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  1. then I think you are good, throw the quad back on load up mikes tow tune and see how it is.
  2. the 62 needs 125's or even 150's load up the quad and put Mopar1973mans tow tune on it and see how it is. If it is still smokey I would bet you have DDP injectors, in which case that is your issue. They are smokey and it is best to grab a new set from DAP. however it is all a guess without knowing what injectors they are actually.
  3. I also forgot the most important issue with the mm3 edge stack. that is having to do with boost fooling. The edge boost fools so you ecm never see's above ~16psi. This means your custom tuning in the mm3 must have %100 of it's mapping done between 0-16 psi since the ecm will never see anything more than that.
  4. Do you still have the quadzilla? if you have the iquad you can tune the smoke completely out. The 125's are the right injectors if not a touch small. Edit: do you know what brand injectors it has? sounds like DDP, if that is the case then that is your issue.
  5. It's not redunant it's counter productive. The MM3 is changing the maps in the ECM to give huge control over the tuning process, this cost $$$ compared to other 2nd gen tuning, but the result can be really good. The ecm then sends out a fueling and timing command to the VP44 based on the MM3 custom tune, Next the edge intercepts the fueling and timing commands takes it into its own software alters the fueling and timing commands based on it's own proprietary tuning and resends the altered fueling and timing command to the VP44. so why have all the pow
  6. the point of MM3 is you do custom tuning to the ecm. You put an edge on it and now your custom tuning is being altered and changed by the edge. Whats the point of custom tuning if you are just going to let the edge alter you tune? I just really dislike the princple of it.
  7. I REALLY hate the idea of a MM3 edge stack, it just doesn't make sense from a technical standpoint, why custom tune with the MM3 then have the edge messing with the tune in an unknown manner? it's like wiping before you poo any tuner that recommends it is clearly more interested in the $$ than end result..... in my opinion
  8. it might be. I dont honestly remember if there is a stop limit for high and low values allowed to be used. It might be trying to close to 3cm then wrapping around to 25
  9. Yep, it's -40 at my house right now lol. I dont think we have seen above 0 in a week. might get there over the weekend, we will see.
  10. With your injectors I would be using lvl 3 for your DD tune. Wiretap is really good for high rpm pulling, but it is less controlled and not something I like when towing. Tune on lvl 3 so that at WOT you are happy with towing performance then tune your wiretap level for none towing fun. A few * of timing can drop your EGT's by a few hundred.
  11. oo, lol. yea some stuff arp makes is bolts. "studs" get thrown around because of the head studs. ARP makes a bunch of bolts and studs.
  12. His work does not really need to be marketed beyond word of mouth. The crowd he caters to is like that.
  13. we don't have many lions here, there are a few black bears, had one this spring, but they are pretty timid. Just yell at them and they run away.
  14. I have 3 actually lol. All of them needed rebuilding. Which i finally got done. Here was this morning
  15. I believe it comes down to the quality of nozzles etc. Kinda like a bosch alternator vs in house brand. Each has their place and i am not knocking either.
  16. Dap or dfi if you want a budget injector,. Infinite performance if you want the best. Dynomite diesel should be avoided. They are the bro dude choice due to youtube and magazine pushes.
  17. I think the arduino has it's own regulator because it is a 5v system.
  18. I dont think I did, I just ran 12v ignation from the truck to a barrel connector and plugged it in.
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