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  1. @Dynamic as always you are a wealth of information.
  2. all sensor data that comes from the j1939 bus under the hood is 1 way.
  3. at that point the fueling tuning will really shine, on stock injectors you can pretty much set fueling as high as you like.
  4. Some timing changes, thats about it. I did not set the default tune in the v2 tuning to be much more than stock. if you do get bigger injectors down the road then the fueling tuning helps a ton.
  5. It works with excel. you can also just input the values for your tune into the app. Once you get your fueling figured out you really wont touch the tune much... I haven't in months. Heck I dont even have a tow vs daily vs race tune.
  6. use the tune you exported and the tune builder to create tunes. here are 2 more tunes for you. anti theft and a tow tune antitheft.json tow.json
  7. I've seen this before and never could explain it. The json verify process doesn't show any difference, but it is as if the device does not allow it unless it came from itself.
  8. @Quadzilla Power The app will load the tune from the site, but it does not show up on the profile. He does have the right profile selected. If he exports me a tune I build the json and he imports it back in it shows up just fine. something about the origin of the json results in the tune showing up or not.
  9. might talk to @Chris O. I think his CCD tool will tell you current gear according to the pcm. It also reads road speed, and oss speed / tps etc etc etc. he could build on heck of a lockup controller.
  10. you would have to compare rpm to speed and qualify gearing....as you might notice the quadzilla does this HOWEVER it is not %100 accurate and I have noticed some points where I am in 2nd when it thought I was in 3rd. the resulting locked shift would have been no fun.
  11. His issue isn't related to the typical ac noise, rather the tuning the PCM. auto guys with BIG injectors have this type of issue at cruise under very light load.
  12. i've thought about this for some time now. I really wanted to build some sort of lockup controller, but I never got around to it. You could in theory tap tps input, rpm, speed, into an arduino. They output ground to the lockup wire when you want to based on some code / maps. Not knowing gear makes it somewhat hard though. all it takes is one hard 2-3 shift locked and your input is toast.
  13. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    Does your remember what Level you were on before you shutdown?
  14. Poor MPG

    run less timing then. Do 17-19* in that area. You are lugging the motor pretty good at those rpms + gearing + tires + leveling kit. Play with timing up and down and see if you can't get cruise egt's to fall some. Most of your mileage gains are going to come from timing adjustment. the truck needs XX fuel to move down the road so adjusting canbus fueling up and down is going to do squat to your mpg. wiretap can cause mileage loss as it is much harder to control. at cruise you want %0 wiretap for mpg.
  15. Poor MPG

    DDP injectors are going to be hazy. What rpms are you at going 65 and 75?