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  1. I'm done with Rock Auto. Front rotors listed for my truck were wrong. Rock Auto says the computer is right so I got charged a restocking fee. Ordered an abs module for my suburban. They actually sent me someone's core return. When I opened the box I thought maybe it just wasn't cleaned up after rebuild, but it showed no signs of being rebuilt. I installed it and it was bad just like the one I removed. They didn't believe me. Said it sounded to them like I installed the new part and was trying to get it free. Couple hundred bucks down the drain. Never again.
  2. Carbon credits is just paying to pollute. Companies that can't meet epa regulations buy "credits" from companies that can. Given company is allowed to pollute to a "scale" of ten, but manages to pollute to a scale of eight, they get to sell their "credit" of two to another company that can now pollute to twelve and avoid epa fines because they bought "credits". The planet is still being polluted horribly with no gain. Epa government logic at it's best. "Credits" do NOTHING to curb pollution. They only allow money to change hands. It's a joke.
  3. I put in 3 gal on my '02. Reads just barely over full mark. Good enough for me. Makes it easy. 1 quart too much in an 11 qt. System isn't going to cause any problems.
  4. I agree brake cleaner and all the other stuff used in the automotive field is rough, but unless medical science has said that's what caused the cancer, I personally wouldn't make that assumption. Nothing is 100% safe and everyone has their own thoughts on life and what changes it. I hope everything is going well for you and that you have it beat.
  5. I would guess really dusty conditions with a sever lack of maintenance.... Then a long wot pull. Still, it seems hard to imagine.
  6. Ya, I did the indexing on the motor. I dread the job ahead of me. Early spring or summer will eliminate one headache and make the beer taste better.....lol
  7. It's running a firepunk Trans, fleece Cheeta turbo, blue Chip pump, edge comp/MM3 tuner, head Studs, 7x11 SAC injectors, 4" exhaust, BHAF. Runs and drives incredible. Wife nicknamed it BEAST.....it fits.... I've just read alot about EGTs and mine seem high empty. I have two EGT guages, one in manifold at #4 cyl and one in exhaust pipe about 6" after turbo. There is consistently 100-150° difference between the two. The 1100-1200° numbers I'm referring to are the manifold temps. So I guess if what I'm reading in various posts is exhaust pipe temp rather than exhaust manifold temp then I'm in the ballpark.
  8. Bought my truck in September 2018. 2002 3500. Winter came and all I could get out of my dash vents on position 2 was 80°f. Position 3 was 75°f. Position 4 would blow cold air. Installed grill blanket, no change. Installed 190 NAPA thermostat, temp guage now runs slightly higher and more consistent but no change in vent heat temp. Installed heater treater, no change. Flushed heater core with hose, temp now at 110°f on fan setting 2 and 95°f on fan setting three. Guess I have a heater core replacement in my future. Watched Mopar mans vid and I'm going to wait till summer to do it because I have to work outside in my driveway....... Can't wait!!!!! 😒😒😒 Stocking up on beer for the party....LOL
  9. I picked up my truck recently. It was the test truck for 2nd gen Cummins at calibrated power in Marengo Illinois. After testing they rebuilt the engine and transmission. Truck runs very strong and runs well. After reading posts about exhaust temp while pulling grades, I'm not sure if my truck will pull a fifth wheel at all without melting down. I can hit 1100-1200 degree exhaust temps buy just planting my foot on the fun pedal for a few seconds. That is on the low tune. If I have a load like a trailer on, I can't imagine what it'll do to exhaust temps. However, maybe it won't make much of a difference towing or unloaded..... Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss. Guages tell you alot of information, however, sometimes you have to rely on technology and testing built into what you drive and just enjoy your vacation..... I'm not one of those people, so here I sit and worry about hurting a truck built for work, afraid I might work it too hard and break it...... I need help......
  10. I would completely agree with you. A blown fuse is much easier to find than a melted fusible link because the melted link may not be evident and you may overlook it when looking for a problem, but when you see a fuse, you automatically check it...... don't ask how I have come to this conclusion. I'm 60 and may have wasted a few hours if my life looking for something that was sitting right in front of me......
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