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  1. Just finished fitting a Isspro mechanical fuel pressure gauge, this took 1 1/2hrs, removed the factory ash tray and the two top small bolts/screws behind were the same width apart as a cheap gauge mount I had so easy mounting and away from the pillar which I want to keep free for 3 other gauges I also slipped some Cat fuel line hose over the small plastic line for added protection in the engine bay and under the dash all the way from gauge to FP, still got to Zip Tie it all up but had to run it to check for leaks. FP sits at 15 to 16psi at idle, I haven't driven it yet as it's behind my work van, to swap them around my work van has to go onto the road for a minute or two so seeing as I'd had well over a UK gallon of American IPA in a craft pub last night I'll do that tomorrow. I did a torque stall and FP drops to 7 or 8 psi, now I think thats too low but last week when towing 9k + I did check temps of the VP and it was what I'd call warm but no where near hot. In hindsight I should have checked the tank temps and I had a DMM that has a laser temp deal on it with me DOH I think I have two options here. 1. Truck has a Fass stock replacement that is in the stock position with stock lines, I could 1/2" line kit it and relocate LP to the frame next to the tank and it be not much better OR 2. DTT Assassin which removes the LPFP from the ECM and adds reliability, this kit from DAP comes with a big line kit and draw straw I am leaning towards a mechanical LPFP anyway but I'd want to be looking at the whole fuel system to figure out how to get more fuel going back to tank whilst keeping good FP and also route this through fuel coolers IF the tank was getting warm, I have a Cat fuel filter complete on the truck and I can't remember if any fuel returns go back to FF housing or tank or both but intend checking tomorrow, It's too hot here at the moment, my garden temp sensor say 44C in full sun... mad dogs might but this Englishman won't The only downside of option 2 I can see is It hangs off of the front of the engine low down so deep water/mud etc might be a problem but then again here in the uk would I be offroading a 21 year old truck made in another country thats the size of a small house and at best parts take a while to get here.... most likely not Is anyone using a DTT ???
  2. Event ??? Do you mean that's started on purpose or am I missing something
  3. I did watch a few programs on TV a month or 2 ago down the lines of disproving certain things like who shot JFK, did we as a species actually go to the moon etc etc and one was "is there such a thing as global warming" Well of course the final answer was yes as that is measurable BUT the planets temperature goes up and down over time anyway and there are way more things to consider before planting the blame at the ordinary guy driving to work and back, the program named one person ( can't remember who) who they said was at the head of a large group of rich people getting richer by the minute on us as we are forced to buy into this eco crap. Earlier this summer there were quite a few demonstrations in a few cities here, attended by eco vegetarians with pink hair and bones through the noses..... the English actress Emma Thompson decided to attend for the day from Hollywood 1st class flight to London and then back THEN while she was here for the day did a tv interview demanding us suckers reduce our CF to zero straight away and our gov needs to take action now..... and not one reporter asked her how she actually got to London or if she was going to swim back
  4. Just got a mechanical Isspro from DAP arrived in 3 days to the UK just going to pipe it and be done for a bit... I have a local supplier I use looking for a 1/8th NPT needle valve.... FP more important than the looks
  5. Just seen a webpage that one part of our "royal family" has taken a private flight to Nice on a Cessna, fair enough, whats really puzzling me is some eco boffin Ejit has decided the carbon footprint is over 4 tons..... or around 8500lb ish, for a flight to south france, which is maybe at most a 1000miles away.... dunno its france, now back when I did school and to be fair it was a long time ago the law of physics states you can not get more out than you put in, my rv trailer is 9000lb and that will never fly no way no how so I would say..... correct me if there are any plane people here but a Cessna cannot be 4 ton or 8500lb SO how does it emit 4 tons of carbon on a max of a 1000miles, what is this measured in COAL, Diamonds,Carbon Dioxide, trees.... what ??? It certainly didn't have 4 tons of fuel onboard so how is that converted to 4 tons of carbon and the plane didn't burn or the people in it so where's the 4 tons from I really get the feeling we are being rolled big time
  6. Here in the UK the copper alloy tube is just for corrosion and mainly sold to classic car or restorers or people like me that know better, if a garage, shop for you guys, did a brake line it would be steel as thats the cheapest, I wouldn't touch steel brake line with a pole and I have flaring tools that will do steel, garages don't use copper alloy as it's a one time repair and will never corrode, bit like taking one egg off of the chicken then shooting it, steel lines here might last 2 or 3 years and of course the manufacturers keep on making cars out of sugar so they don't last too long cos we're all supposed to buy eveready battery cars right ?? Here OP1 is convex flare, which puts a uniform bulge for want of a better word onto the pipe, which is DIN 1 and is required for some fittings, OP2 squashes the bulge onto itself to form a double wall flange and that is Double Din or concave flare
  7. I've never seen a flaring kit that just does single, Din and double Din formers in all kits here in the Uk but then again we don't use flares in any household plumbing application.
