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  1. Not needed at all. Have a buddy guide you by looking in the windshield while you put the screws in. That was a convenience thing due to a badly cracked window I believe. best to use a stubby screw driver too. There's actually quite a bit of room in there, if you get the heater box out, to remove the dash pad. I just reread genos write up and I don't know where they get 'there's a chance of cracking an un-cracked windshield'.. Everything tips towards the seats once loosened and only moves up an inch to get unhooked..
  2. Agreed. Lucky.... My 2019 has been a bit of a pain. Mostly with comfort and drivability. Body mount TSB, HVAC TSB that involved replacing the entire heater box, and a vibration that wont go away, radio and amp replaced, window motor replaced. Actually been without my 2019 for over 30 days now for just this visit. Total time at dealer is 85 days now. Can't lemon law it because of mileage. Still don't know what to do next with it Also agree on the emissions, haven't had to do a required blowout drive for the DPF, but I've only put 7k on it since last September (bought it used with 23k on it). Drained the tank from when I bought it then only put one jug of DEF in for refill. Just wish that the fuel economy numbers were better than my second gen, especially when deleted these trucks can get mid 20s on the highway.. If you look around the new truck forums, even the new trucks have issues right off the line. Vibrations, fit and finish issues, glitter bomb injection pumps.. But buying new eliminates a lot of ambiguity when it come to the history of a vehicle. There's also a lot of "change is bad/new is bad" in the automotive world.
  3. Also, if the new dash comes with screws, use those, not the ones you took out. The LMC one had new screws and I almost blew the mounting boss open trying to tighten an old screw in. New holes were smaller.
  4. The diesel aspect would be pushing me away from that.. too much risk for someone to just put unleaded in there and not think twice.. until it starts making noises..
  5. My 2018 EcoDiesel would do a passive regen while going on a longer trip, but would take like 2 weeks to load up the DPF and pop the message on the dash in the winter from warm up. Yeah, short trips, guilty.
  6. This is true, with the key words being "...if I ever..." there are 3 other people I would let drive my truck: my brother, my father, and my best friend. My best friend is on the list because he can drive stick and was brought up around big rigs. only +50s that I have to start really low (80-85%) and they still smoke.. I have a theory about that too.. i'm assuming your using the quads boost gauge? Hope your father has a speedy recovery. my mom fractured a vertebra in her back from tripping over their dogs lead while camping.
  7. Ok, that what I thought. Just wanted to make sure my definitions were right.
  8. What are you definitions of continuous and momentary? I sled pull so I just want an idea of where I should back off. So far, haven't gone over 1200°F
  9. Can you post a pic of your gauge? Jeebus.. my daily tune I top out at 128% and blow my wastegate open at 36-38 psi. The only one I top out is my sled pulling tune. And that tops out CanBUS at like 15 psi.. (wiretap starts at 5psi too. Runs clean up top believe it or not)
  10. a certified used kubota engine is $2600 on ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184853399515?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=184853399515&targetid=4581183927179146&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=418233787&mkgroupid=1241348861725295&rlsatarget=pla-4581183927179146&abcId=9300542&merchantid=51291&msclkid=35553aa9369a1c0a939c5a508e6afdbe
  11. The only part I hate about 4.10s and the "regular" sized tires (32s/33s).. 2000RPM is 60 mph. Mine works out to be what ever the speedo needle is at, the RPM needle is matched in angle. I can't go over 95 mph even if I was allowed to, that's the 3200 RPM redline. Working on getting 35s . @Mopar1973Man And/or @AH64ID, when you are saying the "19-32k gcw", that's truck and trailer right? If it's the 1600°F Isspro EGT gauge, the yellow band starts at 1000°F. Yeah hot, but I thought the Cummins was rated 1200°F continuous EGT.. Still, stress on the motor/lugging the motor isn't good for it.. @Sycostang67, glad you found something that worked out. Even if it was a roller coaster to get there.. Wouldn't mind a road trip out into your guys neck of the woods to do that but id have to rough it in a tent.. no camper here, unless I rent something.. Plus its no small feat for me to go 3/4 of the way across the country.. Its 41 hrs to @Mopar1973Man's town from my town with no breaks. 2700mi.
  12. I think this might be the hitch you need.. Reese towpower class IV It looks like a chrome packaged tradesman.. that would explain the manual seats.. thought the same thing when I had mine. but hold the thought until after the tune. Sorry but the EcoDiesel is by VM Motori not Detroit. It's a 3.0 v6.. nevermind.. reread and I think you are implying an option not what it is.. Detroit DD5 is a 5.1L 4 cyl.. 4bt on steroids right there How is it odd? genuinely curious.. and the 4BT or R2.8 probably would have been better, agreed.
  13. Spyntec shorty with Dynatrac Dynalocs is supposedly the shortest combo for free spins. Its just hard to cough up the $2500+ for the kit and hubs. is there much of a benefit for the CAD axle trucks? I can see for @Mopar1973Man's truck being non-CAD, but I thought the whole point of the "automatic" hubs was to do away with the manual hubs..
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