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  1. Only thing I can think of is maybe the old fluid wouldn't be compatible with the seals but I seriously doubt it.
  2. I may have missed it or read it wrong on airdogs site, but the lifetime warranty seemed to be to the original purchaser. I've had this truck for 2 years now. Think I'll just buy a complete new pump to get warranty as I don't plan on selling it. I'm going to call and see if the airdog II has all the same connections as original airdog. If so, I'll go with the updated pump. If not, I'll just replace with what I have to keep it simple.
  3. I can order just the motor assembly? Didn't see that option on airdogs site.
  4. The 20a fuse was popped. Didn't have any so I put in a 15 and it popped instantly. Put in a 30 and pump ran. Only ran it about 10 seconds to verify that the pump wasn't seized. Went and got 20 and 25 amp fuses. 20 amp lasted about 45 seconds. 25 lasted little over a minute and got very hot to the touch. Being that I have been experiencing a slow and continuous drop in pressure over the past few months I'm guessing it's time for a new pump. Also, with the airdog quick connect fittings being on here I'm thinking dropping the tank will probably be less of a fiasco than tipping the bed. Will m
  5. Well that sucks. Guess I'll siphon what I can and drop the tank. I hate working on gravel. Maybe I'll get a sheet of plywood and mitigate some pain.
  6. Driving home today and my fuel pressure went to zero instantly. Been noticing fluctuations in pressure. Changed FF and WS a month or so ago and had same issue. Going to check it out tomorrow. Have also had an issue with losing pressure at half tank. Think the draw straw may have an issue so I plan on lifting the bed. Is it better to tip it from the cab end, leaving bolts loose in rear or tip it from driver's side leaving bolts loose in passenger side? Don't have help available to fully remove bed and tank was filled 40 miles ago so don't want to remove it.
  7. If you don't have access to welding torches, mapp gas is your next best bet. Can be bought anywhere and will get the metal much hotter than propane. Like was said, get it cherry red hot and try to work the bolt while hot. Rusty bolts in cast iron are never fun. Good luck. Also, don't try to muscle it out, finesse is needed.
  8. $15? My guess is it will outlast your truck. LOL
  9. To go from 40 psi to 15 is a massive drop. Either his turbo ingested something and ate the blades or he has a major leak somewhere, don't you think?
  10. I agree with guy, I suspect rubber brake lines deteriorated inside. I would replace them all.
  11. Build yourself a pressure tester for the turbo system. I think you might find a leak.
  12. I only see a 30lb spring on their site. Anyone ever try one? Does it actually give 30lbs? That's too much. The spring in my unit seems to be getting weaker as time goes by. Stretched it a little and added a washer. Had 18-19lbs steady for awhile. Pressure slowly dropped to 15-16lbs over 8-10 months. Replaced seperator and fuel filters, no change in pressure. Added another washer and pressure is at 17-18lbs but if I drive about 50 miles or so, the pressure gradually drops to around 15. Will drop to 13-14 if I get on it. Hopefully it's just an old spring losing its tension and not the pump slowl
  13. Directions on the bottle are there for a reason. I'd say the cleaner did it's job and removed something. Hopefully nothing important. As long as you have good pressure, I wouldn't worry too much. Keep a close eye on it for awhile to be sure it doesn't keep falling. You should be ok.
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