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  1. Crossover tubes, per dynamite diesel instructions, then injectors. I also held my finger on the tubes and spun the injectors a bit to make sure they were seated. I will once I get a stock set. Also I'm going to try and bleed all six injectors while it's running and see if that helps. I also noticed my fp gauge was bouncing while the truck was running. I think I might have to bleed the injection pump more. All in all it just acts like there's still a ton of air in it. No, I did awhile back, but they needed to be adjusted at that point anyway. Only thing I did this time under the valve cover was remove the injectors.
  2. Hell yea man, I'll take em! You've got mail! This is why I love this website! Brotherhood of the Cummins!
  3. I don't, I wish I did know someone. It seems like theres a ton of air in it still. It takes forever to start, and just pours white smoke when I rev it. I cracked lines 1,3,4,and 5,and they were spraying ok. I didn't get 2 because the air horn and grid heater were in the way, and six was blocked by the lift bracket. Can I take it off and just put the bolts back in? And can I run the truck without the grid heater and air horn on? I could get all the injectors then.
  4. Iive in New Mexico but I'm 6 miles from the Colorado border. Stuff ain't legal here yet. Pretty soon though lol.
  5. True. As an update on the truck, it's running again, but sounds like a couple of cylinders are dead. Tried running it at 1500 rpm, but there was so much white smoke I had to stop. Thought the law was gonna show up. Idk guys. I'm lost right now as to what to do except park it and see if I can find somebody with more experience than me. If any Colorado guys want to come help me it'd be appreciated.
  6. Hrm. Ok, I'll quit worrying about it then. Also, I found the problem! It helps when all the copper sealing rings are the same thickness. Can't believe I didn't catch it. This goes to show you can never be too careful.
  7. They aren't used, they came with the truck I remember that. What I meant was it seemed like it was "loading up" and choking on excess fuel. But I understand what you mean.
  8. I made sure nothing like that came out with the first injector. I was extremely careful about it. I don't think it's the injectors. I also pulled the torque number from online, several sources said 55 ft lbs. But upon further research, ddp says 30. So back apart it comes. Where I live we're lucky to have internet. Morons abound here. I seriously doubt that I messed up the pop pressure because everything was meticulously bagged and tagged besides the crossover tubes. Speaking of which, I took them out today (was sick for three days then it decided to snow for two days), and noticed all of them were wet past the orings. I did find a kit with green orings, and found a set that was just like the ones I removed. The crossover tubes clicked in nicely, so I think that was a big part of the problem. Also, the intake plenum gasket was completely toast, it's no wonder I never could build boost, half of it was going to the atmosphere! I didn't get it started today, as I ran out of daylight. But Dieselfuture pointed out my torque values were wrong on the nozzles, and they're way too tight. I'm going to yank them tomorrow and tear them down again. Hopefully I didnt screw anything up.... Me and my damn bright ideas.
  9. Ravewolf


  10. I didn't, I just took them apart one by one, cleaned them, then reassembled them one by one. I kept everything together, and in separate compartments. I took care to label everything, and organized the parts by injector. Kept track of how everything came apart, and when I put them back together, I torqued the caps to DDP specs (55lbs). I guess tomorrow I'll pull it back apart again, and recheck everything. I have to anyway since I'm replacing the plenum gasket. Might be why my truck never built that much boost.
  11. Update: it lives! But....i notices by the number 4 injector, the diesel that pooled around the nut is bubbling. Looks like it's coming from the intake cover. Will this cause it to run like crap? It's still stuttering when I rev it. Seems to rev quicker though. Also, I forgot to mention these were the injectors that came with the truck, not new ones. So not putting the crossover tubes back in the same holes is ok still? Or? UPDATE 2. Truck runs like crap, seems to miss at idle,pops/misses during free rev, belches a ton of gray/white smoke when revved, and when I let off, shudders and coughs, and comes back through the turbo. Also, when I shut it off, refuses to start again. Almost like it lost prime? Wtf did I do?? She ran decent before, much better than this....
  12. How about four? I cracked 1,3,4,&5. 1 was spraying pretty good. The rest were just kinda dribbling out. I really hope I didn't mess anything up. I forgot to mention I didn't label the crossover tubes, then found out after the fact I was supposed to. Could that be the problem?
  13. Negative. Fuel to all the lines it seems, still won't fire. It's late here, sun's down, and I don't have a garage to work on it. Guess I'll try it Tuesday when I'm free again.
  14. Checked three times. Was told the injectors were a few months old when I bought it. From the looks of things, the guy was right. The springs looked pretty solid in the injectors. Not much wear. Pintle needles were tight too.
  15. Well, the truck is back together, and I bled lines 1,3,and 4,getting good fuel. But it won't starts. The hell? I even tried using carb cleaner just to see if it would sputter, nothing. Yes, I disconnected the grid heater first before that. What gives? I reused the orings that were on the injector bodies because they were still brand new. They all clicked into place (by hand) tightly. I changed all the orings on the crossover tubes as well, and put them in with the injector hold downs off, that way I could make sure they were in the injector holes. Even took everything back apart, torqued the line nuts, then put the injector hold downs on, and torqued them to spec. Thought I might have fried my box again, but no dice with it disconnected. Everything appears to be hooked up correctly. Just keep cranking? Or?
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