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  1. This is exactly what I have I think. Cool beans.
  2. I've been looking, but I'm also broke at this point, and I don't want to chance another tcase popping on me. I figure rebuild mine and have no worries.
  3. I couldn't tell you, the truck is 120 miles away from me at my friends shop. I had just changed a leaky rear seal, and refilled it with ATF type f. But who knows the condition of the thing from the previous owner. Or how much abuse it took. The truck is getting parked until I address all the issues. She gets new injectors, a compound kit, new injection pump, a quadzilla, new clutch hydraulics, and I guell I'll rebuilt the tcase. It should take about a year or so to get it all done. But I'm tired of worrying about it every time I take it on the highway. This is the second time she let me down. No more.
  4. The axles have 4.10s,i was just hoping I could regrar it cheaper that way, but I suppose since I want to rebuild both axles I'll regear them to 3.55. I'm positive it's not the transmission. I shifted through all the gears and listened, and when I shifted the tcase to 4lo, it bound up and stuck.
  5. As title states, my tcase went crunch on the way to North Dakota for my new job. I'm assuming the way it locked up the innards are toast. I had to disconnect both drive shafts to move it. As of now, the truck is going to be put into hibernation until I figure out what's going to happen next. That depends on whether or not I can get a decent case for cheap enough. I've also considered adapting it to run an np205, and hopefully not have to worry again. But I really don't want to have to get new yokes and drivelines. What do you all suggest? Who could rebuild it for a reasonable amount? Who sells gears and stuff besides all state? The truck has 4.11s in, and at 75 it runs 2500rpm. I'd like it lower, so does anyone have a higher gearset perhaps for the tcase? Many thanks my friends.
  6. Disregard this one not sure how to delete it.
  7. Has to be aftermarket one. Plugs into a harness.
  8. OK, so it's nothing major then with the fuel pump, Good to know. I changed the fuel filters night before last. As for my apps, not sure. It looks new, and it didn't have a voltage setting sticker on it. I planned on buying the timbo one when I get money. Gentlemen, I'm about to head off to North Dakota. Pray to the diesel gods for me. But thank you for the help again!
  9. I have an egt gauge and boost gauge on my edge module. Also has a fuel pressure gauge but doesn't have the sensor. The lope more often than not, but I changed the fuel and water filters last night, and she seems to be doing a bit better. I also threw some stanadyne in the tank. My only other worry is the fuel pump will audibly prime the system now. When I first got the truck it would prime up loud. Then for some reason it went away one day. Now that I changed filters last night, it's back to being loud again. I wonder if the old filters were junk and it wasn't letting much fuel through? It feels like it did when I first got her, which was really nice. Probably helped adjusting the valves too. I did play with my apps sensor too, now it's throwing a p0122 code. But I found it wasn't opening up to 3.8 all the way so I messed with the rear back stop. For the life of me it wouldn't read accurately on two voltmeter gauges. I'll play with it more tomorrow and see if I can get the code to go away. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I'm going to install one as soon as I get my first check from my new job. Just hoping she makes it long enough. It's probably good, but after everything I read, and how many miles it has, I worry.
  11. I don't have one but I have access to a fuel pressure tester which I'll use tonight
  12. Ok, that's good to know. But now I worry more because my truck lopes now and then. Hoping it's not the vp but I haven't tested it yet so we'll see.
  13. Ok, so as my title states, my truck never came with a lift pump. I only have a FASS titanium fuel pump, and huge lines running straight to the vp44. Would it help anything by putting in a stock lift pump later? Or can I just keep my current setup? Lately it's been loping kind of funny now and then. I'm terrified my vp is getting ready to **** the bed. I'm heading to Williston ND tomorrow to start work Monday, but that's easily a 16hr drive for me, if not longer. After Gillette WY there's alot of empty roads and no service.... Im going to change the fuel filter and water separator just to be safe before I go. The truck has made it from Casper Wyoming to Dickinson Nd, back pulling a trailer, and made it to NM, and back ok. I just don't want to push my luck though....
  14. I was also thinking along that train of thought too. Either way I'll keep double clutching until further notice.
  15. As the above title says, thank you all so much for your help with the problems I've had so far. No bs answers, and great advice here, along with lots of how to articles. So much friendlier here than other cummins sites too. I look forward to getting my money pit together now lol.