday. You also have to consider the availability of test kits today versus December-February. More people being tested means more known cases. There are still presumed to be a large number of mild cases not being tested/treated.
  11. I went to the downtown Winco yesterday. They are only out of paper products, and some bulk stuff..rice/flour/ some beans. Plenty of other food, meat, fresh produce, beer, wine, etc. the store looked mostly normal and wasn’t very crowded. I also went to Costco for some moonglow juniper bushes and they weren’t busy. Most things in stock. Food is likely to not be an issue now that the initial panic is over.
  12. Sounds like it could be a injector sticking, or bad ground. Possibly ring issues too. But you said it all started with the starter and batteries. Pull the batteries out and look for loose grounds, clean the grounds, make sure all the connections are tight.
  13. Personally I’d want something with a controller. I also park my truck in the shop so that wouldn’t work. I will say that after a short trip I’m surprised how long it takes the charger to say the battery is at 100%.
  14. The larger battery bank will deal with the short trips better as it has a larger capacity; however, you will still have to put the same amount of energy back into the batteries as before. If you weren't getting enough miles to fully recharge before you still won't be. Maybe a trickle charger for when parked is a good idea.
  15. Even if you don’t feel/hear the alternator with the grid heater post-heat cycle it’s doing the same amount of work. Amps are amps, and the grids pull the same regardless of what batteries are installed. It may reduce the sudden pull, but it’s still the same amount of power. You did the mod beautifully, but I’m just not sure it’s worth it. Group 65’s will fit with fewer mods, really just hold down spacer as they are shorter. Last I looked you can increase AH and CCA’s with a 65 over a 27.
  16. Yeah I'll get some photos. The skid plates are still out of stock so it looks like I'm waiting another week or so... guess I'll put some fuel in the truck.
  17. If you have a 13-18 2500 or 14-18 2500 you are probably aware of this recall for the steering linkage. The standard fix is to weld the adjustment nuts, something I won't let them do on my truck. I have been trying to get FCA to just replace the drag link with the updated one... to no avail. I recently learned the part number and have ordered the part and will submit for reimbursement. It's cheap too, $132 to my door. 68338342AB or 68338342AD So if any one else is in the same boat this is a better alternative to welding.
  18. The skid plate wasn't in stock... They think it should all ship out to me tomorrow. It's an Idaho company so it shouldn't take long to cross the bottom of the state. I pulled into the shop today on E, so I'm ready to drop the tank. I have a fuel station 1.1 miles from the house if I need to use the truck first.
  19. Go back to where you started.. batteries and starter. Also disconnect the Banks, and find a new mechanic!!! -7° of timing might be correct depending on rpm/load. Besides, that wouldn’t tell you a bad cam/crank position sensor as it would read/show you the same thing. I don’t see any reason for reflashing or replacing the ECM, but this is also remote diagnosing. Check all the connections, especially grounds. Check the torque on the crossover tubes. what injectors did you go with? white or black smoke?
  20. Different tire, I think he was just showing the tread for similarities.
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