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  1. Last I heard according to my broker it’s a good idea to stock up on brass and lead
  2. I always try to get some oak every year. Fireplace, backyard get togethers, camping and bbq’n. Good all around wood! No pun intended! 😂
  3. The flu has been around for 1,000’s of years. If there weren’t different strains of it once one had it they would never get it again because of immunity. And there would be one vaccine for everyone to take. Masks don’t do a thing to stop viruses. The virus will go right through it. There is no science proving otherwise. If covid was more deadlier than the flu the death rate from 2020 would have been much higher than it was over the past five years. My point is the flu just didn’t go away. It was payday for the states and local communities to mark someone from dying from covid. Hell my local Hospital decided to remodel the front entrance during the middle of it. Making people go through a detour to get in. My immediate family and I haven’t gotten sick in a couple of years. Vitamin C and Zinc. A couple of my buddies got covid. I was around them both. They got over it as well. Even the guy that invented the PRC test says it’s not meant to check for viruses. It’s meant to read DNA. When was the last time you got tested for the measles, small pocs , and so on and so on , because there are actually vaccines for that. Sorry off topic. Gonna be 106 here today.
  4. Not this guy or my family. It’s actually an experimental drug for use under emergency authorization usage. Not FDA approved. I’m not going to be part of an experiment. The Moderna supposedly gives you 95% immunity. Funny how vaccinated people are still getting covid. Most people have a 98.9x chance of survival rate with their own immune system. Higher the younger one is. It’s been proven hydrachloriquin and Iburvectim (sure I spelled both those wrong) ,have been out for many years, and works to stop covid. Also funny how flu deaths almost completely disappeared. If you go on the CDC website you can see the death rate from about 2015-2020 were all close to the same numbers. But hey this is America. If you want to take an experimental drug and or wear a mask go for it!
  5. We can’t even thin out the dead stuff here. Years ago they would. It’s like they have some sort of agenda. Climate change = summer, fall, winter and spring.
  6. Our genius politicians here in Commiefornia let most of our rain water flow back into the ocean in the Bay Area. Most of our days have been 100 -111. We past a bond years ago to build more dams but nothing done. But we are 70+ billion in a train to no where. The only things that have rights here are criminals, illegal aliens and animals. Here in Ca they all can vote to.
  7. Got any pictures of the seat covers installed?
  8. Both mine and my brother in-laws ‘02 have the ground wires and lug under the drivers side battery.
  9. Can you post your tune? Did you see the Quad working properly on the truck you bought it from? You may need to send it to Quadzilla to be fixed. Is the map sensor plug snapped it properly from the Quad?
  10. Any mods? What are the parameters of your tune?
  11. My VP44 never through a code. The PSG went bad. Wouldn’t start after it hit operating temp. After replacing it the new one was bad without throwing a code as well. Would die when going from reverse to drive. It eventually got so bad it would die while driving when I let off the throttle. Was fun when making a turn with no power steering and brakes. The warrantied one has been flawless over a year now.
  12. Even well over 100 degrees outside my WTS still lights up momentarily. I’m not sure if a faulty apps would cause the engine to die but if the voltage on the apps is randomly fluctuating that’s definitely a problem. When my stock apps went out. All I got was a dead pedal. Have you scanned the truck for codes?
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