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  1. One halfway decent for 600000 people is great. UK 66 million people..... good trans shops ...... forget it, more good trans shops on the moon than here in the UK
  2. Wouldn't that be an experience Triple rollover on the lotto needed 👍
  3. Yes I plan on less in the winter and a bit more in the better weather I can't wait. I have lots to be getting on with just not the time to fit it all in at the moment
  4. I did look at 5th wheel flat bed but way too much money here, could have a utility box on the front and still room for stuff on the bed I'm hoping just enough work to keep the lights on without running around like a madman 😁
  5. Well after thinking about retiring for some time now I finally did it. I have to work a months notice which is up on the 6th December, not actually retiring but working for myself, got a large box trailer for tools, welder, compressor etc and I now stand at 11 sites to look after which is all the Mobile plant on the 11 sites. I have quite a bit of work to do on the trailer and truck before the 6th to get it where I need it to be. I also just bought OHW Jaltest diagnostic kit and from what I've seen so far it does what Cat ET and the Volvo diag does, just have to test it on the other manu
  6. There was someone on the here a few weeks ago that had got one without the small hole. I commented that my truck has a small hole and it does return fuel all the time regardless of the pressure or at least pressure below 14psi and I recommended that he got the correct overflow valve
  7. That may well be the case. To test your theory on my truck I could check return with a overflow with the little hole and then check with a overflow without the hole. As you know I've tested mine and I have a lot of fuel returning to tank at 8 to 10
  8. Not a lot to stick in the overflow valve as it is ball and spring. I suppose it could have been replaced with one without the small hole which does actually flow a lot of fuel back to tank below this 14psi figure. For once that valve is cheaper in the UK. Paid £6 for genuine which made no difference whatsoever to my PSI
  9. That is a really useful video. Going to have to do my trans at some point so good to watch this
  10. I've tested the return line on my truck with a length of tubing on the Tee at the back of the head and it then sitting in the filler neck and I can say for certain that on my truck I get a lot of fuel returning to tank at a idle FP of around 10 psi. I have a mechanical pump and FP builds very fast after idle also
  11. I have done quite a bit of testing on the fuel system on my truck and one thing I noticed is that my idle fuel pressure is around 8 psi with mechanical pump and Cat filters, it does rise rather fast with rpm, anyway I did restrict the return a little to check what would happen to the fuel pressure, it went very high very fast so thats one reason not to put any restriction in the return line, the other is return fuel cools the vp so restrictions wouldn't be good, the other reason not to do it is fuel returning should be very clean if your fuel filters are doing their job, only debris that will
  12. Are you anywhere near a Cat dealer. Cat do cooling system flush fluid. Bought my heater back from the dead. I have a tub at home if you need the part number. I just added to coolant, ran it for 1/2 hour then back flushed heater and engine and then fitted a 190 Stat
  13. Injector lines need all factory clamps fitted. Pressure pulses breaks the tubing otherwise
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