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  1. the online directions cover it well if you have 1 working key.
  2. It was a CCD Bus tool he created, which works in the same way as the dbrIII. I tested one, but he fell off the forum awhile ago. I dont think he is still around. \ https://github.com/csouers/chrysler-ccd
  3. yep, It did well. It is alway shocking how much better the 4th gen tows compared to the 2nd gen.
  4. there is no online directions to do this. You will need the dealer to program via the CCD bus the new keyfod. I called 10 or so lock smiths to try and find one that could do it and no one could. For RAM trucks that use the CCD bus there is NO WAY to program a new fob without a dbr3 tool without having an existing one working to start with.
  5. if you are going twins then a set of infinite performance 6 x .013's should be on your list. For the hp level you are at they are a good choice. once you get to the level you are at I think the money spent on his stuff is worth while.
  6. That fuel curve is something you would see with 7 x .010's If it was me I would be looking at some smaller injectors for your setup. you don't have enough air to support them. Some 7 x .011's or 6 x .012's I am not sure that you will be able to get the haze out of the truck when driving, some of that might be due to hole size. however this is the adjustments I would make to the fuel curve. It is similar to my 7 x .012 tune, if you want to go fast put your foot into it and fueling should ramp up nicely. Low psi timing reduct - 5 Timing reduct scaling - 50%
  7. Those injectors are more than a typical vp will flow. I would guess your tune would have to start in the ~%65-70 range and work up. Post your current tune.
  8. same as adrenaline without wiretap or ANY of the custom tuning.
  9. air flow is a function of the entire system. the stock elbow is not a restrictive part of a stock 24v system. A near stock truck will never notice a difference between stock and the banks. There are other perks though, like additional ports, etc. Also remember that Banks is a company that makes money, While they have done a lot of cool stuff they also build stuff to make money. Example, there is no need for a 3.5" intake track on a daily driven vp44 truck, but they make it and market it. so yes while it does increase the amount of air flow through the part
  10. Deutsch DT are good stuff, most of the oem plugs are Deutsch of some kind.
  11. yes they do, but in this case it was boats.
  12. @Dieselfuture the river opened up yesterday come on up. Yesterday there were various points in the day where there was more money floating on the river within 200 yards of my house than the value of my house. Pretty funny to see $60-$80k trying to dodge each other and icebergs all in the hopes of catching a monster walleye, during catch and release only season.
  13. I'd call afe. You need to replace it if it is sucking air in post air filter.
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