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  1. leaving the wiring stock and leaving the edge map unplugged makes the edge go to 10 psi in the map for fueling. it is a fail safe they have in place. Not a terrible idle honestly, but I just preferred people to fix their sheit rather than bandaid.
  2. I think it is at a good point between offering a good tuning solution, for the major need, vs complexity.
  3. I had a V3 version that had more maps etc, but it was decided that the point was to allow even a joe blow end user to use it so we capped the project at "good enough" It would have been cool to go further with it, but I just couldn't see the masses getting into it like people do now.
  4. The gear indicator is a best guess based on speed, and setup in the app. Make sure your tire size is setup right, gear is setup right trans is setup right in the app.
  5. Where the stud sticks up I had to trim a touch on the cover. it was maybe 1/32"
  6. listing on my house went live ~30 minutes ago....first showing is in 30 minutes.....
  7. that price is about what I would expect for a billet single disc with all the extra's. I would ask for what that build gets your specifically. What parts will they use etc.
  8. If you just want a gps to plug into your laptop that $27 item will enable gps on your laptop. What you use as a mapping backend is up to you. you could use google earth or pre load the maps from google maps or you could pay for mapping in other ways.
  9. not heated, but insulated. and yes it gets cold, very cold.
  10. Well the wife and I have been looking to get out of Colorado Springs and onto land with water. We were first looking at Montana, but it seems like that was a popular place as of late so the cost was above what we were willing to do. As we expanded our search east we found a place in northern MN, about 20 miles from where I grew up, for sale on the bank of the Rainy River. Our current house is going on the market today and May 1 is the move in date for MN. For just a few bucks more than we are selling here, 1130 sq ft 1/16 acre in the middle of town, we got onto 80 acres on the river. Thankfully my job follows me so I dont have to worry about that. My wife's plans are to open up a small air b and b type thing geared towards families with childern with special needs. We are thinking 3ish cabins, a dock. A couple horses and a barn with a hobby farm thing going on.
  11. I had to trim the back cover to make it fit. Wasn't much, but it needed to be done.
  12. there might be something wrong with the edge's map sensor circuit.
  13. Crank timing up top. At 3000 rpm 30* isnt dangerous. Stock will top 26*.
  14. Not something you are going to get help with here. Learn how to tune to the result you want.
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