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  1. HE351 swap

    you wont spent 1k on a rebuild you will spend ~$100 an a few hours. If you have the exhaust side machined out and replace the turbine well you will be getting close to 1k after the rebuild.
  2. HE351 swap

    Anyone should be able to do a rebuild, just take your time and pay attention to how it comes apart.
  3. The sledge hammer method to making power on a so vp44 truck starts to tap out at 650-700 hp. Beyond that you are starting to dig for ever HP. to me that means at that hp the VP stops being able to cram fuel in.
  4. HE351 swap

    Dont get me wrong I am big fan of the CW setup. It's a tough turbo.
  5. HE351 swap

    Yep, like I said by the time you get it all said and done a modded cw is going to get you most of the way to a new turbo.
  6. HE351 swap

    The big perk of V2 is with the canbus fueling tuning and timing tuning, not wiretap. Wiretap is largely the same as it has been for 8 years now. A few more tuning variables, but overall the same.
  7. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I will never yell about more data. If there is a "considerable" difference in power between stock bar and 350 bar on 7 x .012's then we should see it in logs I will be taking. We might be missing some amount of difference in power by not testing on a street, but from my point of view, if it isn't a big enough difference to see on the street then we dont need to worry.
  8. HE351 swap

    Fleence unit is terrible for controlling the he351ve. The lilbb.com unit is better, but the he351ve is not for the non DIY type of person. It is a great turbo when tuned right for the truck, however mistuned it is not good. It is up to you to tune it. Something in the 60 mm inducer range, will be good for 400 hp, 62 gets you into the 500. Again I would very much suggest you call DAP and talk to them. They are helpful
  9. HE351 swap

    there are various places that alter stock turbos. turbolabs, bae etc. Use google to find that. But we are back to square one as soon as you spend money to mod the he351cw you might as well just get a new turbo
  10. HE351 swap

    the turbine wheel is bigger, you will need to machine out the exhaust housing to fit. Just google " he351cw ve turbine wheel mod
  11. HE351 swap

    for a fun 400 hp and more than enough power to tow anything the 2nd gen can handle I think a stock he351cw is a good choice. the cw would be fine with stock injectors and tuning the sxe not so much, that really needs more fuel.
  12. HE351 swap

    I really like the he351cw for what it is, but honestly once you go down this road with getting the cw enlarged etc, you might as well have just bought a new sxe turbo. ve turbine = ~$150 Mill work = $100- $200 by the time you get it all done. turbo = $250-500 rebuild kit for the turbo $60 Intercooler piping to make a 3rd gen turbo work on a 2nd gen $100 Front cover plug for wastegate = $40
  13. HE351 swap

    you will need a he351ve turbine wheel. Then you will need to have someone machine the cw exhaust side out to fit the bigger wheel.
  14. HE351 swap

    It's not a compressor mod it's an exhaust side mod to flow more up top. 7 x .010's are good still, if you step up on air down the road you can just use more wiretap up top.
  15. HE351 swap

    I would call them.