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  1. I have to say Mike that is one big bumper pull, mine was smaller (a little) truck is short bed and tail wagging the dog with no WDH, our roads here are not good for a bumper pull
  2. Did you check for combustion gasses in coolant. 100% sure test.... if HG is leaking combustion gas into coolant the test kit will spot it, saves all the ...maybe... not sure..... and wasted time
  3. Coolant system will be pressurized to whatever psi it says on the cap... and 190 is ok if you have a 190 thermostat What is not ok is if the 2 conditions happen very fast..... ok if within normal warm up time Full to add in 5 years is ok... full to add in 5 days is a leak Can you borrow a coolant system pressure tester or a gas tester ? Gas tester checks for combustion gas in coolant system
  4. Bottom of the 2nd gen posts is articles..... just go to OBDII and find the code you are looking for
  5. I managed to jumper terminal 30 to 87 tonight, set code P1285 injection pump control always on same flat line on the Modis truck started and stopped as normal, no spikes replaced relay, and cleared code, started truck and spiking but quite wide apart and not uniform removed relay, truck no start as expected BUT same flat line as jumpered above no spikes, forgot to write the code down but it was no comms between ecm and inj pump as you would expect Replaced relay and cleared the code, started the truck and flat line with spikes spaced quite a way apart and what appears to be random
  6. Assassin on my truck.... no problems with it or the install
  7. I had no time yesterday to test as it rained again all day I checked with the modis again tonight and the spikes are still there but a lot less, I swapped the ASR and the inj pump relay with others but still the same Page 8I -3 of my 2001 manual refers to the asr but it doesn't specifically mention diesel, hopefully I'll finish work at a better time tomorrow to be able to test
  8. Yes you could but it's not needed. On here there are 2 camps, electric and mechanical, both work. I'm mechanical and I love it ...... rpm increases psi increases, electric goes the other way
  9. I get number 1 On number 2 I wouldn't have a clue as to whether 100gph electric pump would support what you want to achieve, I do know my mechanical one would, I have 2 micron Caterpillar diesel filters and I used the higher geared pulleys that came in the FP kit as up to around 1100rpm on the lower gearing FP was around 9 to 10 psi rising quickly to around 20psi IIRC, this is down to the 2 micron filters, with the higher gearing I have 12 at idle and well before 1000rpm I have over 15, I had to modify the relief spring as FP would have blown the front off of my 30psi FP gauge. And by going mechanical I removed an electrical item from the mickey mouse Dodge electrical system I also fitted it to try and keep the vp cool as in the UK I don't want anything breaking, I'm not on the HP ride just reliability, try thinking of the most unusual quirky UK car.... say a Reliant plastic pig and running it in the USA.... thats the availability of parts here absolute zero, I probably sell more parts for Rams on ebay than any business in the UK Just watch the FP gauge and upgrade if it looks to be going low
  10. I'm in the UK and getting parts from the USA is sometimes difficult, vendors just don't want to ship here, don't know why, it's the UK FFS not Russia, Afganistan etc takes 3 days or thereabouts to get here and it's easy, I ship ebay sales to the USA all the time it aint rocket science... @dieselautopower is one Vendor that does ship to the UK, last order I placed was a Quad and a DTT crank driven FP kit, great price, great service and 3 days here
  11. This is what was confusing me as I turned key off/on quickly so as not to stop the Modis but nothing changed on fuel shut off signal I was watching, Is this a collision fuel off ? In the body module that controls the locking seatbelts in my truck there is a collision switch which is a ball in a track IIRC when I took it to bits to try and fix it
  12. It took me 2 reads to get that... you say maybe we are seeing a command on top of a command thats already happened ? What does this relay actually do..... bear with me here cos I haven't had the chance to take a look at manuals and wiring diagrams (work hours) I'm asking because on the fastest key off/on I can manage nothing on the scope changes, is it engine key off or collision off, I checked key off/on as my ign switch isn't the best ?
  13. I'll check it at the relay but it won't be tonight as it is raining heavily here for the 2nd whole day and truck is outside
  14. ACS is the one to send it to, they can test and fix As a thought though it might be worth checking continuity/ resistance on all sensor supply wiring yourself as it could be bad connection/corrosion or another bad sensor on the 5v, thats if you've not done so already. Another thought is Snap On do a sensor tester that can supply any voltage from 0 to 8v, if you know anyone with one you could remove your 5v sensor supply pin from the ecm plug and feed that circuit 5v. This would probably throw a code because the pin is removed but if it is the ecm your present code should be erazeable This tester is not a huge amount of $ Mine was £90 from SO
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