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  1. The scanner you have used, is it able to see live data ?? If so can it "see" the ECU and PCM ? and whats happening, I would start from the beginning and if you can't find any information on the symptoms focus on the codes, You did as mentioned above get to step 5 in a test, what test was this , and did you finish the test, I remember you not having a certain wire or colour in a seperate thread ?? If you didn't finish the test I would suggest you go back to it and check it out ? sorry I can't remember what test you were doing. I see above you have checked wiring, have you had the plugs off of the PCM and ECU and checked for corrosion and bent/broken pins or wiring at the plugs, if not do this but disconnect both batteries first, there is a cover on the back of each plug, carefully unwrap the tape that holds the wiring secure to the cover, carefully prise the cover off and make sure all wires are connected to their pins, give each wire a light pull, if you have a wiring diagram pay particular attention to CCD (bus) wiring as you have a CCD communication problem, also if you do have a wiring diagram and a multimeter check ohms resistance on the CCD wiring. You could well have a PCM or ECU or Inj pump fault but it could also be wiring as I see you have a stored P1698 no CCD messages from TCM. One last question.... do you know anyone with a newish Snap On diagnostic box as they will read live data
  2. I've added a fuse on the blue wire, I'm curious as to what you think about adding a fuse to the green wire which is pin 10,conn 2 at pcm. My diagram says this is pos and blue pin 25 conn 3 is earth, I'm thinking if there was a short on the green there would be some amps through pcm and did I read somewhere on here pcm fuse is 20 amp so pcm would be at 20 amp before fuse blows right ????
  3. I've finally got around to do the alternator protection fuse, well I checked wiring diagrams just to be sure on which wire and which PCM pin, it's ingrained in me to check,check and check again before snipping wires. Anyway I have a question, is there any reason the green (this is pin 10 conn 2) isn't on the list to fuse protect, my wiring diagram (2001 Dodge FSM) says Blue is neg and Green is pos of the alt field windings, I'd have thought it would be safer to fuse both. Lets say the FSM I have is right and I have no reason to think not (paper BTW) and the green is pos and it shorts to earth somewhere in the harness which BTW is 5ft longer than it needs to be or a short in the alternator then as far as I see it the pcm may well have to pass a fair amount of amps before a wire burns through or other fuses blow ?? OR am I talking like an idiot.....
  4. Whats reported there is rubbish there are deaths on that vid thats not in the western world, malaria does not happen in the Uk or I'm sure the US Aids does not affect the UK much now as its pretty much under control here Cancer in the uk does not kill nearly 700 people per day and doubling every 3 to 4 days watch the news regarding Italy and Spain when they get over the peak we as in the uk might be a week or 2 behind, the USA might be another 2 weeks after. The UK and Europe has a nationalized health care system thank god, this looks after the richest down to a homeless person, the UK government is way behind but they are constructing field hospitals and morgues faster than you can cook a pizza, 4000 bed hospital and a 1500 slot morgue just 20 miles away all done in a week, one of 10 around our small island as in England thats not including Wales, Scotland or NI, our Gov would not do that for any reason, and for the record our gov in the uk is a very hands off as in for business not socialist..... not sure which of yours that is equal too we are not too different to Spain and Italy as the uk has a sizeable older population, I'm not too far from that myself, the elderly is where it hits hardest, we can all pin medals on our chest for being the "it wont get me" hero... you know what it just might and while its at it it just might get someone you love. I've worked hard for 41 years and I'm not too far from saying enough is enough...... this aint getting me
  5. Here in the UK they are saying both here and USA are on the same path if not steeper than China, Italy and Spain Also saying it can live on surfaces for 72 hrs to the point where it's being urged to keep tissue and stuff like that outside of our waste bins for 72hrs to protect waste workers. I finished volantarily wednesday night after telling the co I work for the risk isn't worth it, I'm now home no pay, rather be alive and skint than dead but rich, way to many people here dying, not as many numbers as the US but amount of population versus deaths is about the same, difference is we haven't got the vast spaces between cities
  6. Before I fitted a FP gauge I had a sort of engine off moment which would happen at very light throttle accelerating, like a very long cough, fitted a FP gauge and while it was no where near as low as yours it was low, so I did some quick work to remove the PO rubbish which was the smallest inline filter you could possibly get, I had fitted Cat filters and filter head prior to this , this removed the cough, then fitted a FP gauge, once I could see what was going on mechanical pump ordered straight away from DAP, FP now is just fine and tops out at well over 20 psi, idle is 12 to 14 due to the cat filters I think being 2 micron.... and I removed another electrical item from my truck.... win win Your fuel pressure is way too low BTW my truck had a Fass block mounted stock replacement..... and the basket in the tank was spotless so no excuse there
  7. All good advice above Run through the series of checks for vp again but use pin numbers not wire colours, these checks should test vp relay which can cause this code As already said loosen fuel inlet at VP44 and flick the starter and see if you have fuel up to vp, you might have to do this a fair few times if you've changed fuel filter and its not bled properly. You may then need to loosen injector pipes at cylinder head to bleed these to get it to start. If no fuel at vp in tank pump could be bad ( needs to be binned anyway as even if vp is ok it wont be for long using the intank) or you could have a bad relay or bad harness. Check if pump is running first, if not check pos/neg supply for pump at the top of tank, if that is ok but pump not running pump is shot, if no 12v and earth, harness or relay or ecm is shot, if pump does run, check pressure at vp while running ideally over 14psi or thereaouts
  8. My Assassin is opposite... 14 idle 22 ish max, builds psi very quick
  9. Bang on... my Assasin is zero at startup, I have no electric pump, as soon as it starts its at 14psi at idle to just over 22 max. Never needed a priming pump as it will suck a football down a garden hose
  10. Our news telling us USA now has the highest infections and highest deaths of any country even higher than china. our PM Boris Johnson has it as does prince charles
  11. Regarding a tuner.... get a quad, fitted mine about 2 months ago. I've got a 47re with no mods as far as I know so taking it really steady as I don't need trans probs as here in the uk that would be ££££££ but it has totally changed my truck, it is smoother, its in LU more, just a little bit more power makes all the difference
  12. The wt mod does make a huge difference to tc lock problems as you've seen, the noise filter not so.
  13. Am I reading it right that you have a fault in ECM ? If so I'd expect the ecm to be getting all engine related inputs first then sending whatever is required to pcm via canbus.... this is a guess based on the cat equipment I work on, I wonder if ecm is the problem ? You could always do the IBMobile tc lock mod. Also as far as a tuner... get a quad
  14. If I'm honest I'm not sure what inputs the pcm uses to command LU. There is a trans manual on here but i'm on a phone right now and can't add the link Its in downloads from menu top right
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