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  1. Just clicked on the link. They’re selling that turbo for $899 now. I should have jumped on it back then.
  2. First thing I would do would be to check and clean all grounds. Check for engine codes with a scanner. Have both batteries load tested separately. Then do the W-T mod. When you do get it to fire up check the alternator for AC noise. Anything above .05 is and has been slowly killing the PCM and ECM.
  3. School district sent us home last Tuesday till at least April 1. Still have to go and check on the pools 2-3 times a week. Also still doing my business. My pool service . 20 customers.Our libtard governor just gave a stay home order. Not really worried right now. I always think ahead.
  4. I’ve about got my DD tune dialed in. Truck runs great! At 325 bar she hasn’t smoked yet! Really happy with it! Next I’ll be working on my tow tune.
  5. Here in Ca , libtard country, school is shut down till April 13... for now. What’s really going on?
  6. There’s hope for the rest of us! Congratulations!
  7. @Dynamic has a website you can order from. I have one of his valve body’s. I’m very happy with it.
  8. Yes. I posted it on the first page.
  9. Sorry to hear you tore one. I know how you feel! They do look really good though!
  10. And drill the waste gate port to 7/8” through to both sides. There is a write up on here about it some where. Dap gives the info. Found it. Yes. I switched from an HY to Hx.
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