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  1. did the reflash the 2001 ecm for a 99 truck? Did you have codes at any point during this?
  2. BioNTech, firm behind Pfizer's COVID-19 jab, develops potential vaccine for multiple sclerosis https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/biontech-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-multiple-sclerosis-160017529.html Mrna Technology is a pretty big advancement in the world assume it pans out safe. Putting to bed MS would be a huge gain for the world. I have had to work with multiple people that have it and it is a nasty thing that can bring a healthy adult to shambles in no time.
  3. I think it is time we get a dose of good news from the world. There is a lot wrong, but also ALOT right. Todas example is the work in helping people with parkinson's Deep brain stimulation is helping people with Parkinson's live a normal life again. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/treatments/4080-deep-brain-stimulation-for-parkinsons-disease-patients
  4. I try to always keep in mind that, to me at least, it seems like the large powers that be are trying to divide the people. I refuse to believe that what we see in the news reflects the majority of the nation. It's hard for me but I try not to think people I don't even know are "idiots" or " blind" or whatever. I bet 95% of the population I would be able to sit down to dinner with and not hate the night.
  5. @Mopar1973Man we are agreeing here. What I was saying is that there may have been antifa there egging people on, but the vast majority of us would not have been able to be egged into breaking into the capitol. however the people that were extreme enough or filled with enough hate to break into the capitol should be held accountable. I think trump did a lot of good things and some bad things, like every other human on earth.
  6. @JAG1, I believe the VAST VAST VAST majority of the 77 million that voted for Trump are good decent people ( I beleive the same is true for those who voted for biden or 3rd party) , however the numbers say that even a SMALL % of them will be radical. Doesn't take many bad apples to lead to this, there are angry people out there. I've met a few. The people they are ID'ing are nearly all radical Right Wingers. It is not fair to group the radicals with the rest of the 77 million, which is what we see happening. All that is not to say
  7. From what I have been reading from the FBI and other reports has not backed up the Antifa claim. Do you have an article that has the evidence for it? I don't discredit the possiblity, but I need some better proof. Nearly no one in the system is an "across the isle" type of person. There is a lot wrong with the system. My policy as of late has been to vote out the incumbent. Too many people in power are no longer public servents. in all of this maybe we will get a 3rd party to help spread the power around. Dunno maybe that is wishing. As
  8. dont make any decisions until they test them for you. For %99 of the guys out there stock pop is fine.
  9. free markets do free market things. I am not a user of any of the platforms beyond access to FB for Mopar1973man.com stuff. Everyone everywhere needs to step back and take a second to give an ounce of respect / good graces to someone they don't know or agree with and also allow people to think and feel in a manner without labeling them in a manner. large fed government makes it very difficult for regions of people to exist without being looked down upon by a different region because of x,y, and z reason. It's ok we don't agree on everything, thats t
  10. Call them up. You might have just got a bum injector. It happens.
  11. The ho pump is not causing the issue. Ho's are plenty fine with 100's
  12. Like what pin in the connector is what? if so the hardware article covers it and so does this one
  13. 1/4 should be plenty. I think I used a 1/8 but Id ont remember.
  14. Are you on level 0 when you are expecting it to high idle? Either that or warmup mode, IE green power bar? Things that cancel high idle are MPH > 0 TPS > 0 or the brake like switch triggered on either late or early model trucks ( I dont remmeber anymore) Data log when you are expecting ot to happen.
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