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  1. HID's need projectors, period. If you want to confirm you can google " hids in reflector headlights"
  2. Go wot from take off. Mikes tune is made for 7 x.010's you are running a good bit less fuel than that. I am guessing your offidle fueling is causing your issues. Too little fuel will cause bucking low in the rpm band.
  3. Do you get smoke when you WOT from a stop? If no then add more fuel to your canbus curve until you get good haze.
  4. I prefer to keep it as it is a simple design on the m52 and m54 engines and works well to fatten up the torque band.
  5. I am starting to come to terms with the usablity of an android tablet for most that use web functions only. They are cheap and the quality is generally better than the PC's in the price range. add to it some sort of case with intergrated keyboard and you are good to go. Android is widely accepted and can run nearly anything most need to do with it. similar idea to a chromebook. I am a die hard Thinkpad fan, but the $$ of them is 2x the cost of the similar hp...for good reason.
  6. Swipe right or left to move to the other gauge layouts. Click the bottom bar to see the list of gauges you can add.
  7. Yep add%5 to your 0 psi, 4% to your1 psi and so forth. Basically add more fuel down low.
  8. Add %5 to 0 psi 4% to 1 psi 3 % to 2 psi and so forth and see if it helps. Timing is mostly stock at that low of an rpm
  9. Today I spent a few minutes fixing hte clear out on a small area. I also got some trim pieces installed that were missing. color isn't %100 but it is close enough. Big fix was there is a "DISA" valve in the intake which simulates longer intake runners up top in the rpm band and shorter runners down low by opening and closing. there is a Oring on the valve that the PO thought to use some RTV on, rather than by the $5 oring and replace it. The vacuum leak was causing some O2 codes and rough idle and elevated idle while on the brakes. Went down to ACE, spent $0.65 and got a new oring and fixed it up.
  10. Control arms have been replaced now. had to buy new control arm bushings as I could not get the arms out of them without ruining the ones I installed lol. oh well
  11. Projectors are just older version moritmoto. The balllast are cheap chinese but they work.
  12. I did a write up on mini h1's into the sport lights.
  13. https://mopar1973man.com/forum/185-standard-quadzilla-adrenaline-tunes/ Please review the list of hosted tunes we have. Those are all the tunes we have.
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