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  1. Price I got was in £ which isn't much difference to $ nowadays prob $12.5 at best. Euro truck towable just means it's lighter and 7ft 6" wide as everything else except American pickups are capped at below 3.5 tonnes which is around 7500lb ish. The width is better for euro as beds are short and our roads are narrow. This means for me I will be able to get pretty much anywhere I want to go ☺
  2. Great for a spare but thats all.... 😊 was one of the reasons truck was for sale, well that, CTM problems, seatbelt problems, electric window problems...... just the usual
  3. Just to add..... PO of my truck fitted a $15 APPS from china, I bought the truck with check engine light on. Turned out apps was no where near any required voltages and no amount of adjustment fixed it. It was less than a month old. Now in the glovebox as a spare get me home as truck ran in a fashion
  4. Quite a coincidence on your reply as I struck the deal last night on the 2012 Springdale I went to see a month or so ago. Euro truck towable so easy for my truck, funny thing is a month ago I offered the guy (dealer) 9k plus my TT he turned it down..... I sold my TT for 10k and the guy has just settled on 14k for the Springdale. I saved 5k, he needs to go to dealer school me thinks oh and he threw in a hitch for £350 which is half price here....
  5. Dodge electrics...... now thats why they don't work so good
  6. I don't have access to scales but do have access to a weighbridge but that just does total but looking at your signature i'm maybe a Gnats lighter on the front as no ranchhand or winch, most 5ths here are euro towable so under 3500KG or around 7700lb which to be fair enables me to get to where I want to see as most roads in the UK aren't highways or motorway as we call them, I'll go with 2100 first then no more than 2400
  7. ok this reply might get me banned.... and I don't care... chevy body on anything dodge..... jeeezuss ... yep mopar is crap... stuff is absolute junk especially electrics, been like this for years but chevy....... come on or fraud, I imported into the uk a 54 dodge job rated a while ago.... sold it straight away as someone had put a 350 in it which I did know about before I bought it. In the UK there is a weekend at Santa Pod raceway for the Mopar Euronationals, last weekend of July, I used to have a stand there when importing, I threw a guantlet to all with my 3500 that I could drag any passenger truck around the place on a chain even up the drag strip and if the truck was Euro I'd go 2 x ... no one stepped up AND I'm with jag.... 2nd gen looks just right but was built by donkeys
  8. I have a question, I had a 9400lb bumper pull (just sold today) which could carry another 2400lb or so. I really found it hard work, more swagger than Elvis on a good night, big truck comes by and I'm fighting it, now I did not have a load dist hitch or sway stabilizer I will go 5th w, question is how much weight on a 5th is ok for a 2500 4x4, I don't mean pulling truck eats that dog stock, I mean fighting the thing to stay paint side up you sure it weren't a **** house..... thats what a restroom is called here, down another track... I never got the "restroom" deal when in the USA ... I aint resting in it, thats a hotel... sorry I digress I'm informed in africa it's uman **it they use to build houses but I've never been so can't possibily comment
  9. you're welcome.... just thought a little more on the horse **it straw and lime..... before that it was just pure craftmanship with nothing between the stones, didn't have glass so just had slits in buildings for windows to just poke a bow out of, so if the walls were draughty just throw another oak tree on the fire
  10. Yes I'll be getting a 5th wheel, been to see a few but one which was just what I wanted the guy wouldn't give me enough for my trailer so didn't bother, just got back from taking my trailer to it's new home, in a 5 acre wood with a fishing lake, guy who bought it totally off grid, he wanted it took 300yards into the wood through a bog, truck did it easy but just too big to get it the last 10ft around a tight left turn backwards, truck wanted to slide into a stream so got a discovery to help pull it backwards/sidewards a bit and job done, guy was well happy, I got what I paid for it and paid me to deliver it. Before mortar it was horse **it, chopped straw and lime, still see it now in some really old houses
  11. that is not the reason, The electrons flow out the negative side of the battery, through the electrical device, and back to the positive side of the battery. At the positive battery terminal, the electrons rush back in and are accepted by the positive plates. so with the neg off nothing flows, with the pos off there is still no flow back to the pos terminal , doesn't matter a monkeys if you are careful.... FMS and common teaching say neg first as people aren't careful, I'm careful so I don't care which comes off first
  12. I, over the years have collected a few, I do have a rare coin but it's that worn it's just a washer without the hole Well it looks like a have sold my travel trailer, taking it 200 mile tomorrow, right on the south coast, guy is divorcing and has a lease on 5 acres of woodland with lake and wants a travel trailer off grid, he is paying the fuel there and back whether he buys or not. If it happens I'm then going 5th wheel, Emptied it of everything, filled the truck up with diesel...... which was £130 ($160) not too bad as it had a 1/4 tank, so from empty I'd guess $200 Fair play to the guy.... we spent 5 years in a static trailer while we built our house, winters are garbage but south coast is warmer than here
  13. here's my two penn'orth I learned a lot towing 9k plus with my truck, locked is where it needs to be, but as I see it the whole design is centred around it cannot be locked under all circumstances as the standard convertor is not up to the job so however it is done whether it be PCM/pressures or however there is limitations on a standard trans, it freewheels so that says to me Dodge thought it best to not use lockup on the overrun, it locks to me too late, this I think is Dodge deciding that lockup is not strong enough to get the truck moving from low speeds and even from 35mph which my truck locks in 3rd It is not happy if there is a lot of pedal. The trans is a 727 sortof which would I'd say be good for the HP, but it wouldn't be good with the torque direct driven, I'm busting to do a lockup switch and I would just do a switch as I'm the only driver EVER but do I want to trash the torque.... maybe not and I think standard trans and torque the only outcome is trashed.... thing is jekyll and hyde... racing snake locked, tortoise unlocked drives me mental but 5k, plus core, plus shipping to uk, plus import duty, plus vat.... close to 10k to my door
  14. Me, I'd say not as I've had both mine off a few times, what I will say is remove any rings and be careful to not touch tools onto the truck, I shroud the spanner/wrench with my hands hence no rings ever, it is pretty difficult on these trucks to arc a battery as there isn't much around the tops except the hold downs, but I work with some serious batteries so I'm probably over cautious but thats better than having a finger burnt off because of a wedding ring
  15. I don't have one yet ought to really but surely there's only so many romans buried millions of ££££ worth of coins on this little island 💰
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