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  1. Scan with a code scanner and see if there are other codes in the ecm. You seem to have apps issues though.
  2. well I know that's not true because I wrote a lot of them.
  3. have you looked at the hosted tunes? https://mopar1973man.com/forum/185-standard-quadzilla-adrenaline-tunes/
  4. no issue that I can see. Like Moparman said it looks like you are hitting light throttle limit and timing is being pulled to help get things moving. If you dont want that behavor then look at your tune settings. If your map reads 46 psi at idle then your map is shot.
  5. This article covers a list of rebuilders that people have used with good luck There are no new ecms left
  6. I'd ppump if I was in your shoes. This issue is always a fun one
  7. 150's are normally 7 x .010's 7. X .009's are a good fit for a stock turbo.
  8. Thats a much better idea. Honestly you might be happy with your current injectors if you throw the 60 on there. That will be 550 hp worth of good usable fuel
  9. If the issue started when you were messing with the relay i would start by looking there.
  10. Go into the articles section and troubleshoot each of the codes.
  11. Talk to weston at infinite performance. Way better injector for the money. You will still only have a truck that makes power above 2500 rpm. You wont be able to tow and i wouldnt want to dd it. If the truck has dd duty and you want over 550 hp i would recommend twins. Vp trucks just dont do big singles well. I still dont think that turbo is right at all. It flows way more than you need. Why try and under use a turbo? Takes forever to get into a useable part of the map and you waste the top end of the map. Its just the wrong turbo for a vp
  12. What are your goals for this truck? That turbo wont make boost with your injectors. You need more fuel and more rpms to get that thing to light. I would recommend ditching the turbo and going with a 62 sxe or similar sized setup from @dieselautopower depending on your goals. If you want to keep that turbo i would suggest at least 6 x .013 injectors.
  13. Path goes Map > quad for boost fooling ( only voltage limit, the quad doesnt read anything yet) > voltage out to ecm > ecm converts voltage to psi > ecm outputs on j1939 > quad reads j1939 as boost. If boost is < 16psi then only the j1939 signal is considered If boost is greater than 16 psi then it is ecm psi + voltage from sensor compare. What i see in the logs is the complete drop out of boost output from the ecm as if the ecm is telling the j1939 output boost = 0. This could be the quadzillas boost fooling circuit being bad, but i would expect to see the same issue on your secondary screen. Unless the read speed is so slow it doesnt catch it. @dieselautopower i dont know what tests were done but might be worth a follow up. Either the quad is bad or the ecm is loosing its mind. I am not convinced one way or another.
  14. What a/r housing? Honestly that turbo is a terrible turbo for a street application vp44
  15. The Aurora 5000 is a huge turbo for a 2nd gen vp truck. It is going to take a ton of rpms to get that thing going. It is almost considered a secondary turbo in a compound setup for a towing application. What A/R housing is on it? T3 or T4 foot on it? Honestly you need some REALLY big sticks if you want to have any hope of lighting that thing. I would fix any boost leaks, add 6 x .013 injectors and hope it lights by 2500 rpm.
  16. I think your secondary screen is reading 2x what it should. The stock map sensor reads 50 or 60 psi at 5v If that is the case then your secondary screen would have topped out at 15-16 psi. which means boost fooling is working. I tried to watch your video while cutting your boost in 1/2 and comparing, but that was a little hard haha I would reflash the quad and give it a go again.
  17. WE have a ton of info that needs to be broken into articles for the 4th gen. Someone just needs to do it. Articles are great for the site because they generate long term income, in theory we could easily doubt the ad money per month via increased traffic if we could get those articles up. Issue is writing articles sucks so no one will do it for free....obviously haha. The BOD approved Mike for $10,000 to write all the articles from that info. The Site needs the articles done and Mike needs the money. It is a win win with long term payoff.
  18. take a break mike, no one is telling you to do this stuff rihgt now. I know you say the site can't free wheel, but it can. It might not be perfect, but it will still run. I have been trying to get you to take money in exchange for time, but you wont do it. Traffic and Ad's make money on the internet. We have hundreds of 4th gen articles that can be created right now. Pay yourself from the site fund to write articles if you need money. Pay yourself dammit
  19. @gipperkid donatons are gone, but your donation should still be valid. we will look it up and ensure it is credited to your account for the year.
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