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  1. you need to read the sensor data using a scan tool. The most likely thing is either the APPS reading > %0 at idle or that the dealer did not actually enable it.
  2. Per the article Works with Auto or manual. Verify all the conditions are met on a sensor level, IE verify tps reads %0 at idle state Verify your brake switch sensor is good Verify your nuetral safety switch is good. verify your truck reads 0 mph while stopped.
  3. Review the TSB it covers what conditions must be met to go into high idle.
  4. Yea..no 5-6* is way way way more than it actually is.
  5. If I remember right ( i might not ) the offset we were seeing during test of cold start / idle conditions was ~1* IE the ecm said 15* on my SO truck but 14* on a HO in the same conditions. It really wasn't a big difference. Not enough to change the tune much unless you are trying to get every last mpg out of it. But if that's the case you would need to road test to adjust for your truck anyways.
  6. You are operating under the assumption that the hot rod adds alot of timing. V2 tuning replaces the timing command rather than adding to it so you are far less likely to run into issues with "overtiming" like you would with other tuners. Follow the standard tuning methods outlined and dont worry about it unless you have bucking at a given point. If you do back timing by .5* until it goes away. From my point of view nothing changes.
  7. doubtfull it will work on anything except a dodge cummins. The message structure between the ecm and vp44 is semi unique to the ram cummins.
  8. no clue, I wouldn't bother changing a tune unless it needs it between the 3.
  9. A map sensor stuck at 0 really limits the fueling from the ecm. Its really a limp mode. You could throw a ton of fuel at it and a ton of wiretap but it wouldnt drive nice. A map sensor that fails low puts the ecm in a part of the map that was not designed to move down the road.
  10. I on the other hand am hopeful that my house will get robbed or burnt to the ground when I am gone lol only half way kidding, Just depends on how much time I have spent "repairing" the house in the last couple weeks. but yea posting your vacation schedule is best left off the world wide web. kinda like putting apple stickers on the back window of your car to represent your family to me this just tells me that at least 2 or 3 devices where forgotten in the back seat lolol.
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