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  1. Ravewolf

    Alt. Ground mod?

    Yes, I read it and didn't understand it. Awesome. I tried, couldn't understand anyway. I'm more of a pictures guy anyway.
  2. I've read the article but still unsure what to do? Does anyone have a clearer explanation?
  3. Ravewolf

    Happy New Year

    That's the funniest thing I've read all day 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Ravewolf

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all of you, drink much, be merry, and don't drink and drive. I'm currently on my way home, but battling old man winter and hit frozen scrotum of cold misery in Wyoming (just went through Newcastle) in a friend's 2007 Chevy Trailblazer with sketchy tires and a trailer. Pray to whatever Gods you follow I make it, and can get a damn tcase for my clapped out pile. Vaya con Dios amigos!
  5. View Advert Np241dhd or similar tcase Looking for a dhd or ld tcase for my truck. Has an nv4500, 98.5 24v. Hoping someone in Colorado has one? Advertiser Ravewolf Date 12/29/2018 Price $450,500.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
  6. Time Left: 10 months and 12 days

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    Looking for a dhd or ld tcase for my truck. Has an nv4500, 98.5 24v. Hoping someone in Colorado has one?


    Raton, New Mexico - US

  7. So a set of stock hydraulics from rockauto.com would work fine then?
  8. So I have to order new hydraulics (or the slave at least because the hose popped out of mine), and I was curious what the difference between stock and valair is besides the threaded clutch rod? I have a south bend dual disc clutch btw.
  9. I wasn't referring to a big truck style fuel cooler. More like a transmission fluid cooler with a fan on it. I figure throw it on the return side and hopefully cool the fuel off. I also thought about wrapping the vp in header wrap if it would help with heat soak. Trying to think of everything I can do to keep that pump cool. I'm going to run 2 cycle oil too, and try to keep it full. I have full time employment now, so I can afford to start upgrading the fuel system more. I already bought a mechanical fuel pressure gauge, next move is to do the draw straw mod and move the return to the fuel neck like some of you have done. Also, update on my tcase. The front bearing fried, and the input shaft wobbles in it, so most likely the planetary is done. At least my buddy who pulled it out thinks. Thank God for good friends. Just finished reading the entire high fuel temps thread. So I guess all my ideas were tested out already. Good, means less stuff to buy lol. Also, this got merged with this post. But thanks again my fellow oil burners.
  10. I work in the oilfield, and was helping one of the mechanics fix one of our coil tubing wet kits, namely the hydraulics cooler and fan. It got me thinking about transmission coolers, which led me to think about using one for a fuel cooler, fan and all. Would it be a waste? I also read about FedEx(I think) had problems with their fleet trucks breaking down because of their vp pumps, so they used heat sinks and apparently the problems dropped dramatically. Anyone hear about this? Just thinking too much again about how I can prolong the life of my pump, different ideas, etc.
  11. Thank you for the info. I guess I'll stick that turbo on another project I have in the future,and go with something else. Like I said I'm just paranoid right now as I had no idea what I was buying into when I bought the truck. I should have been more patient and done more research. Oh well, it is what it is. As for the tuning, do I need new injectors on top of a new programmer? I am going to get a quadzilla instead of a p-pump swap I think. I like the idea of on the fly tuning vs having to mess with fuel plates and such. See, these are things I wonder about. I hope I'm not spamming up the forum with my questions. If so feel free to delete.
  12. Ok, well, as some of you know, my trucks tcase pooped the bed on the way to my new job. It's home now, safe at my friends shop. I'm 900 miles away though, so I can't do anything but think about what I need to fix, what I should do, etc. Now obviously the tcase is priority. Once that's fixed, she's good to go. But given that the last two times this truck has gone on a long trip and left me stranded, I'm leery about some things. The truck has 265000 on it (I think). I think the vp is the original. Not sure if the previous owner had it rebuilt, or replaced, or anything. He said he had the transmission rebuilt, but that was an obvious lie. So I choose to err on the side of caution and believe it's the stock one. I have a FASS titanium fuel pump, and it has a huge line going from the pump to the vp,and has push loc fittings. So I know it's getting fuel. How long does a vp usually last? I also have bigger injectors (they're supposed to be 150s, they haze at idle when it's cold, and dump fuel like crazy, but I plan on changing them as well), and every now and then it idles funny (yes I know I need to monitor fuel pressure, that's coming soon) but no drive ability problems. When I had her on the road last, she ran real good,so I'm probably being paranoid. Why? Because when I drive to work I have to drive some desolate and empty roads in cold snowy back country, and I don't trust the truck enough to chance driving if there's a good chance it'll leave me stranded. Most of those places have no cell service, so I couldn't call for help if I needed, and it gets cold. Really cold. It's literally a life and death situation at that point. I'm seriously considering doing a p-pump swap to get rid of that possibility, but damn it's expensive.If the vp pump can make power and last, it's the cheaper alternative. Lastly, my turbo is an aftermarket turbonetics unit. I think the specs are 65/63/.84, and it has no wastegate. Is this too big for a single? It doesn't spool until 2000, but it doesn't built steam until 2500-2800(i think), then it flies until the computer cuts fuel. It smokes like a freight train though. Like, alot of smoke. ALOT. It's fun, but laggy. I'm not sure if that's because of the fuel, programmer, or something else.I have an hx35, so I could compound it if need be. I hope this isn't too much to digest all at once. But after two strikes, she's on my crap list. If something else happens again, she gets sold to the highest bidder. Then I'm buying something else.
  13. This is exactly what I have I think. Cool beans.
  14. I've been looking, but I'm also broke at this point, and I don't want to chance another tcase popping on me. I figure rebuild mine and have no worries.