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  1. Id go with bigger injectors 125's are about right for a stock turbo with a mindful driver some quality 6 x .013's would be my choice.
  2. The tst is smart enough to know what truck it is
  3. if you just want more meat down low then you only need to work through steps 1 and 2. Can bus fueling is your sliders for fuel for 0-30 psi I am guessing you will be happy if you add 5 or 10 % from 0 psi to 10 psi.
  4. Did you work through these 5 steps in that article?
  5. Have you worked through the tuning article? The lower section has a how to. Mainly if you want more bottom end add more fuel.
  6. Keep in mind almost 2000 tunes have been downloaded Over the last year. We only recently started charging. A little fee adds up over time. I dont want to spend time looking through logs and adjusting tunes. My free time is worth more than most will pay.
  7. I sent you the tune in a pm. sorry for the hassel, but free tune downloads were not returning any funds back to the site.
  8. .4 v at idle is way to low. it should be near 4.5v at idle. Your map sensor is hosed if your truck is giving 4.5v to the sensor.
  9. glad you like it. I can't imagine how it fuels....deff not a street tune lol
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