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  1. found the sole remaining camera flip phone or was a thumbnail that didn't get opened.. jeeze that's bad.. @Dieselfuture, how did the photo get sent to you? Because if its a text it will be shrunk and if you limit your data on your phone it might be shrunk as well. either download the pic over wifi or open the email on a desktop might get better results.... but i'd be asking for clarification on the photo sent for sure.
  2. You can get 40 psi on an hx35, I can push that range with 50s and no wire tap.. In all honesty, I could probably push even more boost if the wastegate was wired shut. At about 38psi of boost I think the drive pressure pushes the wastegate open because even hooked to the sled that's all the boost I was making, even with the boost controller cranked all the way closed. This is not recommended however, because the turbo is out of its map at that range. Its overheating the air its pushing into the intercooler. Also, +90hp injectors sounds like 3rd gen/common rail sizing. Common rails c
  3. I think your injectors are way too small for the s364.5. DAP recommended 7 x .013s with that turbo for sled pulling for me, but he also said 200s would work as well. Swap the 225s back in (if you have them still) and you might just have a monster on your hands. In doing research over that turbo and its semi-cousin the Super B Special (64/71/14) I found that too small of injectors mimic too large of injectors. They can't build enough boost to cool the EGTs and spool suffers because of the lack of force on the turbine (ish.. cant put thoughts to words this morning..). The
  4. @YeaImDylan, just be aware that since you have the nv5600, its extremely heavy. Its 300+ lbs without the transfer case if I remember correctly from when I had to ship mine out to be rebuilt. Just factor that in if you want to do this yourself... You cannot manhandle this tranny as easily as you can some others. No dual mass flywheels on second gen dodges. And definitely not with a dual disk.
  5. I'm updating this to help anyone who needs help with what to do when this freeze plug. I had access to a lower profile air drill, that is the biggest issue with fixing this while everything is together in the frame of the truck, is space or lack thereof. there isn't much more room than a pipe tap on a ratchet. I used the drill to open up the plug enough that I could thread a tapered point bolt into it. Tightened the bolt and wedged a crowbar against it, the plug popped out Since the tap handle is too big, I used a ratchet to tap a 1/8 NPT thread into the head and ins
  6. from pavement sucks.com Horn Chirp - Optional This feature is part of the Remote Keyless Entry system. When enabled, this feature generates a single horn chirp when locking the doors with Remote Keyless Entry transmitter. This feature is shipped enabled, but if desired the feature can be disabled by following these steps: 1. Place the key in ignition and turn the key to the ON position (do not start the engine) 2. Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the transmitter for four to ten seconds. 3 While the UNLOCK button is pressed, press the LOCK button on the transmitter and th
  7. There's a way to turn that off, copied from cummins forum: Close all of the doors. Place the key in the ignition and cycle the key from the OFF position to the ON position for a total of four times ending in the ON position, do not start the engine. Press the driver's side power door lock switch to lock the doors within 30 seconds. You will hear a single chime when programming is complete and the automatic door locks feature will be deactivated. To enable the feature again, follow the above steps again. its also possible to turn off the horn honk and
  8. isn't that what work stock is supposed to be? lol.. With everything i've read about pulling on other forums its getting insane how much power you are wringing from these trucks. nadm and lucas pro pulling are north of 1200hp I believe for the 2.6 class.. Don't know if its happened yet but there's constantly a push for open driveline in 2.6 due to all the breakage of factory 1 ton or less parts. Luckily, our area is much smaller in terms of power meaning, you can drive in, pull, and go home if you don't break anything. Even our enhanced class still has people that drive
  9. Still HX35, still waiting on that money tree to sprout lol. You are actually +100 ahead of me and a larger compressor. Just info gathering right now.. and saving up for some of the more safety based stuff.. driveline shields, traction bars, etc.
  10. Following.. Possibly putting a similar turbo onto my truck eventually..
  11. @dieselautopower, because of the pulling rules for our area, I either have to stay at 63mm or go bigger and get limited to one class.. Would the 63mm compressor work with the 73.4 turbine/12cm^2 housing or would there be a better option? Secondary thought regarding injectors, would a set of +200s from Infinite Performance (8x.010s) be able to spool well with the 73.4 turbine? Also just an update for everyone as well, i'm info gathering right now, and financially other things had to come first so these upgrades have to take back burner for a bit.
  12. @dripley, mind tossing up a photo of the vent visors? Or pm.. Trying not to threadjack too much.. My vent visors are unattached halfway up the a-pillar. Just wondering how they look.
  13. The shaking at highway speeds could be the wheel weights. but I think its a light death wobble.. if i had to guess at what it could be its the steering gear box being loose and when you turn it removes the slop a bit. but i would think that both tires would would be scalloped (one of the actual terms for the alternating tread height you mentioned), not just drivers side.. that leads to ball joints or tie rod ends on the drivers side. you said you are questioning the work put in by the previous owner.. if the ball joints were replaced with marginal quality ones it wouldn't surprise
  14. I can't stand truck tug of wars outside of like vermonster or trucks gone wild. Its a useless way of blowing your truck up, especially when all it takes to win is gearing, weight, and timing the go pedal.. I never did this, just my observations.. How else are you gonna get past the people on the freeway that suddenly speed up as you go to pass them?
  15. I don't remember if the 01s had a software change or if its only the MAP or data link plug. Absolutely. Try racing.. double to triple the cost of anything depending on how far you want to go.. and that's not including the safety gear..
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