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  1. DDP uses the marine spray angle as well. fuel in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The result is you have to pull a HUGE amount of fuel in an effort to clean it up, but then your power curve is garabge. Even budget injectors like DAP will let you run ~%20 more fuel off idle with the same smoke output. that's a big difference in how the tune works.
  2. Ditch the DDP injectors. I was running 7 x .012's with a starting point of ~%70 and %100 smoke free at high altitude. DDP injectors are too dirty by nature to try and clean up. We have seen it no less than 10 times now.
  3. I was just testing a user issue, ignore the post/.
  4. The scaling function is purely a way for you to say, I only want to pull 2* of total timing, but I want it to happen VERY quickly. Here is the example of 2.5* at %100 scaling vs 5* at %50 scaling. Both give 2.5* max timing pull, but the 5* at %50 does it by %50 throttle where as the 2.5* at %100 doesn't hit 2.5* until %100 input. unless your overall timing curve is really retarded I would not expect "smoothness" to be an issue regardless of what path you choose.
  5. Me78569

    Hotwire Test VP44

    The test only tells you if the pump will work or not at idle state. It is useful when troubleshooting codes related to communication issues or no start issues,
  6. Yep, If I had a manual truck when I was coding I might have been able to fix it, but the auto doesn't have the issue so I couldn't code and test.
  7. The fueling oddities will still exist in the sub 1200 rpm area that section of the code has not been changed in a long time. Manual trucks ecm try very hard to control fueling at low rpms. When it senses the quad pulling fuel the ecm can try and add fueling back in an effort to prevent rpms from dropping.
  8. if you want boost to be higher than ~18 psi you need to. The stock wastegate is opening at or around 18psi.
  9. Valet mode is level 1. The tuning variable that controls that level is "max valet mode power" This level is also refered to as anti-theft / power reduction mode / wife mode / etc point is it is a level in the tuner that can make the truck VERY slow, if not undrivable.
  10. The V2 profile is only for the V2 base tune, the ADR2000 is a V1 tune so you need to use the V1 profile. You need to flash the box and select the correct profile as the same time.
  11. did you install a boost elbow in the hx?
  12. Look at the 1999 Cummins wiring map. It has all the diagrams
  13. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/ Check out the articles section. It should have what you need.
  14. you can do it right for ~50% of the prebuilt cost, but I wont lie, it is a lot of work.
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