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  1. I have the trailer parked on my drive and hooked up, everthing works fine so I looked everywhere for the manuals with no luck and had started to look on ebay with no luck. I connected propane this weekend to check heating etc,all good and working and while i'm grovelling around the a/c /heating intake there's all the manuals for everything tucked down the side of the cooker why they were there is mystery, not as if it's short of cupboards ...........
  2. Thanks for clarifying, was worth asking the question. I'd say no chance at all of a core over here to build at my leisure so will have to come up with a plan B
  3. Right hand front brake sticking as it's pulling left. Jack up each front wheel one at a time. You'll probably find brakes sticking especially right side. Do the same for rears, then check steering joints for wear
  4. I use Cat friction modifier and add a bit then run it. I add more if it's still chirping, mine does need a little more but it is 100% better than with none. Thing to remember is if you're not using recommended additive you won't know how much so be cautious, you can always add but you can't remove
  5. As I have a 3500 4x4 gas truck sitting not being used and a fair way from being able to be used I'm thinking about breaking it for parts (need the space) what is the difference between a 46RE and a 47RE, trans on the cummins should really be done so I was thinking would it be possible to do the 46 to like dynamics stage 3 trans and its then a 47 ? Or am I missing something. Just read that the trans are basically the same just higher torque rating on the higher 2nd number. Would do the full works think it works out to around 5k. Importing a done trans isn't really feasable due to taxes and shipping charges and core charge
  6. I have to agree with both the previous 2 posts, horses for courses but to be fair where you are and the condition of your truck I wouldn't drop the price at all that is stunning and about where I'm at price wise for my 4x4 auto and I have by no means finished fixing it, cost me £7K spent £3K and nowhere near done so converted into $ mine is high and it's still rough but we do get bad winters here every so often so 4x4 I understand you are having difficulty driving it but that truck is a keeper and a future show truck... it's even still got it's jack
  7. Ok.... I in a fit of madness.... after a few beers put my 2500 on ebay.uk about a month ago when I was hitting a brick wall with the seatbelt solenoid it is 4x4 but auto, my drunken plan was to weigh it in and get a 40's/50's Dodge job rated, minimum electrics, no seatbelts, no ecu's, no nowt, I was only half serious and put £15k as a starting price, within 15 minutes of hitting the button I'd had 2 messages from 2 different people wanting more info and I'd listed it as it was and not bigged anything up, I chickened and cancelled the listing straight away, yes those 2 could have been wasters who knows £15k is just under $20k 4x4 here would be worth shipping over..... not sure on 4x2
  8. Is it 4x4 or 4x2.... sorry if I missed that but I have checked the thread a few times and couldn't see
  9. You say the US has bad emissions, i've just last week took my ram for it's MOT test which is a yearly check for safety and emissions, they test for NOX I think, limit for 1998 is 0.03ppm ram blasted it at 0.0067ppm, the tester guy was gobsmacked, but to be fair he was also gobsmacked the first time he tested my 3500 V8 5.9 back in 2004 and that was way under what the rest of the EU/Jap crap is/was for the year there is a down side though.... all the euroboxes are pure garbage
  10. I was in Western Canada last year for 2 weeks... not driving I may add and I can tell you we DO NOT have roads like you guys some of the hills would be like paving a highway off of the top of our highest mountain/hill so I doubt I'd ever see brake fade
  11. Update...... wifes still on one buckle up bumpy ride yep in the red
  12. just collected a 9klbs travel trailer, standard 2500 4x4 QC no mods at all ate the job easy, slow but easy, we are limited to 60 mph here in UK towing so set cruise to 55 OD off, truck loved it, I was passed by every Euro caravan in the UK and every large truck but 55mph it did for 150 miles, trailer brakes and truck brakes no problems
  13. yeah 1 and 2 isn't nice towing although the cummins tows much better than my 3500 5.9 gas
  14. To be fair I don't think trade will be rebalanced take emissions for one, all the wests new vehicles are aftertreatment, adblue, and getting worse and more costly, I work in heavy mining, costs us a fortune, we supply road building and construction materials which is right down at the bottom of the chain.... no roads no inforstructure, the west puts handcuffs on every business in the land making everything we produce way to expensive to compete against the countries that dont give a >>>> this is why china and india and the like win every time, I'm rambling here but bear with me..... GM camaro and corvette new models banned in europe from august because of emissions..... bet they will still be sold in china, British Steel.... gone to the wall last week because the EU says our government can not give the company a loan as it's against EU competition rules.... EERR we are leaving so butt out but no.. company has gone bust because of cheap chinese steel which is state subsidised
  15. collected it today, 150 mile there cruise on at 55/60 used 1/4 tank diesel, hooked it up and spent a while fitting a trailer light board from my UK spec tow plug and messing around with the E brake wire to get them working, brakes all good to the point of Ebrake on manual full, truck will not move, got back onto M5 which is a 3 and 4 lane motorway/highway for the 150 back, set the cruise at 55, OD off, trailer tows really smooth, truck pulls it easily. On the way there just the truck IAT was 40C back 48C, coolant there 86C back 90C, boost there never went over 7psi, back hit 20psi once, these were all OBD with my SnapOn Modis plugged in so not sure if boost is accurate but it's a figure none the less to work from. I've towed quite a bit with my 3500 and I always thought it rode better towing, this 2500 feels better towing, empty and not towing both are choppy and bouncy, get some weight either in the bed or on the bar and they are so much smoother. I don't drive hard or tow hard nice and easy catches monkey but I can see that 9klbs towing isn't nice for a stock auto, M5 fine no probs, little roads to and from the M5 highway is a whole different game..... me thinks flexplate, tork, VB and a trans build THEN more power. Funny thing is truck used a 1/4 tank back same as going. I am happy truck ate the job easy and it's bog standard with no power mods at all
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