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  1. Been looking around at pricing and if shipping to uk is possible, $740 ish straight off Quad website or $640 ish off of ebay both plus shipping, import duty and vat why the difference ? And is the ebay one the same
  2. Just checked again as per the information above, drivers side 50ohms passenger side open circuit so I just need a passenger side seatbelt retractor for a 98.5....
  3. Had a seat belt warning light on ever since I got the truck, now after over a year I just can't put it off anymore as I need to MOT it ( Ministry of Transport) safety check, once a year up until 40 years old then not needed. Checked it out and drivers side didn't feel right, 4 wires to the seat not 2 so I checked the ones for the belt solenoid and 12v and earth as expected, jumpered the 2 and still the same, I swapped the controller and it was still the same so took the drivers seat out and swapped it for the seat out of my 3500, still the same, finally swapped the passenger seat and now all is good, warning light goes out after the check, I suppose it could be the passenger belt on it's own but the drivers side does not feel right, the drivers out of my 3500 is power so swapped in the power seat fuse and thats all working, I probably won't leave them in the 2500 as for 1 they are leather and get way too hot in the sun and I prefer it to look as close to factory as possible, so what are my options being as I can't got to parts yards and I can't ship 2 seats to the UK, has anyone replaced the solenoid ?? Can't see any on ebay.com either
  4. Sorry to hyjack, I'm tryiing to sort out seatbelt light not going out on 98.5 my drivers seatbelt plug has 4 wires, orange and black, black/light green, blue/white, and green/red I've got continuity on the orange and black/light green, 7.5 to 8volts on or/bl, passenger side has the 2 wires and readings are the same, I'm now going to swap the control module, anyone know what the other two wires are on drivers side, seat has no heat and no power
  5. codes are Po108. Po483. Po236. Po462. Po480. Po500. Po606.
  6. There's a 04 3500 4x4 auto for sale over here in uk for £12995, ad says revs on it's own straight after starting and someone has confirmed engine ECU replacement, I've asked for codes but not replied as yet, if ECU does need replaced how do I do that over here, can I get a ecu from USA and give VIN ??? could I send it over there to be fixed ??? and what cost and what if anything is better on it than the 98.5 2500 4x4 or the 98 3500 4x4 gas i've already got as I see it the ride is better on my 3500 than the 2500, gas versus diesel, I'd also say (don't shoot me for this) the 3500 gas is a smoother ride overall BUT the 2500 PO was a bodger and I am slowly sorting it all out the 04 3500 is rather tidy, twin stacks, fake roll bar, lights
  7. Thanks for both pics, will make a start this weekend
  8. Quick question, 98.5 24v. PO fitted a aftermarket fuel transfer pump, not sure what it is as not had a close look all i've done is fix the guys mistakes up to now, he removed the factory fuel filter and fitted a cheap *** inline filter before the pump, I've had the truck over a year but not really used it much because of this inline filter and as I work on large diesels for a living I'm not too eager to start when I get home especially as I work 12/6 and I fully get the no restriction fuel flow deal oh and I'm building a house in my spare time, I've fitted a cat fuel filter off of a 9.3 so my filter has no restrictions. The pump is bolted to the block where the factory one should be and I have a fairly long fly lead for it to move it somewhere else, question is where is best, I'm thinking under the bed right near the pickup tube so keeping the suction side as short as I can, I'll be adding a relay to take the load off of the ecu and 1/2" lines, I'm sure I have a full reel of 1/2" Moroso ally fuel line from when I did the fuel system on my roadrunner, everything already fitted is deutz plugs so easy for me working on cat equipment, I've noticed where the pump is now it vibrates a little too much for my liking especially at idle and something will break one day
  9. just finished this on mine tonight, 150amp resettable fuse bolted to right side battery tray, nice tidy job. Next is fuel transfer pump relay, larger fuel lines from tank to pump then sort the seat belt warning light out, then I just might jump and get a quad but import duty and VAT is putting me off a bit, we'll see
  10. Thats why I checked mine, did a water pump and noticed a weep on the flat part of the case underneath the water pump, turns out bolts around that L shaped peice of case was loose
  11. I checked mine about 3 months ago, pin tight but 3 bolts in case were loose enough to cause concern, loctited every bolt inside the case and tabbed the pin
  12. wil440


  13. I have a couple of questions, just started this today 1. my charge cable is molded into a rectangular block at the alternator, do I need to pull it out of that or as I'm thinking just cut it at the junction of the larger loom at the VP and go to 150amp/200amp charge fuse then passenger battery or is it removed because a heavier cable is used ? the molded block will hold the wires quite good 2. I'm not taking the charge wire out of the loom on the drivers side I'm just going to cut it right where it enters and exits the large loom, it is too short to leave it in the large loom and use it for the timing case earth so will just make another one
  14. contemplating something similar but using my 3500 4 x4 V8 and binning all the fuel injection/ecu's, there's a very old dodge dually on ebay.uk that has no rust but it's 9k. I wouldn't double door though as no skill for that, about 10 years ago I imported a job rated, 56 I think it was, but got rid as some **** had fitted a chevy 302, probably should have kept it LOL
  15. Someone I know over here has just bought a 03 2500 5.7 Hemi, seller sold as faulty with suspected HG, turns out it's dropped a valve seat on number 1, I guess over in USA this is no biggy, here in UK it's pants down and assume the position, Rockauto has reman heads for a reasonable amount, I've advised to replace both, cylinder looks from pictures to be scored I did say rock for pistons/rings etc but then noticed they sell a cylinder repair sleeve, anyone used this ? Has the Hemi got liners or is the block bored big and the sleeve pressed in ? if thats so he would at least need info from a good shop over there for the bore size as no one here would have a clue how to do it. Any help or advice or parts appreciated
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