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  1. no reflash needed, but the quad might be bad if it is causing timing issues. If it has a bad board it wouldn't not connect to the iquad.
  2. If only we had an efficent way to produce huge amounts of clean energy with minimal waste product..... oh wait I find it funny that the same people who are for the green movement are against the nuclear movement. Hopefully we figure out fusion soon, we need some way to produce a huge increase in power need without fossil fuels.
  3. see how it drives you might have to add more fuel offidle
  4. you opened it in the browser rather than downloading it and opening with the app. Can you save the file rather than opening?
  5. looks like a typical stock truck tune, timing is a little "safe" in the 2500+ area. I would not have any issues adding 2* of timing from 2500 and above
  6. I dont know what tune you are talking about.
  7. again you may RUIN your vp44 trying to do this, be warned
  8. I dont think the code allows for a lope tune anymore without holding throttle at %1. set tap min and max tps to 0 again...not a good idea.
  9. here is another long term look at the change's effect on the site traffic. Blue is this year, Orange is last year. I can't say it did much either way. We are still ~100 visitors per day higher than last year with the typical slow down in the summer
  10. How does it run? Personally i would add 1* or 2 acrosss the board. Fuel load timing pulls it down while towing.
  11. A plug on the quad (solid green) to the blue wire on the ecm side Yellow green wire on ecm to wire b ( solid blue) on the quad. A to A B to B C is ground
  12. What are the rest of the settings?
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