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  1. It’s not that hard. You have several people on here that are running them. Every truck is different. The Quad gives you the ability to customize YOUR own truck. To be honest I’d probably sell my truck if I didn’t have the Quadzilla. It works that good!
  2. If you’re WTS light isn’t coming on. More than likely you have a bad ecm and or pcm.
  3. Happy 4th from Commiefornia! God bless America!
  4. With the Quad you could put 7x.10’s ,150 hp, injectors in and tune it down. Then later put a bigger turbo in. Another pro having a Quad.
  5. My truck on flat ground floats around 25-30% engine load. Try raising yours to 30 and test on a flat road. I set my cruise control so the throttle stays pretty even to maintain cruise mode.
  6. Start at 30% I wouldn’t go much higher than 32. I’m running at 32% because of my larger than stock tires.
  7. 15 degrees at cruise @2,000 rpms is pretty low. Even pulling my travel trailer on flat ground My light load timing runs about 23- 24 degrees of timing but I’m running studs. My light load limit is set at 32%. My base scale at 1,500 rpm starts at 16 degrees but my injectors are set at 320 bar. You should be fine running 20 degrees of cruise timing at 2,000 rpms. What does your base timing scale look like?
  8. Nice! I’m still driving around in my low mile 262,000 gem! 😂 That’s awesome, congratulations!
  9. Just ordered a pack of 3 off Amazon. $35 shipped. Thank you gentlemen.
  10. I would get ahold of @dieselautopower very helpful and knowledgeable guys. Plus a site sponsor.
  11. Yes. Plan on changing it tomorrow. Are those Donaldson filters sold at Napa or at a local parts house?
  12. My brother in-law is a truck driver. He delivers fuel for a Chevron jobber. A few years ago Caterpillar tried to get them to sell their oil. They left them a sample. Well yesterday they were cleaning up the shop and they asked if anybody wanted the sample. Otherwise they were going to recycle it. So guess what this guy got? One oil change with it can’t hurt!
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