  8. Brake pipes are rarely sold premade here except newer cars.... flaring tool, coil of copper alloy line in the right size and maybe new ends if they are corroded. Practice several flares of the right type, here's where the copper alloy pipe is better as it forms better. Once happy slip the correct end onto pipe and flare it make sure end of pipe is cut clean and all burrs are removed before flaring, once one end is flared zip tie it to the old "removed" line at the end and zip tie along it at any bends to assist in putting the bends in correctly by hand once bends are done... being careful not to kink pipe on tight bends cut off any excess pipe add fitting and flare, might have to bend to fit and then put back to shape once in place. I just did the one to right front brake which on a 98.5 goes all round the front.... just buy a good flare tool and a pipe cutter, remove the burr from the middle of the pipe if using a cutter and practice... the flares and check which flare you need the are 2 but the tool instructions ought to point this out..
  9. The abbey at Whitby on the headland dates from the 13th century and is Benedictine not Celestine as I said. But there has been a settlement on that headland since around 660ad, it is impressive seeing when it was started and the steep hills to actually get there. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/whitby-abbey/history-and-stories/history/ The other one is right in the middle of a small village https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/rievaulx-abbey/ this is earlier, from around 1100. Bit of a read but worth it. Doesn't say either damaged in ww2 but sure the first one did in ww1. I don't think now you would be able to metal detect as they are English heritage sites but you never know, IBMobile is right though there has been big finds here and I was surprised that you guys heard about the Staffordshire find. I don't think it's "no respect" it's about finding out your countries history which then actually creates respect in where you live, and if a metal detector can find something valuable along the way the good luck but I think here it doesn't automatically belong to the finder That bit of the road is a passing point, I'd pulled into it to do the final checks before coming home. Rest of the road is single track. Dog is cute but not a lot upstairs i'm afraid 😊 she's a reconstruction breed of English bulldog that died out when bull baiting was banned here in the 1800's she is fearless, soft as grease and stupid.... but then again if your sole purpose in life was to hang off of a bulls nose on your own then you aren't going to be no brain surgeon ☺
  10. more couldn't resist adding my bulldog who makes me laugh everyday the ruins are a Alum works which opened in 1646 and shut in the 1800's which made something to tan leather, think it was aluminium sulphate, all over the coast are ruins like this one picture has a fenicular tram going up and down the cliff to the sea, powered by weight of water, from the 1800's and still used today. 2 different ruined abbeys, about 15 miles apart which is the same Celestine order as the one 2 miles from my house, buy the one near me is in full use with monks that don't speak.... but they brew some good beer... probably one reason they don't talk as it seems to have the same result on me
  11. The funeral service place is a bit of a cheat as it is from the tv series "Heartbeat" which was set in the 50's/60's in and around that village it has been kept pretty much the same, sheep are everywhere, the train station is there also which only has steam trains no diesel or electric trains it runs between Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby and dates back to the 1800's, both of these towns need to be seen to believe them. Robin Hoods Bay is built straight on a sea cliff and was a smuggling haunt for centuries. The houses are tiny and packed together but there are passageways through the insides of the houses that smugglers freely used so they could get from sea to inland without ever being outside Yes true old fashioned stone houses build by craftsmen. I'll post more pics when I get home from work.....
  12. few pics of Yorkshire, note the pic of the real English pub made famous in a tv program called Heartbeat
  13. 3500's do look great with a top, never did find one for mine here in the UK
  14. Yes thats about it, great week and yes about $ a mile, but a lot of time in 1st/2nd during the week just meandering down tiny roads, I did think of renting MH after our Canada trip last year but haven't been to the places in the uk I want to see yet. Truck got a real test and now I have a bigger list of stuff to take care of but the upside is we both think we would move there when I retire in a couple of yrs Yes Canadian mountains are a big item ☺
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