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  1. OHHH...ok. Cancel that idea then. Thank you.
  2. Ok. Doing this purely for research. No way I'm driving it.
  3. Not planning on driving with it. More like just throw it on for "show" then load my economy tune to actually drive. Also just curious if it could actually be done..
  4. This is probably a completely truck rice thing to do, but how would you make a lope tune with Quadzilla? Is it possible?
  5. I'll get the numbers off the turbo again and rerun them, but I know it's kinda big. It doesn't have a wastegate either.
  6. I don't think I have a boost fooler in, unless it came with the Quadzilla. I have a turbonetics 63/65 with a 1.85 ex housing if I remember right. It's too big I think.
  7. So I've been testing Lucille out and seeing what's what, and I noticed according to qz my boost maxes out at 22psi. This is with stock sized injectors. I know the turbo is probably too big for my engine, but I was curious what rpm a proper turbo should start spooling on a 24v? Mine starts to come on at about 2200rpm,and I reach fuel cut off before it spools more. Aside from replacing the turbo completely, is there a way around this at all? I do plan on reinstalling my 150hp injectors, and I want about 700hp in the end. If I can get away with keeping my current turbo that would be cheaper. But I'm open to suggestions. Kinda want to stay single turbo for ease of cost.
  8. So i decided I wanted to play a bit today, and tried to change my tune from the economy to the fun tune (just using downloaded tunes from here until I can afford to get it tuned). No matter what I do, it's stuck on the economy tune. It acts like it's loading the tune I want, but when I check the tune page, it's still on economy. Do I need to reset the program, or the box?
  9. So mine is kinda the same way, but I have a new slave/master set in my truck. I did accidentally pop the slave out like an idiot, but I cleaned it with a blue towel and put it back together, and got it bled (used a vacuum bleeder up top, worked like a charm). My truck doesn't creep forward in gear, but I have to fight to get it into reverse, 2nd,or 3rd unless I float the gears. I suspect the pilot bearing thought because when I put my new transmission in, it wouldn't go all the way in. About a ¼ was sticking out, but I pulled it in with the bolts. Idk if that was a good idea, but it seemed ok. New pilot bearing btw. I have a new one from torque king (the big one) are they worth the hassle to pull the trans and machine the flywheel?
  10. My crossover tubes didn't have filters in them, and looked pretty new. I assume they were changed when the injectors were changed. I reused them but put new orings on. Seems to be working fine for now. Once I get the 150s rebuilt I'll order a new set of tubes
  11. Just wanted to give you all a quick update on my truck. Got the new injectors from WiscoRedkneck, and they worked like a charm. Truck runs alot better also. Down on power obviously because of stock injectors, but it drives much, much smoother. Also starting is a dream, I barely hit the key and it lights off. Hasn't sputtered much either, just small amounts. I'm starting to think the old 150s were going out in it and it wasn't running like it should have. Still getting them rebuilt in the future, but for now I'm rolling stockish. Can't wait until my hx35 comes in finally.
  12. Tha gauge situation could be taken care of by manual gauges, right? Also, doesn't quadzilla plug into the canbus only? In theory all it needs is 12 volts to run and it could work on a standalone setup, right? I'm not swapping anything right now, I am just doing research.
  13. Well, mine still works fine(still not running, usps screwed WiscoRedkneck on my injectors) I was just curious because my friend and I were talking about swaps and such, and how someone would run a pump in that situation. He has a 79 ford truck and I joked about stealing it and swapping my 24v into it, then it just went downhill from there. Also, the 24v can be ran without the dodge pcm, I found a website that shows how to do stand alone wiring in case anyone had any ideas. Just food for thought for ya'll.
  14. Just curious, but what would happen if one were to bypass the ECM and install a switch to turn on the fuel pump? Mine works fine, but I was always curious about it.
  15. Crossover tubes, per dynamite diesel instructions, then injectors. I also held my finger on the tubes and spun the injectors a bit to make sure they were seated. I will once I get a stock set. Also I'm going to try and bleed all six injectors while it's running and see if that helps. I also noticed my fp gauge was bouncing while the truck was running. I think I might have to bleed the injection pump more. All in all it just acts like there's still a ton of air in it. No, I did awhile back, but they needed to be adjusted at that point anyway. Only thing I did this time under the valve cover was remove the injectors.
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