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  1. Dont think its app i think its gear mph and boost
  2. Pcm tells the ecm to defuel as tm looks at trans gear and speed. Thats why the tm rad box taps into the ccd bus.
  3. Common. Read the how to pinned in this section.
  4. Any of the small or stock injector tunes would fit well.
  5. Does it actuallt increase pressure? I don't believe so, it might keep pressure at peak longer, but overall pressure not so sure. The way I understand it the pump is always pumping peak amount, but the solenoid is what control how much to release to the nozzles.
  6. 112% should do it to just touch max fuel. 125-130% for steady max fuel
  7. grab any of the mid injector tunes then adjust from there.
  8. injector size is the key info when it comes to the tune. the extra air just means you can throw more fuel at it up top if you like.
  9. man, breaking a 4.0 is not an easy task I've seen some pretty nasty 4.0's run.
  10. Are you keying off for 10 seconds between mode selection? Are you ensuring you are not moving to 3 cyl mode prior to 6 cyl mode? The ecm holds on to the lowest temp mode until key off, you cannot switch between 3 and 6 mode without keying off for 10 seconds.
  11. I dont remember anymore, but i prob ran the cross over cable for the lights on the battery cross over cable
  12. Sorry, I should have been more clear to start, you won't damage ( aka fry) the ecm but the wrong flash for the truck can cause issues with running. Bob is pretty good at getting back to people so I am sure he will get you fixed up.
  13. @AH64ID. Do you have contact info for someone that can help?
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