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  1. The IP doesn't give a hoot. For what it is worth the 7 x .012's at 330 were really nice. Silky smooth idle, hugely reduced smoke for a given duration and mpg that most people wouldn't believe. ...but it also wouldn't start below ~0*f
  2. only some 2nd gen trucks report engine load correctly. As for bumping pop pressure PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only do so if you want to mess with it, and you accept that it may not work or start when cold. there is not nearly enough data to support that popping higher is a good idea.
  3. Me78569

    High idle problem with v2

    Read these articles. The tsb covers how it works https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/high-idle-switch/
  4. Me78569

    High idle problem with v2

    coincidence is likely. use oem high idle as it works better. I promise you if the quad high idled, then the truck shut off oem high idle is enabled. there is a conflict in the fueling command between the ecm and the quad, the ecm goes into runaway protection mode as it senses an abrupt increase in rpms and bam the engine turns off and refuses to restart until a minute or two elapses.
  5. Me78569

    High idle problem with v2

    you have OEM high idle enabled. Dont run them together as it can cause this issue.
  6. I know one guy did, but he never posted any pictures or anything and I can't remember much beyond he did it.
  7. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    Add more until it smokes on wot take off and lugged passing.
  8. Me78569

    Questions about the IQuad android device

    lol you get what you pay for in outsourced documenting lol I beleive 2.8.4 is the newest.
  9. Me78569

    Questions about the IQuad android device

    remove the box from the truckto do the update to make it easier
  10. Me78569

    Days like today lots of snow

    dry as a bone here, It;s gonna be a rough summer if we dont get more snow. The southern end of the state is really lacking in the snow pack.
  11. either is fine, you just dont want to be at WOT switching tunes.
  12. on the fly I suggest you dont do it under load however, just to make things smoother.
  13. you adjust power levels using the + and - button on the screen. The number of levels is set in the tune you load, but each tune you load has settings for each level.
  14. The process bar should tell you if the setting applied. I used to use valet mode power as an indicator. My daily tune would have %80 valet and my race would have %40 so when you went to level 1 you could feel a huge difference. Depending on how different your tunes are you might not feel a huge difference. Once I built my tune I never really switched tunes as my main tune worked across the board.