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  1. Exhaust flow drives the exhaust side which compresses air on the intake side, intake air is piped to the wastegate actuator which dumps intake pressure to the exhaust side after the impellor when intake pressure gets over a set point, so exhaust only produces the power to drive the shaft it plays no part in the wastegated psi of the intake
  2. I will add the subscription isn't required to get help....
  3. Bumper is the frame... body isn't, have you got a good body to frame earth ?? And Evan you might want to check the above, although there is some truth in the merit of your quote
  4. I'm over 3k miles away in the uk but there is one thing I know for sure...... post up here what you are trying to figure out and you will get all the info you need without laying out any $$ other than the subscription to this hive of information
  5. Snap On Modis reports good but here you'd get a gas ram complete for the cost of a modis ☺
  6. My 98.5 had both window switches not working when I got it, It hasn't got auto down which for me is ok but I did fix both my switches, IIRC I managed to cut a small strip off of a nail filing board and get the contacts cleaned off, it was fiddly but been ok since, don't know if 01 has similar switches though ?
  7. Is the tank 1/2 full or is the gauge 1/2 full. My 3500 v8 left me stranded a few years ago with gauge saying 1/2 full, tank empty, sender faulty
  8. In theory you should go back and check for the 50lbft BUT if the fastener torque was dry and not lubed and by that I don't just mean the threads I also mean under the head/washer then you won't really see any movement as dry it would take more torque to start the fastener moving again than the compression of the gasket from the first to the last if that makes sense, also a lot of torque wrenches aren't that good at a pound or 2, another thing to remember is the length of the cylinder head and the circle of the bore and fastener spacing, the longer the head the bigger the difference between 1st bolt and last, how far to the next fastener is down to bore size and fastener spacing better way is to do the 50ftlbs in several increments, say 20/15/15, that way it's a much lower number to be out and you'd only ever be a small % of 15 out, large cummins and cat advise this and to wait a little inbetween as heads can be 5ft plus easy
  9. son has just decided to go on his own groundworking maybe 2 months ago, he bought a 2013 Peugeot Boxer 3.5 tonne tipper, this cleared him out on his savings last wednesday on comes a warning....." engine oil pressure insufficient" so he moves it 100 yards off the job and checks engine oil, then on seeing it ok moves it 10ft again then the damn rattle Gets it towed and the garage quotes him £1000 to change the oil pump with no guarantee it will be ok or £9K for a engine So he calls me...... he knows I'm busy all the time, I call several engine reconditioners who say £2600 fitted so towed to mine, after work this morning I spend ONE hour taking the sump off and a further 1/2 hour taking the pump off.... I have never seen a bigger POS oil pump in my 40 odd years in the trade, it's a vane pump with what appears to be fixed STEEL vanes, will strip the pump further tomorrow, well it's sh~~ it's self big time, pump is chain driven off of the crank with the drive gear behind the camshaft chain, it is a Ford engine and whoever decided to drive it behind the cam chain wants shooting especially as you wouldn't use this pump to pump stuff around a fish tank never mind a motor, you can get the pump off no problem but I don't think it would take a deal to break the chain, luckily this chain is ok Looks like he's been lucky so I'm at £150 to fit a new oil pump, new sump cos that was near on welded on and oil. I did ask one of the "people" who contacted me after the recon engine internet form filling as to whether it had a girdle and she said "NO and I should know I worked for Peugeot for 15 years" well guess what it does and I guessed as much as Ford seem to be cheapening out on the block among other parts and then girdling it so no main caps This engine is fitted to Ford transits, Peugeot Boxers, Fiats, Landrover Defenders at least here, Ford have a recall, no one else has here, what a POS, worth noting that the 2.2 ford is oil pump disaster, maybe you guys don't get it as too small ???
  10. I'm fitting a 13 pin which is no problem. This has answered my question, nothing on your pin 4 but aux battery charging, here on the euro caravans the fridge is powered by 12v and has a ignition switched feed in a 13 pin socket I already have a uk 7 pin so I'm going to use a junction box to add in the first 7 on a 13 pin socket then the aux battery charging and grounds, I just wasn't sure on the fridge
  11. I haven't collected the 5er yet so no idea of amp draw yet. The place I got the 5er from said they use this 40amp switch from Pollack on every split charge they do. That doesn't mean it's any good though. How do you guys do it ? The 13 pin socket has 7 for trailer lights, 5 for trailer power and earths which is 1 permanent 12v. for battery charging on a volt sensing relay which drops out when engine off. 1 ignition switched for fridge in a euro trailer ( I doubt I would use this as American fridge freezer would take a lot more power than euro stuff) 2 earths and a feed to turn off tow vehicle fog lights when connected to trailer. And 1 for trailer brakes. Lights are easy. Batt charging is easy but what about the other switched fridge feed, do you guys power the fridge or not when travelling ??
  12. I'm a little cautious on electrics with my truck as reading the 2nd gen pages it all looks as reliable as a chocolate fireguard so I need to wire the truck for the 5er Way to do it here is a Euro 13 pin socket which has trailer lighting and power, I will be using a split charge relay and looking at a kit that senses when engine is running to open the contacts to charge the trailer battery, I think I'm going to take that feed off of the 195amp resettable alternator breaker I fitted to the truck, I have found a 40 amp auto resettable heat switch for the trailer supply, right now I think I'm only bothered about charging the trailer battery for the break away brakes and wouldn't have anything like fridges running, it is a piss ant dodge ram so I'd want to be easy on the electrical system...... ?????? any other thoughts
  13. That looks to be a list of parts I could do with, I doubt I could jump on a trans done then shipped as the damn shipping and customs would be huge also the core charge is a killer but the parts I could do
  14. I did actually fit my hitch and recorded the game as the run up started at 7.30am, I do like a beer but 7.30am is a tad early even for me, 20 or 30 years ago no problem but nowadays time is a bit more valueable so instead of wasting the whole day I just wasted the later part. and wasted I am it was good to see an English side prove that the All Blacks are only human after all, they hadn't lost in a world cup match since 2007 And also to be fair..... it's good to see you guys actually heard the outcome now it depends on tomorrows game between Wales and South Africa to see if it's a all Northern Hemisphere final or North and South for next saturday On a less important note my hitch is fitted but I do have rust that was lurking behind the wheel spats /extensions, rockauto do keystone or sherman and luckily the rust isn't higher than the extension line so all good and easy to do and it rained big time all day and truck just doesn't fit into workshop so while I was out of the rain I still got soaked as it was running off of the cab and tool box onto the bed and then on the floor
  15. mines an inline filter but much bigger than the supplied small thing. I'd say complete the fuel system work or you WILL be stranded and out of pocket for a good chunk, just take a read on this forum for "VP's died" then if the rest isn't right take a look at "ECU died", "PCM died" there is the most posts or questions on this whole gen2 forum....... and yes I may be a tad cautious as I'm well over 3k miles from a good source of parts You say you get 6psi babying it to stay in od, check pressure nailed pulling a grade in od locked and I'll say it's going to be nothing I really baby mine at 15 to 20 my pump is a drp fass, if I change it it will be an assasin for sure
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