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  1. So I finally got the truck going again, after replacing the crankshaft position sensor,and got codes. The pump is dead. Codes are as follows P0216 P0237 P1693
  2. I can't remember exactly, except they started with 16. It was the map sensor code and over boost protection(I think) code. Nothing about the pump or anything else
  3. Quadzilla is unhooked, and the only codes it's throwing is the map and boost sensor codes because quadzilla isn't hooked up. I talked to a local mechanic, and he suggested try a crankshaft position sensor? I did replace the camshaft position sensor whilst trying to diagnose this problem. BTW, which sensor feeds the tach signal? Mine is working, but I'm just curious.
  4. So I've been trying to get my truck going, and it's been hell. I bought a set of 150hp injector tips, and used the pop tester at school to set the pop off pressures (all were at or just under 4500psi,stock recommended pressure), put them in along with new o-rings, and copper washers. I got the truck started, and it idles great. But as soon as I roll on the throttle, it pops, sputters, tons of smoke. Its been doing this, and I've pulled it apart about three times checking to make sure I didn't rip or tear any o-rings during assembly. So far everything looks good, everything is torq
  5. So I pulled everything back apart, and idk how in the hell I did it, But I missed the copper washer on the number one injector. Truck runs now,(albeit like poop, but I think I know why), and it isn't pushing fuel out of the line. So let my mistake be a lesson, always take your time, and double check everything. I really hope I didn't screw up my truck.....
  6. So it's not a fuel pump in the tank. It's my stupid self. I didnt get new copper washers for the injectors, and I think I've got compression leaking by and getting into the fuel return and pressuring the tank. I think anyway. I had a long talk with my diesel teacher, and we narrowed it down to that. My next question is, I have a set of unused but thicker copper washers, could I use those? Will it change anything?
  7. Ok. So long story short, I tried to swap the old 150 injectors into my truck after I went through and set all the pop off pressures with shims(diesel class project). They're pretty much junk, considering they do nothing but just smoke out everything behind the truck. I ended up going back to the stocker set I got from a good guy from here (name escapes me atm, but thank you again amigo). Had hell getting the truck started again, which I think was because I backed the truck into my spot at home, and it was leaning back slightly (the road has a crown). I got a friend and he helped me get her goi
  8. So how do I turn off the oem high idle? Or even turn it on? I'd rather use quadzilla anyway to control it.
  9. Ok, so I was playing with quadzilla (going through settings and such), and decided to try my high idle again. Every time I've tried it in the past, it would shut the truck down, then the truck wouldn't start for about a minute. It would repeat this until I turned the setting off. I tried again today just to see,setting it at 10 seconds, and the truck started to idle up, but then died again. What's going on?
  10. Usually it shows the green bar when it's zeroed out, right?
  11. So i had to disconnect my batteries today because I had to pull the passenger side airbag to work on the heater. I disconnected both positive cables, and unplugged the Quadzilla. When I hooked everything back up, I plugged in the Quadzilla last. Now where the power level is, the bar is black and it's showing zero. Please tell me I didn't fry my module again.
  12. Holy heck I didn't know this thread got so big
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