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  1. I have it located next to the PDC with the relay on top of the PDC. Secured with Velcro
  2. My Raptor 100 died not to long ago. Same issue. Popped the fuse on the way to work. I did @IBMobile relay mod before hand. That relay and fuse probably saved my ECM. I went ahead and ordered the 4G 150 kit. Came with a plug and play relay and fuse wiring harness. It’s just sitting on the shelf. I still need to warranty the old pump. I’ll use it as a backup. I’ll see if they’ll let me upgrade to the 4G 150 for a small price.
  3. I’ll have to try this. I bought a couple of fobs a couple of years ago. Could never get them programmed. I still have a working fob with the panic button. Most times I unlocked my truck especially after it sits for a few hours, the horn will honk 3 times. Can’t figure that out. My neighbors love me at 4:30am as I’m heading to work.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I hate running into problems working on anything especially when I end up being the problem.
  5. Tells you how good my memory is. It’s under the back seat of the cab. I got the frame part right! 😂 As far as having an automatic and not being able to down shift coming to a stop the third gen brakes are night and day difference. Now it feels like stopping in a newer 1/2 ton truck. I want to take that drain plug out and replace it with a valve. Much easier and quicker to drain water from the tank.
  6. Mine is tucked up under the bed mounted to the frame. I’ll take a picture in the morning.
  7. Nice looking truck! But now what are you going to do with all the spare time on your hands? 😂
  8. When I flush the system or change pumps. I jackup the front of the vehicle getting the front tires off the ground and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to get all the air out and proper fluid level.
  9. Took them off yesterday. Took about 10 minutes each. Made it really easy.
  10. You might also try starting out your timing at 13 or 14 and go up in 4 degree increments. It should help spool the turbo quicker. Mine starts at 14.
  11. It’s also possible the previous owner had a K&N type filter in it and pulled it when it was put up for sale. I ran the Donaldson BHAF the first go around. The BHAF sat on top of the studs for the factory air box. I put some small vacuum hose over to protect it. I replaced it with a Wix BHAF. It is a little smaller. It fits between the studs with no chance to hit them. The air box I was going to build is on the back burner now. 😂
  12. If you go on @dieselautopower website they have a new receiver out that works with both Apple and Android. It comes with the new Quadzillas. Hopefully this new box has fixed this issue.
  13. My WiFi connection Via Apple will occasionally loose connection but it always hooks right backup. I rarely connect to it anymore unless I make a tune change. Especially on my tow tune.
  14. Thank you gentlemen. I ordered the 3m wheel.
  15. Thanks! Do you need to heat anything or just go at it?
  16. I’m taking of the black tape between the front door and quad cab windows. What is a good glue remover that won’t hurt paint? I’ve tried acetone. That stuff won’t come off! Thanks!
  17. Exactly! I’m pushing buttons when I’m only qualified to flick a switch!
  18. I like the Quad because I like pushing buttons. Just ask my wife!
  19. I remember those! Sold me on a couple to. A few years ago I switched back to paper on the wife’s truck and the camaro.
  20. I have the Pacbreak. I haven’t had anything to compare it to but I have no complaints. It’s a complete kit. It will lock from 2nd gear and up. I haven’t tried first but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. My valve body can do that. It locks down to 1,000 rpms so speed would vary depending on what gear you’re in and gear ratio. The onboard air is nice. It gives you a quick coupler to tie into the system to mount where you want. Along with a bag with a hose, air nozzle, tire pressure gauge and a few other adapters. It’s come in handy working on pool sweeps with plugged nozzles.The air compressor mounts
  21. I will probably drop my tire size back down to a 265 when these are done. Probably next fall.
  22. I would try a Cummins crank sensor. I tried an aftermarket map sensor ONCE. Kept having issues. Dropped in a Cummins map and no more problems.
  23. If you don’t use the truck on a regular basis and it’s not your DD I could see it not being at the top of your list of things to get. But if you use it regularly especially for hauling and your planing on upgrading things eventually like injectors and a turbo. I would definitely put it at the top of my list. The truck in general will run so much better. If it does only save you say 2 miles per gallon a 35 gallon tank that’s 70 more miles. Depending on fuel prices where you live that will add up. Fuel where I live is getting close to $4 a gallon. Will probably hit $5+ by summer thanks to the S
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