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  1. fireplace, At this point I have bought a mini split 24k btu unit to offset the fuel oil furnace. Trying to burn wood as well to offset more. I have a ton of wood around but I need a few years to get it cured.
  2. what caused him to get new used injectors would be my question?
  3. from my point of view a used set of CR injectors is a big no no. Honestly sounds like you got started down the wrong path and now there is an issue with the supplied parts. I would be looking into the cylinder's to verify that whatever happened before did not cause issues, then I would be looking at a new set of injectors.
  4. The s200 gxe would be what I would do now days. wick fast spool and supports 400 hp.
  5. Do what you want, you aren't gaining anything to any of your goals. That 64 isn't even a good fit for what you want. Sell your stuff and get a 62 sxe if you want 500 hp or a 57 gxe if you are happy with 400.
  6. your smaller turbo is already a 64. you are trading him for the same turbo, plus he gets a 2nd and the piping. Not exactly a square trade in my mind.
  7. I agree it is worth a shot. I am willing to manage it on a trial level but I see mike to setup the affliate stuff so I can link into it.
  8. The task of keeping articles up to date with links to amazon would be huge. we have somewhere around 500 articles and having to search and update links as you find them would be a fulltime job.
  9. Viglink just paid us nearly nothing so we need a better program. I was pitching DAP if we could get it setup or amazon would be good too, but that takes time to setup. Without a direction to advance in it got left to the side. Took much going on. I think if we could setup a DAP program it would fit nice as we have a lot of articles that point right to diesel products. however I dont think DAP has a program yet. so what we are left with is Amazon.
  10. you bought a truck geared towards high rpm fun rather than day to day duties. I would be selling the twin setup and replace it with a single turbo setup and some 7 x .010's rather than the 225's and ditching the 4k box. I would do a 62 sxe or a 57 sxe depending on how much hp you want. if you want 500 hp then a 62sx if you want 400 hp then 57sxe
  11. @leety we had viglink running for years to automatically put links into articles based on keywords. We have had 0 support requests from people that bought something through the links. Affliate programs don't create user level support for us. even if someone did buy something and asks us for help with it, then it is not our place to support them. They should go to the manufacturer, that should be our policy.
  12. s364 s475 is a 64 75 twin setup. Not sure where th s366 is coming from as you have now listed 3 turbos. s364, s475, and s366/ You need to figure out what you have before you do anything. the 4k is a race only box and shoul dnot be on a street driven truck.
  13. we need more than a few items. If you look at the model that the site runs on it is all about traffic to 1000's of articles only a few are vastly more popular than others. On average the most popular pages are the 2nd gen subpage with ~%4 traffic, then following that the main page at %2 then from that point it is random pages and articles with a faction of a %. The most popular pages below #2 never get even close to %.05 of the the total traffic per month. That's the power of the site, the traffic landing page is so diverse, any 1 article could be taken do
  14. With a proper tune on the quad a boost leak you will not see big issues since the quad is pulling fueling based on boost levels. This is because the quadzilla is waiting for boost to add fuel. each psi level is a "step limit " on the amount of fuel. However with an edge or a bad tune on the quad the tune is effectively trying to add fuel to get boost up, which is the opposite of what a proper quad tune is doing. OP might be seeing a big difference due to the boost leaks depending on how the tune is setup for his truck. If it is a heavy fuel tune then I could s
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