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  1. Me78569

    I keep getting P0237

    in theory the edge should prevent that code from happening unless it is bad or you have a short between the edge and ecm.
  2. I would send back the ecm personally, if it doesn't work then you did not get what you paid for.
  3. Me78569

    Quadzilla not working right?

    Call Quadzilla.
  4. Me78569

    New VP44 0251 and 0252

    252 and 251 have nothing to do with timing piston that is a flat out lie. P0216 is timing piston stuck. p0252 and p0251 are directly related to the fueling solenoid NOT the timing solenoid.
  5. Me78569

    New VP44 0251 and 0252

    p0252 is saying that the pump cannot actually sense it's own fueling solenoid. Has nothing to do with fuel contamination.
  6. Me78569

    New VP44 0251 and 0252

    so either got 2 bad pumps of you have a wiretap box on the unit that is bad.
  7. Me78569

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    Yea I would see minor amounts of differences on the test bench that are acceptible. That's why they have the key. There are still things like mechanical efficentcy that come into play as well. I am still guessing best mpg happens above 20* of timing. After watching the OEM timing and then watching what the edge does it only makes sense that timing needs to be high for good mpg and to match conditions prior to the quad for you. I would not be surpised by 22*+ of timing.
  8. Me78569

    Thanks everyone

    less duration needed for the same power = overall better running truck.
  9. Me78569

    No boost

    So you unplugged the quad and put the map harness back to stock and you still have issues?
  10. Me78569

    Thanks everyone

    Down worry about it. In a perfect world that wouldn't happen but oh well.
  11. sounds like your boost elbow isn't working. Try clamping the line to the wastegate and see what happens. Next do a boost leak test.
  12. Me78569

    No boost

    what year is the truck?
  13. Me78569

    Thanks everyone

    what did he put your pop to?