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  2. Coolant is peak regular green coolant, a year-ish old. I cleaned up the area and it is coming from The plug not the gasket.. ive never pulled a freeze plug let alone one that small.. could i use a pipe plug and tap the hole and seal it up that way after removing the old freeze plug? Similar to what others use in the rocker area freeze plugs.. first photo is most recent, the second one is about 3 mins earlier and you can see the wetness difference if barely..
  3. I did a head gasket a bit over a year ago put studs in and what not. Was leaking at the front on mine. Plus there is a good amount of water in that hole just above the block and head seam. Im at work right now but hopefully gonna look later tonight after spraying it down with brake clean see where its coming from.
  4. Hello everyone, first post but long time lurker. Last night i noticed a coolant leak coming from my truck on the ground while i was shopping. Was almost a 12" wet spot on the ground after about an hour and a half of sitting. After getting the truck home and letting it cool off for a bit i was able to find out where it was coming from. On the head in the back passenger corner there is a 45 degree spot that has a small hole, about 3/8" diameter. Is this a freeze plug and if so has anyone replaced it without taking the head off? Not a lot of room and its close to the exhaust so im not expecting a lot. Im also hoping to properly fix it after winter if this fix isnt long term.. Thanks in advance, Silverwolf
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