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  1. Yes that would figure The story of how Cat bought perkins is funny.... Perkins used to supply engines to JCB, JCB is a direct competitor to Cat in the smaller machine market so Cat bought Perkins and then stopped JCB buying engines.... backfired really cos JCB now make their own engines and they are actually quite good, did the same with Turner transmissions which are fitted to the cat backhoe, forced them to the brink of bancruptcy then bought them for next too nowt
  2. The newer small Cat engines are pants for it, but then again they are Perkins engine, Cat don't make nothing themselves anymore other than frames as far as I know, EGR coolers get changed more than injectors down to the idiot in the cab, turning engines off while cooking and bubbling instead of letting them idle for a spell
  3. EGR coolers are only on newer stuff with regen and coolant goes into the intake
  4. That is so but a low pressure part like induction is then followed by a high pressure compression and ignition, it would pressurize the cooling system and also cause combustion gas to be in the coolant which if bad enough will make the motor overheat, a combustion gas tester for coolant will find that. One other thing to consider, has the truck got the same plastic expansion tank as mine... side of the radiator, is this ok and the pipework to it, I've seen machine drivers put 2 gallon of coolant into a machine every day, turns out it pushes out what it doesn't need when hot but can't pull
  5. In a nutshell NO.... spread a little thinking on your question ..... coolant pressure around 14psi...... combustion pressures way way higher, although I have seen coolant leaks into cylinders when motor is cold but you know this is happening on startup as 1. if it fires then it wants to snap the crank into peices as a liquid is not compressable at all, 2. if it's just a little bit of coolant getting into a cylinder then it's steam train for a few minutes on startup Purchase a Cat oil lab test kit, not expensive for 1 sample kit, this checks for everything in a compartment and if coolant
  6. as I said at the beginning IF wireing looks to be ok on a visual drop the pan and check solenoids, if you have disconnected the trans plug at the trans and the fuse does not blow then it is inside the trans and everything electrical is doable with the pan dropped, something in there or even wiring will be shorted to earth..... ground where you are
  7. Copied from elsewhere P0753 DODGE Possible Causes Low transmission fluid level Dirty transmission fluid Faulty shift solenoid valve Shift solenoid valve harness or connectors Shift solenoid valve circuit is open or shorted I've been diagnosing heavy plant faults for over 40 years, worked for Caterpillar, Finning UK (the Cat dealer here) field service and several quarries and here's a tip directly from Caterpillar..... follow the diagnostic procedure to the letter for the code you are working on and never deviate.... you will find the fau
  8. I checked LMC. dash cost is good that would be £600 ish at my door, no difference to you guys running a landrover but the question I beg to ask is why would you. BUT I'm asked that most days..... why would you run that (ram)..... answer is ...... check the towing figures I'm just moaning for no reason, I know what I got and I know the cost of what I got I will try the hot wire first, another thing on the list
  9. I think you miss the point of stop leak it is what it is. IE buy some time before the job is done then flush the system. Peeps might not be able to afford the job or not be without the vehicle for a while. I carry several tubs as a concrete plant with 200 cube on for the day ain't going to want to stop and cancel cos of a coolant leak
  10. I just checked overall cost for a dash cover from R/A Cover £158, shipping £233, £78 Vat, total £470, for delivery before 13th May, cheaper delivery at £164 was an option, there would be import duty to pay on that too, that's going to be same shipping size as a dash so my guess for $300 it would be £600 to £800 at my door for a dash
  11. Tablets were never sold in my local store, this is the place that you could buy a Spitfire prop from ( joking) store goes back to the 30's and they used to keep everything not so much now Always sold Dog S
  12. John Here https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/economics-business-and-labor/businesses-and-occupations/echlin-inc Seems to have a good history I'm in the position of using various mobile plant manufacturers parts including Cat, Komatsu, Volvo, Hyundai, JCB, Bobcat ETC ETC and certainly electrical sensors are not always good out of the box
  13. Here in the UK we call that Dog **it, not derogator by any means just a good description of what it looks, like here it used to be about 3 or 4 inch long and brown Seems to have been replaced at my local parts place by K seal in a bottle ..... I mean in a bottle what next bring back Dog **it, Bars will work and last and be fine in heater cores
  14. The Snap On Verus Pro ought to connect not on OBD2 generic, my first check would be to make the Verus ID the truck and scan properly. Generic is what it was always supposed to be ...., as in all makes all faults but I'd want to be seeing a vin connect as some manufacturers don't follow the spirit of things, Dodge is one
  15. In truth I don't know, but I will say one thing ..... a CKP sensor really does not output volts it outputs a sine wave which is not measureable with a normal voltmeter What scan tool did you use ?? If you have CKP and CMP signals where were these ? were these reported by the ecm but not reported by the pcm, or vise versa @Mopar1973Man will likely be along and add wiring diagrams I wouldn't be jumping nothing from anywhere eichlin .... where's that made ??
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