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  1. Did you have to rebend at all because if you did I would be inclined to take them off and blow them out with brake cleaner as bending causes minute steel particles to flake off the insides this is the reason manufacturers say to not reuse, well that and wanting more money out of customers. Ideally get the lines to the point where the ferrules on each end of each line align perfectly with the fittings they screw onto so as to not have them under any tension in any direction then remove blow out and refit, might be overkill in this instance but the stuff I work on injectors are mega money
  2. That was just a eating challenge I stumbled upon we have roadside caravan eateries all over the place in laybys which are parking areas off of main roads, we don't have as many truck stops like you , we do have motorway service stations but you wouldn't eat in those way too expensive and garbage food anyway, the roadside stuff is a little like your food trucks, some are great and some are rubbish This particular one was the most horrible looking EX mobile home converted to a cafe right next to a waste transfer station ( this is a very large building where area household waste/garbage goes to to get sorted) I'd been there working on a Cat loading shovel which had broken down INSIDE the building, this is when I worked for the UK Cat dealer, the doors are not allowed to be open other than to let garbage trucks in/out it's like a landfil but inside and it stinks..... surprisingly when I had finished the repair and was outside in the fresher air I could have ate the wheels off of my van Oh I forgot there was also 4 slices of black pudding on the breakfast too
  3. Only a plane ride away, might give a bit though till this covid stuff has gone away Everyone should have a proper Full English Breakfast and a Sunday Roast once in their lives Biggest Full English I ever ate was as follows 4 rashers of bacon (not you thin stuff but our bacon) 4 pork sausages (again our sausages) 4 fried eggs 4 hash browns 4 thick slices of fried bread 4 thick slices of buttered toast 4 thick slices of bread/butter Beans Tomatoes Fried mushrooms Oh and a coffee, had to be finished in 15 minutes which I did was as full as a bulls foot for 2 days, cost £7.50 but if you did it you got another free so actually did it twice Seriously if anyone is planning holidaying here I can point you in the right directions and away from the tourist crap
  4. This is what the leds were like that I fitted way too high even pointing the lamp to the floor
  5. is this the conversion bar to bushes both ends with the bracket that bolts on the drivers side frame If so I fitted one on my truck and IIRC it was a straight forward job, biggest problem was getting the bolt out of the passenger side bush, It was siezed so I drilled it out, think I posted on here about the job somewhere I didn't have instructions as I bought the bracket maybe 8 years ago for my 3500 but never got around to using it, If there was instructions I don't remember where they went, I then bought a stock Gen3 (I think) bar just before I fitted it onto my 2500. If this is the type of bar you are fitting I can go look at mine no problem and get some pictures I decided to fit it as shipping the stock bar over to the UK from Rockauto is expensive, at least now I got rid of the ball joint so only bushes to change from now on.... much cheaper to ship Opens for me straight away, have you got Adobe ?? or another PDF viewer DOR2GTB.pdf Just read the instructions and on this bracket you do have to redrill a 9/16th hole in the crossmember under the engine go all the way through and then use the 9/16th x 3 bolt
  6. yep that's my headlights for sure, not a shot in the dark more a vague sprinkling (of light I mean)
  7. Greta Garbage (Thunberg) she must have been in your news surely was at Cop26 protesting was over in the USA last year I think..... does jack other than protesting and spouting the end is nigh but flies all over the world We also have another bunch of nutters called extintion rebellion, these fools have been supergluing themselves to the roads in a protest to force the UK government to insulate every house in the UK for ....get this FOR FREE.... best bit is the leader is barely able to string a sentence together and his house is NOT insulated they have bought London and the south to a standstill even stopping people getting to hospital and causing at least one death they are now targeting cities further north Here a Lexus is high end and being as a lot here dislike the EU right now my guess is Lexus and other none EU cars will benefit
  8. bang on, I lease a 2020 Volvo XC40 hybrid for my wife you really would not want to buy it, great car but out of warranty it would be an ouch, 3 cylinder 1500cc turbo petrol with a 80hp electric motor and it just goes and fast, it has a range of about 24 miles on battery wife does about 10 miles a day when she uses it, plug it in to recharge and it sounds like R2D2 chirping and chipping away, got it for 4 years then gone
  9. 100f would be around 37 c never see that here in the UK, 30c is "quick the world is going to end" we are surrounded by sea so temps are relatively stable all year with a swing of 40c from 30c down to -10c and the -10 is a 1 in a ten year Got to wait for the Summit refund as thats a pile of ££ and then decide again
