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  1. Aftermarket will have an Allen screw on the side to control psi to the wastegate. Stock won’t have anything. This is after market.
  2. You will want to keep the adjustable boost elbow on the turbo. Waste gates stock will open at around 20 psi. The adjustable elbow once adjusted properly, depending on what turbo you’re running will keep it closed longer creating more boost to the engine instead of it being blown out the exhaust. For Example the HY35 is out of its map around 30 psi. The HX35 is 35 psi. The Edge and the Quad do nothing to change the ECM’s “tune”. They just recalibrate the information going to the injection pump and boost fool the ECM. Once they are unplugged your back to stock.
  3. Dodge definitely didn’t do any of us a favor when it comes to the electrical systems in our trucks. Thanks for the info!
  4. I’ve got about 1 1/2 year warranty left on my pump. No tap for me. ? my timing reduction was set at 60% and 5 degrees. After adjusting to my new timing values I went back to 50% at 5 degrees. That helped with takeoff to. Had to much retard. Kept my offset the same at 2. My canbus starts at 84. This is my daily tune.
  5. I would stick with mechanical gauges. And yes add the gauges you mentioned. You need to know what fuel pressure your injection pump is receiving. Keeping it about 14 psi keeps the check valve open to help keep the electronics on the injection pump cool. I use isspro EV2 gauges.
  6. After reading your comment on another thread on timing I changed mine around a bit. 13,17,22,26. As you stated. Spools faster and pulls harder with less throttle input. Truck is running really well! I love being about to tweak my tune. My previous timing was 14,18,23,27.
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