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  1. “Climate change “ is BS! Unless you’re talking about fall, winter,spring and summer.
  2. Welcome aboard! Lots of good people and knowledge on here.
  3. Looks like I reach my max for photos. I’ll have to find an outside source to link a URL. Any suggestions?
  4. These trucks definitely keep us one our toes! Sounds like a bad ground to me. I know not much help. Keep us posted.
  5. I’m spoiled here in California. Your average cold day here is in the 50’s. At night it can dip into the twenty’s. Not to often though. Last time it snowed in the valley was the mid 1990’s. Now the summer can reach to 110 plus. I much prefer the “winter” over summer. I can always put a jacket on. The weather is the only good thing here! 😆 The last few days have been in the 70’s. I ditched my vacuum CAD for the Posi Lock. Much better!
  6. I had an issue where my compressor for my exhaust break kept popping fuses. It wasn’t but a couple months old. The compressor is powered off the passenger battery. I disconnected both batteries and tested both with my volt meter. Drivers was good. Showed over 12.3 volts. Passenger was in the 11 volt range. Had a dead cell. Still started fine. Low voltage high amperage was the culprit. Replaced both batteries and no more popped fuses. My Quadzilla runs power through a separate fuse panel. I’d rather change a fuse than a Quadzilla. Been like that for over a year with no issues. Running with a 5
  7. You got that right! Bridgeport. My buddy goes there every year. I went once with him. Beautiful area with the two lakes. We didn’t camp. We stayed in a hotel. Would like to camp there eventually. Oceano state park is a nice spot as well. Clean area. No homeless squatting causing a scene at night with police having to show up. Happened once to us at the Pismo state park. Haven’t been back since. Trees all around and a nice trail to the ocean. Plus your reservation allows you to drive onto the beach. We love driving out there before sun set with a pizza and have a fire.
  8. Not a bad little setup. I need to see what all is needed to make mine work. Not sure if I just plug the panel in the solar port on the trailer or what.
  9. We’re getting the itch to do some camping as well. We’re anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from nice spots. The coast, foothills or the mountains.
  10. I’m still planning on updating the rest of my bulbs with LED’s from here. I’d say the basic things our trucks need to start out with. Fuel delivery and gauges for starters. Inter cooler boots. Are you going to be dealing with cores too?
  11. My trailer has an outlet on the side for solar hookup. I’ve got one 100 watt panel.I should buy another one. I have never hooked it up. I always forget to grab it. Having the microwave oven available for use is always nice. I’ve got a 750 watt inverter. I need to hard wire it into the trailer. So all the outlets work through it. Just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Plus I want a bigger one for that.
  12. Looks fun! I don’t mind dry camping... with my generator of course! I haven’t been to the range in awhile. Ammo is scares these days.
  13. Think I’m going to go the D2 retro’s myself. Buy some new housing. Then swap them out. The ones I have now are terrible.
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