  10. That's not local government It's London government. 125miles from me and in the UK thats far enough to not worry about for now London has changed and for the worst, anyone visiting the UK just don't bother it's really not worth it, the mayor has a agenda, I'll say no more As for POS you must get that Piece Of S### It amazes me how much you guys pay for Range Rovers and Land Rovers they really are rubbish
  11. Well my dumb brother just bought another Range Rover ah well horse to water and all that On a sort of side note the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (don't ask) has just increased the clean air zone around London to this https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone Just a money grab but gaining momentum here not made any better by the hobbit schoolgirl
  12. Doesn't surprise me either but what does is the amount of sellers that quote MIUSA, now that really does bug me big time Cheapest so far is ebay at £231 The more I think about it the more I think fit the Northern Radiator I have at least back in 04 to 09 when I bought it into the uk it was MIUSA, it's 19x36 3 core and IIRC small block Mopar pattern with drivers upper passenger lower, only thing is the passenger lower is right at the bottom whereas the cummins is higher and there is no brackets but I can fix that. Here's a question,,,,, IF I fit this Northern Radiator it does come with a aluminium fan shrould with twin electric fans and the fans aren't mickey mouse, I need to measure them and find the cfm but will they cool enough, does anyone else use just electric fans ? it's the UK here not death valley either Thinking about it the rad is the same as would be for a BB Mopar as in 440 just with the upper and lower the other way around and the fans are what would be specced for a BB 440 and that rad and fan combo more than keeps a 440 cool
  13. Now I'm going to say something that you will find rediculous, on my 1998 ram those bulbs are technically illegal in the UK to retrofit as the lense wasn't originally designed for those bulbs and it would be down to the individual MOT tester as to whether he passed the vehicle, funnily enough they are type approved in the EU.. Sorry I'm not ~~ssing on your chips but that is law here, they would rather me and all other American car owners drive around with candles for lights pointing in the wrong direction I fitted LED bulbs earlier this year WOW what a mistake that was, I was lighting up motorway signs 2 or 3 mile away, could not get them low enough, thrown those in the bin and refitted the stock bulbs. I think I'm going to adjust upwards and tape off the right side of the lense, we can buy a kit here that does the same thing to allow us to drive in the EU without blinding, it's just a piece of tape cut to the right shape, should also fit some driving lights that come on on H beam
  14. Well after the second arrival at Summit date change I cancelled the mishimoto, my decision was only based on the fact it could not have possibly got here until January and while I have a lot of Cat ELC coolant in stock the leak is getting worse and although my truck is mostly a work/tow truck when the phone rings I'm towing my workshop trailer and off fixing mobile plant, I have no other option as my 3500 is parked. I had decided on the mishi as everywhere I looked said MIUSA BUT when I cancelled the Summit order I got another screen come up that I have never seen before (never cancelled before). It had a reference to china, can't get to see it now as order has progressed to cancelled but after doing some searching it looks like designed in Delaware and made guess where I'm definetly not paying somewhere around £900 to my door for a radiator MIC and I don't care if the queen designed it Looks like it's a R/A cheapy which will be MIC but a lot cheaper and easier to swallow than £900
  15. Sorry I tried to reply to this on the day and I couldn't post for some reason then forgot all about it Yes my headlights are stock and have the left/right/up/down adjustment, thing is they are biased to point to the right which is where oncoming traffic is here and to be fair why wouldn't they be biased to the right, as far as I know 2nd gens were never sold direct to any country that drives on the left. We drive on the left harking back to swords, horses and armour as most people were thought to be right handed so if you are on the left your sword hand is free to smite an oncomer dead, as a side note when I was at primary school over 50 years ago teachers tried real hard to recondition to be right handed, If I picked anything up with my left hand I got a ruler on the knuckles this was at 5 and above. Luckily it didn't work but now at nearly 60 I use both hands pretty much equal which is really handy doing what I do, I would challenge anyone that is soley right handed to change a starter on a Cat 769C Anyway I digress, in the UK the only way to get the lights on 2nd gens to not blind oncoming is to set them low as the adjustment doesn't point them far enough to the left also the headlight lenses are not designed the same as ours, we have pronounced cutoffs on the lense, shielding on the bulb and bulb angle
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