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  1. I enjoy his channel a lot as it helps me think outside my own box, but this one seems fitting to the forum. Lots of interesting thoughts and information. Statistically lots of lives can be saved.
  2. I keep standing on the same soapbox, I think it's nutso to pay high dollar for such high mileage. the used market is crazy right now. by 194k miles there is so much that needed to be replaced and even if it was replaced, what was it replaced with? was it done correct? I don't care how good the engine is it is still wrapped around things that wear out. Plastic on the dash, hinges in the glove box, seat wear, wiring in the engine bay being heat cycled, bushings, etc etc etc. these are all things that have nothing to do with a reliable engine, but do have a lot to do with the how the truck moves down the road. approaching 50k on my 2018 and so far so good, not 1 issue so far. emissions have gotten a lot better, Def is cheap compared to other things we spend on the trucks. I think I have put ~30 gallons of def in so far. This isn't to say everyone should go new, but I think signficant thought should go into our preconceived notion of "new is bad because x,y,z"
  3. the left over tree tops / branches after logging.
  4. been a REALLY weird summer so far. Today was the first day we have had rain in numerous weeks. we had to stop clearing slash due to a burn ban.....in upper minnesota....nutso.
  5. Does the iquad app ever show boost? That's a REALLY important question before messing with anything in the tune.
  6. with the future of inflation that I can't help but think is coming I am hedging into things that are not linked %100 to usd in terms of their raw value.
  7. i am shocked he can still be in business. sorry
  8. The Json reference file needs to be updated on the iquad app download. This would require a new update file to work. not a huge deal from what I remember techinically speaking. Customer support wise though it is a pretty big change.
  9. CPP has screwed over SOOOO many people. Hopefully you used a Credit Card. if so call your CC company and have them figure it out, they will do what needs to be done.
  10. Not my arena anymore. I don't have insight into that stuff. I would ask @Quadzilla Power and @dieselautopower to consider adding info buttons to each item.
  11. what I see out there says a clapped out vp44 truck is worth ~4-5k the average high mileage truck is worth 10-12k and the low mile perfect condition truck is worth ~15k. Honestly don't think the insurance company is far off on price.
  12. Test for boost leaks before getting too far into injectors. always start at step 1 when troubleshooting.
  13. Made some progress and ordered some parts. I can get it back on the road for ~500 and looking back to normal for ~1000. Got everything broken pulled off and banged out the mounting and wheel well.
  14. Slammed a deer tonight. Needs a new hood, fender, radiator support, radiator, headlight, airbox. Mulling over next moves.
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