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  1. Have you called quadZilla? I'd start there.
  2. Look at the quadzilla tips and tricks article in the articles section. It has pictures
  3. 10 psi offset sounds like the difference between a early and late gen truck map reading. Inside the box what is the jumper setting set to ?
  4. Me78569

    intank fuel pump

    I would do a check on all fluids then. rent an oil pressure gauge from autozone and test your fuel pressure. Get an obdlink reader and you can verify all the sensor data, including rail pressure.
  5. Me78569

    intank fuel pump

    Do you have a rail pressure gauge? the stock pump does just fine. might be worth seeing what your pump is doing with a fuel pressure gauge, but I would not throw money at an issue that may or may not exist.
  6. Me78569

    7x.0085 75HP POP pressures

    given your cold climate I would NOT alter pop pressure. The gains that might be had would be far outweighed by not being able to start the truck. the ONLY time someone should alter pop from the normal if if THEY want to R&D with it. You are breaking you own trail by alter pop.
  7. I like the meat, I could care less about the hunt. I would be A-OK shooting a Elk tied to a tree.
  8. We are hunting a new area so we dont really know what to expect, but cooler weather at night really helps get the herd moving back and forth between high and low. please be late rutt.
  9. I just hope it stays cold in the morning, Bambi is scheduled to meet his maker in the next 7 days same goes for bambi's bigger cousin elki AKA it is hunting season and I need cool weather to push the animals into the area where we hunt.
  10. Me78569

    Air Impact Wrench Recommendation

    ? I was wondering the same thing actually. The IR stuff looks good, but HF earthquake stuff is rated pretty good.
  11. was 17 monday morning, I think it is 60 now lol. Stupid Colorado.
  12. i started putting socks on. wife says I look funny in my sandals
  13. Me78569

    2002 cummins best programmer

    Meh I could see how wiretap could burn up a fueling solenoid due to extra heat build up in the solenoid wiring. I dont think it is a major reason for failure though. timing piston failure is a MUCH bigger issue. 10:1 if I look through the posts