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  1. I only see a 30lb spring on their site. Anyone ever try one? Does it actually give 30lbs? That's too much. The spring in my unit seems to be getting weaker as time goes by. Stretched it a little and added a washer. Had 18-19lbs steady for awhile. Pressure slowly dropped to 15-16lbs over 8-10 months. Replaced seperator and fuel filters, no change in pressure. Added another washer and pressure is at 17-18lbs but if I drive about 50 miles or so, the pressure gradually drops to around 15. Will drop to 13-14 if I get on it. Hopefully it's just an old spring losing its tension and not the pump slowly dieing. Was just curious about the replacement spring air dog offers.
  2. Directions on the bottle are there for a reason. I'd say the cleaner did it's job and removed something. Hopefully nothing important. As long as you have good pressure, I wouldn't worry too much. Keep a close eye on it for awhile to be sure it doesn't keep falling. You should be ok.
  3. I got an email saying my account has been approved, but the site won't let me into my profile. I love technology....lol Went to the store section of the site to see what Cummins stuff they offer. Everything seemed reasonably priced, except for the 3x5 flag. $191.00!?!? Has to be a mistake that got by the proofreader on a Friday at quitting time.
  4. Nice. I'm only 740,000 behind ya.....lol
  5. My 02 is the same. When it shifts to 3rd, it slams you into the seat. I figured it was a torque converter thing, full lockup in 3rd n 4th. Guess not.
  6. NAPA part # is 9808 for preformed heater hoses. Both are the same. This is on my 02. Just an FYI
  7. Being retired, I can not support this statement....🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁🍻🍻🍻
  8. Replaced my heater core today. Reminded me of divorce court. Nothing seems to be going your way, obstacles popping up repeatedly, then suddenly it's over and a weight is lifted. Really hope it doesn't leak. Used a swivel tube core. Can't run it till tomorrow. Had to order new heater hoses. My carpet was damp and I couldn't for the life of me find the leak letting rainwater in. Then it dawned on me, I needed to replace this last year but with multiple family members dieing unexpectedly and my wife battling cancer, (successfully), it slipped through the cracks. 2019 was a long year. Hope I don't ever have to do it again, but it sure feels good to do it yourself. Thanks to moparman for his write-up. Helped a lot.
  9. I prefer the copper-nickel brake line. Easy to work with and can be ran wherever you want. Will never rust.
  10. I'm done with Rock Auto. Front rotors listed for my truck were wrong. Rock Auto says the computer is right so I got charged a restocking fee. Ordered an abs module for my suburban. They actually sent me someone's core return. When I opened the box I thought maybe it just wasn't cleaned up after rebuild, but it showed no signs of being rebuilt. I installed it and it was bad just like the one I removed. They didn't believe me. Said it sounded to them like I installed the new part and was trying to get it free. Couple hundred bucks down the drain. Never again.
  11. Carbon credits is just paying to pollute. Companies that can't meet epa regulations buy "credits" from companies that can. Given company is allowed to pollute to a "scale" of ten, but manages to pollute to a scale of eight, they get to sell their "credit" of two to another company that can now pollute to twelve and avoid epa fines because they bought "credits". The planet is still being polluted horribly with no gain. Epa government logic at it's best. "Credits" do NOTHING to curb pollution. They only allow money to change hands. It's a joke.
  12. I put in 3 gal on my '02. Reads just barely over full mark. Good enough for me. Makes it easy. 1 quart too much in an 11 qt. System isn't going to cause any problems.
  13. I agree brake cleaner and all the other stuff used in the automotive field is rough, but unless medical science has said that's what caused the cancer, I personally wouldn't make that assumption. Nothing is 100% safe and everyone has their own thoughts on life and what changes it. I hope everything is going well for you and that you have it beat.
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